Tom Facchine – Can A Woman Become A Scholar, Sheikh or an Imam

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and culture of the Islamic Middle East, including the use of shakers and the importance of knowing the waif. The speakers also touch on leadership roles and the importance of praying in a household for a woman to influence others. The segment ends with a reference to a song by G men and women a woman be any ma'am.
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Question Can women become scholars slash sheiks? Slash Imams? Yes, yes, no. And that order, yes, women can become scholars. We have tons of scholars throughout Islamic history. Can women become shakers will be an Arabic? Yes, there's tons of shakers, if you find either all of the great scholars have shaved heads in their nets, from you know, mathema to, you know, fighting all these different great shapes. They all have women in there, it's not some of them were family members, and some of them were kind of women become Imams. No, they can't. And I'm glad that the question was asked in this particular order, because what's more important a scholar, a sheikh, already, ma'am,

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which Allah say this, which is the least important of the three, the Imam is the least important of the three, the Imam gets up and leaves the people on prayer. All he has to do is be able to know the Salah, and they'll be able to recite the Quran properly, it's nothing special, nothing special. Whereas a che and a scholar, they are both Mufti or Maratea, or follow the follow the right they have like serious repercussions from the knowledge that they have, they need to know to know a lot more than the Quran and Tajweed and the fact of Salah. And so the actual leadership roles, the actual places of honor within the OMA and scholarship within Islam are yes, open to women

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completely. And we have a rich history and tradition of that. However, the person who's going to get up in front of people, and the first row is filled with men, and you have to bend over on the salah that can't be a woman, it can't be a woman. And that has nothing to do with it's not AI for women. It's not something that is taking anything away from women. And of course and people know this, we're talking about the position of any man, when it comes to MSG, if there's a household and the women are praying in that household, then a woman of course can lead other women in prayer. That's not even up for debate. But we're talking about an entire mess G men and women a woman be any ma'am.

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No, that's not her role on the show yet prohibits it

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