Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #16 – Surah Quraysh

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the concept of indebtedness and how it is the result of actions taken by individuals. They explain that indebtedness is not due to a specific person or group, but rather a reflection of actions taken by others. The speakers emphasize that everyone is entitled to indebtedness and that it is up to individual actions that make a difference.
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In Surah, Quran one of the main points that Allah makes and this is something that he makes throughout the Quran, he tries to develop in people a sense of gratitude or a sense of indebtedness, let's say, and then move them towards gratitude and action for that indebtedness. And so he brings up the Quran, and their method of livelihood, their method of livelihood was the sort of trade routes and these trade caravans that they were able to go and bring goods and make money and this is how they survived. Okay, so Allah is kind of implying here, who's the one who enables you to have this who's the one that enables you to make your travel safe and enables you to come back to your

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home safe and sound and benefit from all this thing? It's a loss bounce out. Okay, once you've registered that indebtedness, it's not entitled that you're not entitled to it. It's not due to you and it's not in your control either. Because if Allah wanted to, he could send a sandstorm or he could send Raiders or bandits on the road or things like that. Right. So it's not a foregone conclusion that you should have this ability to provide for yourself. Allah is the one that safeguarding Allah is the One who is allowing it to happen. So once you feel that indebtedness, won't you be grateful to him once you worship, the one whose house he says rob the huddle baits like

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the one who protects his house to rob the sustainer of the cabin, who also does work who is the one who feeds you and is the one who protects you from from all harm. And this is something that again, a lug does throughout the Koran, indebtedness to gratitude indebtedness to gratitude, you depend on a lot for anything, then what's the proper response? What's the sincere response? What will be the response of a sincere person who wants to do the right thing the person who wants to do the right thing is going to search out how should I be grateful? How can I give thanks whereas an insincere person and a wicked person is going to just act like that is their do and they don't have to be

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thankful to anybody.

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