Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 304B Tafsir Al-Fajr 1-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of worship at the time of worship is highlighted, as it is the time of worship. Time is used to determine the timing of one's life, and hedges and knowing the time of one's life are important drivers of understanding the timing of one's life. The use of "entire month" to reflect the importance of living in a busy and busy life, and the use of "has been" to describe feelings is discussed. The current atmosphere of chaos and fear of future war is reflected in various language and phrases used to describe feelings, including "has been," "fit," and "has been."
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Surah Al Fetchit Surah two Fajr is a murky surah and it is preferred to recite the surah in Orisha prayer, as according to some narrations, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advised more arthro the Longhorn who to recite this surah instead of sootel Bacara in Orisha

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Fudger what is legit morning light

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that comes from the side of the East Before the rising of the sun.

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It is the light that appears before sunrise.

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And it is the time when we have to pray with salah.

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Fajr Salah.

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It is said that feathered is

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infidel Voluma on your sub when the darkness is broken by light, so it's the light that comes before sunrise.

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Because it tears through the night sky

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crack of dawn you may have heard the expression Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Well, fudges by the dawn. Allah subhanaw taala is taking an oath over here by the breaking of the night with the morning light

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by the fajr prayer because at this time when it's Fajr time, what is to be done fajr prayer is performed and in fudges salah, what is it that is off? A lot of importance it is the recitation of the Quran in Quran Al feathery Kana Masuda. And this Fajr comes daily.

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And as it comes, it brings a new day.

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When Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath by something, it is to draw our attention towards it. So that we notice it, we realize its importance, we value it. So this time, the time of budget is a very important time of the day. Very important. And it is the time of worship. The most important thing we can do at this time is to worship Allah. How? By performing Salah by reciting Quran and of course, the morning of God also, what if I just the beginning of the day, a new beginning. It's like we've been given a new life. And as the morning comes in, you wake up, what does it mean time to work? Well, a Yelena rush. And by the nights, which are our should, which are 10. By the 10 Nights.

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Remember the term ln Yes, it means night. But when you're counting, ln, you're not just counting the nights, you're also counting the days in between. It's just a way of counting days. Just like we say days in English. In Arabic when you're counting, you know from a certain date to another, you will say nights and not days. For example, you'll say how many days are you going for, let's say five. But in Arabic people would say nights. Okay, so by the nights, the term nights don't think of just the darkness.

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All right, so Lal international 10 Nights. What does this refer to? Some have said this refers to the last 10 nights of Ramadan in which is Laila to cuddle in the low V Laila till.

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And these 10 nights are of prime importance. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed Iraqi calf and these nights, and he exerted a great deal in worshiping Allah, and you would also wake his family up. Some have said that these 10 Nights, it's referring to the first 10 Days and Nights of The hedger.

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And these 10 Days and Nights are also very important. As a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days. If you perform a good deed in these days, it's beloved to Allah.

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In these days is the day of alpha. These are the days of hedge was shuffle a while worth and by the Scheffer by the even while water and by the odd,

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even number odd number. SCHEFFER sheen fine is to join one thing with another from the same root of the word shofar, which is intercession because you're joining somebody, right? And you're speaking you're advocating for them. This is Jafar. So we're shuffling Wildwater by the even and by the odd. If you think about it, the entire creation isn't bears.

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Isn't it? Whether those pairs are complementary, or they're opposites,

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in whatever form but the entire creation is in pairs, and the creator

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or is with as in a hadith and Buhari we learn what who or what throne, you have Bulworth that Allah is one with what sin odd number as in 135. And what is meant is that he is one and he loves. He loves what the odd numbers, which is why we have been commanded that when we pray at the Hadoop, we should end it out with the with the with the prayer meaning make it odd. So you perform for ended with one record to make it odd five. All right. So we're chuffed very well water.

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And regarding this idea, there are at least 36 different opinions about this. Who the Scheffer is and who the water is. But if you think about it, keeping in consideration the previous versus what is mentioned, times are mentioned morning Fudger, Leyland ash, and in the 10 Nights, right. So we're chuffed very well worth

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continuing the same theme. If you think of a month, you have to two to two and at the end, either you have a total of 29 days or 30 days, lunar months, either 29 days or 30 days. So the month ends up being of either Scheffer or what

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you understand either Scheffer or what

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will lately and by the night either yesterday when it first is yesterday. Seen the lawyer

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is slow to travel by night. And this means yesterday as in when the night is departing

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the night doesn't immediately depart

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doesn't happen like that night comes in. It goes like it's not on and off. Right there are stages. We see as the night comes in. It's more grip than they're after. Sometimes there's time for a shot. And then it's time for the Hidalgo pm and then with and then sir Who. And then finally the night ends and Fajr comes in. And after well lately either yesterday, what comes again fidget.

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Now, what are we seeing all of these alts? Time is mentioned. And with everything that is mentioned there is an implication of how time is moving, slipping for budget. At the time of budgeted there is urgency, isn't it? Because it's a limited amount of time and you have to pray your fajr prayer within that time label in Russia, the 10 Nights whether they are of Ramadan, or off the hedger, what are they? A few nights with every night that goes you're counting down? SCHEFFER, what the month it ends up being either 29 or 30 days. But then, comes the last night of the month. And that night, as it departs there is a new beginning. And this is how our lives are it begins.

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And we're constantly running out of time.

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And then a time will come when we will depart will lelee either yesterday, just like that A time will come when we will depart from this world health fee there Lika Casa mon levy higit How is fi valleca in that or someone an oath meaning is there not an oath in the things that are mentioned over here for who levy headed for a person of perception for a person of intellect? Meaning is this not a strong oath to convince someone who has intellect Hyjal what is headed here did is from Hydra Hydra is walk and hedge it is used for intellect intelligence. Why? Because it inhibits a person stops a person from doing what is not okay.

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So healthy their Lika for summer Libya headed in all of these oats. All of these oats are they're not sufficient for a person who has intelligence. Are these not powerful oats? You see, after a person is a response, there is a conclusion. And we see this in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath and then the response to that oath is mentioned.

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Sometimes it's not mentioned it is implied here what is the response or the conclusion of the oath it's not mentioned. It's not given. The proof of the hour is being established. Remember McKee soudas

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What is the theme? IMANI yet matters related to faith. So, the hour is being established that look at your life fudges, the nights, completion of month. Last night comes, it's over. And in your life also, there is a beginning you go through different stages, and then the final stages, you're departing the world and then you leave.

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Don't you understand? You have a few days in this world.

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You have a few days in this life, this time on earth will end just as each month ends, just as each cycle ends. And what you do each month matters. So what you do in your life also matters. What you do at Fudger time affects your whole day. What you do in a part of the month, affect the entire month, what you do in one month affects the next month, what you do in the night affects the next day, doesn't it? So how is it that you can do whatever you want in this life and using that will not affect your afterlife? It will.

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And here we see the importance of these times that how Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath by these times. And we all need to see what am I doing at these important times, especially for budget and the time when the night is departing?

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Because you see well lately either yesterday

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as the night is departing, what happens? What do we learn in the last part of the night? Allah subhanaw taala He descends to the lowest heaven and he asks Allah Azza Elan Europa, is there not Issa ill who can be given something? A questioner? Is there a beggar? There's somebody who wants something who can be given Allah in huge trouble.

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Is there $1 In one who's making doll so that he can be responded to Allah certamen Yes, Tashi. Is there a sick person seeking cure, seeking Shiva?

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Along with the newborn, he has told Pharaoh is there any sinner who was begging for forgiveness?

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Allah subhanaw taala invites us at the end of the night. Come and get your sins forgiven. Come and get what you need. Come ask. Well, lelee either yesterday, healthy their legal costs are more linear hedges.

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And if you think about it your whole life, how you live, it can be seen in how you spend your budget, how you spend your night, and how you spend even 10 days.

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Because what you do in just 10 days reflects what it reflects how you live your life. What you do at Fudger time reflects how you live your life what you do in the night reflects how you live your life.

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Lm Thora K for ferula Buka biard Look at those who did not avail these blessings, who did not make use of their budget of their night of their days. Have you not seen K for farla Booker, how your Lord dealt with be odd with the people of odd. Who are the people of odd and ancient nation that inhabited the south of Arabia Illuma that Hillary man they were Iran. Iran. The people of odd were also known as Iran after their ancestor their ancestor was Iran Ben Sam Binu

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or it is said that Iran is a particular tribe of the nation of odd of the comb of odd. So it um that Hillary mad. They were people who had rumored meaning who had built lofty pillars remained pillars, a thing by which another thing is propped or supported. So that in our Emad, it's referring to their homes, the buildings that they had constructed, lofty supported by columns Ilma that Hillary mad, look at how much they advanced as a civilization. Look at what they constructed. Look at what they built. And Lottie lum you look me through her fill below. Those pillars are those buildings were such that Lemieux hulak It has not been created Mythoclast similar to it similar to work, similar to

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the buildings they made, fill beloved in the cities in the lands, meaning you can travel far and wide. You will not find structures buildings like those made by the people of Earth. Some have said that that image over here refers to not the buildings they built but their own physique

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that they were that are Emad, like fillers. Me

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meaning these people were tall and strong and huge in their physique.

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And they were so unique in this that no nation was like them. No community was like them. No people have ever been like them.

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as tall as them as strong as them with a mood and the mood also, don't you know what your what your Lord did with them who were Thamud Alladhina gerbil Sahara Bill word. They are those who Jabu they carved out Jean Whaleback job is to cut dig drill

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rocks and when it is more fine, meaning when the carving is more fine than the word Nath is used. So Jabel Sahara they carved out a soccer what or soccer rocks, huge, huge rocks, or it's also used for a small hill. So they dug them out. Why?

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Why, in order to make their houses rather, because they didn't make their houses with bricks. They dug rocks out imagine huge rocks and they dug them out to make their rooms and their living rooms and their kitchens been wired in the valley. What is Valley so chose that this was a mountainous area, many mountains side by side and these were all Rocky. And within those rocky mountains these people had dug out their houses. And the word NAT is also used in the Quran. So they did find decoration also a Lavina gerbil saw horrible word. And this is what we'll call this valley is known as well Cora, the area where they lived, and they made their dwelling places. And it's in the south

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of Medina and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stopped here on his way to the book.

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But what happened to them? You know very well worth it our owner and also for our own. Don't you know what your Lord did with federal? Who was fed our own Ville, our third owner of the steaks Oh, that plural of the word what it's used for a peg, a steak or a nail with which you pitch a tent.

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So for their own the owner of the steaks, why is this description given over here? Because fit our own had a huge army.

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And he wouldn't just stay in one place. He would, you know, take his armies and conquer many areas. So every time the armies would travel with him, they would camp and pitch their tents.

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So they had so many. Oh dad, every time they traveled, they will take with them what bags, steaks in order to pitch their tents with.

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Some have said that old dad refers to the steaks or the bags that were used to crucify people, because for their own is the one who started this crucifying people. And it is also said that the steak is a symbol of power or something that frown held to show his power. Some have said that Fiona Ville altered altered refers to his pyramids, because they're built like mountains, and what are mountains, they are the outside of the Earth, aren't they? That you bail our old dads of the earth? They're like the eggs of the earth. So within our own adult altered,

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three nations are mentioned over here all of them so advanced, so powerful, so mighty, but with their mind and power, what did they do? A Levina below fill below. They had below in the lens, what does the low mean? They had rebelled beyond limits, rebelled beyond limits. You see when a nation has some strength, some kind of technology, some kind of ability, and they use it in the right way. And then what happens? They prosper and they also bring benefit to the creation. But when they misuse the power that Allah has given them, they abuse it. Then what happens for UK federal fee held facade, then for accelero They increased fear in it meaning in the earth al facade corruption,

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they increase corruption in the land, Allah gave them these abilities, the strengths, but what did they use them for?

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For what, for corruption?

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And this is something we need to think about that the blessings that Allah has given us, given me, what am I using them for? To be more productive to be more useful to do more good work to help creation

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or am I using it to harm others?

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mean think about it, even today. All this advancement when we

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You make weapons and we shed blood like it is water.

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And hundreds of people, millions of people are displaced all over the world. What is this fuck total fee * facade.

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Remember, facade is of two types. There's physical facade, his see destruction,

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bloodshed, pollution, waste, all of this is history facade. And there is also modern UI, intangible facade, corruption of the mind of thought, bigotry, racism, all of these are what a form of facade because that in turn leads to what kind of facade physical facade

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for UK thermal V hull facade look at what happened to people have their own look at their hatred towards money is slightly just imagine the hatred they had this was mine and the facade

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which led to his see facade because that hatred, it led to the enslavement of an entire nation. And it didn't stop there. It led to a genocide for ACTA roofie how facade and when they increased in their facade for sub Berlin him Rob Booker sold or the

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for sub than he bored. I lay him over them sub sub is to pour water from above and the word is also used for imposing something on another. So sub Burlingham rabuka Your Lord board over them soltara them the whip of punishment, CELT seen well, ta not so with Assad that is voice This is spelt with a scene and the word CELTA is used for a whip or a flog that has multiple knots in it.

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Mouth multiple knots, an estimate and if a person is hit with a flag or with a whip, think of a whip as a belt, and it's straight, it's going to hurt. But if that whip has a knot, or multiple knots, it's going to hurt even more. For sub ballet him Rob Booker CELTA or the why CELTA or the why is it called CELTA or that this punishment?

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One reason is because compared to the punishment of the Hereafter, the punishment of this world was just a whip, just one Flog.

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There is more to come, much more severe punishment that will come in the hereafter. Secondly, this also shows the force with which the punishment came upon these people. It shows Allah's wrath, his anger with these nations, and it shows how they were guilty. They deserved it for some barley him Rob Booker soltara gab and throat haka. I have five we learned for a method Moodle for only COVID. Talia were unmad on for oligo Berea Hensel sadena Ardea. Look at how these nations were destroyed.

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Their entire civilizations were wiped out

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and fit our own. He was drowned. Remember what fit our own would say that these rivers flow beneath me.

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And how did he die? He drowned in those rivers. He drowned in the sea. He drowned in water. Some old they were proud of their homes. What happened to them, the earthquake and the sound destroyed them in their own homes sold are either

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an odd who are proud of their physical strength. They were picked up by the wind and thrown down.

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In Rebecca LaBelle. Mirasol. Indeed your Lord is in observation, Bill middle sod

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rassada is to hide and wait, meaning wait for the prey to come so that as soon as it's within reach, you bounce attack and finish it. This is rassada and millside place of waiting, Mossad place of waiting and watching. So in Rebecca Labelle middle sod, your Lord is watching you, observing you

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put yourself here. Your Lord is watching you, observing you.

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He is able to execute his punishment and assault on you at any moment.

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How do you feel secure?

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You think he doesn't know? You think he doesn't have any power? You're mistaken in Rebecca loving middle side, recitation of these verses

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while I

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was shuffling I wasn't wanting to

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needing to

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be on

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own it's

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more than

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Fi and

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for sub burly love because this is something that we should worry about it not buckle or build middle squad.

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You see at the beginning of the surah what is mentioned very important times when we should not be in off law, especially the time of budget, we should not be in heedlessness.

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That is a time when we need to get up and draw close to our Lord, seek his forgiveness. Because remember when sins we don't repent from them than one sin leads to another. And a person continues in his facade for total fee * facade. And then what happens for sub barley him Rob Buka soltara Then there is no escape.

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I remember recently somebody was telling me about how

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they were not waking up.

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And the person who was trying to wake them up was getting very upset with them.

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And they said that is the Angel of Death going to wake you

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is the Angel of Death going to wake you up.

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We need to come out of our negligence out of heedlessness wake up to this reality that we are not here forever. We are being watched this life is short. We are going to die and we're going to face our Lord there is hisab there is Jana, there is no

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these are so scary. I asked that you know faces will be on that day and know nothing will be finished out hunger and thirst. In previous and here lies sitting in the place of ambush is watching. And if you feel the two eyes always says this lets me be like I'm really stepping up get conscious exactly camera on the sky 24/7 Imagine you know in that state where you know that somebody's watching you. You become so conscious. And especially when you know that somebody is watching you to find your faults. Just imagine when you were giving your driving test where the examiner is sitting right next to you watching your every move even the movement of your eyes.

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Every small thing, every little detail matters.

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And some people become more nervous because they know that they're being tested over there. We are always being watched in Iraq baccala Bill Mossad. Mossad is not just watching, observing, waiting, able to execute revenge, able to punish. So where can we run?

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Recently one of my son he said to me like his class Hello. I was telling to everybody today I prayed Fajr and my son was shocked. He said Mama he said today I prayed for Azure. Is it mandatory on us? Right? We don't have a choice we have to pray. And he was shocked like he will say the friend was saying today I prayed Fajr Salah

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Assalamu alaykum a woman came to share ask him is a son is not able to wake up for foragers. You try everything. So the she has him so you tell me if their houses fire and your son is sleeping on the room if the house is on fire? What are you gonna do? She said I'll drag him from his clothes and get him take him out from it. The significant to this one why cannot save him from the fire of hereafter.

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