Hadith Series – #21 – Be Keen

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having ambition and not denying one's abilities. They stress the need to be keen on the benefits of seeking Allah's help and not to give up on one's intelligence and fear. The speaker also mentions the recent scandal related to celebrity g trees and the potential for conflict to arise from them.
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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said yes, I'd MA And Pharaoh Costa and Billa while at this, he says place importance upon like, be keen, I guess. We don't use that word a lot in American English but it's a really accurate translation. be keen on what benefits you and seek assistance from Allah and don't give up right persist. The kind of general thrust of the hadith is about having ambition, right, having goals going after things that are good seeking Allah's help because you can do it by yourself. Don't just trust in your own abilities, your own intelligence, your own whatever Allah is the One who makes the way a lot is the one that gives you tofi Allah is the One who makes it

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possible and don't give up don't despair, don't think that it can't be done I lost power to Allah is Able to do anything a lot of times we give up before we really should. And it's as if we believe that Allah has power to Allah can't make away even when it comes to other people like oh such and such a person will never do that they'll never change they'll know that they will never accept this or they're going to react in this way Allah subhanaw taala was able to put love for Musa in the heart of Iran when Musa was a baby so if I lost power to Allah can control someone's heart and make even for on the most arrogant person in the history of the world. Make Him Love baby Musa and Allah

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can do whatever he wants, somebody hates you today Allah can make them love you tomorrow and the opposite and the opposite. So we have to be keen on the things that benefit us not the things that don't benefit us celebrity gossip and the latest controversy and the latest scandal on you hear what they said, Oh my God, how they respond. be keen on the things that actually benefits you and seek Allah's help and don't give up