Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #40 – Surah Al-Ghashiya

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of believing in reality and the need to be convinced. The role of reason in Islam is to get people to submit everything and seek out the right way to express their gratitude. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of the negative consequences of actions and the need to seek out the right way to be successful.
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One of the lessons we get from sort of the last year is that Allah subhanaw taala tries to convince us and persuade us to believe through our experience of life on Earth. And this is remarkable to me because Allah is bound to Ana doesn't just say, you know, believe because I said, so right. That would be circular logic will be circular reasoning and reality. He admits, implicitly, not explicitly, but implicitly that we need to be convinced. And he honors us as human beings with the project of trying to persuade us and he points to what we know, right, he points to the earth, he points to the sky, he points to the rain, he points to the mountains, and all these sorts of things.

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And he draws our attention to these things and tries to get us to think and tries to get us to reflect. And the point of getting us to think and to reflect is to get us to submit everything is always geared towards submission. And there's a couple of intermediary steps there. It often goes through indebtedness and gratitude and once a loss of our data convinces us of the need to be grateful and the need to be we feel indebted, we want to express our gratitude, then we start to seek then we start to search, who I'd be grateful to how do I express my gratitude? What's the right way that makes us ripe for submission that makes us ready to submit? Right? And that's not to say,

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again, you know, some people get this wrong. And they think, well, because Allah subhanaw taala recognizes the role of reason and logic and these sorts of things, then that means that it's an open, open season, that it's a license to use those tools without any limits. Well, that's also not true. Because as Lee said, if the deen were according to the religion, then we would wipe over the bottom of our coffee and not the tops right when it comes to the granular detail of the city of the things that are expected of you from Las Palmas on that takes revelation. Allah subhanaw taala expects us to follow it. So I mean, I know what a partner we say. But if a person hasn't submitted,

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they're not ready for that. So we look at the role of reason in Islam. And the role of reason is to get us to the point of submission allows persuading, persuading, persuade, and he's providing evidence. He's bringing logical arguments, he's doing thought experiments, he's all these sorts of techniques that he uses in the Quran. If there were more than one God then you would have seen created, you know, chaos in the creation, all these sorts of things. Did you create yourselves or did you come out of nowhere? There's many, many strategies and tactics that last bounce out of users, but it's all leading up to one point and that's submission. And once we submit you're

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expected to follow the rest

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