Hasan Ali – Cure from Addictions to sins

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The concept of death is discussed, with speakers emphasizing the importance of staying alive and avoiding " waking oneself up" to physical presence of the goddamn person. The group discusses various phrases and scenarios, including lying down, being shot, and the consequences of waking oneself up to reality. gifts are given to receive rewards and receive gifts of God, emphasizing the need for everyone to be humble.
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If you want to get yourself out of the addiction of sin, if you feeling that you're not getting close to Allah and that you're being sucked into something shaitan put you into and you can't move away from it. The only way you get out this Rasulullah Saracen gave us the medicine. He gave us a remedy. The prophets Allah, Allah has told us he said, x zero mean victory had me like that. He said, increase the amount of remembrance, that you can have the destroyer of pleasures, increase the remembrance, amount of remembrance, you can have the destroyer of pleasures. And then he was asked what is the destroyer of pleasures, he said, I'll note he said death.

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Most of us hate to think about death. But death is a medicine. Death. The thought of death is a medicine. And a lot of us need that medicine, to crack ourselves out. to bust ourselves out of the addictions that we have in life, especially especially addiction of sin. If you want to get yourself out of the addiction of sin. If you feeling that you're not getting close to Allah and that you're being sucked into something shaitan put you into and you can't move away from it. The only way you get out this Rasulullah sallallahu gave us the medicine. He gave us a remedy. You start thinking about death. Sit down and think about the moment you're gonna die. Think about beyond death.

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Literally think, okay, sit down and say to yourself, Okay, imagine I'm gonna die, right? Now. Malakal mode, the angel of death is coming to me right now I can see him come to me.

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He's about to take me away. I got no way of even turning around and saying goodbye to my wife, to my mother to my father to my brother to my sister, I don't know where I got nowhere to move them from this place. They're there. They're here.

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Now they're going to take me away. The lie down, can't come to your house to this honestly, it's a very good exercise to do to wake yourself up, lie down on the ground in your house. On the carpet, you lie down. Imagine Angel of Death has taken your soul out. You just dropped dead on the ground.

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Lie down there and think now your brother or your mother or your father in the house, whoever they are, they come and they start to wake you up, but they can't wake up because you're dead. Your soul has left your body. You're not responding and start crying. They're crying. They're crying that they lost you imagine seeing those faces crying over you shedding tears hugging you, but you're a dead body. Then imagine they taking your clothes off. They take your clothes off. Imagine one piece by piece they take your clothes off, and they shroud you with the white cloths. And then people from the masjid come and they take you into the masjid into the morgue. And now they're washing about Now

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imagine you're there lie down on the ground and imagine how they wash your body. And Rasulullah saw some said you're going to be saying one of two things. He told us hadith of Buhari, you will read they're going to say what are you guys doing? Where are you taking me imagina you janazah is ready. They bring you in a box in front of people in this Masjid. Right at the front Imam is there and the whole rows of field and people are leading people are reading the silence your final finals Salah there's going to be read over you but you're you're lying down. Imagine why you lying on the ground on your phone your house. Imagine this all happening. Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said when they're

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going to lift you onto their shoulders, and they're taking you down to the graveyard, and you're moving in there. Alright, just imagine you moving and you're gonna say one of two phrases guaranteed 100% You either gonna say Where are you taking me guys? Why are you deserted me? What are you doing? What are you gonna take me? Either you're gonna say that or you're gonna say Hurry, hurry, take me to my home. Take me to my home. Take me to my resting place. You're gonna say one of these two phrases. Which phrase Are you going to say if Mueller could not come to you right now and he took you away solaz Allah's and said the remedy of waking yourself up of get of reality check on making

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yourself get out of pleasures that are sinking you away into the depths of you moving away from Allah is Vic of mouth that you think of death. Now imagine they are lowering you into the grave. You're still on the floor lying down. Okay, imagine all of this. I've done this several times, guys. I've done this several times.

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And I've gone through this

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Myself, I'm talking about I've done this myself, that you got the four walls of your graves, your fall, older grades are getting higher and higher and higher, and you're getting lower and lower and lower, and then they rest you at the bottom of the grave, six foot down, and they're crying. Your family members are crying.

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Your children are crying. You can't respond. You can't even say goodbye. You can't even talk to them say anything. No, he's gone. Time's up. Time's up me. Now tell me tell me right now, who in here is thinking of tick tock

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hands who's on Instagram right now? Who's thinking when you when you think of them lowering into the grave, and you're going to be lying down? Who's thinking of YouTube and a smartphone, who's thinking of the sins that are drawing you in that smart producing and no one. That's why this lesson gave us the remedy is Mote think of death. Now imagine the soil they throw on to your body above you. Don't tell me there's any person here is going to have a different ending. Every one of us is going through this and then the soul piles of piles of piles up.

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And all you can hear is the mumbling of people above your grave.

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And you hear their footsteps in one Hadith he says you hear the footsteps. And before the last man takes his 40th Step away from your grave. The two angels have come and now the question you Mara book Who is your Lord and process and told us even if you know the answer, you're gonna get it wrong if you never let it let life of Islam

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Murghab book Medina, what's your religion? Mother Takala we have a rod What do you say about this man and they show an image of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam. And I said, game over. Game over. That's a reality check. Now, there's no more TV who's gonna have a TV in the grave? Who's gonna have a screen in the grave? Who's got Wi Fi in the grave?

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Who's got internet in the grave? No one.

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Even if you set it up while you're gonna watch something.

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You got Netflix down there. No one game over, my friend lights out, lights out. And once lights are the only thing you've taken with you are the actions that we have done in this world. The moment that I tried to appreciate my Lord and connect up with him with my salah with obedience with a bad with worship with listen to him, changing my o'clock, changing my character. All those good things Allah said in terms of me being humble, forgiving people, understanding people, being generous giving to people and all those bad things I did, of being horrible to people being cruel to people being disobedient, being people who who transgress the laws of Allah those things are gonna haunt me

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in the next world. So the summary of what I've said to you in this entire talk is what Allah has given us gifts and given so many gifts, my friends, there are so many gifts. Yes, we want more gifts, but do not become the person in the midst of all those gifts. We forget Allah

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