Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #20 – Silence is Wisdom

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acknowledging and apologizing for actions taken without planning ahead. They use the examples of apologizing for actions taken without planning ahead and people not being aware of silences wisdom. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to address their actions and express their views.
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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said as some to hikma bakalli on,

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that silence is wisdom, and how few practices Allahu Akbar, silence is wisdom and how few practices I'm offering all the Allahu Anhu used to say, I have never regretted something I chose not to say. But I regret all the times, or I regret all the time, things that I have said.

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Once you do something, once you release something out into the air, you can't get it back. Anybody who has a spouse knows this the most, you get heated, you get into an argument. You say something about the other person, about their intentions about your like this or

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god forbid their family. You can't pull it back. That thing that you said is going to be there, it's going to stick in the back of that person's mind for the rest of your relationship. It's going to make everything harder. No matter how many times you apologize, no matter how many times you say you didn't mean it, everything you do and say that person in the back of their head, they're going to be wondering, do they really mean that? Or when's the next time that they're going to bring that up? Once you put it out there you cannot take it back. And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW I said I'm sad. Silence is wisdom, silences wisdom, and how few people exercise how few people practice and this you

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know, maybe one of the groups of people who need this advice the most are people in my position. Imams, people who do a little bit of Tao these sorts of things. You go into the comments section. People are saying that you're this and you're that someone makes a PDF about you someone makes a video about you refuting something locally you don't

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we feel the need to respond to everything, every single accusation, every single aspersion every single assumption. You don't have to reply to everything. You don't have to drag yourself down to that level, silences wisdom, and how few practice it

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