Ayah Series #17 – Surah Al-‘Asr

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of time and how it is short in our lives. They stress the need to be mindful of our legacy and to be patient in our lives. The speaker emphasizes the importance of history and how it should be addressed.
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The main point or one of the main points of sorts of acids that time is running out, and people if they don't actually actively purify themselves are going to lose. Okay? So time is very, very short. And nobody knows when their time is. Nobody knows when they're going to die. It's going to happen suddenly, for most of us, and so we need to get busy, right? Your whole life is going to be a waste unless you are somebody who believes and does righteous deeds and helps other people to be truthful and helps other people to be patient. If you're not doing those sorts of things, your life so waste doesn't matter how much money you make, doesn't matter how many people you may laugh, or how famous

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you are, or what right, what positive effect did he leave behind you, every Muslim should be concerned about that legacy. What's the legacy that you leave behind you? You want to start something that's going to continue after you you want to be able to be laid to rest in your grave and be able to say, You know what, that little tiny blip of history that I had on this earth I did something positive with it. I believed I stood up for what was right and I tried to make a difference.