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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of recognizing who is divine and understanding the Prophet's message and actions is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the misunderstandings of the Prophet's message and how he provided support and guidance to the prophets. The importance of trusting the Prophet's words and actions, being a believer and surrendering results, and cautioning oneself is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the need for caution and understanding of one's own actions, and the importance of guidance and gratitude for the believer.
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more harm than good. And the disbeliever the rejection of a quick always collaborates against his Lord.

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Allah has set forth in this chapter criteria to teach us how we can tell what is divine, and what is not. So that we can know what deserves to be worships and what was not. We learned that that to be divine, you must be her, you must have been awakening and to know and to be divine, you must be self sufficient, and free from need to be divine or need to be able to communicate styles.

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To meet divine needs to have perfect knowledge, vision, and hearing.

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Find ways to be divine, you have to be able to harm and benefit your creation, with perfect will, meaning without saying obstacles or limitations.

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When you understand what's the best he is, idol worship naturally seems redundant, and

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literally a waste of time. And we've been

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here a lot pointing out that the spikes are for Irish recognizing all this. They persisted in worshipping items.

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We also learn from this verse, that the Nyer have faith that the law is talking about here, is not passive, not innocent. He doesn't just wants to be left alone wants that his culture and his way know, before he goes like them, we're not content to live and let live. Instead, they constantly look for opportunities to oppress true faith

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and to oppress the people that were the way

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they were constantly plotting and conniving

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to extinguish a loss lights, and a lot of will never work what is like being extinguished, even if it's displeasing.

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That's a loss of cells, whatnot. So now,

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we want to be on hold

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on a minute.

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In Shar Pei, tell me about your visa visa.

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And We have sent you over office only as a deliverer of good news. And the order say to them, I cannot ask you for any reward for this message. But whoever wishes let them pursue the way of their voice.

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One of the most incriminating proofs against civil rights was that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam was not asking them for anything in exchange for his services. As a messenger, he wasn't asking them for a reward for saving them from the hellfire. He simply wanted them to listen. And the dialogue

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operation couldn't be such an act of generosity and goodwill. They were purchased, they were from the deserts, the use of light was cutthroats that only the strong survive. And so in the beginning, they could only imagine that we'll have to some of the lower body was gonna wanted something from them.

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After all, this has never happened. So that would be more one of their own and claiming to be unprofitable with a message from Allah. So at first of all, I say try to drive the profits of the logo I make

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are slightly lower the approach the profits of the low money, it was a Monday with an offer. He said, If you want well, we will join together and give you greater riches than any of us have ever possessed. If you want power, we will make you our chief we will never make any decision without consulting you first. If you want to be king, we will make you the King. And if you're possessed by some demon, this is all just an affliction upon you. Then we will bring in the most skillful positions we can find to cure you.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in reply by saying, Are you finished?

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And then he recited the first verse of some sorts of

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Halloween This is revelation from the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious kitab.

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the told me

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a book with science is spelled out a recitation in Arabic for a mission who knows

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that she

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don't want to hear it on the on the expo,

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a black tie and the morning, but most of them rejected it. And so they do not hear.

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Then the profit. So for us, after reciting these verses, he said, that is my reply. You can do whatever you wish.

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I went back to the other chiefs operation, he was a changed man. They saw the change on his face, they asked him what happened to you. He wouldn't say all he said was I recommend that we leave this man alone to preach His message

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and to stop trying to oppose this man. But of course the corporation would not accept that.

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Not having ulterior motives, not having a conflict of interest, not benefited materially from his mission gave the Prophets of Allah ye

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the moral high ground, because he did not want anything except from Allah. Because he did not fear anything except Allah. No man had any power over him.

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That's the last sound whatsoever

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on attending the delay, and also submit

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whatever they need, we will do the three that the audio

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puts your trust in the Ever Living everlasting never dies, and glorify His praises. So sufficient Is he as all aware of the sins of His servants, the prophets of the Lord he was found to be upset, and sad, because he was rejected by his own people who knew him since he was a child. Think of how much the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one said there is that salvation. He knew the way he had been given the truth with miracles and an amazing or

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his people still turn away.

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Imagine how crushed the profits in the long run a person that must have felt. Imagine how likely he might have been to blame himself. Maybe he wasn't delivering the message perfectly. Maybe it only He adjusted his approach. But no, here a lot of selling profits a loved one.

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There's nothing left to be done. That certain proof have already been delivered. And so Allah Allah is providing words of support and encouragement to the prophets of Allah. It was September in the face of this disappointments, as if to say, don't rely on yourself. Don't think you have control such that you can cause people to be guided, if I hadn't already know that to be so.

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Instead, put your trust and faith in the everlasting Allah who never dies and glorify Him with praise. He knows the sins of His creations. And so he already knows which of them will take heed, and which of them will not.

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The message of reliance

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upon a walk is one of the most central lessons a person of faith has to learn.

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We have to strike a balance between taking the means meaning acting responsibly toward our goals, and trusting the results that come our way.

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We can't go to the extreme on either side. We can't refuse to act responsibly and call us to Alliance insha Allah

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just like we can upset obsess over what we do and blame ourselves for the results and the outcome.

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We can see the correct score of reliance upon Allah in the conduct of a Muslim during the Battle of a trench 10,000 Enemy soldiers were about to converge upon Medina and also decided to dig a trench about two kilometers long to prevent them from crossing over into the city. digging a trench was grueling, brutal work. They worked in extremely harsh conditions. But this was the responsible action that was required of them. They didn't sit at home waiting to be slaughtered. That would not have been reliance. They jumped the trench. But then after they broke the trench after they did what they could do, they trusted and allowed to deliver the results. They didn't obsess over what was

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going to happen or how exactly the enemy will be turned away. A loss of care about for them by sending a terrible windstorm that scattered the rents and sent them

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I'm happy

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than the last time without any says, Hello, the follow up seminar working without one I may not be simply a young woman from Moscow, our launch of manna Fest and the company.

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He is the One Who created the heavens and the earth and everything in between, in six days that he established himself upon the throne, he is the most compassionate, ask none other than the whole note all about himself.

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What is the biggest obstacle in the way of us relying upon the law?

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It's the subconscious belief that relying upon the law is not going to work.

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That is not fun enough, that somehow even if we know it's the right thing to do, intellectually, our actions show that we're afraid, we're afraid it might not be true, that if we rely upon the law, what is best for us will actually happen.

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After to silence these doubts, Allah gives us even more reassurance, not by telling us that he'll give us whatever we want.

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But by emphasizing the mighty glory of the One that you're supposed to trust, and rely upon.

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What happens if we act responsibly, we rely upon the law, and then we still don't get what we want.

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And we do it wrong. Was our alliance not sufficient?

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Reliance, just like this is not some magic spell. To get whatever we want out of this, like, if getting what we wanted, were that easy. Everyone would have figured it out by now. And if everyone got what they wanted, the world would be an even more chaotic place than it already is. Know what we want, is not a given. It's not sacred truth. Allah tells us that we might like a thing. And that thing might be bad for us. Just as we might hate to think that in reality, it's good for us.

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If we are too fixated on what we want, then in reality, we have not relied upon Allah.

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Instead, we can rely upon our once. We need to be careful that we're not doing all of these acts of worship and piety. Just to get what we want out of this, like Allah telling us a sense of purpose, the process of being a believer, and surrender the results. Second, he will bring out the best thing for us, even if it's something we think we don't want, making peace with what alone for us after we've done what we can. That is true reliance upon the public. Good. A lot of you want to see the unfolding and suddenly we're working on

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next offseason, we need to center that cross rate to overhand they ask in discus who is not on them? Well, we drop straight to whatever you order a student and then only drives them away further. The flourish plains was unknown to them and so they justified not worshipping Allah or answering the prophets, Paul. This is similar to the story of when the Muslims should sign the treaty or good idea. The Muslims were commanded after the Battle of the Trench to vote on them.

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But when they got to Mecca for a sapling, eventually, they signed the treaty and for the which would allow them to make rules on the following year.

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During the process of writing the agreements, profitable Lombardi listen up people that I lead, who is the scribe who was actually writing down the agreements to write this today

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at the top of the page, apply, Representative protest and he said we will not we do not know about man

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and so on he did not write

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are shaping the dealership or coalition PT told us that in fact, the Federation were well aware of who else was the event even use the name entry Asana coaching.

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If this is true, then it is even more incriminating for the corporation who knew that the progress of the law it was telling the truth? Then the law says

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without going to be as the auditor will feel less than the one who has placed constellations in the sky as well as the radiance lamp and a luminous moon. A last reminder

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and further who it is we are relying upon. As mighty and amazing as the moon and the constellations are the one who placed them. They're the one who placed them in their position that orchestrated their movements is even greater. Finally, almost as well whether it be challenging later when the House who live in Northern India

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and he is the one who caused the day and the night alternates, as a sign for whoever desires to be mindful, or to be grateful. All these signs that happens upon birth are not merely decoration. They are meant to amaze for more importantly, they are meant to provoke reflection, and thoughts about who put them there, and why. Ultimately, they are assigned place to live people would have faith and worship their Lord.

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Allah mentions the two types of people who will take the signs as they were intended to be taken. People who look for values, and people who are looking to be grateful

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to fundamental qualities no believer can do without the believer is primarily someone who looks for guidance, someone who seeks it out, just as we say 17 times a day of sorts, in fact, they

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guide us, but we don't just say it, and then keep living our lives the same day after day, year after year. No, we search for guidance. And so we progress this year is better than last year, which was better than the year before. Our faith grows because we keep looking for guidance. The believer is also someone who is grateful as the Prophet saw a lot of money he was upset, whoever doesn't pay for people does not have a lot of believers he just was taken bouncing all around them as the basis of the creation and they seek out the source of that blessing and mountain because they feel indebted. They want us to appreciate what is done for them. And thank the source of those blessings.

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Guidance and gratitude will lead us back to the love

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and the hearts of such a person is relieved when they finally find the source of all guidance. And thanks to most of the western

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countries in the last couple weeks for Lunarlon.

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subdividing assembling has been

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slowly Island wide

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come up or later on if you want

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to proceed. Well then they want to

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in while the body isn't

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working for them. Washington on a one on one day more

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and more he

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was going to learn how to develop and was going to sit

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in a room

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for a quiet fracture you will not carry with you having to go down the road that will last as long we are

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