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The transcript describes a situation where a man named Jesus Christ is reintroduced to the world and is confronted by a woman named Angelina. The woman claims to have seen a mountain and is shocked by the effect of the Bible on non-living objects. She suggests that Jesus Christ is the God and that people should not forget about the law.

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What is going to wake you up my brother, when he's going to wake up this heart of yours? What is something that is going to keep you remembering a lot of social and never forget a laugh. In the next day Omar says lo and Zelda

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and he's going to keep you awake and alive

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is what's going to keep you connected with Allah. Allah and he's going to make sure you never forget about Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot of sushi quickly in the ayah tells us what kind of effect this Quran would have on a nonliving object on a mountain that is not resurrected on the Day of Judgment. That will not be questioned by law your new camera will not end up in paradise or hell. A mountain if this Quran was revealed on a mountain, lower Idaho Shan you would have seen it humble soft mountain in reality is solid, it's strong that you would have seen it soft moto sub Danny would have exploded. And you know, when a mountain when a rock explodes what happens?

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He says to us, we're in I mean, Hannah and I are shocked

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when a mountain explodes water comes out of it.

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This is the effect the Orion would have on a mountain. If this plan had effect on the heart. The first sign of it is the T's would start to fill up a lot of soil he says either to clarify him.

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Hello Suchet and we're back here.

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And when you read this ayah Allah says in the eye of Allah recited unto them, they fall into search there and they begin to cry. The Allahu anhu would make the search and he would say our hair the suit final buka This is a suit. This is the prostration where is the God? Where is this crying? Where's this effect of the Orion in our life? No, Angelina has

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no idea who her Shan Mutasa Shatila, what he can do in a blue bow highly nurse. These are the examples that we set for people, la lomita for Tarun so that they may ponder about it. But then the big question and this is the final thing

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Why am I not responding to the call and

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why we read an AI off the air

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the AI in Well, our social system sort of La Milan, lengthen a little bit, have

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a boon that you will not attain the paradise until you give from that which you love. This one was enough for one companion to go to his garden and donate 600 palm trees yard. He could have donated 300 400 but leave something for you. He donated all of them because of this one effect or I used to have an effect. It used to have an Aegis to peep move the people and there is all of a sudden I'm used to cry when your

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Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu couldn't pass by two three, except that he cries. Why doesn't the call and have this effect in our life? The conclusion of the pseudo will tell you why. Because the people did not know who law socialists. They don't have true knowledge of a law. People are ignorant about Allah. So when luck includes the solar with his names, he introduces reintroduces himself to mankind, who alone

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who Allahu Lavie La Ilaha Illa, who

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are Shahada? It is Allah, none worthy of worship except him.

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The Knower of the scene in the unseen

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man with Him, He is the Most Merciful. When you hear the name of a loved one and over him, the door of a doorway is open. The door of a doorway is open to Him, He's inviting you over. Don't worry about the days that passed in where you forgot about the law. And you forgot about the Chroma and about the worship of Allah. Don't worry and regret mannerheim up until this day, he is

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the daughter of a Toba. He's opened before you make it over today and begin to reform today. You're still in Ramadan, you still have the time to make it. And what is yet to come is better than what already came.

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Man Rahim who Allah once again, three is reintroducing who allows or shall is towards Allah, He my brothers. It's important. If you do not know who Allah is, you're going to forget about the law. You have to learn about law social.

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The problem is our heart is not filled with the law. If I said to one of you get up here and talk to me about the law for two minutes. Don't repeat yourself, how many can do that. But if I told you get up and speak a friend that you love, speak to me about him to sit for 10 minutes. You'll tell me what he loves. What he eats, when he drinks, what times he likes to sleep, what hobbies he loves. We love

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To travel, he could sit for 10 minutes, and he had his fill with his love. But when I say to come, tell me about a love for two minutes. Don't repeat yourself. He wouldn't know what to say. meaning there's a problem. We ignorant about the law. This is why the Quran has no effect. This is why we forget about Allah.