Jordan Peterson Scientific Enterprise Emerged Only in Western Europe

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In a series of ref-con motes, the hosts discuss various public statements made by Dr. Jordan Peterson about Islam and the scientific enterprise. They also discuss the false statement made by Thomas Mann about the "vermin Cordova" and the "vermin culture" in Western Europe, which emphasizes the importance of Christianization in bringing about science and bringing about knowledge. They also mention the "vermin culture" and the "vermin culture" that emphasizes the importance of science and knowledge.

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The hedgehog 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian black seed products. Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah cattle. How're you guys doing? Welcome to the second of a series of refutation videos where we're going to be looking at some of the statements that Dr. Jordan Peterson has made about Islam, the Muslim contribution other such fields

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in his public output. In fact, the context of this, just to remind you, if you don't already know is that we were meant to be having a discussion. In fact, this discussion was meant to be had three on three different occasions. And then he canceled and rescheduled three different times are culminating in the third time, which was meant to happen the eighth of November, where he canceled again pulled out last minute, before we have these discussions. And these are some of the things that I wanted to actually put forward to him. Because these are public statements that he's made, which to be honest with you not don't just show imprecise speech, which violates one of his rules.

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In fact, rule 10 I think it is of his book, that be precise in your speech, may even violate rule eight, which is tell the truth, to be honest with you, by also aims to minimize the Muslim contribution whitewash the Muslim contribution. I'll tell you what I'm talking about. After we see this video, the scientific enterprise is only three or 400 years old. Now you can trace its roots back to the Greeks, but not much farther than that. But let's say 2000 to 400 years old, I'll stick with 400 For the sake of this discussion, it only emerged in one place. You know, it emerged in Western Europe, essentially.

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It's it's a delicate thing.

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And we don't know the conditions that were necessary to enable its existence. And

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we don't know what we're mucking up to stop it from continuing. No, I don't. So given its delicacy, I says that the scientific enterprise emerged in one place emerged in Western Europe. Now this statement is a false statement. It's not false. According to me, Muhammad hijab, it's not falsehoods. We know. It's false, according to some of the most eminent and prominent

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historians of science in the western world like David, David C. Limbach, who wrote the beginnings of Western science, who dedicates I think two chapters is on the topic of Islamic science or the contribution of Islamic science. Patricia Farah, another person you can take a look at, who's also written a book or very easily access, very accessible work, in fact, called Science, a 4000 year history, where you can see a chapter written about Islam. So this is not according just to us, like as Muslims are, we're trying to counter narrative that you know, the Western Academy. It's not even according to, quite frankly, according to orientalist, take a look at what Thomas Walker who was

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himself and Orientalist has to say, he says Muslim Spain have written one of the brightest pages in the history of medieval Europe. He continues, he says, Bring the birth of Britain birth sorry, into birth and a new poetry and the new culture. And it was from her that Christian scholars received what of Greek philosophy and science they had to stimulate their mental activity up to the time of the Renaissance. This is a pretty strong statement from an Orientalist. And this is not even talked with this. Thomas Mann was actually an Orientalist. And he's saying this. Look at what

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look at what Victor Robinson says he says Europe was darkest at sunset Cordova shown. With public lamps. Europe was dirty Cordova built 1000 bars. Europe was covered with vermin Cordova changed its undergarments daily. Europe lay in mud Cordova. Cordova streets were paved Europe's palaces, had smoke holes in the ceiling, Cordova is and continues. But the point is, is that there were times where it's very clear that in Islamic societies and Islamic societies or Muslim societies, that there was a scientific advancement, in fact, this was this was inspired, in part, or to a large extent based on the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, based on the verses of the Quran. And this is

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an open secret once again, the Prophet told us in a very famous Hadith that there was no disease that Allah sent down Lanza Lama who Dawa okay, my thoughts are Salam he unless he said with it.

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It's cure and this activism incentivizing force for many of the the Great, the great Islamic thinkers and medical experts who've been seen, or even the feasts or even Haytham people that you may have heard their name, maybe not. Because to be honest, sometimes when I read your I read your book, and in your first book, when you're kind of doing the apologetic work of Christianity, or the Christian contribution, you were talking about

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In pages 187, the Christian contribution, and you were saying that you said, then and only then could the problems that remained This is Jordan Peterson's book, less amenable to quick solution by Christian doctrine come to occupy a central place in the consciousness of the West, come to motivate, for example, the development of science, the development side aimed at resolving the corporal material suffering, that was still all too painful extent, within successfully Christianized societies. So you are giving credit, once again to the west, and all the religion of the major religion it adopted, which is Christianity, with the establishment of the scientific

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method, although there is discussion about that, to what extent did Christianity inhibit the scientific method? To what extent did it, bolster it or incentivize it? This is a discussion for the historians of science to talk about. But no doubt, this kind of thing minimizes, and whitewashes the Muslim contribution, when you can nonchalantly say that it emerged only very specific languages. In Western Europe. This is a false statement, Jordan Peterson, and it emphasizes who highlights and underlines, really a cognitive bias that you may have towards Islam and Muslims. And this is the problem, that if we can't look at the picture holistically, then we will end up creating false

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narratives, which in this case, is easily disproven, to be honest with you, relating to Islam and Muslim contributions relative to the west and her contributions. And with that, I conclude with Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh