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Lesson 43 – Chapter 1-3 Hadith 135-136

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Sula Hill Karim I'm avert further below him in a ship Manjula Jim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim are the strategies Sati way acidity MD Dr. melissani of koko de urbanization, Arima Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem keekaboo, the book of Voodoo, what does it mean? ablution washing yourself in the way that has been taught to us by the Quran and Sunnah. And it is a prerequisite for Salah. So key taboo, this entire chapter, this entire book, in other words is dedicated to what who do, what its virtues are, its way, its obligation, its method, the parts of will do, so on and so forth. All of them aren't mentioned in cable. And this shows to us that this book by mojari, it's not just about, you

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know, in, and Sierra or the Quran, but it's also about fish.

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And this is why it's a gem in one way as well, that it talks about all kinds of relevant issues that pertain to any Muslim, PETA will do, the word will do is derived from the word wedlock. And what that means Christian beauty, it is that what you own what we face, that is worldly meaning a face that is very beautiful. And we see that performing will do is a means of cleanliness. And it's also a source of beauty for a person how cleanliness in the dunya built in adonia, because a person if he's clean, if he's fresh, then obviously he will be beautiful as well. And definitely, in the hereafter it will be a source of a lot of beauty for a person. And the word will do also means

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software and new software as impurity and new as in light. And again we'll do is a source of candidates in this life and a source of brightness, source of light for a person on the Day of Judgment. And we'll do is a means of cleansing the body cleaning the body, from what from impurity from other impurity and this impurity could be history, as well as MonaVie. This filth could be tangible, as well as intangible, tangible, filth, understood, intangible filth, since the move and the hot idea that we commit. And when a person performs will do then what happens that the sins are also washed away, even with the last drop that washes off of a person's body, even with that sins

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are washed away. And this is the reason why we'll do is called we'll do such a meaningful name, isn't it and we see that we do is a prerequisite for sada which means that if a person has not performed well, then his prayer will not be acceptable. And many times we see that our bodies are clean. I mean, we just took a shower in the morning but yet when you have to perform selectors over you have to perform will do. So what does it show that cleanliness? obtaining purity is something that is very, very important in our religion. cleanliness. purity, is something that is fundamental in our religion. It's very, very essential. And Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam illustrates

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that very clearly that at the Hulu chatroom, imagine that. Cleanliness is a very big part of it. So we know cleanliness, it affects every part of our faith, it affects our Salah it affects our room right affects our Hajj, you know, it's a source of protection against the punishment in the grave, we know that if a person does not keep himself clean while urinating, then what will happen he will suffer from the punishment in the grave. So purity cleanliness is something that is very, very important. And we see that it doesn't just benefit our Deen but it also benefits our relationships, that if a person is clean, then other people are comfortable around him. And if a person does not

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keep himself clean, then other people feel uncomfortable as well. You know person may have very, very good luck, he may be very knowledgeable. He may have a lot of skills, but if he does not keep himself clean, then people will, you know, keep away from him. So we'll do cleanliness. The hora is a source of great benefit for a person in this dunya with regards to religious matters and also worldly matters and definitely in the hereafter as well. And the Hala cleanliness is of different levels, it is of several levels. The first level of cleanliness is to clean the body, clean the body from what from impurities from uncleanliness that is heresy. So for example, if a person has filth

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on his body, then lleno kindness is to bajada is to remove that filth, get rid of that filth. Yesterday we learned about the different types of discharge and we know that maybe a person has to wash it off. It is not just so person cannot have filth on his body it has to be washed off. So the first level is cleanliness of the body from what his see filth as well as lukumi filth. What does it mean by hook me meaning

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To enter into the state of purity. So for example, a person's body may be completely clean, no germs whatsoever. But he doesn't have to do. Isn't the clean Yes, he is clean, then why does it need to wash his face and hands and arms and feet and wipe his head? Why? So that he can perform Salah. So the first level of kindness is to clean the body, from filth, and also to have hooked me to

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the second level of purity is to protect the body to clean the body, from what from since to clean the limbs of sins. So what does that mean that a person does not perform filthy actions with his body. And it means that a person does not say filthy words with his tongue. Because many times we utter words and eventually it's a source of regret, the consequences can be very severe can be very, very detrimental. So it's necessary that we clean our tongue as well when we raise our mountain, we'll do it remember that we are supposed to clean our tongue from intangible filth as well. Likewise, with our hands, with our feet, with our elbows, we shouldn't be doing anything that is

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harmful, you know, to us or to other people. So it is to protect the body and limbs from since the third level is to cleanse the heart from filth as well, that a person does not have filthy thoughts, you know, bad feelings, ill feelings against other people, about other people know rather a person should keep his heart clean. That is also a very important level of for her. And another final level of the harder is to cleanse the Belton, the hidden side of a person, the private matters of a person, the innermost part of the heart of a person, which is that a person, you know, frees himself from ladle law, in other words, that he's not, you know, interested in later law rather, he's His

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focus is entirely on who Allah subhanaw taala that he has sincerity for Allah, you know, he has love for Allah, intense love, as well as fear, as well as hope all of this only for Allah subhanaw taala. So, we see that bahala is a part of this gear, it is a part of purification. And physical purity is not enough, nor is you know, spiritual purity enough, no, both of them are necessary. Both of them are necessary, you know, a person could keep his body very clean. But if he you know, abuses others with his tongue, then his keeping his body is not that beneficial. Likewise, if a person, you know, does not harm other people with his tongue, but he entertains evil thoughts in his art, again, that

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is not clean, that is not cleanliness, because eventually that filth will come out that if a person is not mindful of what goes on in his heart and mind, and on the surface, he appears to be okay, then eventually a moment comes where everything that he's been holding up inside, you know, it's spewing out then, and it harms other people. Likewise, if a person does not have sincerity for Allah subhanaw taala, and on the apparent he's clean, you know, in his dealings with other people, he's very good, then again, that purification is not complete. So we see that the hora is something that is very, very major in our religion, and it includes all types of cleanliness, starting from the

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body, deep down into the heart, all levels must be clean. And we see that one of the things that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did was we use a key him and he also purified the people, and you purify the people, and at every level, all of these levels, and each and every one of them is essential. And if you think about the process of the skier, the process of purification, cleanliness, taharah. It begins from where, where does it start from, from cleaning the body? That's the first level. Okay, that's the first level. That is where it begins from, because whether or not a person entertains evil thoughts in his heart, is he supposed to pray? Is he Yes. Is he supposed to do?

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We'll do of course. So we'll do you don't have a choice about that. You don't have a choice about you have to do it. Okay. So it starts from there. And it affects our such that it goes deep down. Because many times people think that what's the point of will do, what's the point of will do you know, I'm clean? I just did well do you know, people wonder I just did windows and I use the washroom, but I still feel very clean, why do I have to do will do, because it reminds you will get and again, the importance of cleanliness, the importance of purity, and then it affects a person as well that if a person is used to keeping clean on the outside, then he will not like it when he's

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filthy on the inside. That will also bother him. And we see that in this book, even Buhari mentions at the heart of the body, specifically with regards to will do because that is the first step of purification. And why do you think this comes right after cuttable? What do you think the connection is between Qatar will in and get Abu? Okay, very true that we've been learning about the importance of the etiquettes of room, so on and so forth. Now, we have to learn and do something as well, right. So it begins from the most optimal begins from the most important actions of the most important obligations and assess what Salah

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And the prerequisite for that is, we'll do so after Elon comes

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after Elon comes on, and the first IMO that we should be concerned about is our Salah. And the prerequisite for that is will do and we also see that the foundation of you know the acceptance of many righteous deeds is what? cleanliness taharah So likewise for solid foundation is what we'll do so it's essential that we start from will do cleanliness, back measure a field we'll do a chapter measure, what has come Phil will do he concerning will do about will do. In other words, what has been reported about Voodoo, what is the evidence of Voodoo, where it is mentioned in the Quran, where it is mentioned in the Sunnah. How important is we'll do how it is supposed to be done. For

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what do we need to work only Allah hit Allah and the statement of Allah, the Exalted dharana which statement which is in the Quran, either quantum inequality that when you all stand for prayer, or believers Foxy Lu would you have come then you wash your faces where idea come and also your hands up until lol Moravec up until the elbows one sir Who will also come and wipe your heads will Oh doula come and your feet either garbain to the ankles. This ayah is in the Quran and where is it mentioned in total Mata number six. And we see that in this ayah the eye begins with the AU and livina Avenue, the believers are addressed which means that this is a part of a man to perform.

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And in this ayah is the de Lille, the evidence of all the evidence of the obligation of the evidence that will do is a prerequisite for Salah without sudo Salah will be invalid it will not be accepted without purification. Now obviously the next chapter is the one which is the other way. So this ayah shows the obligation of wood. And this I also tell us about the process of will do how we'll do is to be performed. So if you look at the either Quantum lasala when you stand for prayer, meaning when you intend to perform the solar so before you perform the Salah you have to perform the will do and it shows that according to some scholars, many of them they say that this is the evidence that we'll

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do is only needed for Salah because it hasn't been mentioned that when you intend to do this and this and this and also Salah, then you do know only Salah is mentioned so for some scholars they say that will do is only needed for salah and this is the evidence and a Hadith of the prophets of Allah cinema illustrates that that wants to profit sort of audits and use the washroom and he didn't perform will do so one of the companions he asked that you're not going to do will do he said I'm not going to pray right now. So he didn't need to do will do so this is why he did not perform well. And you know about the ayat which are used to show the obligation of will do that it's necessary to

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have will do in order to recite the Quran. You know that I have Mata Haroon refers to the angels. So this is the evidence that many scholars use that will do his only requirement for prayer foxier would you help him to wash your faces and the would you watch what you had to face someone The face is the part of the body which is right in front when a person faces the other. So basically, it's from your forehead, the devil on your forehead all the way down to your chin. That doesn't mean you go to the neck, but just the edge, the end of the chin. And from one ear to the other. This is the word so that has to be washed as well. What idea come Elmo, Rafi, meaning hands all the way up to

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the elbows. In other words, the arms, including the elbows. And once a little OC can wipe your heads. It hasn't been said that wash your heads rather, wipe your heads. And what's the method of wiping the head front to back and back to front. And we see that washing the head, washing the head for will do this is not legit. This is not something that's necessary. It's not even mobile, and it's not even muster. It's not something concerning which a person has a choice that wash your head or don't wash your head fold. Likewise, it's not even preferable that a person does will do in fact it is makuu it is disliked that a person washes is that for will do Why? Because in the Quran,

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clearly it has been said wipe your head in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we see that he wiped the head. And if a person thinks that if he's washing his hair, he's doing something more righteous than that is getting ahead of aligners messenger. And that is something that we're not allowed to do. Washing the head will be very difficult for people. When you wipe your head, within a few seconds, your head becomes dry, your hair is dry. But if you wash your head, how long is it going to take for your head to dry? It's going to take very long and it could cause a lot of hardship for people. You know, people would have to use a lot of water it could cause people to

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become ill, and it will take very long to do what when we wouldn't be able to do just anywhere. Right? It would only be possible in certain places.

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So there's a great heckler that our last panel that has commanded us to only wipe our heads. So we should limit ourselves to what Allah has commanded and not get ahead of that. And then what abdulah come and also your feet of joola come, if you remember that the seat of the ayah when we studied junocam this is read in two ways of Judah as well as Julie in one Corolla in one recitation, it is with the Fatah, it is monsoon and another recitation it is module, if we take it as monsoon, if we take it as monsoon. Okay, well, joola come as you see it, then what Abdulla? Come Wha? This is my two foot, would you hukam? What idea come? Okay, this is my two foot what would you How come What

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idea come So what was the command before that fell through. So watch what your faces and your hands and also your feet. And if we take have Julie calm as much more than it would be connected with roussy calm. So it would mean wipe your heads and wipe your feet. So there are two carat, what does that show that both are permissible, a person may wash his feet and he may also wipe his feet. Some people have misinterpreted this verse and they say that, you know, you're only supposed to wipe your feet. You're not supposed to wash your feet and others say you cannot wipe your feet you have to wash your feet. No, the two karate show the two options that are available to people. When can you

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wipe your feet when you have socks on. But what's the condition that before you put your socks on your head will do and when do you wash your feet when you don't have socks on? Right so that at that time you have to wash your feet you can wipe your hands over your feet. So both the options are there. And just a side note with regards to wiping the feet. When you do that when you have socks on right job. And in the Hardys clearly the word job has been used and job is used for what is worn on the feet. It could be made of paper, it could be made of cloth it could be made of wool, it could be made of leather it could be made of some have said even animal here. So anything that is worn on the

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foot is what Joe Rob and huff huff is what leather socks but in Hardee's clearly the word job has been used with shows that you can also do must over your cotton socks. Because some people say no only leather socks are not cotton socks. No. Also cotton socks. So once the hobo osako jellico it has been all the way up to the ankles and we see that the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explains the Quran and we see both ways in the Sunnah the prophets are allowed to send him some things washed his feet and other times he wipes the feet. So both ways are there and we should follow the Quran and Sunnah Allah Abdullah Abdullah said was Abdullah Buhari, so his student, he's

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studying the book from Mr. Buhari. So he's writing whatever you want to call it is narrating to him whatever he's teaching him. So the student wrote the color of the letter. We're bayona Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he bhajana meaning he made clear he clarified and know that indeed for burl wood, he felt the obligation of a widow performing widow is more than more than once once meaning that if a person washes these parts of the body that are mentioned in the ayah even once then the obligation is fulfilled in other words the will do is valid when if you wash the parts of the body how many times just once what what are you done with the

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water and he performed we'll do a one also Martini was a Latin he washed these parts of the body in will do how many times twice and sometimes also thrice? While I'm using it and he did not increase LS LS in over three, meaning he did not wash the parts of the body of will do more than three times what carry her and he has disliked who has disliked him the people of knowledge is Rafa excessiveness fee in it, meaning the scholars they have dislike that a person should exceed washing the parts of the body more than three times is thrown off. What and that yuja we Zoo they exceed feral en la Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the act the action of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. So the statement it shows that the Sunnah proves that the prophets are allowed Islam sometimes washed in will do once, sometimes twice, and sometimes three times if a person does it once the obligation is fulfilled. But if a person has enough water, enough time to wash twice, that's also good. And if he has enough time and water to do it three times, that's also good. How

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However, not more than three times, so that if a person says I have so much water, you know, the tap is running. So I want to be very bright on the Day of Judgment. So let me wash my face 10 times, No, you cannot exceed the number three, because the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he did not do that, either. And we see that with regards to the number of times that a person may wash a part of the body and we'll do we have a choice, you can do it once, twice, thrice, this does not mean contradiction. But what does it mean? twice, that whatever suits a person in a situation, he may do that. So for example, if you are washing your hands with soap or your face with soap, and you know,

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you feel that you can't get all the soap off and just washing it three times, then what should you do wash them before, okay, but don't make that as part of

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it don't make that as part of the will do. And often this teaches us that we should, you know get used to using less water. So for example, don't take too much soap on your hands that you're using all the bubbles, enjoying the bubbles. Now, there is a difference in the reward by once only the obligation is fulfilled. By thrice you're following the sooner as well. And you are watching more times which means that they're more brightness and more since washed away. So, there is a difference in the reward. Bab led to Kabbalah soliton Salah prayer is not accepted, how belaya polluted without cleanliness, Salah is not accepted it is not valid, without cleanliness meaning unless and until a

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person is clean, his Salah will not be valid. So in other words, if a person does not have will do, will this Allah be valid? No. If a person is in the state of Geneva and he hasn't taken also will be valid. No. Remember that there's two types of states of impurity had the

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two types of states of impurity. The first is how does a kebab and the other is how does a slough How does a cover major impurity has minor impurity what is major impurity? Such a state for which a person needs to take a bath in order to become clean will do is not sufficient. So for example, if a person is in a state of Genova if a woman was menstruating, and now her period has stopped, so in order to become clean his widow sufficient, no, she has to perform loosen

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up on major impurity. What is how does

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that a person for instance, use the washroom or he was sleeping for a very long time? Or he had camel meat and he wants to pray. So what does he have to do? perform Voodoo? So the hora includes both of these Vasa as well as Voodoo, depending on the situation, the type of impurity that a person was experiencing, so led to Kabbalah sola

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sola is invalid without cleanliness, without proper cleanliness. The first obligation or rather the obligation that is common between all people is what Salah women have to pray men have to pray. Old people have to pray sick people have to pray Healthy People have to pray, people who are traveling and people who are at home, people who are working and people who are free. All types of people have to pray. Obviously, there are exceptions a woman who is menstruating, a person who has not seen a child who has not reached a puberty or a person who is unconscious, you know, that's a different story altogether. But in the general sense, all people are required to pray no matter what, you

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know, state a person is in it doesn't matter. And the condition for the acceptance of Salah is Voodoo, what does it mean then, that every Muslim every person must know about the Voodoo when it is valid, when it is required, how it is to be done, what are the obligations all of this is alien that is forth for the line

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it is mandatory and every individual to learn about this

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because without it your Salah will be invalid or it will be deficient or you know that there might be a problem with your solo it will not be accepted. So person must not be shy in learning the rules of will do either because it happens that when you start learning about the subject, I mean some embarrassing things do come up you know and we feel embarrassed talking about these things or even listening about these things we feel uncomfortable but the fact is that if a person corrects the need that I'm learning this so that I can perfect my prayer. I can perfect my rebar but then it becomes easier. And we learned earlier that there there should be no shyness in such matters. How

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does an eye is held Ibrahim Alhamdulillah you Allah Akbar honor of the verserk call upon Mr. Ramadan on Hammamet Nick would have been so human even when a baby I know that indeed is Sameera.

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He heard a guru guru he was saying all of a sudden

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His sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, led to Kabbalah Salah to the prayer is not accepted of who's man of the one who does or the one who broke his widow, the one who lost his widow. The one who was in impurity, remember had this awkward hadis as luck so the one who lost his will do the one who's in a state of impurity had that until he had

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until he does, we'll do all over June and then said and this man was been held remote, he had come from held remote place he asked Malhotra. So, what is had a year of a hula or a Buddha because Buddha was narrating the Hadees and when he was narrating the Hadees, a man had come from Havana mode and he asked Abu huraira Abba Herrera what is a headless Malhotra Allah He replied, for sale on old Laughlin for sale is to pass wind below salt in without sound and bratan is to pass wind whistled meaning with sound. So, in other words, if a person passes when during his solar, then whether or not he hears it, then his Voodoo has broken and therefore, he cannot continue to pray.

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And if you know obviously he has to pray. So for that reason, what does he have to do? He has to perform will do what was the chapter title that led to Salatin

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without cleanliness is not accepted. But the Hadees only talks about hadas us

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only has asthma has not mentioned in this release. Okay if a person passes when he's not in the state of has an aqua, so how can we use mentioning only this headings to prove something that's very general, that if passing win will not cause a lot to be accepted and obviously major impurity will also prevent solar from being accepted. So one proves the other bad function will do the virtue of Voodoo, the reward of we'll do one more hedger, Luna min SRL, Wu, and alone are found the effects of Voodoo, meaning people will be losing more how genuine Why? Because of the effects of will. What does it mean by a little more handwritten letter is used for horses that have white foreheads. White

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foreheads horses that have white foreheads, and Mahajan are used for horses that have white front and back legs, all their four legs are white. So as you can imagine, a horse that is black, but just the forehead, and the legs, they're they're white, will you not notice that your horse, of course, you know, sometimes that happens, it always only has one white mark on the forehead. And it's so noticeable. It looks so beautiful. Now imagine if the entire forehead is white, and the legs the front and the back legs both are white. So that horse will really stand out. So people will be like this. When on the Day of Judgment, why? Because of the effects of Voodoo, then we'll do what do you

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wash your face, right? As well as your limbs, your arms and your feet. So, you know, likewise, the horse, the face, the forehead, and the legs are white. So people will be like that as well meaning right on the Day of Judgment. inshallah, we will learn about that as well. That will do, it's not necessary that you only make you do before you have to pray. No, you can also remain in the state of Voodoo all the time. Okay, it's not a condition. It's not necessary for you, however, you may do so. So the more a person performs will do, the better it is for him. It's a source of purity cleanliness, tangible as well as intangible and also source of beauty frozen on the Day of Judgment.

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And I have lubricating color and a lace on holiday in answer evening Avi Hillel in under a min ultimate color. He said, sooner aim he said Rocky, Rocky. I ascended

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raw coffea 430 then ascend. So rocky to I ascended Mara with Avi hora with Abu huraira Allah upon raheel Masjid, the back of the masjid, the back does not mean the place that was behind the mustard, but rather it means the roof. So, they went there, because the word repeater has been used fatawa so then he performed will do for color meaning Abu huraira he performed for color and then he said in the Samaritan obeah Saud Allahu alayhi wa sallam a akule indeed I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was saying that in Almaty indeed my people you the owner, they will be called you

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Yo PM, on the day of judgment, they will be called how long one mahogany, they will be called as one mahogany mean, a third it will do, because of the traces of will do because of the effects of Voodoo, feminist tatara so whoever escapable men come have you on that you please, he makes long from fool that he makes long, he extends

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his whiteness fairly far, and he should do so, it doesn't mean that if a person wants he can wash all of his arm, and not up to the elbow. No, because that is something that we're not allowed to do. usually that means, you know, making that brightness even more, making it even more intense. And obviously, the light is going to spread, right? So the more far and wide you want your life to spread, the more will do you can do you have the choice, it's up to you. You understand, all the sudden when washing all of your body, going beyond the parts of body that we have to watch No, it means washing them more, because the light will be far and wide, depending on the number of times

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that a person perform total. So we see that on the Day of Judgment, the oma of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam will be called, he said in the almighty Almighty remember whenever the Prophet sallallahu Sallam you know refer to something like this reward for the Oman the Day of Judgment, it doesn't mean every single person or the Muslim ummah. But because Muslim Omar refers to or rather the owner of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam So, all those people to whom he was sent to whether they believed in him or they did not believe in Him, they obeyed him or they didn't they partially followed him or they fully followed him. It includes all people in the general sense, but when he

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says my oma, that it means those people who responded to those people who followed him who obeyed him whether or not they saw him, this is just like, what Allah subhanaw taala says the word Riba it is all the servants okay, but when revised over here, man, okay, then they are not ordinary servants, but those who are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala those who fulfill the heart of being the act of Allah. So likewise Amati those who fulfill the heck of being the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam they fulfill the responsibility they do what they're supposed to do. So, such people on the day of judgment will be called you their own a Yama Tamati one Mahajan, what does it

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mean people on the day of judgment will be called by their descriptions, they will be called by their descriptions. So, for example, people are so into profit or people have so until book people have so and so actions. So, the owner of them, Mohamed Salah Dodson will be called as what a little more huddling This is like a cipher This is like a trait or characteristic of yours. And we see that in the Quran also, we learn what are called lomatin jatiya koloman toda la kita BIA, every nation will be called to its book. So, it has been understood in two ways. First of all, it has been said that by the book that was sent to the nation. So, PETA that was given to the nation that *tier on

00:33:26--> 00:34:07

reading the *tier that was given to the nation. So for example, mother Mohammed self loves I know, yeah, I will put on the omoto musasa Yeah, Allah Torah. So this is how people will be called. And another meaning of this is there are a lakita via is that they'll be called by the kita that is written for that oma meaning, the Kitab that has been written as recompense for that oma Kitab is also writing right meaning what has been written for those people, in other words, the actions that they have performed and the recompense that they are to get. So, people will be called on the Day of Judgment according to the actions that they performed and the recompense that they are supposed to

00:34:07--> 00:34:32

get on the day of judge. So they will be called according to the Kitab mini according to what has been written for them, okay, as does that. So, people will be called Maha Julian Why? Because this is keytab that has been written as their jazza Okay, this will be their recompense, they will be praised, honored by this description by this title. Now, the word war is the plural of

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

a word, from the word hurrah. And hora is the whiteness on the face of the words the forehead of the horse. So, a lot of the horse whose forehead is white, and horse, horses, whose faces whose foreheads are white, so the only qualified this description and remember that this whiteness will not be, you know, an array, a fault or an illness, a disease, a skin discoloration.

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

No, not at all. Rather this will be new, this will be light, I told you the meaning of the word will do. Right? What does it mean? thermadata Beauty herson and also suffer a new. So this will result in light in brightness and beauty on the Day of Judgment. So this whiteness don't take it as an eye, but rather it will be a source of beauty. And this will be exclusively for who for the

00:35:26--> 00:36:15

hermit satellite is those who performed will do exclusively for them. And this is how the Prophet sort of Alison will also recognize the people of his oma and Mahajan is a horse whose legs are white, and especially the lower part not all of the legs, but the lower part. So again, this is not for me, but for beauty. And remember that on the Day of Judgment, how will people come? How will people come bear the naked nothing on their bodies. So some people in the V honored on that day with light light that will be covering them, and that will be you know, honoring them. Just imagine, so little madaline for who, for those who performed will do. And then look at the encouragement that

00:36:15--> 00:36:22

whoever wishes to elongate extend that light than he should increase in his model.

00:36:23--> 00:36:33

Many times it happens that we find it difficult. Why? Why do we find it difficult? What are the you know, some things that make it difficult for us to perform will do.

00:36:34--> 00:36:53

Okay, so for example, it's too cold, the air conditioning is too high, it's very cold, you're freezing already. And you know, there's no warm water and you don't want to do it. But sometimes we are dressed up, you know, we spent so much time doing that makeup, and we know that if we wash our face, then the scars gonna, you know, ruin the makeup, then we're gonna have to redo everything.

00:36:54--> 00:37:06

We don't want to ruin our hair. Because far too blue is wiping the head. And if you wipe your head front to back and back to front, I'm sorry, your hair is messed up now. Right? What else prevents us?

00:37:07--> 00:37:16

Okay, that we have, you know, pinned our job in such a complicated way that you know, unpinning everything and doing everything again seems so much work.

00:37:17--> 00:37:21

Sometimes it's just pure laziness, pure laziness.

00:37:22--> 00:37:35

Okay, sometimes we feel shy of doing it in front of other people that we might be at a place where other people are not Muslim. So we feel awkward, you know, washing our face in a public washroom and washing our arms and rinsing our mouth, and then feet,

00:37:36--> 00:38:21

that we don't feel like washing our feet. So it happens we do experience these difficulties. But, you know, if you look at the reward, if you always focus on the reward, then inshallah it will make it easier for you to do too many times, children, you know, they won't pray just because they have to go to they find it so difficult to do, we'll do it as though you're telling them to do something very, very hard for them. Whereas it's not hard, but chalon makes it seem so big, so impossible. Sima not shining, but the mark will be there. These are all you know what swaths of shaitaan was preserved, I thought oh my god, take off all of those pins and redo your hair all the time I spent,

00:38:21--> 00:38:57

you know, forget it, that if we remember this will be a source of brightness, noon, on the day of judgment and from another Hadees we learned that this however there is a profit or loss of them that how would you recognize that people of your nation on the Day of Judgment so many and so many people you will you don't even know you haven't even seen so how would you recognize any set that by the traces of their will those if we remember that, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam will recognize us through our worldview? You know, this will be a source of honor protection for us on the Day of Judgment, then what more do we want? inshallah we'll come to the actual physical level what is

00:38:57--> 00:39:28

allowed, what is not that will come inshallah, we learned earlier about talks that ultimately learn more garbain it means that you have to learn to wash your ankles, ankles are included. Okay. So for example, if you are wearing socks, and they are below your ankles, then you cannot do Mr over them. Okay, your ankles must be covered with them. It depends. I mean, some are still thick and some are not I guess it really depends. It depends on the type on the material.

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

That there is no reason why we should feel lazy in doing water because water is available to us everywhere at the temperatures that we want that we're comfortable with. I mean there are so many places in this world and even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam It wasn't easy to get water you had to stand in lines are to walk so far away and then bring all the water on your head and then use that water for drinking and also washing and everything. And then if you have to do will do and it's cold, you have to warm up that water you

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

All we have to do literally just go into the washroom and open the tab. That's it. But chalon even makes that difficult for us. I mean, what is our struggle in trying to do we'll do hardly any, all the reactors sometimes just take off our socks. And even that seems like, you know, going to different mountain and getting water from there. I've seen myself, I remember once we were visiting this place near Islamabad in Pakistan, it's called muddy, it's, it's a place in mountains. And we were staying at somebody's house and they didn't have water in that house, there were no, you know, water pipes at all that brought water to your house a lower than what's the situation now, but at

00:40:39--> 00:41:15

that time, you didn't get water in your house like you do over here. So they would go to this, you know, spring and they would go and get water from there, or they would have water delivered, they would have to purchase water. And that water was so precious, and it's in the middle of the mountains, it's cold, the water would get cold and at night, if you're performing will do for Russia, he would freeze. So the water would be warmed up, it would be heated up and then you will perform will deal with it so long it would take to do taking a shower was like impossible. And Alhamdulillah here no difficulty whatsoever. So when Allah has made it so easy for us when he has

00:41:15--> 00:41:45

facilitated it for so much, then we should really benefit from it. And if we don't, then nobody's you know, nobody's going to accept ourselves. Nobody's to blame except ourselves that sometimes a person feels embarrassed due to do we'll do that other people will find out that I didn't I will do or did I did will do now it's broken. You know, I saw a video I don't know if you've seen it, she has her they fee. He was leading scholar in Medina, in the masjid. And right when he was about to start, you know, he went and he did will do when he returned,

00:41:47--> 00:41:55

it was being broadcasted on television, being recorded 1000s of people behind him, but who should we fear Allah,

00:41:56--> 00:42:35

we should have fear of a lover, they're not the fear of people, not the fear of embarrassment for people because these people in front of whom we were trying to preserve our image, on the day of judgment, even they will get to know about how we deceive them that just imagine that part of Genesis to the barrier of services that are done is to wash the diseased, you know, washing the body and will do. So, you know, if on a dead person, you're supposed to do that, when we're alive, it's even more necessary, that we see that window is so essential, it is so important, it's so emphasized in fifth in our religion, at the same time, cleanliness is important inwardly outwardly, you know,

00:42:35--> 00:43:14

it's a source of great reward in the Day of Judgment. So, we should not stay behind in doing this, that many infections, you know, how are they spread, either by hands or by, you know, inhaling them. So if you, you know, wash your parts of the body that are exposed, mainly your hands, your face, your feet, then inshallah, that will also protect you against infections, that we see that for example, doctors, nurses, when they are done to their patients, or when they have to perform surgery, how thoroughly they have to wash their hands, and, you know, keep them clean, why is that, you know, you are treating people you are touching them, so you shouldn't, you know, pass on any

00:43:14--> 00:43:54

germs to them. And it's also you know, when somebody has clean hands and you feel comfortable with them, right? So, I mean, we're standing before Allah subhanaw taala. So over there also cleanliness is essential that washing yourself is, is amazing, we see that the Prophet of Allah, a YouTuber, he said, um, he was told to wash himself. Remember with cold water, it has many benefits, it has many health benefits, many physical benefits, social benefits, you know, benefits in the Hereafter, that we'll do is something that should be taught, it should be encouraged. You know, like, for example, children encourage them to do it, tell them what the rewards will do. And inshallah they won't grow

00:43:54--> 00:44:31

up with that concept of you know, what was so hard, it's so difficult let them enjoy it and children love to play with water anyway, that people have also made Voodoo hard upon themselves by making some things mandatory which are not actually mandatory, I remember that this is also taught that you can only perform will do from a container that is made of clay and from that you do will do and inshallah, we will learn that the prevalence of the loss and we will do from water that it was in a watery skin. So people make it hard upon themselves, your head has to be covered and you have to be sitting on the ground. And you'd like all that difficulty I can't do it so forget about it. But

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

we'll do our part of its benefits is that it makes you feel very fresh and alert, it wakes you up from your sleep. So you can actually focus better in your Salah. It also, you know affects you emotionally so if you were angry, you will calm down. Indonesia, people go through so many things just to brighten up their skin. And that's also very temporary for some time. But you can actually get permanent brightness, permanent radiance, permanent

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

brashness on your skin. When you do will do. As long as you have will do, you can put on socks and then do massage on that.

00:45:10--> 00:45:27

It doesn't mean that you have to do it right after. But as long as you wore your socks when you had to do, it's perfectly fine. inshallah we'll conclude over here gets a panic alarm will be heavily going to show the La Ilaha Illa into the stock little corner to retake a Santa Monica warahmatullahi wabarakatuh