Omar Suleiman – The Beginning and the End – EP 68 Overcoming your Sins

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The story of Adam and Eve is a different from everyone's own stories, and the loss of their relationship is a sad consequence. Atonement is a means of obtaining a reward after sin, and forgiveness is necessary for everyone who committed a sin. The importance of avoiding crisis situations and sharing videos of the loss of Islam is emphasized.
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My name is Salaam and Hauer and Eve were then sent to the earth. Now here's the thing. When we look at the story of Adam and Eve Salaam, it's different from all of us Why? Because the story of Adam starts in gender and then it goes to Earth. Whereas for the rest of the rest of us it starts here and then it ends in gender but in the later Allah we asked the last panel that that's the case so it's it's a very different situation, a very different scenario altogether. And it's a very interesting question. You know, we know that there is no punishment after repentance that Allah subhanho Tiana for gave the money some a lot tells us that once the money is sought forgiveness that

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he forgave him. So when he lost son Tim to the earth was he sent to Earth as a punishment, or was he sent to Earth because that was his decree anyway? Now, Alice Pattaya tells us in the Quran that when he created the mighty his Salaam, that he told the angels in the jar you don't fill out all the Khalifa that I am placing upon the earth, this halifa this caretaker. So there was this concept already made known to the angels and to everyone that Adam and Eve is Salam was destined for the earth. And that's why I'm in court to be Rahim, Allah to Allah and some other scholars, they said that Adams coming to earth was not a punishment, because there is no punishment after repentance,

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but rather, it's not a loss of hundreds and had already created him for the earth. And this was the thing that spurred it, this was the decree thing that spurred it, but he was eventually meant to come here anyway. And there is no indication in the fact that Adam it is Salaam was sent to Earth that Allah subhana wa tada was still punishing him. Now, we also take a very powerful lesson though, that just because a loss of hundreds, Allah forgives you after your sin, doesn't mean that you're not going to continue to reap the consequences. there will be consequences at times, even if Allah subhanaw taala forgave you. So it might not be a punishment from Allah subhana wa Tada. Rather,

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that's the process of your cafardo. That's the process of your expiation of your atonement. Okay? Because a lot of times, for example, you know, if I quit selling heroin, for example, if I quit selling something that's impermissible. Do I expect that as a result of that, I'm not going to lose some money, I'm not going to find some, you know, I'm not going to suffer a little bit and struggle to get the * out. Now, for some people, a lost contact immediately will take them from that hadham income. And as soon as they quit a lost parents, I will give them an amazing holiday income. Those are the feel good stories that you hear in hotels and stuff like that. But sometimes that's

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not the case. If I quit this relationship that I'm not supposed to be in, should I expect that immediately, I'm gonna feel amazing, and then I'm not going to have heartbreak and so on, so forth. No, those consequences that I face, those circumstances, are a means of cafaro they're a means of expiation, just like any test in life, just like anything else that gets in my way. So long as Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven me, I don't need to view those things as a punishment. So this is a means of atonement, it's a means of cafardo It's a means of expiation, it should not be looked at in any other way. And this is a very different narrative from the concept of original sin. Okay, there,

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you know, this idea that we were created to bear the sin of Adam minding his salon, and that we could not be forgiven except through, you know, the crucifixion of as it is set up. This is a very different story, a very different narrative altogether. Because essentially, what we're being told is we were always meant to come to the earth it was already made for us, Allah subhanaw taala had already pleased had already decreed it to be that way and last panda is pleased with that decree. So no, when we're born, we're not bearing the sin of Adam is not we're not bearing the consequences of Adam it is salaams mistake because this is what had already been decreed for us. And even though Chi

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Rahim Allah to Allah He also throws in a very beautiful snippet for us. He says that you know, when when Adam alayhis salam was expelled from Paradise, at least was pleased 30 hadleys cache pond got expelled as well. Right? And losers always like to have company right so he thought to himself Hey, Adam, it Sam got expelled as well, at least was pleased that Adam and his Salaam was expelled and at least thought that he won. But even though Chi Rahim Allah said what he did not take into consideration is that when the diver dives, and also how was when the diver dives to the bottom of the ocean, yes matter, look, look, he gathers the pearls at the bottom of the ocean, way out. It's a

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fair model. It's an awful lot and then he rises up once again, and this time he has pearls in his hands. And what that means is when a person commits a sin number one attack buena dombey commandment number the prophets lie. Some said that the one who repents from the sin is like the one who never sinned in the first place. Number two, if that sin and repentance of that process brought you closer to a loss

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penalty, it's actually better for you. It's better that it happens. If it really brought you closer to Allah, Allah forgave you for it. And that was the turning point in your life and in your relationship for the loss of Hannah Montana, then you've gathered some pearls you don't have the effect of the sin, but you do have the good deed of the default. The the seeking forgiveness and you do have that newfound relationship with Allah. And just look at the way Allah describes it in the Quran, where Allah Adam or a robber who favela admire Islam disobeyed Allah and so he went astray so much to that who are Abu fatawa but then a lot chose him. And Allah subhanaw taala accepted his

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repentance Allah turn towards him and Allah guided him. So the situation of Adam, after his repentance was greater than the situation of Adam is not before, despite the fact that now he's in earth and not in gender, because now he's closer to Allah subhanaw taala he's been chosen as a prophet of Allah. And now he has learned those lessons and gathered those pearls. And that's the same thing that we need to make sure that we do when we commit those sins and we repent don't just repent and say stuff that Allah learn the lessons and use that incident just like any crisis in any relationship, use that crisis to propel you back towards the last panel agenda and to cause you to

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fleet towards a last minute out of the way that atomizer landed. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box and if you'd like to see all of the other episodes and the other videos we have to offer then please click on the box under that and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.

In this episode, Shaykh Omar Suleiman explains the decree of Allah irrespective of the sin of Adam AS, how the situation of Adam AS was greater after repentance, being chosen as a Prophet of Allah than the situation before and Rasullalah SAW said when you sin and seek repentance its like you haven’t sinned and if that sin got you closer to Allah SWT its better for you.

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