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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the marriage of Sir Alana Alaihi wa Salatu and his wife, Fatima, and their long history with multiple wives, including their desire to keep their sister's sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister, their desire to keep their sister
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Ramallah hear Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara freedom ba will Mussolini Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Ali he was a new seller. This Lehmann cathedra on cathedra from Nevada,

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we come to the

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marriage of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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has either been coilette or the Allah Han

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was a wealthy widow, and a businesswoman in Makkah.

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They say that she was the wealthiest woman in Makkah. She used to buy shares in trade caravans of the Quraysh, to shaman Yemen.

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And to take care of her property on the caravan, and sell on her behalf, she would hire agents. Sometimes you would have trouble with the agent who tried to deceive other people like this everywhere.

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So this was a constant thing for her. And, you know, she would hire somebody and sometimes it will work out sometimes it wouldn't.

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So one day she hired Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam

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was also distantly related to her.

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And he used to do this trading in trade caravans. So she had him.

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She also sent her seven mice

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with instructions to report to her about how Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam carried out his responsibility of representing an interest. So myself, I was very impressed with the honesty, as well as the astute business acumen of Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, and most of all with his manners, and his dealings with people.

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So on his return

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on his return, he reported on that he had witnessed to Holly out of the Atlanta and she was very impressed.

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And as a result of that, she

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proposed marriage to realize

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and was

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He was 25 and she was 14.

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He was unmarried until he married her, and he didn't marry anyone else until she passed away. 25 years later.

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His his children, his daughters, Xena Ruqayyah amico, zoom. And Fatima and his sons, Al Qasim and Abdullah were all from Hadith or Gomorrah or Delana.

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His his sons died in infancy and childhood and daughters, except say the Fatima Avila, Anna had no children who survived. So the lineage of rasa Eliza Selim is through his daughter, Fatima bint Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on her and her husband, Olivia Vitale, are the Allahu Anhu.

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The marriage of say the headteacher of the Alana with Roswell.

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And the fact that you propose she was the one who proposed marriage to him.

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She sent a message to somebody indicating that she would be willing to marry him if he was willing to marry her, also gives us the principle

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in our Sharia in Islam,

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that it is permissible for a woman to propose marriage to to a man

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especially if she's, she's a widow or previously married lady, a divorcee.

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And ideally speaking, if there is a Wali, then it is preferable to go to the only somebody who takes care of somebody who's responsible for the family. But if she needs to or if she wants to send a proposal directly, she can also do that.

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The marriage of Mohamed Salah Salem and colleges will cover

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the Alana was an ideal

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of what a marriage can and should be.

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He loved his wife more than any one else. He loved his wife more than he loved anyone else. And he loved his wife more than he loved any of his other wives later on, and she reciprocated his love. She was his first and best supporter. She was his best friend, and she's awarded him when he had no supporters.

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She stood by him by him throughout his life and spent her entire fortune considerable portrait in support of his work on

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Presenting Islam to the people and helping and supporting the new converts to the religion. I shall be Alana once said

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I was not jealous of anybody else, except Khadija and I never even met her if she thought I did not even see it.

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I just said that also realize was Ella

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would sometimes

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slaughter a sheep. And he would say, send this to the Friends of Hadiya or the Alana,

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result as a result of Zed

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that Allah has rattled Allah has put the love of Khadija in my heart.

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He will not leave the home many times until he had said something good about her the other Cobra of your loved one.

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So this is all Aisha said, of the Alana was mentioning all this. So one day she said I one day, she said one day I got jealous. And I said, wasn't she just an elder woman and Allah subhanaw taala replaced her for you which one is better? And he replied, he's a no by Allah. He has not replaced her with anyone better, because she had faith in me, when the people belied me and denied me. And she supported me with what she had meaning all her fortune, when people denied me and Allah Subhana Allah that have blessed me with children from her.

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Now this is an aspect of the personality of Rasul Allah is our Salah was very loyal to those who are good to him and helped him. That's what I saw Sam will always remember those who stood by him.

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When he knew that his own death was approaching, he went to Albuquerque

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and made dua for the companions of Allah. And he said we will meet soon.

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Generally salaam one day came to realize or Salem

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when he was in Makkah, he was in his house and he said yes what allah sallallahu Sallam Khadija is about to come in with food for you. Please tell her that I said that Allah subhanho data send salaam to her and tell her also the eyes and salaam to her.

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And then he said give her the good news of a palace in Jana.

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How do you know the Alana came into the room and receivers are seldom said to her Jabril I said I was here. He said GB is here. And he says that Allah subhanaw taala

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since salam for you, Salam on you, and GBA really Salaam is saying that he is also sending Salam on you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent you the glad tidings of a palace in Jana. Imagine think how she must have felt

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right, how amazing she must have felt to hear this Bashar of Jana. From rasool Allah is Allah Allah

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Solomon mother this he says that she is one of the four greatest women to have ever lived on the face of the earth.

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She says one was Maryam bint Imran.

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And that is the mother of a Sally salon. Second is Khadija been co opted out of the Alana, who was his wife that we're talking about now. Third is Fatima bint Mohammed, his last daughter from whom his

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lineage is drawn. And the lat fourth one was asiyah binte visa, what are the Alana, the wife of Rameses, the fourth, the pharaoh of Egypt, the pharaoh of Musa alayhis salam. And she was the foster mother

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of Mussolini, Silla. Each of them interesting to see that each of them had something to do with unabIe. To brought up and be one was the wife of an OB, and another was the daughter of an OB.

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Right so he said his mother, and the

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wife of Iran who brought up Musa salah. Now Allah subhanaw taala made the whole live or relies on asylum, and example,

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for all of humankind. As a result of us monetarily decreed that his messengers of our children should marry more than once, so that all aspects of his life would be recorded for others to learn from and follow. As I mentioned earlier, he married for the first time

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when he was 25 years old, and he remained me

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added to say the Hadith era galana until she passed away, then that is for 25 years he remained unmarried. Imagine this is in a society where multiple wives was the norm.

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Everybody had more than one wife, except Muhammad Salah for 25 years. Then in the last 10 years of his life or so, he married several

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ladies and left behind nine widows.

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The wisdom of this was man was many foot one was

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he married to forge tie days, with different tribes and with some of his Sahaba and this was the Way of Kings as well.

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They would marry the daughters of other kings in order to,

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to to to have ties with that kingdom.

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He married Asia with Abu Bakr Hafsa Ben Amara Malhotra.

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Aisha Delana was the daughter of a worker's vehicle Delana who is close to dearest friend. And

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after Delana was the daughter of our Nakata who was his next closest and best friend.

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His marriage to UAE or the Alana of the Monroe Musa resulted in the conversion of the whole tribe to Islam.

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And in the freeing of that whole tribe, because God gave to him at the end of a of a battle.

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And then he freed everybody, ISIS, these are the Alana later on, she said there were two people who didn't the the most for those related to them. He said one was Musa alayhis salam because of his dua, his brother highroad became an OB and a Salah. And the second one was very early Allah Anna, thanks to the fact that she waited she married the Prophet sallallahu sallam, her whole tribe, entered Islam and the whole tribe got freed because they had been taken prisoners in the world.

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Then he married OMA, have you ever been abused Sophia,

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who was the daughter of the leader of the Quraysh, who was mortal enemy at the time, but later,

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he married

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her later he accepted Islam and became his

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his strong and truth and true supporter and companion.

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He married two of his daughters rokeya Are the Alana and OMA consume, or learn how to smile when a fan of the alarm was, again one of his closest companions. And his youngest daughter Fatima to Sahara. Radi Allahu anha. He married to I live in Italy, who was his cousin and who he loves, literally like a son and WUI who grew up in the house of Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam. So this is one of the number one and so many multiple reasons why he married several times. The second big

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group of reasons he married to preserve his sunnah as a married man, because it relates to almost every Muslim. So not everyone who was will be a statesman or a military commander or a teacher, bar, but almost everyone will be a

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married man

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of our living family man saw his sunnah

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relating to his bad anybody do it to how he worshipped his brother in the night especially

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how he dressed, how is how he treated people at home, how he ate and what he liked and disliked and so on. All of these are preserved by his wives. There are hundreds of people to tell us about his sunnah as a statesman and a teacher and military commander,

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but there is hardly anyone what he only his wives can tell us about his sunnah as a married man. If he had had only one wife, not only would it have been nearly impossible for her to remember everything, but also she could be discredited easily by the enemies of Islam, as they were trying to do or as they are trying to do with our era of the Allahu Anhu.

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They viciously attack our Herrera or the Allahu Anhu because they know that if they succeed in discrediting him or the law, no. They know that they can undermine more than 5000 ahaadeeth Because that is what our era or the law no preserved, they would have done this

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ending with the wife of Rasulullah saw Salam, if there had been only one and therefore I must van Altena ordered him to bury so many women.

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The third set of reasons is Allah subhanaw taala promised to preserve the Quran. Now this does not mean only the words of the Quran but also the Sunnah of Rasulullah Selim because that is literally the Tafseer of the Quran. It is the explanation of the Quran. The Quran is of Islam as a practice. And the Quran is the is the guidebook and how to practice it is in the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and that is why we studied the Sierra

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so Allah subhanaw taala told us to read the Quran and to follow the Quran and he told us to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam because that is the best example for us to live by. His life and teachings are the explanation of the Quran without which it is impossible to understand

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or practice what the Quran ordered us to do. Now Allah subhanaw taala call the sending of his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is special blessing on the believers. And he said that before his coming, they had been in misguidance and ignorance. Imagine if Allah is saying follow the Sunnah. And the Sunnah is not preserved. Does it make any sense? How would Allah subhanaw taala tell us to do something? And then what He tells us to do is not there

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really people who deny their Hadees and denies us the numbers? God was it was it seriously think and say what exactly am I say? It is completely Sir, it is something so completely insane that I got here. And I can't imagine that any inter intelligent person can say something or believe something but then people lose obviously it shows how intelligent they really are.

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In the eyes of

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in the eyes of the Quran. Also, the lightning round wasn't

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described for duties that he has the ascendant as well as a result of which one is to recite the Quran, whatever is revealed to him to convey that to the people, number two, to purify them to cleanse the hearts of people and to prepare their hearts and minds to receive the revelation. So internal cleansing and external cleansing cleansing of the of the body. Number three is to explain the revelation. Now imagine this is the revelation came in Arabic, which was the language of people you might say, well what was there to explain, but obviously there was because otherwise the province or Salam would not have been sent with this job.

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And for to teach people how to apply it.

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Apply what Allah has told them to do. And let's monitor let's add in his ad, which I just mentioned to you in social algebra, Allah subhanaw taala said Lachenmann Allahu Allah and what meaning is Barcia is Botha V him Rasulullah Mignon fusi him yet lualeni Marathi where user key him were you Ali Mohammed Al Kitab al Hekla we're in Cairo middle COVELO Luffy Allah Lim mobi Allah subhanaw taala said which means, indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala conferred a great favor on the believers, when he is sent among them in Messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam from among themselves

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from amongst themselves, and those that have said this messenger reciting unto them his ayat of the Quran, and purifying them which is does get does get an esoteric way to Lukla, purifying internally, externally, and instructing them in the book of Allah of the Quran in instructing them in the book and Al hikma, which is the wisdom of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and then Allah's word that I said while before that they had been in manifest error, they were clear.

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So naturally, Allah subhanaw taala preserved his ways Allah Allah is Allah and his sunnah, as he was the living embodiment of the Quran

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and that is why Allah subhanaw taala excluded him from the rule of four or less wives as a protection for his religion. Number four,

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those who deny the Hadees need to look into their hearts for the real reason that they are on this path they need to investigate their own hearts.

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For the real reason, they are on this path. A lot of our data says about those who deny

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a hadith

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in allogeneic for Rona Billa, he was also Lee when you read una au For Rico

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By Allah He was was really well hold on I mean are we badly we're not for Ruby but were you were you gonna i Yet he lubaina Delica sebelah hula Iike homall homall Coffee Runa haka for artisanal little cavity in the oven Mahina Allah subhanho dataset Verily those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, and they wish to make a distinction between Allah and His messengers, by believing in something and not believing in something they say that we believe in some things, and we

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we reject other things and they wish to adopt a way in between which is whatever they feel like doing.

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Allah's Rotella says, Truly, they are in truth truly they are disbelievers, they're not believers. And we have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating tuber, malice murderous evil us from this fitna of denying Hadith. The two marriages of rasool Allah Azza wa sallam that Orientalist and their followers criticized the most are his marriage to ISIS at the heart of Yolanda and Xena Bragi Allah

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criticizing Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam is call for first and foremost let us understand that so if anyone else if anyone says that his marriage, any aspect of his life if somebody criticizes that and he says I don't like that or he did wrong, then this person has committed go further percentage left Islam. So first of all, these two marriages are a test for the believers about their love for us in our lives. And

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the basic question you have other believers is, do you accept Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam as the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala? Who was divinely inspired? If the answer is no, it means you're not a believer. So we don't have anything deceptive to say to you? If the answer is yes, then there is nothing further to discuss because every action of his was because of the order of Allah subhanaw taala. And no believer has any problem with that.

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And as I said, if there is if the answer is no, then of course, we have nothing further to say

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about that. Because if you do not even believe in Rasulillah Salam, as a messenger of Allah, and that he was divinely inspired, then you are not a Muslim. And so what he did or did not do is really no concern of yours.

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People who attack Roswell, Roswell, Salem will attack him anyway. That is what they do. That is what they seem to have, you know, taken upon themselves. Whether these are weak Muslims, or the enemies of Islam, it makes no difference. Because for them, it makes no difference to them what he did or did not do.

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What he did or didn't do, they would have attacked him anyway. And they attack him anyway. The basic question is, do you believe in Islam, and that was all As Salam was really a messenger of Allah subhanaw taala and the last and final of them after home, there is no messenger, and that he received

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revelation from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And he was sent by Allah's monitor, do you believe this?

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So, when people are attacking and criticizing resources, Allah says, People are really attacking the message of Allah subhanaw taala. And the messenger just happens to be the most convenient target. So they do that.

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We are not from them, we deny them. We deny their Cofer. We believe in Rasul Allah Azza Salam, and we believe that he was guided by Allah subhanaw taala, and that his actions are protected by Allah subhanaw taala. And whatever he did, we believe was the right thing. In these, in some cases, what was what he did was specific only to him. In other cases, what he did was for the learning and the benefit of all of humankind. Now, this happens to this day, this whole issue of criticizing happens to this day with anyone who

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promotes good, who enjoys good, who tries to tell people to do what is good and forbid evil.

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See what happened with COVID how the people who

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are who told people to you know, who used to wear masks and who told people to meet wear masks to wash their hands, to stay away from crowded places, even to the extent of saying don't go to the budget, if that budget is is crowded and it might be a source of infection, and who gave the evidence of this from the from the

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hadith of salad, where he himself mentioned this and he said if there is a plague or an epidemic, stay away from that. confine yourself in your home. And even if you survive

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If Allah will give you the,

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the status of a shade, and if you die of that plague then you are, you are a shade after all of this, how many people criticize those who were saying this only for the benefit of others?

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Right, we saw this right now in in COVID. And we see this all the time when somebody says keep a beard and people criticize them. Somebody says wear the hijab when people criticize them. Somebody says eat Hala, Hala people criticize them. So don't worry about that. Don't worry about criticism, because you're not doing it. For them. You're not doing it to win elections, you're not doing it for votes, you're not doing it for money, you're doing it to please Allah subhanaw taala and that is all that matters.

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So a person who

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who promotes good and forbidding evil is always attacked, right.

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But the key thing to understand is that person even though the actual attack, even though the people are attacking that person, the actual attack is on the order of Allah subhanaw taala that that person is trying to propagate, that they must remember this and not get angry, and should not retaliate. To get to feel hurt,

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to feel heard, to feel the pain is natural. To get angry is a decision. If you remain with your heart and turn to Allah subhanaw taala and His mercy, then he his mercy will come to you and his anger will descend on the ones attacking you. For he said in the hadith of Bootsy. On the authority of our the Alana, who said that also Lazaro Salam said Allah subhanaw taala said whoever shows enmity to my wali to someone devoted to me, I shall be at war with him. Allah subhanaw taala declared war only on two people one who travels is Alia, one who travels those who are dedicated to Allah subhanho wa taala. Alia is not those leaders we designate you know, without a sponsor is a

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great value. So it was a great overview that's not our job. Allah knows what is out here. So therefore, anyone who troubles a volley of Allah and anyone who deals in interest, these are the only two people on whom Allah Subhana Allah declared war.

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The wali of Allah is the One who is completely and totally obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala and his or her life is on the Sunnah for So Elijah Solomon they have dedicated their lives to the service of Islam this doesn't mean that they are only Imams and Hadith and so on and they are teaching in the rooms Amazon is no Awali of Allah can be an astronaut only of Allah can be a cardiac surgeon only of Allah can be a brain specialist. Only of Allah can be a truck driver. Only of Allah can be an auto rickshaw driver only of Allah can be a streetsweeper. a volley of Allah can be anybody.

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It can be a king, believe it or not. a volley of Allah can be anybody in any Halal

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occupation. Who does his or her work with only one thing in mind, which is does it please Allah

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and who tries their best in the way best suited for them with the like to promote and propagate this beautiful Deen of Islam, which is only for the benefit of people. We do not propagate Islam because we get money from this. We don't propagate Islam. That is why I don't sell Islam don't take money for the propagation of Islam. Islam came to you Islam is free, keep it free. Don't make it expensive for people.

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You got it for nothing. And you want to use that to make money for yourself. And you deny it to people who cannot who do not have the money, you will answer to Allah subhanaw taala on the day of that.

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Don't do that yourself.

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So in this house is a hot seat. On the authority of our era The Allahu Allah subhanaw taala said whoever shows enmity to someone devoted to me to my wali I shall be at war with him. By slave drawers not near to me, my slave does not draw near to me with anything more beloved by me than the religious duties the fried come first, that I have enjoined upon him, my slave continues to draw nearer to me with his supererogatory the novel work. So with this is your novel Salawat yours hijo, the novel fasting, extra charity other than zarkava and so on, so that I love him. When I love him, I miss hearing with which he hears his seeing with which he sees his hand with which he strikes and

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his foot with which he walks

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where he

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to ask me something where he to ask something of me, I will surely give it to him and why he to ask me for refuge, I would surely grant it to him. I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate about seizing the soul of my faithful slave because he hates to die. And I hate to

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and I hate to hurt him. And this hadith is

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in Buhari

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so it's I had is

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my brothers sisters, I asked Allah subhanaw taala

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to enable us to live a life which is pleasing to Him and to keep us in a state in which he is pleased with us and to take us in that state inshallah. Masala Allah Allah will carry Murali usairways manga