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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the difficulties of returning to work after returning from a long trip and the importance of staying healthy. It also touches on the success of Islam in Europe and the challenges of returning to work. The history and cultural significance of Islam is discussed, including its impact on the region and the rise of Islam in Europe. The region is considered the center of Islam, and there is currently a conflict between Pakistan and India. The region is also a region of conflict, and there is a mention of a prize for the top 10 of the Islam community.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen. Our beloved brothers in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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How you doing? I'm Lila, excuse my my voice this evening, and Alice pangong she farts all those of us who are ill, and all those who are signals from wanting a speedy recovery and forgiveness for those who have passed on, I mean, seven nights of Ramadan, one week has gone and only three weeks left 2122 days, to Jenna 22 days we said, One successful Ramadan is enough for us to enter into Jan now one Ramadan correctly is enough for us to get there. But this is usually the part of the month, we will become a bit laxed where we see the numbers in the masjid speaking to find out, and we see the enthusiasm from the first few nights to disappear and allow until we get to the last 10 nights

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and then the cloud comes back. But this is really the test. And this is the difficult part. This is when when we have to make that extra effort, just 22 days to reduce the mean. And you can get a place in genma all your sins are forgiven spatola something worth working for. And we know that little toddler can be an any night in the month of Ramadan, any night of Ramadan.

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And to think about it again, as Allah says Hiram and elfish are better than 1000 months. If you take the salary you earn times 1000. And your boss tells you just work this one night correctly properly, I'll give you the salary times 1000, all of us will work to the full potential that we can. And it could be any of these nights and Allah subhanaw taala is giving us a freebie. So may we in sha Allah try to make the most of it and continue continue. Even though it's difficult, we are sick, it's cold, it's tiring. But let's do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will just give us more in return. I mean, we continue with our series, the heroes of Islam. Yesterday, we discussed

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the those who conquered spain, and portugal. And Islam pushed deep into Europe and was on the verge of entering. And in fact, Islam, the Muslim army did enter France and conquered the south of France. And they were and they were so little resistance. The historian said had the halifa not pulled loose IV Messiah and Tarik means he had our back. Because of that it delayed euro by over 1000 years of civilization, the rest of Europe lag behind that had the Muslims encountered that abroad, the technology and the learning that they had a mess over these past few years, and Europe would have come out of its dark ages, but because of politics that basically stopped at the end of Spain. And

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that was the Western Front and it would remain like that. And Islam would progress A few years after that 50 kilometres or so outside of Paris. And they never again would they really cross over into into France. Now we go to the east. And so Hannah law, living at the turn of the century, it was like Muslims couldn't lose every front they every frontier of fighting, they were winning every enemy that they were facing, they were defeating, and the boundaries of the oma just got bigger and expanded more and more and more

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harmony will cost him or him Allah the conqueror of Sindh and Pakistan. We know today Pakistan, one of the largest Muslim nations on earth, and how did it enter into Islam? How did Islam reach reach this region? It is through the efforts of this man Mohammed in Costa Rica Mala. So his name is Mohammed he will cost him a coffee. And a side note here when you hear the name of a coffee, like a job and use photography. It means they come from the tribe of thief in thought If so, he came from his his his ancestral home was the tribe of five, which is very closely related to the Quraysh. The people of Makkah. Right so he loved five is in right next to Makkah. And we said his uncle's hijas.

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Remember that general had the governor judge, the man who killed the guy from being blinded.

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The governor of Iraq, very strong, very powerful he wielded is probably the most he was the most feared man in the kingdom, people feared him more than the halifa. There isn't a nice story when hajjaj was coming for Hajj, and he came to a Bedouin tribe. And he asked the beta one, what do you say? Have you heard of hijab? So he said, of course, we only have hijab, and he says, What do you know about Hajaj? So he said, Well, I never saw him, but I know he's a tyrant. And he's a volume and he's a murderer and XYZ. So then hijas says, Do you know who I am? So he said, No, who are you to say, I'm a judge. So the beta one said, Do you know who I am? Who are you? I'm the idiot of the

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of the stripe. And he laughed, and they said, the best way to stop the anger of a tyrant is to make him laugh, and he laughed and he lit the mango. So you this man, Mohammed, even Yusuf was a judge's nephew, or that was his uncle, a judge. And if you look at his life, 695 to 715 20 years, he only had a short, short, very short life, and he was connected to Hajaj. So let's talk about how Islam entered Sindh or Pakistan in a time of a number of the Alon, the Persian Empire, which was

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Up until Iran in Iran borders Pakistan, Iran, Buddhist Pakistan, the Muslim Empire in the time say number managed to over conquer the Persian Empire completely. And the most eastern province of the Muslim empire that time was called the Macron. Today, it's between Persia between Iran and Pakistan, it was in that region. And if you have a knowledge of Pakistan, you would know a river flows through Pakistan called the Indus River. And this was really the boundary of the Muslim lands, they never ventured across, across that river, Muslims wouldn't go across that land. And one or two expeditions that went over they found that the people were very strong and very, very dangerous and fighting,

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they was not worth it. And it was a big logistic problem to go across the river. So Muslims never really ventured across the Indus River, and say, no Miranda's hollyford off the aim said, just stay on our side of the river, and they will be on the side. But there was a problem. Because economically, the Silk Route, and the Silk Route is basically the trading route from China, that moves through India, through the Middle East, and then goes to Europe. This was the trading route, there were two major trading routes at the time, one by land going through China, and passing through the mountain areas. And you had to pass through Afghanistan, you had to pass through

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Afghanistan, and then you interpose your into the Muslim lands, and they moved on further. The other route was by sea, you went by through by the China Sea, through the Indian Ocean, along the coast of India. So you see the red line and the blue line. And then you get to Arabia, and so forth, you go into the Mediterranean,

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the land route, the Muslims were very keen on securing the land, the land route made more sense because they ruled Persia. So the link between Persia and India and China is Afghanistan. And Afghanistan, even till today. It says it's the land with people with confidence, basically, for when you're into Afghanistan, you don't you don't win easily in Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan, the only thing tougher and rougher than Afghan Afghan terrain are the Afghan people. And even the Muslims struggle to conquer the kingdoms of Afghanistan, they couldn't get it. And to get through into India, you have to go through these Afghan kingdoms is called the labor pass, and the Muslim

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strike for almost 100 years against these kingdoms. And they were unsuccessful. So they depended heavily on the coastal the Silk Route, they needed the Silk Route to be safe, and they need that. So rather than the sea route of the silk trade along the coast, they needed this route to be safe and secure. And therefore they entered into a treaty with the, the leader of of Sindh. And as soon as you see that, you see where the red line goes through. India between Persian Indian is a red line going from the sea and up. That's basically what the region we're talking about. That's the Indus River. And the Muslims had an agreement with the ruler of sin, that he he would protect the boundary

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of the coast from pirates, and that the land that the ships that go posses land would be safe. And a judge had a treaty with this man, and his name was Roger, the hero, right? He was named Roger here, being the ruler of of sin.

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At that time, Sri Lanka, Islamic reach Sri Lanka, and Muslims were traveling to and fro along the sea route. And a group of pirates in Sindh captured a ship containing Muslim women and children. And they took them hostage. And when hijacked the government, we said hey, Judge, we know who he is, he doesn't play when he said to the ruler of sin, Raja give, get those pirates bring him to justice and save those people free. He refused any say this is not my concern. And for hijack this could not be lived and answered. So he said in that case, our peace treaty is null and void, and I will seem troops against you. So he seemed to armies to the region, he said one army to the region, and it was

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completely defeated. And he sent a second army with troops and it also was completely defeated. The Muslims could not fight across the river, the industry couldn't fight in this terrain. And it looked increasingly impossible to really subdue and take control of the region. And he was preparing a third and final army and he had a general image in mind when he's young nephew 17 years old, humble him classroom said uncle, give me the leadership. Give me that. Let me put let me be in charge. I promise you insha Allah, I won't disappoint you 17 years old. And I just like the idea. And he gave 7000 men to his nephew Mohammed in costume, and they marched along the coast. Along the Persian

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coast, Iran entered into Makarov, which was the Muslim state and then they reached the English River at Hajaj also sent with ships, siege weapons, obviously, you couldn't push your catapults by land. So you seen it with ships and additional troops by ship. So these two armies met and he was the overall leader. And the first thing he did is he found the port city, the city where the English rubber meets the Indian Ocean. There's a city called

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Today's call Karachi, right today at Karachi, that same city, Muhammad Qasim came to that city and he took it quite easily. And his method of governance, he realized the reason why people in this area the governance before failed, he realized, like musasa realized, you can't bully and subdue the people, you need to work with the people. So he gave them the freedom. And he allowed them to practice the religion freely. And he said to the people, it's no benefit. I take you hostage and harm you. We need you to work in your lands, we need your civilization, we want you to continue, but we want to bring law and order into this region. And there was tremendous hatred between the rulers

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of India, or the rulers of sin and the people, the people were Buddhist. And the Raja was Hindu. So there was hatred between the leadership and the people. And now he came in, he said, I offer you freedom to practice your religion freely, just support us in this campaign. And people supported him. And without much fighting, he was able to get the support of the people on the western side of the room, but it's the other side of the river. That's the problem. And he even got people to take his army across the river safely. And something which previous generals weren't able to do hijack even though to him and said, You're too lenient with these people, you need to be much firmer, and

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he believed in tough love. Right? So this didn't, this might even cost him disagreed with his uncle, and he was successful. Then he crossed the river. And now he had to meet Roger, in battle, and the army of the Raja was much superior in number and strength in the Muslim army. And they had with them elephants, of course, as you know, India's for elephants and elephants, something which the Muslims, of course, are not used to fighting, but they had a tactic and they learned this tactic from harden will lead, you blindfold your camel, and you shoot the elephant in the eyes using foot by a fire or burning arrows. And when an elephant an elephant is out of control, it does more damage to the

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enemy's army than your own. And this was the tactic use and it was in Ramadan, once again, one year of the Spain had been conquered. A year later, Raja was defeated. And the Muslim army was left unchecked, it was unable to be stopped and, and he continued along the Indus River all the way into Kashmir. This is basically the entire length of Pakistan. And he entered into Kashmir, and this was 712. The next step would have been to go further into China. They were two generals. The next one we'll talk about tomorrow, two generals fighting on the east, one in India, and one north in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Hayashi to the two of them. Muhammad Qasim and Kuta even Muslim we'll

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talk about tomorrow. He said whichever view reaches China First, you will be the governor of China. So the race was on and Hamilton costume looked like he was getting because he got into Kashmir, and India was unfortified. The Indian armies were not that strong. And he looked ready to go further. When similarly what happened to Tarik in Ziad, he's Uncle hajjaj passed away and he had a lot of enemies Hajaj had a lot of enemies because of the way he treated people. And the enemies of Hajaj decided to get into the solution. And they called Mohammed in class him back from his campaign. At 20 years old, after conquering send an old Pakistan, he returned to Damascus to obey the new halifa.

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And they unfortunately he was imprisoned and tortured severely really, really badly. His eyes burned out and his body chopped up and his family killed. And this was the end of humbling classroom and they said had had he been allowed to go further, he would have taken Islam would have gotten to India, centuries before it actually did. And the people of Pakistan told today remember this caveman hunting classical brought Islam to this land. And this is once again another example of how the government on top was playing politics. And at the bottom people were suffering. So inshallah we continue to model with these great generals, the third of these great generals will tell you about

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even Muslim. We'll talk about him tomorrow how he broke the lands of Uzbekistan Kazakhstan, and he actually was the man that reached China First, we'll talk about him tomorrow. Insha Allah even Illa

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as for tonight's quiz, we just give the answers to last night's questions. Last last question with what was the people are destroyed or lost and destroyed them with a wind? Number two, for many years who call these people to Islam? Allah says 1000 lists 50 meaning 950 years. And lastly, which nobody's mentioned the most by name in the Quran, Abu Salah salatu salam in fact Ephesus Allah Mohammed isn't mentioned the least of the four Musa and he sanabria hemolysis and I mentioned more than Nabi Muhammad salatu salam, there is no question right? But we're going to give the results of this past weeks there's a log of the top 10 performance and inshallah you know, we're going to be

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there's no prizes to add the prize giving is going to be tomorrow, but we'll just like to give the top 10 performance we won't give the full list.

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Mashallah philos on top and require

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Ladies the sisters are winning at smila shala

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smile is up the yazeed Mashallah

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I know some people are just do one or two nights in the week so they haven't folding the full full quiz. But for those who have been here consistently and as well, part time, support times only, not professionally just yet. Mashallah, so, tomorrow we'll give Fatima she topped the log, she'll get a prize tomorrow and then we'll also have the lucky prize. So if you have the mobile darkness on your side, you can also win tomorrow inshallah and then we continue with the quiz. They often talk about fade circle, or sola Sedna, Mohammed

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amin Assalamualaikum.

Muhammad Ibn Qasim

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