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_ _ Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers

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What does love bake Allahumma bake need?

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comme de la sala Salam ala rasulillah the baker lahoma bake the bake means here I am, Allah and the bake. That word has a number of meanings of it is to reside someplace to be stationed somewhere. And so you're saying Oh Allah here I am, I have stationed myself, I have positioned myself in your service or it means look means to make something pure. And so I have purified myself or I have sincerely devoted myself so it goes back to the notion of sincerity. In any case, you say love bake alone, here I am a lot here I am lash AD Connect, or a lot there is nothing that is or you have no partners, there's nothing that's equal to you, the baker lash at karika. The bake. And again, you

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are repeating this concept of you being president of you being positioned in his obedience of you being sincere to him, lash Eddie callek in Alhambra. onera Mater lacco and we all praise and all blessings is for you and the dominion. And so here you are praising Allah subhana wa Tada. And then you are thanking a lot and and recounting his blessings upon you and admitting his blessings upon you. And To Him belongs the dominion or the kingdom as well, the ownership of everything. And this is interesting because it begins as a separate phrase, you don't say, in that Hamza, when namrata, when will collect you say in Hamza, when Mata laka comma wellmark. And so you are initiating two

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phrases and of the reasons why this was mentioned, as a scholar said is, because it just, you are increasing the praise that you have over the last panel data in the handle nematostella como la sharika. And then it ends with you saying, there's nothing again, there are no partners that you have. And so this phrase is a beautiful phrase of devotion, of the admission of blessings, of praise of commitment. And so one of the things that we have to remember is that don't be somebody who goes to a last house and makes all of these claims here I am sincere to you in your devotion, and then you turn around and when you leave Hatcher, when you leave ombre, you become someone else that

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declaration of devotion should be present with you, wherever you are. When should a person stop saying love bake Aloma bake and when should they start? So they should start as soon as they put on their head on for the entire duration of however long it takes for them to see the copper and to to when they see the carbon that's when they stop making the tend to be out or in hatch when they throw the first gem up. That's when they stop seeing the telomeres.

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