Tom Facchine – Beauty Is A Sign of Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of finding a connection between beauty and human well-being, as humans have a ple whoms for their natural beauty. They explain that animals, humans, and humans have different ways of evaluating beauty, and that natural beauty is only about attracting animals, humans, or even microbes. The speaker emphasizes that humans need to account for the natural beauty that they find in their environment, and that natural beauty is only about attracting animals, humans, or microbes.
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One of the most powerful signs that there is a Creator that we know of is beauty.

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Because a lot of people these days, they reduce everything to just its function, or what it does. So if you take the birds, for example, I'm a big fan of bird watching, and I love birds. So birds sing and singing is absolutely beautiful. You know, we hear birds sing, and it makes us feel a certain way. Now, someone could come and they could say, well, birds only sing because they have some sort of purpose behind it, they're going to find a mate or they're going to find food, or they have to communicate danger between each other or things like that. But that doesn't really explain a couple of things about why a bird sing or how they sing, or why they sing the way that they do, there's

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something missing. Because you can if you watch, if you watch birds for long enough, you realize that they don't always sing just to just to get something, it's not always just a transactional thing. Sometimes they just go to the top of a tree, or it goes to the edge of a branch and just sing. And

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in addition to that,

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all those purposes that singing might serve, it didn't have to be beautiful.

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Or maybe human beings would could have been made where we didn't find it beautiful. Imagine if if birds sounded like the honking of a car, right? Or the grinding of a machine or something like that. And maybe that, okay, whatever. For birds, that's like a really attractive sound, and it brings the mates and it gets the food and it communicates the danger didn't have to be beautiful. But it's beautiful. We find beauty and in the world.

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And we don't just find beauty in the world, like once in a while. That's the rule. It's the default. Everything is beautiful. Everything is pleasing to the senses. It's pleasing to listen to, it's pleasing to look at all the different colorations and markings of the birds.

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And so we have to ask ourselves, how do we account for this beauty? We really, really think that beauty is just functional. It's only about attracting a mate or it's only about this, or is there something deeper behind that there's something deeper going on? That there's a creator that has made everything beautiful, for the sheer pleasure and for human beings to enjoy it.

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