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The importance of sick time for reflecting on one's life and actions is highlighted, along with the need for everyone to stay healthy during the illness period. The heart and tongue are important during the illness period, and gifts and staying healthy during the period are also discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of faith and the origin of actions in Islam, as it is an essential time to reflect on one's life and actions. The segment also touches on the feeling of sickness during the illness period, including the belief in Allah's decree and the need to maintain healthy thoughts. The speakers emphasize the use of the " "bady eye" in relation to one's behavior and health, and mention a meeting between two best men.

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Salam alaykum. Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Sula, Alhamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda and fauna on finally my alum Tana was a nine man camera. Ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit from what he told us and increase his knowledge. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to put America in this gathering, and make us some the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told Kuhmo McFaul get up all your sins are forgiven and in your bill Alameen mean.

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So Inshallah, tada we are discussing the book of sickness.

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And just as a reminder, please keep our chef, Chef Muhammad Ali in your DUA, there was a message that was going viral today about that. He is very, very sick. And his family is requesting all kinds of data, please. He's in San Francisco. They moved him from Medina. So please keep him in your diet and chocolate Allah, Allah will give him speedy recovery in sha Allah to Allah, and make every minute that he stays in the hospital, in his heavy scale of hasenhuttl Insha Allah, may Allah cure him and cure all the sick Muslims all over the world? And I mean,

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what are the duties? What are the duties? The title of the chapter is duties of the sick person? Any, if any of us, may Allah cure us all got sick? There are some duties because like we said many times, people think that when they got sick, many things drop. They don't have to do anything anymore. No, nothing, not not too many things drop. So today in sha Allah Tala, we will go through what are the duties of the sick person.

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usually makes the person

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not do the things that he usually does. It's like an obstacle from being normal.

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And conducting the normal duties that you usually do.

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There are the shift divided the actions, to actions of the heart, and actions of the tongue and other actions. Let's start in sha Allah to Allah, the actions of the heart of the sick person. Sickness is an important important chance for a person to spend quiet time with himself. He should benefit from this time by contemplating and the reason for his existence, his mission in life and his performance in obeying Allah azza wa jal, this is an opportunity, especially you know, every time you speak to somebody, we are very busy doing this, we are very busy doing that everybody is extremely busy. So this is a chance, you know, to sit down by yourself and reflect and Subhanallah

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the more severe the disease, the more you contemplate, you know, Subhan Allah, or follicle insurnace diver, in general, human being is naive, is very weak. When you see a big guy six foot heavy, small thorn in his finger will keep him up all night. Or he can go to the hospital for for a very simple procedure. SubhanAllah. So the time of sickness is a time to reflect about your existence. Why am I here? Since you're always busy with dunya matters, it's a time to reflect.

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First, one of the main Amaran of the heart is to refresh, to refresh the Tauheed in your heart, to refresh the heat in your heart. The highest and most important action of the heart is that oh heat of Allah as the origin, what is the belief on the Oneness of Allah as the creator and God? This is the essence of our faith and the origin of all other actions.

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Listen, Jaquan is extremely important

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Tawheed of Allah subhanaw taala is the essence of our faith. It is the essence of our faith. And the main reason for our existence as we have recited Now in Surah Maryam Allah subhana wa Taala said we're Carlota Rana and while ago

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and they said that Allah has a son.

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And after that Allah subhanaw taala gave us like

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an image.

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if you want to call it a small scene

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of what happens when someone say that Allah has a son.

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We'll call her Rama and holida

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laka Lukka DG to mushy and

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you have said something severe, very evil.

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The caribou center what yet a foreigner with unshackle of what a hero role ji had and our nanny wallet.

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The skies are gonna fall apart

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and the earth is going to asunder and the mountains are going to break into pieces. Just because you said Allah has a son

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and what is the main celebration today on Earth? Allah, the birth of Allah son

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and we have Muslims going and saying congratulation, Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas. We are so happy that you're celebrating Allah has a son

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of I have one this is actually the issue. This is actually the issue.

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It's not a something simple this is actually the issue.

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Allah is saying when you say someone has a son, everything is shaking, and someone is celebrating something. The birth of the son of Allah which is the biggest chunk ever.

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If the holiday was Okay, today we're going to burn the Quran will you congratulate them?

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No, this is worst.

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If it was the holiday of cursing Mohammed Mather allah sallallahu Sallam would you congratulate him? No, this is worst.

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If I'm wrong, let me know brother Iran. Allah has a son is not that big. Allahu Akbar.

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What's the Quran who Allah Who?

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Allah has Samad lemony le what a mu that? Well I'm here called Low Khufu and if you know anybody or one from our brothers or sisters advice and kindly and gently maybe we they do not know always assume good thoughts about your brother. Don't think that oh, look at them, maybe they do not know. Explain to them gently and kindly that this is not right. In general, don't get me wrong. In regular days. You could bring as many gifts as you want. Be as nice as you want all the time be as kind as possible. When they get sick, you visit them, you help you do everything. But when they celebrating a religious holiday, with this kind of shirk, you have to be extremely careful. And

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so when I'm reflecting on I'm sick, I reflect about the Tawheed of Allah azza wa jal and I remember that my existence all depends on Allah subhanaw taala being one

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than the chef go to the Hadith, where Salah Salem was asked which deeds are the best he replied, a man on Biller, he was a solid, the first deed he started with, he said, believing in Allah and His messenger. And then after that, he said she had he Sabine Allah. And third was harsh on mob rule. So he is accessible to everyone because it's an action of the heart Subhanallah you cannot say I can't have to eat here or there. Or at that time, or this time, it's in the hearts and action of the heart. They could do whatever they want to you, but you cannot change what's in your heart. That's a bed of the club. It's a bed of the club. So, the Tawheed is accessible to everyone including the

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sick and the disabled, regardless of their of their condition, bodily weakness, fever, loss of hearing, or eyesight or eyesight, any other disease do not prevent a person from believing in Allah rather, it strengthened his belief in Allah azza wa jal and it makes us feel that Ya Allah, known for Cara telephony,

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when telephony

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when telco when

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it makes us feel that we are so poor, we are so weak. It reminds us of Allah azza wa jal second

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feeling we should have in the in the heart, when we are sick is

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to submit to Allah's decree.

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Most of the time, when we get sick, maybe it's a major disease. I did not do anything to cause that cancer or to cause that accident. I was driving peacefully and somebody came drunk driver head on collision, and I must my sight Alhamdulillah Kadar, Allahu Musharraf and sickness comes to increase the belief in the color of Allah azza wa jal, I believe, Allah subhanho wa taala, before I was born, has written that on this day of this year, that second you will get sick with this disease or you will have this accident or someone will die in your family, all that stuff has been already decreed. So the sickness comes and confirm that I should increase my belief in the decree of Allah. Allah

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Allah subhanaw taala he said, Now I saw the minimal see that in fill out of the wealthy and physical ILL Fee Caribbean men cuddly and Nebra. And any disaster that strikes upon the earth or within yourself was already recorded in a book before we bring it into into B.

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And another so beautiful Subhanallah now I saw the name no see, but in in the is Neela woman you mean dilla Ah

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Laura, listen carefully. Well, now sobre el Moussa Ninh? masiva 10 In the evening Allah when the human Billa Yeah, the acaba wala we couldn't really say in Berlin, and no disaster strikes, except with Allah's permission, and also other believes in Allah. Allah will guide his heart because we're talking about a battle called during sickness. Third, Hosni ven Billa.

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Good thoughts about Allah azza wa jal during the sickness period. A sick person should maintain good thoughts about Allah azza wa jal, turning only to Him in worship and supplication, remembering his great generosity, so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Lai Hamilton had to come Allah wa Hua your sin oven Billa heater Anna, none of you should die without having good expectations from Allah azza wa jal

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when when you're sick, sometimes you know, you get some evil thoughts.

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At that time, specifically, we should have must have been of Allah azza wa jal and Ana and enter into

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Allah subhanaw taala. He said, I am what you think of me. You think I will put your I will take you to Jana, you're going to jump in sha Allah. You want to go to hell, you're going to hell? Because some people say, you know, when you tell them why don't you do this? Yeah, he wants to do this. He tells you I'm going to help anyway. No, let me I'm going to help anyway.

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Always have personally one of Allah as our jelly.

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Which brings us to the second. The fourth feeling, which is the sick person should be living between hope and fear between hope and fear, a sick believer must simultaneously be between fear house and hope Russia fearing Allah's punishment of his sins and hoping for Allah's mercy. The owner of the Hong Kong fun Wautoma and when im Narodna home, they invoke Allah subhanaw taala with fear and hope

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and they spend from what Allah subhanaw taala had blessed them with. And as reported that also was I seldom visited the young man while he was on his deathbed and he asked him to finish it okay. How do you feel?

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The man said, By Allah, He swore by Allah, O Messenger of Allah, I have hope in Allah, and I fear my sins.

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I have hope and Allah and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us remember these things when we are on our deathbed. I have hope and Allah and I fear my sins as soon as I sell them said they tell me and fear can be outdone, famously had the Moulton ill for whom Hola, yo Zhu Min who Limni a half

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Subhan Allah, He said so as I said and said, these two qualities

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Do not dwell together in a person's heart at this situation. Except Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him what he hoped for, and save him from what he fears.

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since the

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could come at any second. Remember at that point in sha Allah and or, if we are in situation, that we are in front of somebody that might be losing their life at any second, remind them Yaquis have hope that Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you,

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and at the same time, feel the sense that you have committed in the past.

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Now these are the actions of the heart. What are some of the actions of the tongue, that if Allah subhanaw taala test me by being sick, what should I do?

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The actions of the heart should be coupled, combined with the actions of the tongue. A sick person should spend his time making extensive dua, and vicar.

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Number one, if we

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ever got sick er one and you're sitting in the hospital or sitting at home, and you cannot go to work or school or whatever,

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open this Quran.

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Open the Quran and read Subhan Allah one time we visited the brother and look at the mentality how people think we visit the brother he was sick in the hospital and the looks like he's going to be there for a while. So when he visited him

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How will you how's everything?

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He said that hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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Allah subhanho wa Taala because people think Allah subhanaw taala he knows that I am behind. I am behind on my reading of the Quran. So now I already I already completed the Quran twice.

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He immediately blamed himself. He said this is a great opportunity. Allah put me here because I'm behind I haven't read the Quran since last Ramadan. Now in here, look at this. He considered that sickness as a source of has a net.

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So the actions of the tongue when you're sick, is

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reading the Quran. One of them is reading the Quran. Read the Quran as much as you can. Plus keep in mind when you read the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said, why known as zero mean and Nima who was

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well known as zero Nina

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was she

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meaning with the Quran. There's Shiva, there is mercy to the believers Allama Jana meaning

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another thing that we could do, obviously when you are sick, you are Lavina Amman, the Quran, Allah the Quran

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instead of sitting on the phone and surfing the net and playing games and apps and watching TV, make it a reason for accumulation of hasnat. We said the other day Subhan Allah, maybe some of you are not here. Just quickly, on Sunday morning, we discussed that. The biggest meeting ever that took place ever. The biggest meeting that took place ever between the two best created men ever.

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And what do you expect when the two best man ever created meet together? The decision

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or the outcome of that meeting has to be extremely important, right? Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and Ibrahim alayhi salam when they met. Brahim salaam,

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told us Allah says Allah to tell us first give us the Salaam and second to repeat as much as we can. Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah but in Allah Allahu Akbar, this is what sia from Ibrahim, the solar side salam from Raymarine Salah to Rasulillah, salam to us. Allahu Akbar couldn't get any higher than that status. So as I'm in the bed Subhan Allah hamdulillah llama humble Lamar Finley along with amnio Muhammad

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whenever any kind of vicar along with somebody, Mohammed Mohammed

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Quwata illa Allah, this is really related that I would love Allah I am weak but La Quwata illa Allah, the holdup whether Quwata illa biLlah.

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And keep in mind, in Allah azza wa jal yakun and the either who was Academy

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Allah says that is a currency I am with my servant, when he remembers Me. So that remembrance will bring you them an idea of Allah azza wa jal, the company of Allah azza wa jal proclamation of

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Mr. Jai

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to do a lot of instance, yeah. What does that mean? Is the Jains an important form of vicar that is particularly important during trials and hardships? When a Muslim is struck by illness or any affliction that troubles him? He should express by words his belief and our

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Law over everything and his submission to Allah has decreed. So he should frequently say in alila were in LA he was young and this is called istoriia. In alila were in LA he Rajon almost Salama reported that or Salah salem said Nam in Muslim to see who whom will see that they are cool now another hola

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especially the cyber Nina Nina with a suboptimal Siva Carlu amerihome Allah in Adela in LA urogen Allah humma a Gemini females see but he was actively working with Li Chiron Mina

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Illa Allah Allah hello hi Ramona. Whenever an affliction strikes a Muslim and he says as Allah has commanded him in Florida in LA he Rajan

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Allah will reward him Oh Allah reward me for my affliction and replace me something better. Allah measured and if he will see that he worked with me higher Mina. Yama replaced me with something better. If somebody said those two statement Salah salem said Allah subhanho wa Taala will surely replace it for him with that which is which is better. And we all know the story of masala when she said this dua after her husband Abu Salah died

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this was Hassan and tell it told her to say this da ya allah replaced with something better. So Musa for the Allah Allah she was wondering there's nobody better than Abu Salah and I'm making dua Allah replace me with someone better than Abu Salam. So and she's doing that. She's saying to herself Annie, who's one of

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whom Allah gave her

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Rasulullah sallallahu Ali, who's better than cinnamon and mill out of Abu Salah

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Allahu Akbar. So look at the Eman Carlos Salim said that never crossed her mind to be married to the mean Subhan Allah and after this beautiful Allah subhanaw taala granted the marriage of the best man ever supplicating Of course I read Quran I make a lot of life car I say it's deja and a lot of

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a lot of that may come out to have for yourself

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a lot machine era but enemy alignment a Shafi law she found that she felt she found that you had to supplement your machine so Allah Iman yesterday and ask Allah to cure you, you are in a weak position you are very weak ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you to give you Shiva and in the Vonda appdb Well, now either Danny will enter now either than I am at my servants expectation about me and I am with him when he invokes me

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some of the data that Jeff mentioned

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alone man yes and look at that G Lafayette it was a brand that he ethic Wahoo Rouge a minute dunya Ihlara metric Subhanallah beautiful god yeah Allah I asked you to quicken my cure, give me patience with your affliction. And let me let my departure from this life will be to your to your runner, or the chef

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Allahumma Rockne shahada feasterville Ik wa jalla wa jal no te fi Bella fidelity Nabi ik Aloha Mirzakhani shahada TCB LIC watch allottee fi Bella de Nabhi your Allah grant you the shahada and your way and let my death be in the town of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in the Medina and it's a dua that is recommended to make to to die in Medina Subhan Allah it's a great honor to be to die and be buried in Medina.

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And keep in mind when we say ask Allah subhanaw taala for Shahada. This was I said I said Mansa Allah shahada to be sick, but love Allah Jimenez shahada were in that Allah Rashi whosoever ask Allah subhanaw taala sincerely to make him die as a Shaheed he will get that level that award for sure he even if he dies on his bed

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even if he dies on his his bed

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okay then the chef went to this approved action actions I will leave them to next week Inshallah, things that are not recommended to do when you are sick. We will discuss them next week if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive. May Allah subhanaw taala fill all our homes with Baraka May Allah subhanaw taala protect our wives or children, protect our parents. May Allah unite our hearts all the time. May Allah with this love that we have for each other. May Allah grant us the shade when there's no shade except his shade and in Erbil Alameen wa salam O Allah and Amina Muhammad Ali. He was Sam Yasmine.

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Subhanak llama behind the initial donde la Hina and Mr. Fuuka on a tour Willick