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I'm really sorry for not giving you enough time.

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But we have a

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lot of stuff to finish.

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Really sorry for not giving you enough time, but we have a lot of stuff to finish. So this is Bob Salatin, the Marine, the chapter of the prayer of the Second, we will talk about Dharma Salawat, combining the prayers, and I'm really sorry for this like,

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not being able to pace myself and the last session that we just started out was talking about, you know, to sleep and what it means and to sleep has to align his muscles or not your shape, because I think that this is extremely important, particularly for younger people, particularly nowadays, it is very important for them to understand that you're not surrendering you're not actually given in your intellect, to your safe into your gift you're given to you to Allah. Once it is clear, you know, with no doubt what Allah wants of you, but but not to a particular person, because that is very important nowadays. Anyway, that was a lot of money, the chapter of the prayer of the prayer of

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the sick anymore, I'm going to put down that I can no longer died in the year 620 after Hitler said in his book on Honda, which is a book of a manual that is in accordance with the honeyberry method. He said that Mr. Latta Anna

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Marie do is I cannot pm we as Ito Femara the sunlight Edison.

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He said about about the sick, if standing increases his sickness, he should pray, setting him up to

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be and if he still cannot,

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he should pray on his side.

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For the statement of the Messenger of Allah for the sake of the Messenger of Allah to our moronic Messiah, son nica Amen. Pray standing for elantas pata for Chi then and if you cannot then sitting for inlanta Stata fala john, john big and if you cannot, then on your site and this report the Makati, Fanshawe College, he tada Hurry and this is not part of the hobbies. Now, this is the you know, a continuation of the embedded continuation of this which has been reported from Mali or the electron who even though the transmission is controversial, but this is a matter of

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this is a matter of agreement because Allah subhanaw taala said label can be followed after a low PSA, what if someone cannot pray on his side? What can he do the heavy stops here, what should we do there is another how to use that mix the extension

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of this other mix the extension is controversial inauthenticity. Then we will make the extension by what to provide the principles that we have in Islam. One of those principles is that you can have a lot of scenarios Allah, Allah does not burden us well beyond its capacity, what Allah said, and why and also the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, in a hadith reports about Bukhari and Muslim from Abu hurayrah is a mark to Columbus, a two men who must suffer from when I command you to do something, do are with as much as you can do of it as much as you can. And when I prohibit you from something, we're going to have to monitor input sustainable referee, if I prohibit you're afraid, because you

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don't need capacity to refrain you need the capacity to act to perform. And if you don't have that capacity, then do as much as you can. Then the chief said in Chicago, he thought it is still hard for him to prey on his side, then on his back and others are on a record was to do our EMA and

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and if he cannot bow straight, he should just serve them with the most achievable motion, you know, most achievable motion is an addition for me that is what he meant. That's the that's the mother. So how am I a man who makes a gesture with the morels achievable motion. Like what? As much as he can, because the Prophet said two men who must prefer to do it as much as you hear if I cannot do this, and I you know, I can't bow right, because you have to have your back flat. So this is as much as I can, basically, but this would be certainly by agreement by consensus. Sufficient, but let's say I couldn't do this. Then I do that

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Right, you know, I have a back problem, I have this or have something, you know, and I can't do this, then I do that. But if I can do this, then I should not do that.

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This is what I, this is as much as I can. And, and people have been a little bit and I'm not I don't doubt anyone in particular, don't doubt any person. Even if you see them walk, you know, even if you see them play basketball, and then walk into the masculine, you know,

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because they may have the excuse, they may start to suddenly have back pain that whatever you want, but But in general, in principle, we need to be careful about this, particularly in the form of the prayer, you need to do as much as you can, in the form of the prayer. Okay, so having said that, let's move on. So is it clear that you will do as much as you can? And if you cannot, so what does he mean by training on your bed? Wherever you feed be? Your feet are facing the table?

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What is how do you pray on your side, your prayer your side with your face facing the Qibla? It is like when we were very people, we very people on the right side facing the cable. So if I pray on my right side, where is the coupler here? This is the cable, right? So this is how you know I'm not gonna do it all the way but I should lie down here and my face will be facing the Qibla like this. So this is braid on your side. What if I have to pray on my bed, then I will just lay down like this. My feet would be facing the cable. And then I pray. What if you cannot gesture with your head? Then you just share with your eyelids, you know, whatever gesture that you could make for bowing and

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prostrating making a gesture and pray.

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Then the chief said well, a

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woman a solid female makeup when it comes to makeup, he must makeup for the players that he missed the during his coma. He must make up for the prayers that he missed during his coma. This is a humbling thing, you know.

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why is this embarrassing because we have various reports from the Sahaba. We have one reports from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that talks about the exemption for the one who's in coma. It is reported by Dr. Courtney, this this is one of the proofs of the shafa. His chapter is emblematic is they say if you are in coma, you are exempt. You don't need to make up anything. Just you are exempt. You are not being addressed. Because you have lost your intellect you are exempt. They cited the hobbies from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that is considered weak by the mathematic. He did not act on it. When heavy,

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heavy stuff is weak. Some people say that in behind very much have we act upon week I have Yes we do. But this is not just like this, not all the week ahaadeeth is their hobbies that are, you know, subject to taxi in which to be called reliable, that have ease

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impart that a heavy set in amateur mizzi thereafter coined the term hazard for them. Maybe a little bit less than that may be some of the weaker heavies also in the conventional hybridoma how to act upon them, but not the very weak Hadith. And certainly, imagine that if he has something traceable to our companion, he would act upon that which is authentically traceable to our companion. Now, mathematic found reports traceable to their companions, including our modern significant others, where they made up the prayers after they

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basically woke up from coma they made up their prayers.

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Now, the Shan phrase or combat and mannequins may say that they may have just wanted to they may have not been required, but they may have just wanted to make up the prayers and amount of honey for has like a beautiful position Also, remember honey from makes it He always makes it like those rational distinctions. And sometimes people have this comfort was the rational distinction, sometimes we will have comfort with that heightened

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like rational distinctions, most of the time, not all the time. But he makes this rational distinction between you know, five prayers or more. And his his point is a valid point. He says that no one sleeps more than you know, no one sleeps more than one day. You know, and

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apart from the reports that we have from the Sahaba because there are conflicting reports from the Sahaba

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Apart from the reports that we have, from the Sahaba This is a irrational issue here.

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Are we going to treat someone who was in coma because we don't have something explicit from the prophets of Salaam about someone who was in coma, but we have it from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about sleep, that if you wake up your makeup, if you wake up from sleep, your makeup, the misfires, we have something from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about insanity, insanity, that if you are if you go through insanity, you are not being addressed. You do not need to make up for the prayers after you returned from your insanity. So insanity on one side, sleep on one side, insanity on one side sleep on one side, the hanabi left, like in coma to sleep.

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The medic isn't jefra is like in a coma to insanity. The Hanafi said, you know if it is less than one day, if it's less than five prayers, we will it will be like sleep. And if it is more than five prayers, it will be like insanity. I love that position position. You know, I didn't express this in the book because I'm hungry. But I really love it.

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Because it makes so much sense.

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It makes so much sense. It really if you wake up from your coma. And it has just been one day five prayers making them up. Because that you could have slept through the fire prayers, some people do sleep through five prayers. But once it is beyond the this is then you do not need to make up because that coma is more like insanity. Nowadays, we have people in coma for three months, four months, you know, and then when they wake up, you tell them, you know, guess what?

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But But anyway, I'm not going to take any questions until I finish because I'm really like very short on time.

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But if you want to use the hand, any position, it's certainly safer.

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If you wake up and you have the energy to make up, it's safer anyway. Then when Chuck Paula he fell out in Iraq to exam or vein avoidable hospital ventilation, any fee walk to the home,

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combining the prayers due to sickness, if it is hard for him to pray each prayer during its prescribed time, it is permissible to combine the vote with

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prayer and the negative with Ayesha prayer during during the time of either one during a good time of either one. So he's saying that if you are sick, and you can and for most of the our elders that have diseases and sicknesses, they're really sick, they can combine the prayers, you know, the I'm talking about the elders here in the sense of like really elderly people that have difficulty, sort of like you know, get out of breath when they walk to the bathroom and stuff like this. So, for elderly people, you do want to share this with them. This is a Maliki and hanbali issue

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which is combining for sickness. This is not a Shafi or hanafy issue, but keep in mind that within the sharper image, there is a small SC here siding with ematic keys and pan Betty's as far as the combining for sickness. So this is Maliki and belly and some shaft is said that you can combine if you are sick and they said that you can combine if you are sick, they use hobbies Hamner, where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told her she had prolonged bleeding she had sahaabah the prolonged bleeding. So he told that he allowed her to combine and they say that,

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that you know that is a type of sickness. So they they they generalize from this hadith to all sick you know forms of sickness to all diseases.

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where it becomes a hardship for you to pray every prayer on time. Now, we can say to six people that stay always connected with Allah to stay to pray on time is beautiful it is to keep you connected with a line you do the scar before after the prayer and the sermon and so on. And 100 of time would you need to be in connection with Allah subhanaw taala to be more in connection with Allah subhanaw taala than the time of your sickness but

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There is this concession and it is a valid concession is based on hubbies hana. It is the position of the Maliki's ham bodies and some of the Sharpies that you could combine. If praying every prayer, each prayer on time would cause you some hardship.

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Again, he said fame Gemma Have you worked at all are the stories are near to Germany and

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if he combines these during the time of the earlier prayer, he should make the intention to combine prior to pray in the first prayer. So,

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prior to praying the first spray, so, if I intend to combine mega Bonanza, I intend to combine the harass I have before I pray I have to make that intention to combine the one and a half let us say I did not intend and I am allowed to come by I have the Rockstar to combine but I did not intend to praise her and answer together according to the form as I have I cannot come by.

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So, ah

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as they I cannot combine Varanasi if I forgot that to make the intention of combining before Look, I cannot combine a mega Bonanza if I did forgot to make the intention of combining before negative who said that I can if I have the rock saw it is some sharper is a small s and anytime is choice in the Hanbury naza. So as small as small t said that you can you still can combine when do we take positions outside of the form as I have authorized the view of the form of the hip? Here's the authorized view of the form as of you cannot combine if you forget when do we take position outside of the authorized view of the form of a hip if it has substantiation, if the folder is mazahub do

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not have a definitive proof that makes any other position just completely invalid if it has some substantiation upheld the by sandwich that demands

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so substantiation upheld by some not so much, thank you, ma'am, you check this off, you check this off, what else do we need? What else of the stringent criteria Do we need, if you have a need if you have a need for this, so if you are about to go for surgery or a procedure had you forgot to make the intention to combine the prayers and then like basically

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the nurse comes in and tells you we will have to take you through all the war. So then you say to yourself, Well, I forgot to make that good. And then the birth there are those some Sharpies and Tamia said that I it's that okay.

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They have some substantiation them which that

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I have this need I can combine of these if this is the case then yes, you could combine in this case

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Aside from this, just stick to the position

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the position of the authorize the views of the four emails, if you don't have if you don't meet all those criteria, substantiation which that imams need, okay, now, then the sheikh said, well Tavares Morocco as the Hata Astronaut Office Ania team in her way Oct was

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hacked Astra system at min Hama the excuse for combining the two must continue until he starts praying the second. So let's say you're combining for sickness. And, you know, Allah subhanaw taala cures you after the prayer walk. And then all of a sudden, you're you're fighting before us. You like your back doesn't hurt anymore, whatever happens like it could happen to you. So something happens, you're here or there is no more rain, or whatever that cause that made you combine in to start with does not exist anymore, then you cannot come by. He's telling you this, because combining is not the rule. It is the exception that you cannot combine. And then he said what are you for Rico

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by Noma in law because it will do and he should not separate between them except for the time to make will do. He should not separate between them except for the time to make what do you intend it to combine? You pray though someone this

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attracted you, have you sorted, like to do your own thing and so on. And then you know, it's been 20 minutes, you've been distracted,

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you cannot combine according to the 40 memes once again, you cannot combine Ah,

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as a you cannot combine, you can only combine, if you lost your will do and you go make will do and you come back, that's fine. You still can combine.

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But small s and t said you can combine

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apply the same stringent criteria, when do we take a position outside of the agreement as authorized the view of the foreign strain that we apply our certain criteria was that amount, you know, there's substantive evidence on their side.

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And there is any

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The hoodie octus Rania, if he defers the excuse of combining must last until the time of the second has come in. So if you intend to the further prayers, and all of a sudden executes for combining is is gone. You know, then you must pray now. Because if the time for the second prayer is not in yet, few of you that you intended to the first or

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the time of us to pray for an asset together, the third and

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you arrived, you are at home now we are not traveling anymore, you're you're at home, you intended on your way home, you figured that it may take me your GPS told you that you will arrive after us at home, you intended to the further and 30 you pray Varanasi together at home, you arrived at home before us comes in you right. Get to the prayer right now, you should get to the prayer right now. And pray for her before Oscar comes in, because the excuse is not there anymore.

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Okay, well, at the end, we are done. Or if you walked it over in a couple of weeks,

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he must make his intention to combine them during the time of the first prayer before it is too late to pray it on time. So you must, you know, intend that you will. So it's not just like yours, you're gonna wait around until the power comes

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out and you say to yourself, Well, I can combine I have thought also to combine the fact that you are not praying, you will have to have made the intention. intention that yes, I am not I know I am not praying for her in time because I am combining.

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That's what he means. And then then he talks about other types of Gemini that are permissible, that are permissible. And he will say here and I'll read it quickly, and I'll go over the types of Gemini that are permissible and the different commands I have in some detail. But let me read the last two statements of the amount of the ma'am have not put them in this chapter. And then we can go over this issue where

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combining is permissible for the traveler for whom shortening the prayer cost for shortening the prayers is permissible. When Jews offered matauri binary say, it is permissible to combine the Maghreb

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prayer with an extra prayer in the case of rain. So he said travel and rain, he mentioned travel and the rain travel for which that you wish you could combine that you saw it in the prayer you could also combine and reign he mentioned before combining for sickness because that is the chapter of the prayer of the sin. So how many how many excuses that we have now? Three excuses. Rainy excuses sickness, rain and travel that a man of Ghana mentioned in this what are the other excuses for drama in the hunt buddy Muslim? Keep in mind in the heart of the matter. So because harpies are making it easier for us here because we don't allow any combining except, you know, and

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so except in the nursery,

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so we're done with the happy mother right? They don't allow combining period it's only an hour apart, you know, and

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that the combine Varun off and Margaret, but that's it beyond this, there is no combining for HANA fees. So they are out of this discussion. Now. For the other miza have went to the combine, when do the medic ease plus shaft I use plus ham berries. When do they agree on combining? They agree on combining in certain cases. One of these cases is traveled

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One of these cases is rain.

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One of these cases is fear. That is fear for your property. Fear for your life, your honor, your property fear. If you're afraid for your life on our property, then they combine mannequins plus sapphires plus honeyberries. When is it when we're okay, we start to lose the shaft. He's going down the list here. When it comes to sickness, we will lose the Sharpies. But we will have some sapphires with us. We will have a small s here. And but Maliki's and ham berries will stay in say combining for sickness is allowable because they are used hobbies have have not been projects. They have many.

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There is no time to mention, but they have many different travel.

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Reports from the Sahaba one by Allah him for rain they have

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reported that Bukhari and Muslim did the prophet SAW Southern combined in Medina mungai recounted what matters. In one report Dominica Nicholson one Amara, in another report. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam combined in Medina have now best said without fear, rain or sickness, without fear, rain or sickness. So it was established to the Sahaba you know, among the Sahaba that you may come by, with for fear for rain, for sickness of the land, Ebner bass over sicknesses, a little bit of controversy over the inclusion of sicknesses. It is reported in Muslim, but there's some controversy that's why the Japanese don't act on but but Abdullah bass is studying the Sahaba I know

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that the Prophet combined in in Medina without without the excuses that no one executes says they can buy without. So when he said in Medina, he already he already means that he was not traveling. It was in Medina, when he said them in a guy in a house. That's another excuse fear when he said Monica de matar, that's another excuse way. And in the reports where he added min higher murghab. Without sickness, that's another excuse. So in Medina, it means that you could combine for travel, fear, grade sickness, all four have been mentioned in one of these reports by Bukhari and Muslim from Avila have nada sobre la on, okay, so

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then the Han berries will go farther and farther in combining they are basically the most permissive madhhab in combining the prayers or the easiest method in combining the prayers. So the honeyberries would after this and then we will lose the Maliki's where they will not come with us here. So, we will basically have to this

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they consider also of the of the sickness of people who have like urinary incontinence and people who like have like, like prolonged bleeding like having a she had prolonged bleeding. People who have urinary incontinence will be like Hamnet who have prolonged bleeding, because those people they need to, to, to basically make will do for every Salah, and it makes it a little bit harder on them. So they allow them to combine people who have urinary incontinence, they allow them to combine because they need to make wudu for every solar. So in this case, they will make a will do and combine

00:29:01--> 00:29:06

the prayers so that makes it will those every day. But the combat is added to this.

00:29:08--> 00:29:16

Someone who basically was afraid for his livelihood, someone who has concerns that he

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like they give examples of Baker who was afraid that his his dough will be spoiled, or that his bread would be burned if he left it and went to pray on time.

00:29:34--> 00:29:35

That's pretty.

00:29:40--> 00:29:57

But anyway, that's the position in the method, but it has to be something legitimate. So like you really have to be here. You really have because did it keep in mind scarcity of resources during their time meant that really if your bread gets burned

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

that that puts you

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

You had hardship but you you throw away food that is enough for like a continent

00:30:07--> 00:30:08

you know

00:30:09--> 00:30:17

each other which is which is a horrific thing, which is a horrific thing. You know throwing away food is a horrific thing.

00:30:18--> 00:30:26

And it shows complete BB it's just inconsiderate. insensitive. I don't know how it is subhuman anyway.

00:30:29--> 00:30:49

But, but for people who do this, he tell me like you've met, the brand will get burned or the the cake in the oven, I just you know, I'm just watching the cake in the oven. They were they were talking about people that would be hurt by you know, losing their livelihood or

00:30:50--> 00:30:55

things of that nature, so that ham buddies will consider someone's likely.

00:30:56--> 00:31:00

And in this case, you could say that someone who is like,

00:31:01--> 00:31:55

for instance, like a physician and er like surgery or they can combine, if there is a need to come by and for someone who drives a bus and can't stop the bus, they can combine, if there is any, like this is their livelihood, they picked up a shift that's like an annoying shift where they they they will they are forced to come by you know bus drivers and keep in mind if you are on the bus, you're allowed to pray sitting you know, if you are on the bus, you're not the driver you are not in control. So, you are on the bus praying sitting that is fine. If you will not have the ability to pray standing before or after by combining let us say that your bus leaves before fed and arrives

00:31:55--> 00:32:18

after sunrise. What How do you combine you cannot really pray tragically before that as then you cannot pray such that after sunrise. If your bus leaves before that arrives after sunrise, then you are going to pray sitting on the bus, that's fine, but the person who picked up a shift so

00:32:20--> 00:32:28

you know and we're talking here about someone who picked up a shifter that will make them unable to praise or harass from time for instance.

00:32:30--> 00:33:00

And they will this shift will be they have to be driving the bus for the next couple of months for instance because they pick up a shift every does anyone drive a bus here? Okay, they pick up shifts every like quarter like every three months they pick up like a different ship, pick up a ship, then if they are concerned for you know, their their livelihood if they refuse to take that ship, then they can come by

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then they can combine according to the very method they can combine. What else would make you What else do they say. And the Hanbury method when it comes to combining if someone cannot identify the parabola for instance, they can come by if someone cannot find capital, every time they pray, they can combine if someone cannot make will do every time

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will not have water will not have access to do for every Salah they can combine. So those are the different reasons that would allow someone to combine. Finally, finally, if you don't have any of these excuses, there is no travel there is no rain, there is no fear. There is no sickness

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and you're not really afraid for your livelihood

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for the extermination or something of that nature. Will you be able to combine if none of these reasons, are there the hadith of novena best that we mentioned and this is where you find a lot of controversy that either one of the webinar best that we mentioned he was saying that the prophet SAW some of them combined in in Medina. Monica Houthi Mata Mata he combined in Medina without fear or rain and he said in another report or Morocco or without sickness, then the asked of love now best. Why did he do this? Because the default is that in the salata, cantata mini Nikita makuta. The Salah has been prescribed for the believers on designated times, and you must respect the times and we

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have to always respect the times. There are five daily prayers not three. We Muslims have five daily prayers. We have five times for five daily prayers, not

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so they set up the lab not bad. So how come that he the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said I said this and

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he said what? hora de la herida haha done men

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okay. So, he meant for he wanted

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to not cause hardship

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for Haney one of his alma

00:35:45--> 00:35:56

so some scholars took this to heart and they really acted on it and he said that combining is permissible without any of the excuses mentioned above if

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for need like, if you if you if you need to combine if there is something else beyond those excuses, your personal need, sometimes given that you will not do this habitually given that you will not do this habitually. If this will be on random basis, sometimes you will, you will need to combine for some reason that is not identified by the scholars that comes up to you.

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But who said this before I give you examples, who said this, they're saying that this is what Beth was saying, because of the law best said or other

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than that must be of the law versus position. This was also the position of robbia. And

00:36:48--> 00:37:15

half is in his book at Halle Berry, he mentions the names of the people who supported this position. So in addition to of the love and a half bath, it was also the position of VR VR is who the author is the teacher of remember, when when VR died in a medic said, there is no, the SEC doesn't have a taste anymore, you know, that the lost its

00:37:16--> 00:37:17

flavor, you know,

00:37:19--> 00:37:29

when we are by so Robbie, and then in addition to an IVR, there is also and I have is one of the Maliki scholars, one of the

00:37:30--> 00:37:47

main students of the mathematic sort of era has have been in there has supported this position. If there hasn't been anything may have been among them, even it hasn't had anything there. So we are actually, Kevin Moser has everything here.

00:37:48--> 00:37:50

Who else supported this position?

00:37:53--> 00:38:18

Maybe maybe one or two more. But but but these are the main people that supported this position that combining maybe now just remember one thing, that this is, the conditions for this is basically that this is not better on a habitual basis. And this is done for any, you know, it's not done all the time, and it is done for any.

00:38:20--> 00:38:44

If you have an important connection, right you need to you like you cannot, you know, the lecture as far as from before, ends after us. Or if you have an exam, for instance, in three hour exam, you're safe, you're sitting for your boards, or for this or that or some licensure exam, and it lasts the hours parts before the vote and ends after us.

00:38:46--> 00:39:08

You could say that I can use the 100 Hanbury position here without needing to take a position from outside of the authorized view of the forum as I have because that makes me concern for my livelihood. Because if I lose that exam, or that sometimes it may not be as obvious sometimes the like if you're stuck in traffic or whatever need, you know,

00:39:09--> 00:39:56

that you may think of a legitimate need to combine. If you take that position, keep in mind that this position should be taking if there is need, because it's outside of the authorized view of the form as I have. So we will have to apply some stringent criteria to it, to take it and accept it and to act on it if there is legitimate need, but keep in mind no one ever said that this legitimately need means that you will combine for for life because some people are doing this and some people are considering you know that that position, a license for them to come back home and prays over us every single day because they're just not comfortable praying at work. I mean, if you're really not

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

comfortable praying at work, it amounts to fear

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

For Life, property and honor is a different story. And you probably should be switching jobs because it's a risky job.

00:40:10--> 00:40:27

But aside from that, you should not be doing it you should not be combining unless there is a legitimate need and it is 10 o'clock and we are going to come to me could have probably had or suffered a lot. From Hanukkah more hungry children prefer to have a knife