Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #372 – The Truth Is Dispersed Among People

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the truth is widely discussed among Muslims, with some believing it is a black and white thing, while others believe it is a "right thing" that is not a black and white thing. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being honest with one's words and staying true to one's beliefs.
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Sheikh Abdullah used to tell us all the time that the truth is dispersed among people,

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that it's divided among people. And what he meant by that was that not any one person exists that has it all. And that everybody's got a little bit of truth. You know, even if we're looking just among the Muslims, you're going to find somebody who their prayers are amazing. But maybe they sell alcohol. Right, but maybe they cry on their prayers.

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Right, you might find somebody who their earnings are completely halau and pure, but their prayers are distracted.

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You might find some people who know a lot about theology or about theta, about anything within Islam. And they're rude.

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I've met lots of those. And then you might find kofod, or people who are like, the most ridiculous beliefs or heretical beliefs and they're polite, right? This, this happens, and it shouldn't be like a shock. And it shouldn't be like a test of faith. Now the truth is divided, you know, even even Taymiyah. He said, he said that

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it's very rare to find something with complete 100% falsehood. Right? Even these times, you know, these days we live in, there's this ism, and that ism, and this movement and that movement, and they get popular, and we respond to them and try to sort out, you know, what are the parts that they got? Right? What is the thing that they're responding to that there's a valid critique to be made? And where did they go overboard? Or where did they fall into excess? Etc, etc. Very rarely, is there one thing that's completely 100%? Wrong? You know, and that's not to vindicate it, or say that it's good or say to leave it alone? No, but we're saying the fact that people get behind it or are attracted

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to it at all in the first place means that it strikes a chord, there's something in it that meets a human need or response to something that's going on and meaningful way. And you have to, you have to deal with it. So it just has to make everybody a little bit more humble. You know, a lot of times for political purposes or for action purposes, people try to make everything black and white. You know, this is completely right. That's completely wrong. Forget about it, it's very rarely that clean. And that clear cut, you know, you have to you have to talk about specifics. They say the devils in the details. And that's true. You have to get into the details. Well, this particular

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individual, they're right about this, and they're wrong about that, or this particular movement. It's right about this, or it's responding and about this thing, and it's right that that's a problem, but they went too far with X, Y and Z. And I believe and I could be wrong. I could be wrong, but I believe that that's the best way to move forward in the long term because you're being honest with people and you're not, you know, you're not putting all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

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