Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #23 – Surah Al-Bayinnah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of religion and how it is not about who one is, but rather what they believe. They explain that religion is a core message of guidance and that individuals have a specific moral orientation based on their beliefs. The speaker also discusses how individuals may face pride and arrogance and may be punished by Allah based on their beliefs.
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One of the main points of sorts of Boehner is that a lot gets to define what religion is not you, not me. And this is a huge paradigm shift from the kind of secular history understanding we have of religion, which basically, implicitly is just what people believe, or some sort of amalgamation of what people believe. Not enough, according to the Creator, if you actually believe in a creator, religion is what the Creator expects from the creation in order to gain the approval of the Creator, worship rules, regulations, ethics, morals, all these sorts of things. And so since it comes from the Creator, no creation has any say in it, right? The creation doesn't get to make up its own rules

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as it goes along when it comes to the essentials, right, of moral guidance and law and these sorts of things. Right? And so Allah is telling us the main point of sorts of baina. One of the main points is that this is what true religion is, this is what true guidance is, it comes from Allah. And every genuine, authentic revelation that has been given to human beings over time has the same core message, the same core message, which is to submit to Allah Spano Tata to pray, to do righteous deeds, these sorts of things based off of that there are people who have received earlier revelations that at the time that they were given were authentic. But due to human neglect, and

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human ego and human manipulation, they have accrued various sorts of abominations, heresies, blasphemies, even, okay, so these people are in a have a very, very specific moral challenge, when the final messenger comes with the Prophet Muhammad Ali. So that's Assam comes with the final revelation, the correction, the Koran, correcting everything else, the final word on all these sorts of things, what's your response going to be? How are you going to react? Are you going to have the orientation where you want to follow the truth? You want to follow the guidance, you want to understand at least maybe you're not completely convinced, maybe you're skeptical, but at least

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you're going to ask the question, whoa, wait a second. This is claiming to be genuine revelation from my Creator, I better take this seriously. Or are you going to have so much pride in what you were given before or what your people were given before or your tribe or your group or your identity, that you're going to reject it out of hand and not even investigate and say, Yeah, this has to be fake fake news. The first response is the response of a sincere person and that person is going to be rewarded for their sincerity even maybe if they don't figure it all out. The second person is affected by pride and arrogance, and that person is going to be punished or at least is

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eligible to be punished by Allah on the Day of Judgment.

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