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hamdulillah Jana filmi Heba Hilmi Walla

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wa Salatu was Salam ala al Anbiya.

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Wa Florida he was having was seldom at the Sleeman cathedral cathedral. Amalga new form of energy ministry Tony Miller who worked on Irati for Jay Villa he helped

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set up Allah Allah as

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my dear respected elders and brothers. In last week's talk, we spoke about the famous sahabi, the famous companion, the great Muslim general, as a cleric being what he drew the Allahu Tarang, who spoke about his earlier life. We spoke about his initial hostility against Islam in the Muslims during the course of events in the Battle of Muhammad. When Muslims were on the verge of victory caliphate in Malaysia, we allow them to change the complexion of that battle. Thereafter, his inclination towards Islam, Nivea creams or serums. great concern for him to become a Muslim, and then his eventual acceptance of Islam. The moment he accepted Islam, as a current unbeliever be

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allowed to run who wanted to sacrifice and he wanted to be the forefront in the battle for Islam and the Muslims the way he was in the battles against Islam and the Muslims peacefully after having their Halloween material the Allahu Akbar Amen. Bye, but I'm sure to catch up on K through K semana que Islam just enough Auntie

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Jenga Oh had met Wonka Musa Monica kya

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or bill after Amara Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kita what you or CO she said Anca Islam Kumbhakarna or RT on on Islam, Korea

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or Jihad Chalukya the first battle that Halloween when he is ready Allah who

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showed great leadership for Islam in the Musqueam was was a battle of Bhutan, in the time of our beloved Maria Kareem Salah when he was selling the background of which was maybe a cream sauce and I'm sent an envoy towards the Roman Empire towards that place. That time. The what is known today as Jordan was under the Roman Empire that Eastern Byzantine Empire, the eastern side of the Roman Empire. So they were under the Roman Empire. They were part of the Roman Empire, maybe socialism sent an envoy they killed the employee, maybe himself and said, This is against the law. This is against No, you don't get an invoice. So maybe a cream saw Selim sent an army in this army in Libya.

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Kareem saw Islam send many close companions. And the reason Allah Azza wa sallam said three people will leave the army they live Niharika after he dies Jaffa monometallic that after he dies in Rwanda, perhaps it was an indication that all three of them were going to achieve martyrdom. So they left for Bhutan. And when they met not only the Arab Christians who were there, but even the Roman Empire sent army for the first time Muslims confronted the Roman Empire. And this was a very, very strategic battle because it happened in the time of Nevis, awesome, you know, mentally that we can fight the superpowers of the time the foundation was laid in the time of Salah.

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So maybe I can even sell now listen, I'm selling them. And in that particular battle, as maybe I can himself Salam had nominated these three, all three of them fell in the battle, or three of them were martyred. So when they were martyred, then topic with Alchemy, said what are we going to do all Muslims? So he said the right person to take the flag and to take the leadership is correct in what he is known for his military genius. Khalid was very reluctant word. He just came into Islam. He said, I'm not going to accept how I'm going to accept the leadership. But when they insist upon him, he accepted the leadership subset para has a Halloween malignant apna jaunty kya telling him outta

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Kibera mock paper, or Jenga? Muto manorbier cream sauce from nicotine Sahaba criminal damsel what Kenosha he'd wear or tablet when Arkham net salud que opensource dia que whoa to Hannover Forge, ke McClellan order, flow through through melanin monarchial naked body

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Unit well, he might have order musalman okay to Anna Emile or Macatawa or Amelia Otto, Commander ship colony militia the Allah with

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the 100. invalidity ultimately it was, you know that jungle buta was according to different rewards Muslim for 3000 and different iterations. Some say the enemies were 20,000 some say 30,000 Some say 100,015 has a large chemical limitation, no kissy jankari you know, but yet Halloween whatever the ultra Muslims were encircled, Muslims were encircled. So Halloween, whatever the ultra mu uses military genius. What he did was he reshuffled the enemy army, he reshuffled the enemy, and he created fear in the hearts of the enemy, although there was so much more in number. And what did he do was, he told a certain portion of the Muslim army, you go at the back and in the morning, you

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start coming in, you know, you come in and you give the impression that the Muslims are gaining reinforced reinforcements. Then what he did was he change the color of the uniforms of the Muslims, he put them in different positions, and all of a sudden, the Muslims are in circle. And the enemies thought that the Muslims are getting reinforcements, and they started feeling and in this particular way, hasn't had it been whatever the Allahu Allahu not only came out of the encirclement came out of the Muslims being surrounded, but he bought an tactically he strategically retreated in such a way that the Muslims not only saved themselves, but they came out of the battle came out of the battle

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with the tails and with a spritz very high, as if they have achieved victory. And how do you mean well, these are the Allahu Anhu nebari Muhammad said Musa mono cannot know Konosuba Jaya, bulky PA is that torpor? Mr. Morocco was

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initially some of the companions even they they criticize Harlequin Marieta the ultra know that you brought the Muslims back in you strategically retreated and maybe a cream sauce from said no, they didn't retreat. This they came back with an intention of inshallah Allah giving us further victory in the future. This was a very very great move strategically it showed the Muslims we can fight the superpowers of the time as then we are cream sauce. Also in the time of Fatah maca that we are carrying sauce left with Halloween what he's really allowed to be in charge of one section of the army. And the only section of the army that met resistance in the conquest of Makkah was that was

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the battalion of Halloween warriors of the ultra No, he had to fight because they were resisting. Or Fatima Khartoum okay. Maybe I can even sell a lot while he was selling now. If it crossed musalman Okay, Joe, ami had postponed Kameoka rokeya are still wouldn't keep your my tomato footstep on order. John, John junkier. They were the only one who took part in a battle because they were meeting resistance in one portion where the Muslims came into my car. Because when a BA alerted me would go Metallica or Concord Makkah, and then afterwards, even in the siege of time in the battle. He didn't want to play very important role, but where his greatness came to the fore was after the

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death of our beloved that the EcoRise Ostrom and I were working on the ultra

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hazardous hadn't been voluntarily allowed through capitulation.

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forced cut genuine Mukherjee mukerjea. He made him the general and the Emir and in charge of the Muslim army in many veterans, the first battles that the Muslims fought after the death of our beloved Nabil crimson Allah when he was Saddam was the war of Richter, the law, the war of apostasy, because after the crimson and passed away, many of the Arab tribes who had accepted Islam, they turned against Islam. And then there were many false prophets and against the false prophets as a Colombian leader what he really allowed against the most powerful of those false prophets. Again those imposters today ha and we'll say America in particular, as a country, what do you really allow

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them to lead the Muslim army or year 21

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down number one

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today, all Muslim a Turkish enough Halloween relief with the ultimate Giardia or junkie Yamanaka multiple

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auto cinema COVID Amanda

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And they killed.

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The Obama was very grateful. So many Sahaba and Muslims died in Yamama that never died in the whole life of Libya during sorcerer

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in the whole life of Libya to install some harmony Sahaba passed away so much, never more than that passed away in the Battle of MMA in one bedroom. It just man, it needs to harbor Shaheed when he

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joined the military, so some people it must have saved me when we didn't pass away so much. This was against the false prophets. And that is why this hamesha hamesha Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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They always were very sensitive on protecting the sin of military source of profit. Let me tell you the source to meet the last of all prophets. Muslims were always in the forefront of protecting this against the cardiologist, for example, who go whoever my wife said Muhammad Ali Mirza is the Prophet after our beloved to be utterly exhausted of Muslims have fought against it, even the Muslims of South Africa fought against it, and they went to court and nothing. So this is because of that particular type of mindset. Sahaba lost so Minister Hama in fighting against the false prophets after

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the after that Abu Bakr, the Allah who entrusted him and made him the general incentive to Iraq, achieve Allah subhanho wa Taala use holofil

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to break down the two superpowers of the time,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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dunya can do as emphatic work or as inter integrated Allah.

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Allah brought down two superpowers at the end of cannabinol, you will be allowed to first he went in the direction of Iraq, the direction of Iraq against the Persian Empire. And then he fought many battles, as a Taliban were easily allowed to do 14 His life, at least 40 battles 30 of which he was the general never, never suffered or lost in any one of the battles for Tibetans, every battle that he took, he was the one who achieved victory. Afterwards he was saying he was the sword of Almighty Allah in the Battle of Malta, when the Sahaba three of them were martyred. The bat in Sanskrit Mr. Medina, let me tell you, I was not aware at the time was not a time when you could see that there

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was you know, any type of communication or social media via cream sauce and prohibition. And there is also a missing material number one, and then we saw some said Allah Tala gives him the Hadith, the one who I made the meal, Allah granted in shahada then Jaffa been a metallic took that the flag and granted shahada and then Allah Tala you know the plane was taken out

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and described the tears are coming down the face of all being able to be utterly exhausted. He said the Muslims are in great trouble Allah granted the play safe minister, you're one of the soldiers of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala

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interview took over the flavor of the Muslim army. Allah Tala granted victory and Allah Tala granted a great amount of relief to the Muslim subset Bella sepulchre to a lot of as an added puzzle Mila want to be a cream sauce.

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So this was the sequela. Therefore it was he could never have lost in the battle because of the title of syphilis. Now in the Iran battle in the Iraq war against the Persian Empire, he took part in many, many battles that to Selassie what is that to Selassie the Battle of the chains? The Giro, Tatiana will jump to what was the

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Emir fought for the Giro kiss variation when

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they used to put chains on the army, and they used to fight against the Muslims. And that is why that particular battle became known as the Battle of the change and scalability reveal to defeated them. Then came the Battle of the hero, in which great amount of enemies were killed on the banks of the Euphrates, who came to be known as jumped in now. And thereafter. There were many other different who lay and were larger than the famous victory. Hera was a very important marketplace in Europe.

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Granted victory to call it

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the After After hero. That was the last battle before the German and the Battle of qadisiya. Try the CLT multiple.

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Yeah, the Tesla. This travel shipper swap she goes

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to Seattle multiple in the Battle of TARDIS he has a Persian Empire

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was defeated, and that was the fall of the Persian Empire. But Halloween what it was he allowed to run who did not take part in the Battle of Colosseum. Why after the Battle of Hera, which led to the victory of Cardassia, which led to the fall of the Persian Empire, a woman currently allows you to wrote a letter to Halloween when he leaves everything go to Syria. The Muslims are facing difficulty against the Roman Empire. about a man who said Monaco Johanna war comes overhead or mustard because I'm not allowed to enter Iraq to Wooster, Jaya Schumpeter, says,

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Allah who took a very unusual route through the desert in a very great spirit. He crossed the desert, and in the last two days the Muslim army spent without water and what are they allowed to do it to grow up cabins he made the cameras drink a lot of water. And when the water the Muslim hammy hit that came to an end, then they cut the animals, the camels for the sake of meat and for the sake of water. For the last two days they spent without water, and in that particular way, jalapeno legally allowed to know what tremendous speed because of the emergency of the situation reached Damascus because of a broker of your love and then eventually SAP interviewer Cassidy Allah will let

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the Muslims to be killed in the Persian Empire against the Persian Empire. And then the whole Muslim defeated the Persian Empire. Now Halloween

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comes against the Roman Empire. And then he took many, many battles against you know, the Roman Empire, part of that was in you know, different bands as in the late Damascus felon, and then eventually your this was how Huntington will need to be allowed to Elijah granted his victory and the Persian Empire also failure the Roman Empire also, though, as he started as a woodworker, or was

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he big party came on board Come on, come on, come forth. But Come sir Maya, but yet Allah subhanho wa Taala grant them victory with written with resources so small armies against major forces, but it was the bravery the fighting for the path of Almighty Allah the sincerity and the man in conviction. Allah Tala granted victory. Now this scallop invalidity, Allah was a military genius. He initiated many military strategies. He initiated many military structure and this is Chunky Mamilla there are only so many of try to add dunya Irani or asset the period is Dr. Jia Zhang min to the army he or Allah.

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He use such military strategies up till today people are, you know, astounded with regard to it amongst the military strategies that you use was moving the army at great speed. Now, one of the reasons why you could do that was was because

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they didn't have great amount of armament, there's less armor, but the armor was very specific. And they were very, you know, experts in it. So they were very speedily they could move from one place to the other, the Roman and Persian empires. They had great amount of army great amount of armor. They were slow in moving. So how did your long term use speed against the enemies that he used rapid and disruptive military operations?

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What is known today the guerrilla warfare, which Alicia Magna was covered.

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So as the Taliban would be allowed to know, was the one who used this rapid and disruptive military operations. Then another thing that it allowed to use to do what's especially in the penbode, the Battle of Yamama against

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Susannah Mahtab. Initially, the Muslims were achieving, you know, they were on the verge of defeat, because the B'nai Khalifa was the most proficient army amongst the Arabs. So Halliday Molina Kia Kia paharpur Shankar.

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Purim was an Anthea. He stood on one of the mountains and he looked at the entire better. And he looked at the weakness of the Malia Khalifa in the army of

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ways the weakness. So he scrutinized the entire military and the whole military field and you saw ways the weakness he came back into the means of that weakness. He achieved it. This was one of the strategies and one of the last practices where I'm told Junker may well be an eight PATA we don't know. But when I when I read this, I was quite surprised. They say the pincer movement was also initiated by adding what is the pincer movement? The pincer movement is where you retreat up Pete

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You can order to swallow Co Op argillic If you bring them towards you by your treaty, and then you create friends, and that flanks are concealed.

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In the side, they are the Muslim army which are concealed. And when the enemies come, then this particular army that repeated the Muslim army, they turn against the enemies and those that are in the friends, they come in and they join the war and all of a sudden the enemies contagion, it is known as the pincer movement. That time there was no act of war by saying so there was no centers. How did Holly be allowed to bring about this military tedious? Just three different strategies? It was perhaps Allah subhanho wa Taala taught him and it was his greatness his military might. So in this way, and that Allah granted as a paladin what it was he allowed to know, victory in every

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battle that he took part. So we can conclude with two amazing things. One was that has an Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah has a human review of our Quran. She laughed when he bought us beloved said Tolkien has been waiting for muscle

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he removed Harlequin worried with your long travel from beat the general to Muslim army. So have Allah this was such an amazing thing to

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me about that and who announced it in Medina, some of the people went to Omar and said what are you doing and granted victory to the Muslims at the hands of huddling so many occasions?

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Why are you doing so, over the head his reasons humare had his wisdom.

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So, one one of the reasons umara Villatoro gave many reasons. So a difference of opinion there was a different methodology that will difference of approach everything but someone asked me Why did you remove

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this will make your life instead people are starting to say that Muslims are gaining victory because of how they

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look at their kids having kids that hearsay or God alakija said

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gentlemen, people are saying that because of Hallett Muslims are gaining victory. I wanted to show gay Muslims don't gain victory because of halaman Worried no matter how great you must military general he is Muslims gain victory by the help of Almighty Allah.

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I want you to show this look at take a solid thesis in Fatah Simone may hear the cannot hear musalman Allah

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will be allowed to come to like us, although he was such a great military genius. And look at how it is happening.

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Number of the amount of who sent the letter to Albania in July. I want you to become the leader of the Muslim army. So who made it in July?

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Some say it was of the eve of the Battle of Yahoo which led to the downfall of the Roman Empire. Some sage was on the eve of the siege of Damascus Damascus Fatah.

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Aveda in Germany. Yeah.

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Corleone Komazawa

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also such a great person. He didn't reveal that letter. When I pass Jeff Palantir kept it and when the Muslims gain victory after the victory he read this so have you been what he said? Why did you not read this letter came before he said I didn't want to disrupt the Muslim victory Subhan Allah

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we move to Why are you fighting all the battles after the people in the battle

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when he played a prominent role so much so that he was the main advisor to

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the syndicate?

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Up there what a beautiful reply I am not fighting for I'm fighting for

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that towards the end of his life, or the lives of your loved one who passed away the homeless in Syria and on his deathbed he started crying for donation

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after saved for life, to Rika many of but then go boy he says me here is my coil system.

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kisi Mari Carmen, all my heart Junkman is

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coming from Russia. You don't

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have Khaled yet and Morocco or VISTA to Palmyra.

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Why are you crying? He started crying. So he said he's got one portion on my whole body in which there is not a wound which I had which has been inflicted, which I had in the battlefield. There is not one one portion of my body that there is not some sort of wound which I you know got into the game.

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have empathy and yet despite all of that, in every battle I read with intention in a letter that must make me shake and yet I'm dying on a page like a camera

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and that's why he was crying. But because of that wisdom

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the wisdom is he was saved and the title given to him was buy the vehicle restore sellable, safe we're lucky not be killed by the enemy. See full luck acid wash because car sector had you know too soon, okay. Under color, never let it happen, that he gained, you know, defeated the ends of the enemy. Therefore Allah subhanaw taala despite his wanting it despite his desire for it, Allah subhanaw taala didn't give him a Shabbat, although he wanted it. Because was highly demanded, say for now. Today we yearn for a holiday.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept his efforts and let Allah granting reward for his efforts. And may Allah subhanaw taala create within us people less talented, holy, so on occasion, you know when they were fighting against one of the enemies, so the enemies came in they threatened hunted, we got so many army we got so many people we will relate to we will destroy you.

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I got people in my in my army, who love diving the path of love more than what people in your RV life. Love chick

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Xin the

00:26:22--> 00:26:25

SAE Amane fortunate shahada

00:26:26--> 00:26:35

how many people in your army would like to live a life woman and why would I say the pleasures of this world in my army there are people who like to shop.

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They like to die in the pasture for many of us.

00:26:41--> 00:26:44

Give us this particular type of attitude. May Allah subhanaw taala reward him