Ayah Series #13 – Surah Al-Kafirun

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The speaker discusses the importance of being happy with being different from others and being tolerated. They stress that Muslims need to be comfortable with what they have and that others can also be comfortable with what they believe. The speaker emphasizes that they are not supposed to complicate things and that they need to be comfortable with what they have.

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One of the main ideas of sorts of Caffee rune is that Muslims need to be content with being different. We need to be happy with being different from other people, that it's okay that we're not like everybody else. It's okay that we don't dress like everybody else. It's okay that we don't believe in what everybody else believes. It's okay that we don't celebrate the same holidays that other people celebrate. It's okay that we do things different that we eat different foods and other people eat. We arrange our families in different ways, and other people arrange their families, we need to be okay. And confident in the way that Allah gave us. And just because we're okay, and we're

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confident in what Allah gave us doesn't mean that we're pushing it on other people, we can let them have their freedom and their choice. And but they also have to respect us. A lot of times, we say that, we want toleration and we want tolerance and these sorts of things. But what really happens is that Muslims are the ones compromising, and everybody else, nobody else has to compromise. Everybody stays with what's comfortable for them. And we're the ones that have to make sacrifices, whether it's, you know, touching the opposite sex or dressing in a certain way, or what have you. It could be a lot of different things, food, dress, prayer, the whole idea of tolerance in the first place is

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that I get to be me, and you get to be you. And if you're asking me to leave, or to compromise, things that I believe in, that's not tolerance at all. You're trying to convert me or you're trying to get me to assimilate. That's called assimilation. So sorts of cafiero and one of the main points is that we're not supposed to assimilate in that sense of what assimilation is. There's other types of assimilation that are fine. We're talking about understanding how to interact with different people, I go out onto the street, I'm not awkward. I understand how to interact with non Muslims, I understand where they're coming from, I can talk to them, I can be nice to them, I can be kind to

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them, that's, that's fine. But if we're talking about me, changing my religion, or violating my beliefs, or going against something that I believe in, just to fit in just to get other people's approval, sorts of Kathy Runa Allah says that we need to be comfortable with what Allah gave us. And we're comfortable with what we have, and will let other people be comfortable with what they're doing.