Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #37 – Tough Guys Control Their Anger

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being a tough person when angry, as it can damage other people's lives and relationships. They stress the need for individuals to control their anger and not speak out, as it is the devil's work to change behavior and lead with actions that can regret and hurt. The speaker warns individuals to avoid insulting others and avoid statements about other people.
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The Prophet Muhammad SAW I said, I'm said that the tough guy, a shiddhi is not somebody who can beat other people in wrestling or combat. But it's the person who can control themselves when they are angry.

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And this is something that I think everybody intuitively realizes, when you are angry, you're not alone.

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The devil is there. The devil is trying to rile you up fanned the flames excites you, and incite you to doing something acting out, that's going to damage your relationships, it's going to damage other people's bodies, it's going to damage your life in some sort of way. And it might be irrepairable.

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So a real tough person, a real tough guy, somebody who's strong, is able to control themselves. When they're angry, they don't let themselves be baited into acting out or speaking out or saying something that they're going to regret. Because how many things that we do or say when we're angry, or things that we immediately regret, or they end up hurting, and weakening our relationships for years to come? Maybe our entire lives, the relationship with your spouse or relationship with your kids.

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That's when the devil all of a sudden has you remembering all the other times that other person wronged you and you say, You know what, you're always like this, and you never did this, and you and you this way, because your family's like this. And your parents are like,

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how do you expect to carry on with that person?

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You just insulted them, their family?

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You just put doubts in that person's mind. As to your

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ability to be in that relationship at all.

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How do you expect to sit down to dinner with that person, let alone sleep with that person, if it's your spouse, the end of the day?

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Right and this is all the work of the devil, the devil wants that. He wants to

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get you to jump to get you to say these things. And so Muslims need to be very careful. You need to control yourself when you're angry. Don't speak. Don't yell. Especially Don't insult or say these sorts of essentialist statements about other people. You are this you are this.

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What can we do? The prophesies that I'm told us, our the biller, seek refuge from the devil. Make will

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change your your your posture, sit down, lay down, other things, go for a walk.

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Do these other whatever it takes whatever it takes to control yourself and to control your anger and not speak out and then you'll be a real tough guy.

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