Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #37 – Surah Al-Fajr

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people are focused on themselves and praise their success, even though they may not be trying to claim victory. The speaker uses the example of using the word fickle to describe how human beings are focused on themselves and striving for success. The speaker emphasizes that people have to be dedicated to their process and strive for success, even in difficult situations.
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One of the main points of swords and Frasier is that most people are fickle. And most people, even if they're religious, they put the religion in the service of themselves instead of putting themselves in the service of religion that can look a couple different ways. One of the ways that it looks like in this sort of is when people have good times, right, then they praise Allah, O Allah, some merciful, right? And then when they're trying to tell us it's really interesting what language here because he says when people are tested, and he uses it for both right with people are tested, either MOBA la hora boohoo for economical if he's tested with Catalan, if he's tested with bounty,

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he's tested with abundance. In that case, the person's on cloud nine, they're flying, right? And they say, oh allows the best. And then what's going to happen when the tables turn? Right? What happens with other lady here is Kahoot, right? When when our test some of the different test, not the test of wealth, now the test of poverty, now the test of hardship, oh, then he cries out ahead and right, he says that Oh, like this is this is such a bad thing. It's just so terrible. So look at how fickle human beings are. And then Allah, his answer is really, really interesting, he says, can lead to criminal your team, he's like, you're not taking care of the orphan. Really interesting,

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really interesting response to that like that fickle nature, because the person is all focused about themselves, right? The poker, the person is doing well, as long as they're doing well. And they're religious, as long as they're doing well. And then the wheels fall off when the first adversity comes. And Allah asks, what do you do? And for those who are less fortunate than you, right, what do you do on for the, for the orphans, right? What are you doing to feed the poor, and you consume wealth, and you consume this sort of thing. But below that amount of hope and Gemma, and you love wealth too much? He loved the things that the dunya too much, right? That's why That's hits it on

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the on the head right there. Why are we so fickle? Why do we praise Allah in one sentence, and then when the tables turn, then we at worst, we blame him, or we might at least, you know, despair, the very next sentence when the when the situation changes, because we live we love this world too much. Our state, our emotional state, our spiritual state, even sometimes it's tied to how we're doing in the dunya. And so when we're writing, hi, we feel like we're the best believer out there. And then in tough times, then we shrink and allows people to auto wants us to get it in our heads that we have to have a process. So we have to be dedicated to the process. And we have to trust. It's not

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just we can't just assume that the amount of wealth we have, or the amount of ease we have is an indication that we're doing something right now that's that's backwards, right? If Allah loves you, he's going to test you. And he's going to make it hard for you. Because that's the show what you're truly made of, right? The person who has their priorities in order, it doesn't matter whether it lives easy weather less hard, they're still going to do the right thing. They're still going to strive, they're still going to worship, they're still going to do righteous deeds. Maybe when you're, you know, you're gripping and you're in a tough spot and you're not going to have the same

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amount of money or the same amount of time or the same amount of whatever, okay, but you're still doing them and they're even more valuable. So last fall to Allah wants us to be consistent. He doesn't want us to be fickle. That's something he teaches us and sort of division.

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