Hadith Series – #19 – Should Everyone Respond

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if somebody gives Salam, the greeting of salaam aleikum to a group of people, that it's sufficient if just one from that group respond.

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So if I'm approaching a group of Muslims I say Salam aleikum, it's enough of just one of them responds while eco masala and back to me, not every single person in that group has to respond to me. And this is from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and the mercy that is built into the Sharia, that not every single person has to return my Salaam. This became kind of a funny thing when I was studying in Medina because sometimes students would come late to class and just out of habit, and it's a good habit. They enter the room and they say Salam aleikum. Right. Well, you can imagine what happens the professor's in the middle of a lecture. And then the entire class erupts with a chorus

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of response, why they come and sit down, we're off to LA. And now imagine if maybe three, four or five students are coming late to class it can become very chaotic. So our professors used to remind us of this hadith and he used to say that he would take care of responding for the rest of us so that we could focus our attention on the lesson at hand. And so if there's a group of people, not every single person has to respond, it's enough if just one person responds, and that way the salaam the greeting of peace doesn't become too burdensome.