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Salam Alaikum

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Hey Mina, shame on your

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in the habit of stabbing

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meaning learner.

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Now saw the ante in wotja

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kamille see he beat them

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all, belly, some wallet lakum

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for so come,

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Jimmy, one more we must

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tell see

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a divine.

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We welcome everyone back to the story of use of Allah His salatu salam. And this will be our last scene before he is relocated to the palace. And we had recited these verses last week, we did not get to cover them in their entirety. And these were when they returned to their father, upon casting use of Allah His solemn, into the world.

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Allah azzawajal says we're gentle ever home whom I share any of the qun and they came to their father at tonight weeping. And we discussed some of the lessons of this, regarding the weeping and regarding the night and what we should remember.

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Or some of what we should remember, no matter what we discussed, or any one discusses the the Quran is a shirtless ocean of gems and lessons and the more you read it, the more you extract from it.

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And so the next verse says that they continued saying to their father, yeah, abana Oh, our Father.

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In heaven anaesthetic, we went off racing, meaning racing with each other. What's our rocking, I used to firing them at arena and we left Yousuf with our belongings with our luggage with our possessions. Basically at the campsite to the picnic site, we left him there and we went off racing for akella. And so the wolf ate him one and Tabby meaning Lana, and you do not or will not believe us two different interpretations, we'll get to it inshallah, while Quinn saw the theme, even if we were truthful, or even one we are truthful.

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And so of what I want to stop at very quickly here is that, you know, the brothers of Yusuf Ali Salaam, they planned out the perfect crime. They came at night, so that, you know, doesn't show that they're faking this

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this anguish pretending to be crying, and they, you know, pulled out some crocodile tears and but in the middle of all of these theatrics, that they're trying to pull out, about pull off against their father to convince him that they're really devastated and all of that they there was a gaping hole in their plan that they overlooked. And that is that they had requested from their father, initially, what led us have come and play with us, let him come, he can eat and he can play right

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now to our lab, a few verses earlier. And then now you're saying that he was left alone by your belongings, while you guys were playing on your own. And so

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there is no such thing once again, as a perfect crime. We'll visit that point in this verse and in the next verse, there is always a trail there are paper trail or otherwise, and lying never works.

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You know, I'm going a little hotter brother lohana. It comes to mind now

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that he said

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a person I would rather be

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you know, say a word of truth that would disadvantage me and it hardly ever will like truth always wins. In the end. I would rather say a word of truth. That disadvantages me and it hardly ever will then say a lie to get over and my heart

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Ever will, meaning the lie will always catch up with me. And so I'll always say the truth, even if it's going to hurt, because it's probably not going to hurt, it's, you know that the honest person does come out on top in the end.

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And lying in general is just aside from being just such an ugly quality, it is a it is a failed, you know, method time and time again, because lying is not sustainable. Because when you accept to lie, then you have to, you know, concoct put together a whole nother set of lies to basically, you know, make your one line believable, and you'll always miss a spot, and there will always be more factors you need to cover up on. And so lying is not sustainable. It requires endless patchwork, it always gets exposed sooner or later.

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That's why you know, that it's reported that Abraham Lincoln.

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And this is a word of truth, even from a non Muslim, we

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we are to take it and benefit from it, if it is aligned with our values. Even if it's not expressly stated by our sacred texts, they are the metric by which everything else is stated. But it does not mean that they are the only source of wisdom, a lot of zildjian has placed within human beings wisdom, by way of their faithful and otherwise. And so Abraham Lincoln, he used to say that no man's memory is good enough for him to be a successful liar. You'll always forget something. And it may have been Mark Twain, who said, if you just tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you said, right? Like, oh, what did I say to that person? What about that person? And then what are

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these two people speak and it just endless

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maintenance for a lie. And so they said, let him they lied by saying we want him to come play, and now in the middle of their buisiness with acting like they're weeping. They overlook the fact that they said, We left him while we played.

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And then the brother said, What am I Entebbe, meaning Lana, what else couldn't outside your thing. And you would not believe us, even if we were truthful.

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And this was one of the more difficult verses for me to understand the sort of,

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because there is an assumption there that is not in the soul of the scholars mentioned. And depending on whether or not the assumption is true, the interpretation would follow. And so basically, there's an inconsistency there lie is clear to us. And for sure, it was clear to our whole body, he said, Did he object yet the verses don't say that he objected, just yet. Like they say this, then they say one more statement in the next verse. And then yeah, for a certain response, calling them out from the live basically. But is this the first time and that later point that he called them out on the lie? Or did he object now? And so they brought even more evidence, like keep

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trying to sell their life? And so basically, according to the opinion that he objected at this point, he said, What are you talking about? You left him alone, but you took him to play? What are you trying to hide here? Right.

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Then, according to that,

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some scholar said, so they responded and said, and you would not basically accept it, that there's a lie here. Or, you know, even when we're truthful, you don't want to you don't want to believe us, or even the other times when we're truthful. You don't believe us?

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That could be the interpretation. The other interpretation is that he didn't object yet. And they're trying to quickly move on to the next subject. And so they basically say, Amen to what we need to know what openness all the thing. And we know, we know, like that he didn't speak yet. That's the assumption he didn't speak. You say, he got eaten. And we know you're not going to believe us. I mean, don't say you don't believe us. We know you're not going to believe us, even if we were truthful, meaning the most truthful people on earth not saying that they're lying. They weren't called out according to that interpretation just yet. But even if we're the most truthful people on

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earth, we understand this is like really hard to believe that the very thing you feared most of the wolf eating ham is the very thing that happened that he was eating.

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And so it's almost like a sinister way of them, like running, rushing past the conversation. So he doesn't get caught up on that detail. We and we know it's crazy. We know you're not going to believe this. But believe it or not,

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it actually happened.

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And so they're basically within that interpretation clumping themselves with the most truthful people on earth that we know it's not not nothing of our fault that you don't believe us. It really is crazy and unfortunate that we're just gonna have to accept it, that sort of thing.

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And so it moves on now to the next verse that they bring out more evidence either in response to the apples objection or just

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This is all part of an opening statement. We want to play we left us off he was eating and I know it's hard to believe, but it's a reality.

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What jell O Allah pamesa, he demin Kevin, and they came bringing false blood on his shirt. So they brought us of shirt out of his salon. And on it was false blood, meaning blood that wasn't used as blood, maybe they slaughtered maybe lamb or something, or chicken, and they just, you know, soiled the shirt and blood and stained it in blood. And so they brought that they rushed it forward as evidence to their father.

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And that was even bigger mistake, the scholar said, right.

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There's no perfect crime. The bigger mistake was the fact that they forgot when doing that in the middle of old blood is going to be so convincing. They forgot to rip the shirt when they were standing it with blood, which like is that even possible that a wolf can Ravage a person to death? and blood can you know emerge from their wounds, while the fabric on top of the wound has no marks on it? Right.

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And so there's no teeth marks, there's no claw marks, and you're saying he was eaten by the wolf. Like he wasn't just bit once or something. He was eaten by the wolf while you guys were gone.

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And so the trail is always discovered eventually.

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So many times in this world, and even there's nothing in this world and no such thing as a trail Allah is aware of every single detail, he's the best witness over all things Madonna.

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And Yahoo about he said,

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he considered these things right. And he realized them and he was deliberate

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in not allowing himself to be taken by the just the the heat of the moment, which is the possibility that that use of AI they said I was in fact harmed or otherwise, we will say later that he knows that he didn't die for some reasons here. But just in general, the Apple Valley said I'm sat there analyze these things. And it just didn't add up.

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And this is important for everyone that you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the quality of deliberation just to hold your horses and just hold on a second. And, you know, put your put your mind ahead of your heart, like let it filter the information you process.

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that's crucial in the face of rumors, and not just rumors, rumors, even when evidence is presented for them. Because just like these brothers did, they offered a semblance of evidence, right? They offered a story, right? We were gone. That's why we didn't protect them. And they offered some more evidence, right? Or pseudo evidence, right? Here's a shirt and his blood on the shirt. So a liar will still, you know, present evidence to make his or her case believable.

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And so it is not a rumor. That's enough for us to totally just, you know,

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forget our, our due process. And it is not even evidence, it is about the right evidence, the stronger evidence, the evidence that is deliberated over, we got to push ourselves to do that. For sure, it could be an emotional rollercoaster to just sit there and be calm and just think about it before. But to remember that at least the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said to Elijah led to ministry upon that haste is from shavon shavon causes you to haste and rush into things and so you you can make a grave decision.

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A harmful decision against yourself, put yourself through something unnecessary,

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or against others. I hate I hate to use this example. But I guess it just it comes with the space the English literature space that I was dragged through as an undergrad, you think of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Right? One person kills themselves

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thinking that the other person had killed themselves

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when they were they had not yet died. And so when that person awakens, they found that they killed themselves over them then they killed themselves.

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What a

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a, a symbolic incident, you know, whether fiction or not is not the point. So many things happen like this, you get worked up or you make decisions or you lash out or you break down over something that may not even be true.

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And so haste is from chez THON and so hold your horses and ask Allah azzawajal to defog your glasses you know the heat of the moment gets things very foggy. And so be aware of that. And so yeah, for Valley Solomon he did deliberate.

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He knew he remembered Wait a minute.

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You guys your story doesn't make any sort of sense but more important than your story. I know a lot as those that story he told me

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The dream The story of Google the use of a certain This is a beautiful lesson, right? That you when you're weighing evidence is

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if you're sure of something from Allah, then that outweighs everything else, so long as you've understood it properly. And so jacobellis Adams a prophet here, he has the most perfect understanding about Allah subhanaw taala. And so he knew for certain that the incident of the stars prostrating to use of Elisa Lam was not just a passing dream, this was a revelation from Allah. He knew that. And since the stars haven't yet prostrated to use a valet system, then the wolf did not eaten. Okay, and so

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it's about weighing the stronger evidence and if the stronger evidence and if one of the two evidences involves what you're certain about a loss promise or what you're certain about a loss ruling, his verdict, and that always has to win. And so if we can put it in different terms, the promise of Allah azza wa jal.

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We are always to be more confident in it, then even with our eyes see, even what is presumed to be of evidence. You know, interestingly you find in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says,

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lm taarak, a flower bouquet Wales having feed Have you not seen what your Lord did with the army of the elephants, the army of the elephants, as you know, the elephants try to attack Mecca, the army of braha, Allah destroyed them. So many people that hear the poor and do not did not attend this incident, even among the Sahaba, the younger Sahaba and otherwise, this happened 40 years before the Quran began descending. And so anyone who is younger than that, right, did not see this yet Allah is saying to them, and to everyone after them, Do you not see or did you not see what Allah did. And so some scholars said, this is a reminder of sorts, that it's enough that Allah is telling you he did

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it. So it is as if you see in it, or even more certain than that, which you see. Because we believe with our insight, when we know Allah is speaking with a greater confidence than we see with our eyesight.

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And so the promise of a lovely are more confident in it than the lies people try to sell us. And that's like an expanded rule. You can spend that and everything like those people or shape on will tell you this charity means your money will decrease unless it no charity increases your money. Yeah.

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The the media mass media and social media tells you that these people who are far away from a large is so happy and living a fabulous life and otherwise, but Allah selling you they're miserable. And so believe him because not just do you need to believe him more than you believe your own eyes. You see time and time again at these personalities. What we thought about them is not true, they break down and they fall apart and their true colors come out and their relationships are worse and then all of ours combined into the end of it.

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You know, the commercials that tell us that this car is going to make you happier this you know person is going to make you happier that new look or that new material possession is going to make you happy. We remember the promise of a law that no being content with what Allah grants me at heart is the only thing that will make me happy that's the only thing that will satisfy me. And even I was considering this morning on the oma level like how many times the oma has been sold a lie about solutions that are like on Islamic basically suppose that shortcuts were told their shortcuts and so we adopt them as an oma. But they disappoint us time and time again. And it is the promise of Allah

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and the door of a law that we have to knock on to actually find some from some rebuild and some reform and some betterment for this oma. And so yeah, hold on a second knew the promise of Allah and saw the evidences of his sons. And so he believed the promise of a lot more than he was his eyes were indicating.

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He saw past the shirt and saw past the lies, because he saw what the light of God may Allah grant us and you a light by which we we observe the world and understand our surroundings and understand our trajectory.

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And so after he realized they were lying for all those reasons, story doesn't add up, cut Sure, the use of cannot be dead because no one the stars haven't prostrated to him yet.

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He said, he understood that this is not true. But at the same time, the use of is not there. Like there's still a tragedy here, which is a separation from his father that he had to endure and he doesn't know how long this is gonna be and he doesn't know what his poor young son is going through at the moment. And so he said for southern Germany and so what I'm going to have to do is resort to beautiful patience. Beautiful patience means a lot of things. One of them is like patients without

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complaining just for the sake of coming.

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Planning right?

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You know, you use speaking, to seek help is not

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contrary to beautiful patience. But beautiful patience means that you don't complain of Allah to his creation, you don't complain of the Most Merciful to those who don't have a shred of mercy in them, except what Allah endowed them with in the first place. Beautiful patients, of course, baseline patients that you don't object and you don't disbelieve, and you don't

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You don't panic in a way that the faithless person would. But at the same time, you also don't express it in a way that shows any sort of discontentment with your wise, perfect Merciful Creator, so kind of like that. So he's, I will resort to beautiful patients.

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And, you know,

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before he said that, actually, there's a passage that I skipped there, he said, he said, Well, at LACMA and fukumura, rather, your souls have enticed you to something like you guys are up to something. And so I will resort to beautiful patience, like hard to beautiful patience that you don't do anything hard. I'm not even, you know, like, he didn't lash out against his own sons. He didn't say like, how good you, You monster is what he didn't do all of this, he understood that it was something out of his control, he understood that at the moment and so since there was nothing to be done,

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then he just had to,

00:21:34--> 00:21:38

you know, find his piece for the moment until Eliza chose in the correct way.

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And being patient also, when it first strikes, you know, you can just flip out and then just calm down and say, you know, let me be patient no patience is when it first strikes. And so you see that like the amazing faith of your whole ballet salon here and the amazing HELOC also of this prophet who's being you know, conspired against by his children he knows and he sees it right in front of them and he doesn't own that he doesn't you know, expose them

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and so he sought refuge with allies at sovereign jahmene will love and will stand and Allah is the Mustang you know Yeah, can Abdullah Yeah Can a stallion music strength with you So Allah is the Mr. Han mean he's the one relied on the one sought out for strength, he reminded himself is an important lesson that there is no strength for anyone to be patient with anything. Nevertheless, like the such beautiful patients, you cannot be patient in the least over any difficulty without Allah helping us.

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And then again, let alone that what he's going through this war that's happening inside him like Rosie said, you have these impulses, which are very normal, very human, you know, evoking panic inside you.

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Thoughts racing like psychological roller coaster, and then on the other hand, you have your, your religious impulse, your your spiritual impulse telling you, Allah has the under control, just be patient to Allah shows you the steps to be taken, just hold on, right. And so to conquer with this, that in the war that's going on inside you, and the fires that are ablaze requires a lesson. without his help, he doesn't help you'll never be able to. And we should all learn that phrase Allahumma Stan, you know, whenever you feel like you just you don't know where to turn or the walls are closing in or I'm confused or I'm overwhelmed, say Allah. Allah is the one relied on for strength.

00:23:36--> 00:23:49

I'm not I don't have to carry this alone. I'm not gonna rely on myself for this. Nobody can do this, but Allah and he's always there for us. He will never leave us to our own devices, our own despair.

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If we turn to Him, there's one question here that

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that that is important to address that. Remember Rosie and his Tafseer. He, he visits and I'll read it to you before I close here, which is if you are full, but he said I'm knew for certain that his son was definitely alive. Why didn't he rush like assemble a search party and have everyone in town go out in every direction to look for him.

00:24:19--> 00:24:38

So remember, Rasul Allah, he said, he knew Jacobo, he said, I knew that Allah would guard us from all dangers, and that his affair would would become grand in the end of the, you know, the story. And also he didn't want to expose his sons, his crimes, the crimes of the sons who conspired

00:24:40--> 00:24:42

and he couldn't get himself to except

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

to be the one to basically spark or go out to the world with the Ill mention of their of his own sons that's going to now circulate on their tongues if they find out about this. And so he knew that there really was no benefit in doing this. Plus

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There would be a great deal of harm in doing this, like cya sounding all the alarms, if you will.

00:25:06--> 00:25:12

And he says, Why would he not be able to accept this and he says, because a parent

00:25:13--> 00:25:15

when one child wrongs the other,

00:25:17--> 00:25:54

he says the father suffers great distress and of course, go live to the mother as well. He's probably framing the father here is like the disciplinary and the father suffers great distress either way, like when the siblings fight, the father suffers great distress either way, he says, because his heart burns for the wrong child, like the victim, a father's heart burns for the wrong child, if he does not defend him and eventually meaning by punishing the other one, if he does not avenge him. But at the same time, his heart burns for the other child the oppressor, if he has to exact vengeance against him, like it's a lose, lose, like how do I win here when they're all my

00:25:54--> 00:26:01

children, even if some of them are oppressors, even if some of them are, you know, delinquent and, and corrupt.

00:26:02--> 00:26:20

And so yeah, full bellies, Sam was not able to bear and could not see the benefit in putting himself and his children through that when it would not bring about any benefit. This should The point is, it should not be understood, that beautiful patience involves doing nothing.

00:26:21--> 00:26:32

And that is why you will see later that at the end of the story, jacoba He said, I will say Sutherland, Jimmy beautiful patients, and the other son is taken and then he'll send out the search party.

00:26:34--> 00:26:55

But But this was a different situation and his deliberate, you know, analysis of it and his faith which allowed him to be deliberate, and his relying on a Lazo agenda which is at the heart of a person's faith. This is why he reacted this way not because patience equals indifference or apathy or

00:26:58--> 00:27:12

just being a feather in the wind as they say, that's all and so that is where we will conclude here. And in sha Allah, we will mention him being sold into slavery and sent off into the palace.

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Next week in sha Allah

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we may delay the class for a day or two because it will be the day of raid Friday night and so maybe we'll make it on on a Sunday or or a Monday or just skip it to the following week. It is like a low Hey, don't keep us in your prayers and you are an hours, man laws so just fill us in you and our hearts with the light of the poor and fill our homes the light of the Quran

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and allow us to

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to benefit with that which he has taught us and to teach us that which will benefit us and increase us and knowledge among just like a low fight on chronic long

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term, chronic long

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term stuff