Faith IQ – My Parents Do Not Like Me Wearing Hijab, What Should I Do

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AI: Summary © The speaker advises parents to educate their children about their job history and to let them know why they want to wear certain clothing. They also suggest rethinking their behavior and finding ways to make people feel accepted. The speaker also mentions the importance of sharia laws and encourages parents to consider their clothing choices.
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My parents are not comfortable with me wearing hijab. How should I observe this

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attended allow salatu salam ala rasulillah. This is they're asking about

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her parents, they're not very happy with her wearing hijab. They're not very supportive, not comfortable being around her, but she wear when she is in her job, maybe she's a new Muslim, and I can understand that or comes from a non religious, non practicing family or having to be Muslim. What I will advise you to do is to educate them. Okay, don't turn this to be a battle and to basically a war between you and your family. And make sure that this is one issue. But there is other hundreds and 1000s of other issues between you and them, that connect you guys together, educate them, let them know why you had a job, why did you choose to do that? It's your choice, how

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proud you are of yourself when you were a job, how much it means to you.

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And many times people feel it everybody gonna look at them and tell them that's not the case, you know, people accepting it and that there may be visit to the mustard seed Mahadeva is around them, and they will feel comfortable assure them that is not something put me in any danger by wearing Hijab because some people have a concern about the safety of their daughters or their wife if she were a job. Take your time. I know many family, Muslim family, it takes them a long time to accept a job at home to accept their daughter to her job or their sisters or their wives. I know some sisters stayed yours will not go outside their house or their husband just because your job. And I know

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young girls told me their stories stayed very long time could not get outside the house with their parents because they refuse to go out with her. But in the end, it is beautiful ending they accept that they apologize and they saw that she should really wear hijab because she she wants to do that because she wants to do what what is right in her opinion and that will please the last panel wattana try to please the last panel data analyst panel data will make people be pleased with you men out of a law or they are low and Radovan who ness when you please allow me to be pleased with you and make people inshallah pleased with you as well. But if he displays a las panatela he will be

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displeased with you. And people will not be pleased with you anyway.

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And I will say also, maybe there is the way the style of your hijab also turning them up. Maybe you need to reevaluate the way you put your hijab to a compromise that keep you in the shadows in the realm of Sharia, what is lawful, and maybe it will make them happy and accept that. But in the end of the day, make a lot of the Las panatela give you strength and ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide you to keep your hijab and to convince your parents to accept it or sallallahu wasallam on and IBM

Answered by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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