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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the need to stop racism and focus on protecting the environment. They also discuss the need to be involved at the local level and offer solutions such as sharing information and creating a media roll-up. The conversation emphasizes the need to be willing to take action and work towards solving a housing policy issue.
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Islam is about justice. And that means that as Muslims, we should be concerned about justice. And when we see injustice going on in our communities, we have a duty to stop it, or to rectify the situation. And that goes for the entire creation, we are whole of that in this earth where a law's caretakers or his successors, however you want to translate that word. So when it comes to the environment, we need to be on the frontlines of protecting the environment when it comes to not consuming too much. You know, getting away from this disposable culture, everything's just dispose, just throw it away. Where does it go? I don't care, I don't know, out of sight out of mind, we need

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to be on the forefront of stopping this. And then when it comes to obvious things here in North America, racial injustice, socio economic injustice, we need to be on the frontlines of of not just stopping.

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But finding a better way.

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This is the thing, like because

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when it comes to activism, activism is very important. But you have to realize that you're stepping into a game and you're stepping into a conversation. So that means that certain tactics have already been established before you got there. And certain conversations and certain even associations and ways of thinking about things have already been prefabricated for you before you get there. We need to think outside of the box, right? A lot of people's activism these days is really just being loud about something.

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And that has its purpose. That's not completely useless. But where are the solutions? Who's you know, involved at the city level, right? We see this all the time, people get really passionate, every four years, every four years, everybody cares about politics. Right now, it's on the national scale, the federal level, now it's on television, or it's on social media, etc. Namely, the people on your city council, namely the people on your school board. Right? If we care about girls getting their hijab snatched off, we care about Eid being a holiday, we care about

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prejudice teachers with animosity towards Muslim students, I've seen that then we need to be getting involved at the local level. And we need to be not just calling people out and saying you're this and you're that and whatever. But we need to be offering solutions. Okay, redlining. We know a huge problem, people are starting to wake up to the racist history of housing policy in the United States, and how it segregates cities into different areas. Okay, what's the solution? How are we going to fix it? Who's researching different models of mixed income housing and whether they're successful or not? Who's putting together a slideshow to demonstrate, you know, that these policies

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can actually work? Who's making the connections and developing the relationships with your city council people to adopt these sorts of things? Right, we got to put in the work, we can't just be safe. We can't just pat ourselves on the back.

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Having called something out, raised awareness, quote, unquote.

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We have to be willing to get our to get a roll up our sleeves and do the work.

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