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The importance of faith in religion and finding one's faith in Islam is linked to their actions. They stress the need for acceptance and understanding of death as a consequence of life, avoiding distractions, being gentle, and following a game plan to achieve success. They emphasize the importance of gratitude and avoiding evil behavior.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the D show. We have a exciting episode for you today as always, so don't go anywhere shake. Omar salema is with us. We're going to be talking about gratefulness, thankfulness. And at the end, you're going to ask yourself, Am I really being thankful? Am I being grateful? We'll let you decide at the end of this show. We'll see you in a little bit. Don't go anywhere.

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Welcome to the deen show and 100 Allah praise that accredit and heavens on earth this week on a deep show, we have my brother in your brother Shaykh. Omar Suleiman. How are you? Great to be at hamdulillah good about yourself at 100 It seems like Muslims are always praising God. hamdulillah all fine, through good and bad. Absolutely. But someone might say, Look, man, even through the bad times, even when you got a flat tire and look, your wife is giving you problems. And you guys are saying, Oh hamdulillah or your husband's giving you or your husband's giving you problems. You know, you having a bad day. And you know, let's say you lost all your money and you're still it's like you

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see the Muslims always like go sane and humble enough. And that's about being grateful, isn't it? Absolutely. So that's what we want to talk about today being grateful and thankful. And this is how we can God willing, beyond the way that's pleasing to the Creator, because Shakedown, he was ungrateful, and we don't want to follow his way. Is this correct? Absolutely. Tell us a little bit about yourself. You're also an instructor at another Institute. We don't want to go too long into it. People are going to go to the dean show and read your bio, but you're in. So I teach with a magnet Institute with Mischka University and Islamic learning foundation. So you've been teaching a

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long time.

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Since 2008, I started under my mentor Dr. salata solly Mischka University, what got you motivated to do this?

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That's a long story, you know, but a lot of blaming, I think I had my wake up call in high school. And afterwards, I, you know, I did not grow up a very religious youth at all, but I had my wake up call in high school and I, you know, Hamdulillah, I was motivated to go overseas to the UAE and to Jordan, other places, was studying him that I had my the support of my family, and it was a wonderful opportunity.

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So at what point in your life you mentioned high school now, right? And it's about being grateful At what point did you realize that I need to there is a creator? what point did you realize that there is a creator and I need to be thankful and grateful for the blessings, my eyesight, my hearing, you know, my tongue that I can speak with all these faculties that he's given us? When did you conclude that you know what Islam is the way of life that is the truth based on proof, and I need to follow it and be grateful? Well, actually, it's funny because I, I grew up, you know, I always knew that there was a God, and obviously having Muslim parents and hamdulillah devout Muslim parents. It was

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something that was consistently in the back of my mind, but I think, you know, obviously, growing up, sometimes in a public school, I was also playing basketball, though I'm not very good right now. I used to, you know, I was so into basketball, I was into many different things. And I think that I was just distracted. And then once I started thinking about religion, and I started, I realized that I needed to draw close to Allah.

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Me and my best friend who was not Muslim, Joshua, we decided to become either Muslim or Christian together. So we were kind of in an agnostic phase slash, I don't know if you could say that I ever went through a full atheism phase with through an agnostic phase. And Hamza de la blaw mean, we read the entire Bible, I still got that original Bible where I went through you went through the whole Bible, the whole Bible attempted anon the whole quarter and

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and we chose this Nam together. So Joshua now is useless and handed in law, and, and handed it out was a wonderful change in my life. best decision I ever made and 100. And so were you. You were you were Muslim. But you came to a point where not just because your parents are Muslim, that Now by default, you're like, someone who's you have to make that conscious decision that you made? Absolutely. I mean, I think faith is one of those things, obviously, that no one can, no one can instill in you, you know, you you've got to have that that birth inside of you. You've got to have that in and we as Muslims already believe you have that inclination to believe in one God. But

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you've got to nurture that inclination to believe in one God and whenever you start paying attention to the law, Allah subhanaw taala guides you to the truth. is the truth something nebulous. Is it something hazy, where you know what, it's it's confusing.

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mystical Some people think like religion is something that you know it doesn't have to make sense you just blindly accept it is this the same thing with Islam? Well see the beauty of Islam is that it's an evidence based religion evidence based absolutely a last monetize US federal level and the hula hula Allah know without a doubt that he is only one God. So Allah subhanaw taala challenges our intellect In fact, he tells us to use our intellect to come to the conclusion of faith. And in essence, for the most part, almost everything in Islam is explained with you know, in a way that appeals to the intellect however, of course, there will be certain situations where you need to

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submit yourself and you need to, you know, just trust your faith but but as far as the foundations of the deen you definitely Allah subhanaw taala calls you out to use your intellect flr tampilan the statement and put an appears many many times don't you think? So? Absolutely. That's the beauty of it that once you nurture your football, your inclination towards God, it's it's as clear as nine day hamdulillah. So what was it about Islam? What was it about this way of life, that we know that it's the same way of life that was sent to all the messengers of God, have a direct connection or direct dialogue with the one who created you know, intermediaries, you're not praying to dead people in the

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grave to angels, to saints, to monkeys, to elephants, to the sun, the moon to a messenger, you're praying to the one who created creation, and you're striving your best to obey Him to be grateful. Right? So what was it about it? What were some of the evidences I know, you can, you know, talk on this for the whole show? But what are some things for the viewing audience, someone who's like, why should I be thankful? You know what I mean? Why should I have to pray five times a day? You know, what was it to give them this firm conviction that you found you got from, you know, investigating Islam? What were some of the proofs and evidences? I think that, you know, first and foremost,

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again, the the issue of using the intellect, there was proof to it, there's proof to the court and being a revelation of God, there's a proof to the messenger ship of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And at the same time, you know, I I think I firmly had a belief that there was a god. Okay, but but I was kind of in that phase where, why would there be an organized religion? And then I thought to myself, well, why would God create us without giving us a religion in a way to get to him? It doesn't make sense, that's, that's just as illogical, as you know, as saying that, you know, somehow you you, you create something like a system, a very complicated system or complex system that's

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meant to serve you and then you give it no directions or instructions whatsoever. So I said, there must be instruction. And then I found that that other faiths that claim monotheism, unfortunately, are not you mentioned some examples, some reasons why but are not 100%, monotheistic. There is some there are some flaws there. So I found that Islam was the only monotheistic faith and the true sense of the word and I think that any professor of religion would agree.

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It centers around monotheism, not just monotheism, in our worship, but monotheism in the way we carry ourselves monotheism in every aspect of our lives. And that is the essence of gratitude, that you worship God the way that he wants you to worship Him. That is, that is gratitude. That's the greatest expression of gratitude, the, you know, and subpanel lots, it was just an amazing thing. Because when I looked in the Bible, I found that even a sadness and I'm Jesus peace be upon him, was inconsistent, you know, gratitude and worship of his Lord falling on his face and prayer, as as mentioned in Matthew, and when I saw all of that, and I said, you know, that then why should I need

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to go to anyone else to get to God? You know, it's just, it's, you know, compare having to ask someone else, to what says in an operable Alaykum inhabitant worried that Allah is closer to you than your jugular vein, he's right there, you can just call upon him and Allah Subhana Allah will certainly answer your call. So that was that was really the most appealing aspect. He's a one God, he's one god that is most merciful, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate. And he's also one that's accessible, you can call upon him at any time. So you develop a direct relationship with God and if your entire purpose is to center around God, then it's only befitting that your relationship is only

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with God and not with anyone else. The car has an instruction manual, the computer has an instruction manual mentioned instruction that the cell phone has an instruction manual. And that makes sense you were looking and you were like there's got to be an instruction manual for the human being you found this little occur on is that instruction manual and have the lead on and then the son of the Prophet slice alone. The fact that you have an application so you have you know, the beauty of Islam is that not only is our text our scripture, preserved so flawlessly, but the interpretation of the Scripture is preserved so flawlessly which is the prophets of Allah audio

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cinemas example the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, as I showed the alojado May Allah be pleased with their explained, you know, explained he was a walking or an which is so if I can't understand this word, I can just go to the property

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It's like someone's life and I can, I can see even the sun not has been preserved flawlessly at home today, we got to go to break we're gonna be back. So not to disparage against anybody or anybody's religion but we don't have original text, edit free, tamper, proof tamper proof like we have the Quran where it's memorized by millions all over the globe, people have memorized his book, it's a living miracle. Absolutely. Is that a fact not fiction, that is a fact that we don't have there. For instance, the original Bible, we don't have the original, we believe in the Torah in the NGO and these books that were given to Moses to Jesus, but do we have those in their original? Because you

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teach a comparative religion class? Right? You've investigated this, right? Absolutely not. In fact, we would find that there are, at this point, there are over 4000 versions of the Bible.

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And on top of that, there are over 36,000 sects of Christianity. And largely once you open that door for inauthenticity,

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and, you know, fables and traditions and adaptation to come into the faith and innovation, then unfortunately, it becomes lost, even though there might be sincerity, the intellect becomes lost. And so the way to follow and Please, God becomes lost. Awesome. I think we're going to take a break. I'm excited. And I'm sure you're excited. We're going to be back with some more. No more anywhere, we'll be back on a de show. I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid to stand.

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Not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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welcome back to the dean show. On the dean show. We are talking about serious topics. And this is serious because death is a reality. People are sleeping, hollywood, bollywood music, entertainment, R rated movies, everything is is distracting to people, people are laughing fun and games. But when the Angel of Death comes to take your soul, if you've been sleeping, it's going to be an uncomfortable feeling. Is that right? Or is it not? So we want to do as much good as we can. And the best good is obeying the creator and doing all the good that he's told us to do. Talk about for a minute, the seriousness of taking depth seriously, it's not obviously we're not constantly be

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pessimistic, and just you know, they can't live a fruitful life, but a balanced life. So I try to like sometimes get that feeling. You know, because that feeling makes everything else all your problems go away. When you make gender when you make the hereafter big this dunya becomes small. So talk to us that moment when death comes and Angel of Death is snatching your soul out of your body. Is that is that something pleasant? If you haven't prepared for it, you've been ignoring the call? Well, here's the idea. I mean, what's more pessimistic than non existence and uncertainty. So when we speak of death, we don't speak of death in a way to make people despair. In fact, despairing is

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is a sentence that you should not despair from your Creator. You know, it's actually the peak of optimism, thinking about what comes next that there's something better that you know what, you don't have to be all caught up trying to get your fair share in life and if someone wrongs you, and then you can turn the other cheek, because you understand that there is an afterlife that you can you know, you can come to that that peace of mind and that tranquility, understanding that there is something more than this, because obviously, this world will not satisfy anybody. No One No One has entered into this world, holistically with their spirits and with their mind, body and soul, except

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that they've been disappointed. So you know, Hamdulillah, we have something to look forward to and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he actually said something very powerful. He said that whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him. And whoever hates to meet Allah, Allah hates to meet him. So I saw the law and the wife of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, she said, but on messenger of Allah, you know, we all hate death. And he said, That's not what I'm talking about. He said, verily, the believer whenever he's given the news of the mercy of Allah, and his bounties and his blessing, then he loves to meet him. And at the same time, whenever the the person who has

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angered his Lord is given the news of the anger of his Lord and his and his own wastefulness and his own heedlessness, then he hates to meet God because He hates to be held accountable. So how did he laugh for us we are we are consistently looking forward to meeting our Creator although we are the most We are the most afraid of possibly falling into in gratitude and, and things of that sort because we understand the bounties and the blessings that he has bestowed upon us, but at the same time, we love to meet him. We longed to

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Meet him. It's like when you go to the airport, and you've got, you know, you've got departures and arrivals, I always noticed this, you know, you go, you go on one floor, and everybody's sad and everyone's crying. And then you go on the other floor, which is arrivals, and everyone's happy and rejoice, we are, we're missing a lot. We can't wait to meet him. We love God, you know. And that's why the scars that even when you go to your prayer, go to your prayer with a column that has more staff with a heart that is longing for Allah, I miss you a lot, I can't wait to talk to you, I've been missing you, I want to talk to you again. You know, so we can't wait to meet him and to see him

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in sha Allah, to have that blessing and that bounty, so we're looking forward to it.

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So that's amazing. We want to see our Creator and that is what gives us motivation, there's hope. There's light at the end of the tunnel, through all the hard times, through all the good times, you know, we not, we're not getting attached to this life, because we're gonna have to say bye bye. But those people now and that's part of being grateful, isn't it. And that's what we're going to go on. From here. I want to give a live example I know somebody, people know certain people and we can kind of critique again, a person's life. And again, this is not to disparage against anybody, but for that person that we love. Because Islam says love all mankind. And if we don't share, we don't care.

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So we are sharing. So in sha Allah, the person can see that we really care and a lot cares about you to most. So be grateful so you can be successful. We know many people are coming to Islam is the fastest growing way of life in the world. Some people now they're coming to Islam, but now they're having a very hard time establishing the prayer. The call for the men on Friday is, you know, the Juma. So we know we need to be gentle, and we need to be understanding with many of those who are coming to Islam, and they're having a hard time. But how can we motivate not only the new Muslims, but many 100 law, they're jumping right into it. They're establishing the prayer to come into Juma.

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They're trying to leave off the things that are displeasing to the Creator, you know, around people of knowledge, and it's producing good results, their characters getting better. They're leaving off drugs, alcohol, lying, deceiving, cheating. Islam calls the good and it produces good, but not others. They're struggling their feet, and they're not taking these things seriously. Is that a sign of ungratefulness on thankfulness? Well, the challenge of shape on the challenge of the devil in the first place was that Oh Allah, you will not find the majority of your servants to be from those who are grateful for my shacking. Now, it's the reason why shape on comes with that message. The devil

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tries to inspire in gratitude is because this obedience is born out of in gratitude and obedience is born out of gratitude. You know, think about your your your worldly relationships, your relationship with your parents, why is it that we have kids at 18 years old, telling their parents to shut up and go away and you don't know it's because they forgot the 18 years. And even before that, the nine months in the belly and even before that, the anticipation and things of that sort in the preparation they forgot. They were ungrateful, and because of that in gratitude, they were able to disobeyed. Now for us, there's a great scholar of Islam by the name Ibrahim, no Adam, may Allah be

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pleased with him, a man came to him and said, You know what, give me permission to sin. Sin is making me feel guilty. So why don't you just give me give me an excuse to sin. He said, Okay, if you want to sin against a law, if you want to disobey your Creator, then this obey your Creator, in a place where he can't see you. And he said, Well, wait a minute, Allah sees me everywhere. So sorry, let's try something else. He says, Well, if you want to disobey Allah, at least have the courtesy to disobey Him in a place that doesn't belong to him. He said, But It all belongs to Allah. This is all his his universe universe in his creation. In fact, the limbs that he's giving me, which I'm trying

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to disobey Him with, you know, that's that, that in and of itself, that belongs to a lot all belongs to a lie says, Okay, well, at least if you're going to disobey Allah, then don't eat from his food and his drink and his sustenance and he said, but everything is provided by Allah. Right? So those are some how to love you really think about that? You know, and you really give that some extra thoughts. How can I bring myself to use the capacity or the qualities that Allah has given me? You know, whether it's fame or popularity or wealth, or it's, it's, you know, intellect, or it's public speaking? How can I use that against a law? My hands might my eyes, my, my feet? My How can I use

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that against a lot? And so we should be saying, Alhamdulillah we should be thanking Allah for the blessing of being able to think a lot because not everyone can think a lot. Right and one great scholar, Chicago's Hakan, huraiti, may Allah be pleased with him, preserve him, great scholar in Egypt. He said, If Allah allows you to die, saying Alhamdulillah then you have died in debt because you still owe him and hamdulillah for allowing you to say Alhamdulillah before you died, you still owe him one Subhana Allah because you're able to thank him that in and of itself is a great blessing being able to speak and thanking so what

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I'm trying to say is that

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and you know, that's why gratitude is the total package, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he said that whoever is not grateful to people will not be grateful to Allah grant, you know, just recognizing the blessings and the bounties and the favors that people have done for you. And Allah says in the Quran, or intero, do not miss a lot. That's what if you were to count the blessing in the singular, the blessing, not near the blessing of Allah, you would not be able to do so because from one blessing, every blessing that God has given you, you can extract hundreds and 1000s of blessings. Think about the blessing of the hand. It's not one blessing. What is all that you? What

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is it that you do with your hand, think about the blessing of your mother, the blessing of your parents, the blessing of your spouse, the blessing of your children, the blessing of your eyes? You know, I had I had one I know a brother that lost his ability to blink his eyes. He had a minor paralysis, he could not blink his eyes anymore. And he realized somehow just the blessing of being able to blink keeps your eyes moist. Yes. And so his he was constantly in pain afterwards because he had to keep on putting eyedrops and that's something do we actually thank Allah for? Every time we blink? We don't even think about it. Are we actually able to thank Allah subhanaw taala for the

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1000s of processes that are taking place in our body at this moment, right now we're not able to so all we do is we submit ourselves in humility and say, Oh Allah, I can't thank you enough. But here's my best shot. Now show me mercy. This is the best I'm trying. But at the end of the day, I know I'm not going to be able to repay you. So please just show me mercy upon Allah say, Alhamdulillah thank God, thank God for everything that we have only got the one God that Jesus called the people to worship that Mohammed called the people to worship all the messengers called people to not worship themselves, but they call people to worship the one God and we'll be right back with more here on

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the deen Show.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Solo on iOS, otherwise solo, he

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would go to my room, lock the door prostrate and cry saying God, you know me better than myself. So me the right way. And I will leave everything behind

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includes everything intelligent to be.

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Back here on the show. Thank you for tuning in.

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I said, I know a person who came to Islam. And he used to believe that Jesus died for his sins. And we got to reasoning with him saying that, look, nobody is going to give you a free ride. You're accountable for yourself. Jesus never taught this. He never claimed he was God. He never said he's dying for the sins of the world. This is something of a concoction that human beings have come up with. There's only one God and you repent to him directly alone. We gave him the evidences the proofs, and through some dialogue to some, you know, showing the Muslim character and given him to evidence he accepted Islam. And it seemed like at that point, he was down and out. He almost didn't

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have a dime to his name. And he needed a job. And we know this brother, who actually gave him a job helped him on his feet. And this is the Muslim character to help to help because this is what brings us reward from the Creator. So we know that this brother was coming along. He was also in a marriage that didn't work out. He didn't have access to his son, this was eating them up. Very intelligent man. And he was striving to want to make his own business. So he didn't have it. He never died. He was sleeping in his car, you know. So now he started implementing Islam. And he started to be grateful. I'm telling you, this person, he successfully got his own business started making money. A

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law the creator and I knew you know how sometimes when you have a split in a relationship, and it's a bad split, he couldn't get close to his son at all. It was driving him nuts. Last soften the woman's heart. And he kept complaining about this that I want to see my son is even though he was able to now To this day, he has a relationship with his son. He was going to the fridge in the mustard. He was making the the Friday hood about praying, praying, you know, but now it seemed like he got the position. Okay, he got his own business. He got all these things. It seems like now what we're hearing

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Bottom. He's not even praying, he gets exasperated. He gets exasperated, irritated when he starts hearing the call. And it seems like he drifted off. Now that he has these things when he was down and out, sleeping in the car didn't have a dime to his name. He was around brothers. He had a family. But now it seems like he's being less grateful and thankful. So we want to kind of talk about in the brief few minutes that we have what is going on? And you can see he's not happy before it seemed like, you know, he was just full of he was more gregarious, he was, you know, feeling better. He said, Man, when he took his Shahada was the best day in his life. Now, when you come

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around him, sometimes he's like I said, gets irritated, mood swings, angry. Is this a cause of that talk to us? Well, I'll just summarize it with one eye on on one verse in the Quran. Allah says in the quote, analyzed bucola, and Shackleton as

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well in Colorado, in Nevada. vilasa de Allah says that your if your Lord announced, proclaimed, if you are grateful, I will increase you. And if you are ungrateful, then know that my punishment is severe. Now, the interesting subtlety in this ayah, gratitude brings about increase increase doesn't necessarily bring about gratitude. You see, whenever you're a grateful person, your situation could not be the best of situations, but you see more, you see, you always see the glass half full, not half empty. And so you're consistently in praise, regardless of your situations. Whereas sometimes, as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, Allah might give you a, you know, if the son of Adam

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is given a value of gold, then he'll want another one. And then if he has to, he'll want three, you know, if you're, if you're after increased, some people think once I have, then I'll become grateful. But gratitude brings about increase and that's when the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to make the drought, what was certainly feed Daddy, and grant me expansion in my home, he wasn't making dua to Allah to to transform his house into a mansion. His house was so small, so the Larissa learns about nine by for, I mean, it's a very small house. So small, his house was so small that whenever he would pray, he would have to tap the the legs of his wife, I said, to move her legs

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so that he could make some juice. So was he asking a lot for a bigger house, he could have asked anybody to, you know, he was the Prophet of Allah slice, and they would have given it to him. He was saying, allow me to feel like my home is more spacious, meaning what grant me blessing and what I've been given. And so that's what once you have Baraka and blessing in what you're given, then you feel the increase, then you feel the increase, otherwise, sometimes increase can be a punishment. Right. And that's a loss doesn't do not be amazed by their their wealth, the wealth that they've amassed, and the children so on and so forth. You read the law and your idea of the allowance to punish them

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with that, you know, it's a punishment whenever you chase this world, and the things that you've that you've toiled for, turn their backs on you, your children, for example, and you didn't instilled in them Islam, you stayed away from being grateful, and you did not teach them Islam properly. And you were after, you know, making sure that they had a BMW and making sure they always had, they were always pampered and things of that sort. And then they grew up to tell you, you know, get out of my life, I don't even know you, that's a punishment, your wealth. When you've spent your your youth when you've spent your health when you've spent all of that, toiling after it's and then

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you realize at the end of the day, okay, my bank account is Fuller, but I'm not any happier. That's a punishment. So what I would say to that brother and to others in that situation, understand that Allah will call you out on your unfulfilled promises, you know, and that's the thing we all make promises whenever we're in states of vulnerability, and I'm sure he did. Absolutely. And a lot will call you out on that. You know, it's it's, it's a lot help you know, the prophets. I said, I mentioned to us the story of a leper, a blind man, and the bald men, you know, who who were all poor. And the last panel data sent the angel to all three of them, and the angel asked them what

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they wanted. And just to paraphrase the Hadith, I'm really paraphrasing the Hadith. Each one of them wants it for their sickness to be cured and wanted the value of some sort of animal and Allah gave it to all of them. Two of them became ungrateful. And whenever they saw a certain person in the same situation that they were, so the leper saw lepers and so forth. Whenever they saw a person in the exact same situation as them.

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

They acted like they've ever been in that situation. They were arrogant they were, and it was actually an angel that was posing as a man in the situation that they used to be in to show them hey, look, this is what you used to be. Don't forget what used to be. Because in essence, when we become ungrateful, it's because we forgot who we were. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala says, Go to Insert Mack, follow may man be destroyed. How ungrateful is he? minegishi and Hanukkah from what was he created a lot of reminds you what you were created from you forgot where you came from. You forgot your moment of vulnerability.

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

You know, a loss is the most severe yes Salah you know, firstly were created from a dirty drop of fluid then Allah made the path easy for you and even our boss will be alone who said it's not just Islam the path that was not easy. A lot literally made the path easy for you coming out of your mother's stomach company children died in labor, how many mothers die in labor? You know, how miraculous is it when you study medicine that a child can even make it out there. So I'll remind you of your origin. So when you go back and you remember your state of vulnerability, then you say wow, Allah gave me all of this and look at what I'm doing. Look at 100 pain. You know, I'm I'm repaying a

00:30:33--> 00:31:10

loss pattern only within gratitude and disobedience. So we asked a lot to protect us. We all fall in that we all fall in that a lot protect us and help us to be grateful so we can get to gender paradise. I mean, people can look you up at Al Maghrib and Misha cat and Islamic learning foundation and Islamic learning foundation. What it is a particular website, I lF Mischka University comm and mongodump take his class, take his class, we can benefit from your knowledge, May Allah increase you. Thank you for being with us. Thank you very much. And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. We got to benefit from another one of our guests,

00:31:10--> 00:31:52

God willing, you'll take this information, and you will implement it and be grateful and thankful before death overtakes you. And you don't want to die in a state that you forgotten about the Creator. So now he's made you forget about yourself, you know where you came from, from a dirty fluid. And look at you now. God Almighty has answered your prayers, and has given you so much. And what does he expect from us to be good to do good so we can be the best in society. And you have to follow the blueprint. Otherwise, you can't do it on your own. You'd be falling your lesson desires and you'll end up destroying yourself. So don't destroy yourself. Be the best that you can be and

00:31:52--> 00:32:23

bring yourself to the full potential but you've got to follow the game plan. The game plan is what the crater has sent down throughout time. And we have it preserved in the Quran. Last and Final revelation said to mankind and the authentic saints traditions of the last fundamental part Mohammed peace be upon him. It's there and if you'd like to pick it up, give us a call at one 800 662 Islam to learn more. We'll see you next time inshallah God Willing Don't forget to pick up the new dunya to Deen also at Eddie DVD calm we'll see you next time peace mean to you