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Come to the port, come to deliver the coordinate the story of dual coordination from yet the vs 83 to verse number 98, that there ought to be like him in a shape or regime, or slo naka de la koroni. Also at pneumonic Minh who decaro they asked you about the coordinate, indeed we should narrate upon you reminder of the story about this individual

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and the benefit for all

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for all of us.

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Not just us, but focusing upon the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, what we learn Charla from the story we find from the Hadith, any Dino naziha. any religion, a sincere advice, owner Limon, for whom?

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Allah in the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said the law he will be he will era su li polymetal muslimeen Mr. Amati him any advice in his, towards Allah Subhana Allah, his book, His Messenger, and the Imams of the Muslims, leaders of the Muslims or the imata must Muslim when I met him and the general masses of mankind, whether it be including Muslims, and even possibly non Muslims as well, and had the rovuma Muslim minister he.

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Now obviously, most of this discussion about the codename

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is an advice for many of the rulers as well.

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So we don't want to sound be political, but we need to learn and extract and understand the benefits of these verses, which do apply for a Muslim Muslim in the leaders of the Muslims and the rule is that we find at the moment amongst the Muslims

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because we find that

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only four kings ever dominated in in most of the planet.

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Two of them mean and two of them are Muslims

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and to the McAfee around to them with disbelievers, as to believing things, our will and Solomon first used to demand and secondly was Zulu Karna and these are the two

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kings who dominated most of the earth.

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And McAfee Iran, the two disbelieving kings were numb, rude, the one whom Ibrahim al Islam met, and Baba Nasir.

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So these are the four kings that you find that ever, like govern a large portion of the earth? If not, most, if not all of the earth latinum Now we find that Allah Subhana Allah gave him the real dominance, that a real adjust King and there wasn't many of those in history. In the normal history and neither in Islamic history Do you find just rulers and kings amongst the Muslims as well?

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And you find a lot of pent Allah says about the Quran, the following verse number 84, in mactan law who fill out where are they now whom in cliche in suburbia, very early, we established him in the earth and we gave him the means of everything.

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Now we find that this concept of kingship

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of kingship that you find

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is something that can go against the shery of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Obviously, we don't want to create havoc in a coop or uprising of upheaval, a revolution, full of bloodshed, etc.

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But kingship or Kingdom ship in the mukhiya is against the son of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and you find the famous Hadith, how they will be the whole offer and often will come leaders etc and then you find that there will be a time of mukhiya of Kingdom ship.

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And then after that, once again, it will return back to the filler for Allah min hygiene, the Buddha will come back to once again Islamic caliphate upon the main Hydra Nobu upon the methodology of prophethood. Yani the son of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And that's we can understand why certain respectable individuals or demand scholars will remain quiet any about any kingship because they feel at times that as long as there is law and order in the country is best to remain silent about

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such affairs. For the sake of any surviving saving people from bloodshed and turmoil, leave these people

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Let them be inside their positions. Now the current kinships that any any some people may think we're not aware or not in touch, just leave them alone any personally, you know, I'm not one of those individuals who just leave certain things alone doesn't mean that we're talking about them in a bad man etc. But there's a time to discuss certain things as well that we're all well aware what is taking place in a Muslim lands, because you find that many people just don't feature helia any arrogant or powerful in in ignorance

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on Islam, when it comes to Islam did come cowardly. That's not what Islam is. Any characters that are more in harmony, he was Jabbar in Germany, it was Jabbar in Islam as well. No one stepped over him in days of Jay Leno, nobody walked over him in Islam as well. That's why sometimes we have too much of a soft attitude about academic understanding that we wouldn't let anybody walk over us in jania. But we let everybody walk over us when it comes to Islam.

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mean the believer shouldn't be worried about what these people are doing, or be worried at all. Those people have ever greater responsibility that they have to return back to Allah Subhana Allah, about the people that they are governing and the position that they've been given.

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Now, just a brief journey inside of the concept of the maloca, the kingdom ship, or the kingship that exists in the Muslim lands at the moment, and some reasons, statistics, etc, that we just collected handed and not just so we're aware of. You find for example, in Morocco, in final maillet, Muhammad Assad is Mohammed the sixth with a call unit ameerul momineen was just a symbolic title. Because we know the meaning of Amir meaning is a person to give that title to himself. It doesn't really tell you the meaning of the real meaning that you find and his concept of uni, the route or the salon or Kingdom shaped kingship inside the mockery that developed from the the dynasties in

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1666. This has been continuously flowing within the state of union of mockery, that kings after kings that you find. And he was born in the year 1963 and currently became the king in the year 1999.

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Malik, Malik will often the King of Jordan, born 13th of January 1962, a builder cernium builder the second

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and he also became the king of that country in 1999. Now the Jordanian any monarchy was set up in 1921. For those who are not aware by the help of the British people in this country. That's the reason why we're highlighting certain these points. Some people think that these things just happen all of a sudden, there always is certain people key players who develop this type of understanding in the Muslim world. Before Malik Abdullah Thani, those three previous kings inside the land the land of Odin, King Abdullah the first 1921 to 1951 King Paul first 1951 52 only for one year he rained, and then King has seen the first from 1952 to 1999. So from 1921 you find the first British

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involvement. Then once again, you find King Hussein gets married to any a woman by the name of any matru princess Muna al Hussain, who originally is Antoinette. Toni, I will guide in a British woman. And from there you find the current King King Abdullah Thani, who's half British, in other words, so don't be surprised as British etiquettes and a British system a way of life inside this Muslim land.

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Thirdly, that doesn't mean we're speaking back to the British is good luck to them, but they have a deep understanding of how to dominate the Muslim Empire and take control of it. Thirdly, the land of misser. The land of Egypt, you find there al Malik farrakhan overall, for the first, any who reigned from the year 1936 was born in 1920, and died in 1965. But became the king of that country in 1936. took over from his father King for the first and this king farrakhan Oh, well, dominating the land of missile, an Arabic country did not speak any Arabic.

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So this is an Arab country, where a king of that country does not know how to speak Arabic only Turkish, and it becomes the king of that country at the age of 16. His lavish lifestyle that his own people called him the thief of Cairo. That's what the people used to call him this king king of government and emission and the coming of the military coup in 1952 BY JAMAL Abdi nurseries in two totally different story. If you read a seer and a life of Jamal Abdel Nasser and atrocities that he'd done, forced Iraq to abdicate and to leave any minister and his exile into Italy.

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Then you find any beloved country too many of us which many people dare speak about, because obviously because of Al haramain, the precincts of the tube, mactan Medina, and he America to the Arabia, Saudi or the Kingdom of Saudi

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RT Arabia, you find that

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the current King al Malik Abdullah, who took position in 2005 born in the year 1924. All the kings of that country are all his sons have settled and are considered a primary claim on the kingship. kingship will never go outside the family of ebenso Road, it will remain there and this is nothing but what they call call nepotism. favoritism, which has no place in snarler favoring one's relatives and friends rather than abilities and the concept of taqwa King Abdul Aziz, any he could call him sarode. Eben sarode is the original founder when he returned back from Kuwait and he took over Riyadh, born in 1880, and died in the year 1953 or the ninth of November 1953, who ruled from the

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year 1932 when he returned back to Riyadh until 1953 for 21 years, and all the rest of the kings are all of his sons. You find kings are

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born the 15th of January 2002, died in 1969, ruled for 11 years. Then you find King Faisal, who ruled for the following 11 years, King Khalid as well his son, born in 1912 have ruled for the next seven years. Then King Fahad born in 1921, died first of August 2005 rule for the following 23 years from 1982 to 2005. Then you find King Abdullah for 1924 ranging from in 2005 until the current day even though he was technically in place before that due to the illness of Molokini alpha head.

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Now, people just want to praise and flattered the rulers. That's a common practice that you find you need there will be a Mel dolla, we don't be taken aback. Don't ever think they don't exist. They will be scholars, any of the government who will aid whatever government it may be, whether it be the land of Saudi Arabia, the land of Jordan, the land of Mr. The land of Morocco, you find that certain scholars, we placed it to your knees seek benefit for those people who are governing them. And even at times change rulings to benefit the people that are there, we should be aware of that that doesn't mean that we're speaking ill of them. But that is any something which has been

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highlighted that they will be rolling out soon they will be evil scholars, and evil scholars will only come about because they've been pocketed by the government or being controlled by the government. That does not mean that every single scholar that works for the government or is in any taking a payroll from the government, and he is not speaking the truth or is twisting the rulings. They will always be people who ponder the truth as well. Now we don't want to defame them. And we can quote the downfalls, the lavish lifestyles, the squandering of wealth, etc, you can find that a full in a whole series of any research can be done about what these people have committed a name of

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Islam and atrocities that they commit and the squandering of the wealth of the Muslim Ummah, we only want to encourage them because the position that they are in to become like the total court name. That's what we're trying to do that you've been placed in that position, and dislike don't coordinate had that, if possible, that that lavish way of life in the sense of the things are exposed to him. But look at the way he took his role as being any giving dominance upon the land. And bear in mind the verse of Allah Subhana Allah in Surah, early Emraan, a third chapter, verse 26, Paloma Malik Al mulk, total Malcolm and Tasha returns your commitment Tasha

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Tasha over to the lumen Tisha, big girl hi Nicola condition called Do you want Oh, Lord, magical milk the king Jenny of all these kingdoms till more you give the kingdom ship to whoever you want? What turns out more commitment Tasha, you snatch it away from whoever you want. What do I presume? And Tasha, you give honor to whomever you want to the lumen Tisha, you disgrace my view you won't be ethical hide in Nicaragua kulish, encoded and indeed, any old goodness and you are witness upon everything and all goodness lies in your hands.

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Then you find that if they continue to lead you leyna to lead you live in a hurry to lead you know how to lay or to Cradle

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to Cradle higher mineral.

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Waters documenta shall be ready he said, You're the ones who can brings in the night into the day to day into the night, the dead from the living in the living from the dead, and you give sustenance and provision to whoever you want without any accountability. And then you find these words any which go back to this concept of honor and dignity. Let me noodle Katharina Alia. I mean, do we need never can the believers take any the disbelievers as allies at the stake of the Muslims, meaning now is the glory only belongs to the believers and persons who seek to be amongst the Muslims. Likewise, the famous verse in the Quran liminal, muku dilla, who were headed, to whom was a kingdom ship

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belong on this day, to the one and only irresistible Allah Subhana. Allah as these people should reflect and to think about in the position that they've been placed in and who was in the corner and they'll coordinate that you find that the earlier of history you have discussed and others

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Emma talked about first view that you find that exists is he was what they called Alexander the Great any Alexandra Third, the king of uni, Macedonia or Macedonia mccrudden, from 336 to 323 bc before Christ, and who they classify as you need a Greek military commander, because he conquered some 70 in the countries and you find the famous movie made about him in 1955 and then another movie in 2004. However, we find that many olema go against the view that is Alexander the Great because the Quran talks about him being any more head being any Morehead one singling out and worshipping Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, whereby you find if he is the Greek military commander, Alexander the

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Great cold words that they use, we know that the Greeks are just full of uni nothing but shirk. So obviously from Islamic point of view doesn't fit into the context, that this Greek any military commander, and he was a was an evil codename. Another view that exists in some of the books of history is that Cyrus, the great unit of Persia is another view that exists could be any dual coordinate as for a name, and then obviously a third usual law analyst panda knows best who was the codename. But those are two three views that exists Firstly, that is Alexander the Great. Second is Cyrus the king of uni, Persia. And third, the last term that I knows best. As for why is his name

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Volker nine, why is his name Volker nine. First they said that his name is medical room warfare is because he's the king of the two cities of the Romans and the Persians. So he's been given that that title,

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also, you find, secondly, a novella called masari, called Mahara because he went all the way to the east and went all the way to the west, he's classified as the and he organized. A third view is because literally any coordinate means the man have two horns. So the helmet that he wore had two horns on it. So that's the third understanding that you find is because he literally wore a helmet of two horns. So they call him Volker named the companion of two horns. Because obviously, currently is one, one horn and coordinate is unique, two horns that he would be wearing on the top of his helmet.

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And we find that then the last round, as we mentioned, in number can level fill out with a nomenclature cliche. in suburbia, indeed, we gave him the establishment in the earth, and he Tamkeen on the land, and we gave him the means of everything. Now once established in the land, not just by power, but by belief. So he had the power in the land, and he had the strong belief, which he enforced in the land. That's what power means, according to Islam, that if a person is given power and dominance, then that dominance means that you begin to dominate the people by even if it means by enforcing the law of Allah Subhana Allah upon them. So you find that what can be done by the

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Sorbonne cannot even be done by the book of Allah subhanaw taala because the book of Allah subhanaw taala you can only recite and talk about it, but a salon can come and take the book, and make it the law of the country. And this is an earth that is quite famous that the work can be done by the Sultan is far greater than what can be done by the book of Allah Subhana Allah and that's you know, what Andre talks about giving people 17 establishment on the land. What do people go to the correct people go and do? Where are the low ladina M and Lin Kumar? Amina saw the hottie is definitely fun don't fill out. Domestic lafonda Dena me oblique him. What are you makin anila home Dena Mullah de

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todo la home, where are you but didn't know much about him how for him Amna insulted nude, the 24th chapter, verse number 55, Allah Subhana Allah as promised those people believe amongst you, and do the righteous deeds, like aesthetically for now, without that we will give them the inheritance of the land thermostat laferla dynamic problem as we gave inheritance the land of the people before them while you walk in another home and we will give them Tamkeen we will give them establishment and position in the land with the dean that they are content with the happy with and then we will change them while you but didn't know whom embody him remember the whole thing and change the state

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of fear into a change of uni? tranquility and peace? What is the criteria of giving that dominance to them? Allah Subhana Allah says yeah, Buddha Nicola usually Guna be Shia, they worship only me and they commit no share the loss of Hannah Diana. So that is the beginning once again of tawheed that once a given the dominance of the land, they follow that criteria worship only Allah subhanaw taala and in pray, worship only him Subhana Allah and you do not associate any partners with him Subhana Allah. Likewise you find Yusuf Ali Salaam in the 12th chapter verse number 56 waka deli combat canal use of so once again we talked about Tamkeen the word Tamkeen in care and giving person their

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position in the land. We gave use of that in can or mckinnell use of a filler yet turbo minha Hey through your shell and he was able to travel wherever he wanted inside this land. No see we were mattina Manisha wala and Odie. Oh, mercy Nene and you need to give a mercy proportion by mercy to whomever we want.

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While our new deal machine and we didn't do not let the actions of the dues of good go to waste, so the righteous when they are given Tim keen and they dominate, you find once again Latina Mr. Cannon fill out those individuals that we give them Tamkeen in the land of commerce Allah established the prayer will add to the character will amaru build a roof on a honeymoon card while he lay Akiba to do more. And so to know the 22nd chapter, the Quran verse number 41. Those people living in mecanim fill out, we give them position in the land authority in the land, they establish the prayer established a giving in the collecting of Zakah when amaru Bill maroof they order the good and they

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forbid the evil and to Allah Subhana Allah abrini return back unit all affairs, that's what Islamic dominance means. In Unfortunately, many Islamic countries they, they have a secular agenda, they have socialism inside the agenda. They're not interested in establishing the prayer in establishing azuka they're not interested in spreading the ordering of God and the forbidden of evil. That is a normal any understanding of the deen of Allah under under the every single Muslim country should be delved into such an understanding. Where are they now I'm in Cali Shay in suburban we gave him the affairs of everything. Now what is the word suburban mean? suburb any monazite rb gave him all the

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positions on the earth. Another understanding a demon alsina any the knowledge of all the different languages whenever he would enter into a coma Polish people, except for he had the ability to speak the language of that people. Meaning he understood the culture and the coffee and everything about those individuals. Another opinion of suburban means earlier we gave him all concepts of knowledge were given to him. And this is the view of urban Arbus and Mujahid and sorry, the new debate and Karima said That's the meaning of your nice suburb. Now different parts and features of the of the earth are given to uni that will contain just like below please, the Queen of Sheba in 27 chapter

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verse number 20 27th chapter, sort of number verse number 23. You find what UI admin coolish he was given any mean condition everything was exposed to you need the Queen of Sheba to build please?

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What monarchs are given what they really need to be given his email and that's what needs to be given at the moment. Because obviously, they have everything that they exposure at the moment, but they don't have the concept of Eman. Allah gave him the means of all things meaning the means and power to conquer all areas, regions and countries to defeat enemies suppress the kings of the earth and humiliate the people of shirk. So at the moment, we find that many of the Muslims have everything that they exposure but they don't have the man they don't have the courage to stand up for their belief in Allah Subhana Allah and the defense of the Muslims. Now we take a look at the

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the journey of the codename first you find the West fat barrel suburb, so he followed any away. Even adversity follow different routes to achieve what he wanted. Mujahid said he followed different routes in the East in the West, in a route a route that he took through the land. Qatada said he followed the routes and landmarks and the author of the Earth had either Bella mokuba Shams until he came to the furthest point. And the furthest point that the highlight is the uni reached a place in the sky where the sunsets the sunset, and behind him is all false and inhuman always so far away that he got close to the sun. But the real meaning is that the what it carries the meaning that he

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traveled far across the land to you need to conquer all these areas? And tell what what did the head crew goofy alien Hemi attentively saw the sun as it was setting in the oceans even all the way to the other side of the globe? whereby could visualize the sun setting any into the ocean? creative Allah Subhana Allah and there he found that that spot that location, well, once you're there under her coma, he found a nation or people there. So look at the command and the address of dual core nine to these people. Cornelia del COVID-19 M and to addabbo Emma and Natasha Fie him Hausner, either you punish them or treat them with kindness. So this is the only the advice given to don't

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coordinate. And this we find view justice, color mm and balama for so often, where are the Boo from my euro dollar ob for your audible audible nakara. So wherever wherever oppresses so then we will soften up the Boo will punish that individual, then he will return back to his Lord, to face a terrible torment. So the persistence of evil coversheet means punishment in this world first, the task of the rule of the governor is to punish human beings so it becomes a deterrent for people to enter into that sin and when the when the individual returns back to Allah Subhana Allah, that individual have to face that punishment in front of Allah Subhana Allah even more chastisement here

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should be highlighted. This does not mean that we take the law into our own hands.

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Here we're talking about the ruler and the governor implementing the law, because many people would take that know that we can implement the law ourself and that basically falls into understanding ever taught me know NaVi bardell Kitab furuno be banned, do you believe in part of the book and reject another part of the book? Because some people say look, if a person's in he commits a, an evil sin, then we will do this to them will do that to them. But for example, your person steals will the same people go and amputate the amputated individuals hand. Now they won't. Because they were living in the West, we cannot do something like that. So you cannot implement the law according

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to your own whims and desires. Only the people in authority have the right to implement you need the law?

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Well, I'm an amateur Amina saleha. fella who does annual Hausner, whoever has the man has belief in his righteous actions and we will give the individual jazza and he will host now we'll have the good reward given to them was an apollomon Marina Yusra, we speak unto him mild words. Now, this is once again, we tried to extract the understanding of what's taking place in the Muslim world at the moment and what the codename was doing, and to be just unfair, any

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we don't want to talk about the tyrannical and oppressive that we find in the Western world at the moment amongst Muslims. Because by the time we should worry about any, any worry about our own selves as well, what exists in our own lands,

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as we mentioned, is the four countries that we focus upon, for example, Morocco, you find severe human rights violations that you find inside that country, Jordan, if you criticize any the regime, you're severely punished by a jail sentence, you criticize Islam is only a short term prison or a minimal fine is given to us a constitution of that country. And that's no exaggeration, you can go and research the law of Jordan and yourselves, criticize the regime, you'll be faced by severe punishment in jail, you criticize Islam is only a short term prison sentence, or a minimal fine will be given to you,

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Egypt, we all know the state of Egypt and what they do in that country today, you find the study of you find a movement of one and Muslim It doesn't mean that we believe in all the abuse, etc. But to be fair, and just you find that the torture that German of the nurse had done upon uni peep upon people that he done in the movement and Muslim Brotherhood movement that you find, like I said, doesn't mean that we agree totally with their views, but them any the least they are is their Muslim brothers. And they are Muslims amongst the active Muslims that have been tortured by that regime.

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And that torture still continues even to this day of anybody who's involved in it inside that movement. And even today, do you find that I've met individuals that even to this day from what happened in the 60s certainly won't even grow their beard, because the torture that they face, you know that because there could be picked up by the authority just for simply growing your beard This is supposed to be a Muslim man in Tunisia is forbidden to wear the hijab, in the public place. Institutes of learning supposed to be a Muslim country is forbidden for you to grow a beard inside Tunisia, which is a Muslim country is also something to reflect upon. And then you find any Saudi

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Arabia as well, even upon the correct any correct man hedges, people talk about methodology of advice being given to the rulers. In the year, spring 1991 453. religious scholars, judges have professors, and he presented a understanding of the state of that country to the king of the country that time 453 religious scholars, people go and research that for themselves. They feel that I'm exaggerating, July 1990 207, religious scholars presented to the kingdom Memorandum of advice about what was taking place inside that country. And you can all go and read in history what took place after that memorandum advice was given that each and every single one of those individuals was

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somehow picked up or removed from their position.

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Now we're not going to praise any democracy or Western lands But sadly, it is true that at times we are given more freedom of speech and Western length and in some Muslim lands. I'm not wanting to praise the West, but obviously we have to be fair that time is far greater freedom of speech and expression been given in uni in these lands in a Muslim lands. Then you come to the east and the coordinate travelled to the eastern suburb had to either Bella Shamsi wanted to clear Allah Camila manage alone mindu Neha cetera then he came to the place of whereby the the rising place of the sun, and he found that people live had no shelter against the sun.

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cattolica could be mela de hora, and we knew all about me the state of union or the position of the local name. And the remember that every time you pass the people he subjugated them and call them to Allah Subhana Allah. And then he came into this land whereby nothing grew and these people go into the tunnels and they would come out with a ton of a lot of seed have highlighted, there is no shelter for these individuals that were residing inside the tunnels. Then he came to the north where you find Yeah, George George. So much better said Baba had died.

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velyka baneasa Dany YG Domine dooney Hema como la Kaduna Kahuna cola. It came to people it could scarcely understand a word from these people called We are the Kundalini in a judo Judo mossy do nothing. They said oh do local nine India Judah george will come to them inshallah have been creating mischief in the land for her Nadia Allah, Allah and Allah subhana wa venum said, should we then any pay your tribute in order that you may erect a barrier between us and them? All a member can nithi Hera be higher on fire in only Baku within Albania Kuma Bainimarama as for you to pay tribute to me some well for some properties are given to me I have no need for you to offer me

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anything. The only thing I want from you is that he normally before any age me through any physical strength any I give me a workforce, albino coma Bainimarama that I made any together we may place a barrier between you and those individuals Dr. George George toony, Zuber al Hadid and bring me any Zuber any of iron a form of iron had to either sir were Bane or solder Fein until you find that he began to fill up the gap between the two mountains or the two cliffs column fuku and he said blow into it had Elijah Allah who narrow until it became any hot fire call to neoflam la keturah bring me on to pour it over them. So this is talking about the barrier which is built between the people and

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yeah, George and George. Some people call you need this this wall or the barrier. They say Firstly, one view your first two sort of scene of the in the Great Wall of China. So this is the barrier is blocking any huge amount huge people yeah, Judy judge coming out to the to any of the the public or to the human beings. This is the longest man made structure, and he's stretching over 6352 kilometers, some 3948 miles. And you find this famous proverb that is cliche, you're not a real man if you haven't climbed a great wall

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another view but the wall of the barrier is built between the urban and the real which are two cities of Dagestan in the co cascine the area of

00:32:18--> 00:32:58

Chechnya, etc. Around the air does history define the land that lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian? Does he stand literally means the country of mountains so many that run in my ego or stories go to the view that that is the place of where the great wall was built in between because you find the Quran talks about any Do you find any head that either sir were Bane or solder Fein you find fill up the gaps between the two mountains or the two clips. So some that are my go to review that is the location any of the this wall or this barrier must turn to Allah and he knows best famous Paul Theroux Mustapha Allahu nakaba. And so they cannot scale it or dig through it. All I had

00:32:58--> 00:33:41

urashima tomura b this is the mercy of my Lord Allah Subhana Allah, Farida J. Dora beija Allah who care and the promise My Lord comes about and obviously it will just you know fall flat to the ground what can we do to be helpful and indeed the promise of God is truth. What is true what arachnida Adam Yama in your mood up been wonderful coffee sharifa Gemma Gemma and we'll leave them come out and he says like waves on one another and the Trumpet will be blown and we should collect them all together. So after it any the coming of the hour in you will find because when Judah Judah released because this is from amongst the major signs of day and judgment and after that you'll find that

00:33:41--> 00:34:23

coming of the final hour will happen there. Now, before we come to any huge amount of damage, and who these individuals they are who these creatures are, and you find that it's not something trivial or something smaller to be ignored about. zany been Josh, when the wives of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu some says that the Prophet Muhammad Allah some woke up from asleep and he was read in the face. And he said La Jolla, La ilaha illAllah Wei de Lille Arabi min Sheree conectada Foothill Yamuna rod Mia, Judah, Judah, Mr. Heather and he said that none has the right to be worshipped except for lust and Allah, any role upon the Arabs from the evil which is about to approach them

00:34:23--> 00:34:59

today and the 40 has already been judged and then the mountain or small any holy man judge has been opened up from from the Board of yajima judge, meaning they're about to be released soon. She said O Messenger of Allah will we be destroyed even though there will be righteous people amongst us? He said so the last alum Nam either Catherine Sabbath, he said yes. If any sickness misdeeds evil deeds, evil actions become prominent in the land and even the soil of the righteous people will be destroyed amongst them as well. So when people think just let the peace

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

do what they want to do. Don't fall into that mistake because that in itself could be a sin any linguistically. I'm not saying you are sinful but but you are sinful as well. If you don't try to change the state of affairs that you are in, the punishment of lust, Panda will even come upon the righteous people. If sin becomes prominent in the land. Now we find that before we delve into the following idea to talk about Yeah, George, George, be appropriate to know your knees are asleep him you need the essence of what is Yeah, George, George, what is the need the meaning of your Juma and George? Where does this word develop from this title first you find his man at Jimmy Yeah, these are

00:35:37--> 00:35:51

two non Arabic names another opinion These are two actual unique Arabic names or titles that you find as we find that if it's taken from the view of non Arabic names

00:35:52--> 00:36:32

then they're not derived their direct names Yeah, Judy Matthews is just a direct name because the Arabic language most times names are derived from a source from initial meaning so if it's a non Arabic name, they just simply titled Yeah, Juju, Juju the title of these individuals, if they are Arabic names and they are derived or taken from a certain form. So for example, I just did not a dejan any objective not a judgement to blaze and to become blazing then he like would find a judge something which is salty old metal shaded alamelu her an edge or who was sort of Attila I do is the quickness of the of the enemy

00:36:33--> 00:37:15

management manage it at horiba module just take it from the word to mix or to swarm whiterock nabba Adam Yama in your mood up your mood up bad as you make them come out they will swarm and mix with one into the other. Is this some linguistic understanding any of your Judo Judo? They say Yeah, dude and I wasn't yeah for all my Judo and I was enough all those you studied Arabic language and you know what these terminologies study and he returns back to our Allah wasn't feral. Any fee him? What Cora Jim Who? Yeah, dude. Huge be tuning hams and some people say yeah Jews image without the Hamza but the correct understanding is Yeah, George and George.

00:37:20--> 00:38:00

And so you find out via the name, the sound unique, beastly dangerous and he even any monsters are not even human beings are magical you don't get a human being. Understanding from that's what you find. As we mentioned previously, linguistics talks about the Arabic language is one of the few languages in the world that you find that the actual word itself carries the meaning. Actually word carries the meaning of the word is trying to talk about now, the Jews and the Christians say that they're the satanic powers who waged war against God and righteous at the end of the world is your judge and Jude some claim they are half human and half union beast and the beast in ugly due to an

00:38:00--> 00:38:25

Adam tell me that Adam had a wet dream for tala tamanu be Torah. And he's in he he semen and he mixed with it with the with the earth for Hala coloman Dahlia, Judah McGeorge, and from there you find the creation Yeah, Juma Judah mela de la there's no evidence for this by just a a false uni understanding some people have the concept of uni. Yeah, George. George.

00:38:26--> 00:39:04

Some people said they are from the progeny of uni new and some say from Yeah, fifth, any from the son of nor, but what can be concluded they are from human beings. And he has this to say he had this Buhari highlight as well. You're called Allahu Allah. Yeah, Adam for your cola Baker Sadek. Let's say to add them, call upon Adam and he will say the baker Sadek. Here I am responding to your coal while hydro fee they can Oh goodness lies in your hands for your call average birth center. We said that take out the people. Any of the fire caller merbau. For now, what is the need the people of the fire

00:39:05--> 00:39:11

call? I mean Cooley elfin this Amir what is what is in from every 1999

00:39:12--> 00:39:16

for India who is shibasaki at that stage and he the person

00:39:17--> 00:39:18

and he will become any

00:39:19--> 00:39:49

white haired water cooler that the hamming hamler and every pregnant woman woman will drop her load. Ouattara nurse so Kara people will look like they're in a state of drunkenness woman whom be soccer, but they are not drunk. Well, I can adapt Bella Hadid For indeed any the punishment of lust handle a severe all who were a unit the helical warhead and from amongst us, who is that one call of Shirou say have glad tidings for endermen comm rollin,

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

rollin, rollin mihnea, dude, dude, elf from amongst you be in the one man and then he not 1000 from Yeah, dude. And yeah, and

00:40:01--> 00:40:41

So that's how some interviewers say what a uniform amongst us It refers back to a source of human beings. As for more direct wording that you find, and doomadgee would mean what Adam were unknown or unknown low or silliness. nafsa do Allah Masha Masha, whom Wallonia mu two millennia mu two minimum minute I had a letter coming to bat alfalfa Swan So hey, find this hadith and a human judgment wallet Adam that Yeah, dude, dude, I found the children of Adam. And they have to be thrown upon the people left to do Allah him nourish a home that they will come and cause corruption in the life and not one of them will will die or be taken away, except for that he will leave you and he from his

00:40:41--> 00:41:30

progeny 1000 or even more than that, the Hadeeth Kingdom resemblance to human beings as well. If you read the cifa to homos refer to him, if you read the descriptions about them, even though many of the Hadith are very, very weak in nature, but some of those which are which are which are true. And some of them sound very strange as well as gentlemen took any local any the thought is, you find a mixture of people in the mixture of bloods that we find a time or any time here some people even thought that the thought is at that time any because you find that cigar or you the causes that small eyed deulofeu sharp nose that you find Sherwood red hair that you find and you find a

00:41:30--> 00:42:01

generation of them wearing any shoes of wool, etc. So obviously a lot of people took the view that the Mughals or that so the thought is at that time, they weren't any German Jews and even the characteristics that they had, you find it the way that they would come upon the people like a barbaric form of coming upon the people and slaying them and spilling the blood and all types of things that you find. As a side point you find that when chef is done with a meal is fighting against the tortoise that you find even the Muslims that he found he some of them drinking

00:42:03--> 00:42:38

in his hand and I look at a look at understanding shake something, shake something be Tamia. What it is students has said to me, tell me why don't you? Why don't you refute these people? Why don't you say something about these people drinking in front of you? You know, you know they're Muslim, Jeff, why don't you refute them. And he said leave them alone. Because in their drunkenness, at least they're not going to rampage and go and kill anyone they're going to drink and they're going to fall asleep here. As if these people are inside their senses, then they will come and rampage into our land and any any rape our women and torture our children etc and do all types of evil atrocities. So

00:42:38--> 00:42:52

that was the understand that shows me Tamia a deep understanding of fear. Sometimes you may think that why doesn't a person do certain actions or not do them is because you need wisdom and faith will only come after many many long years of studying of the book of Allah Subhana Allah

00:42:54--> 00:42:58

aradippou Alma journal Mustafa mataranka

00:42:59--> 00:43:39

Dr. Mahajan srpc 14 Molokini kinari wire but if I hadn't mentioned many other narrations about them, but most of them are weak in nature. The idea movement takes opinion that the European nations are yeah George George quite strange idea movement makes that statement because they themselves were instigated by the British themselves, or can be concluded from authentic narrations and non regional aquia that they are strong men they are physically strong individuals la Takata Leah had the acquittal Liam is not easy for one of you to kill you any one of these individuals. And that some took the opinions you already mentioned that they have already come out amongst those individuals

00:43:39--> 00:44:05

took that view was people like say Koto. He took the view that we're home with Tata alladhina, Alvaro feel cognisable and Hijri that they are the individual Tata, as I mentioned, came out in the seventh uni you have the stomach calendar, seventh century to stomach Canada, with the maroon family Calista Mia where I had to fill out the facade, facade and the destroyed the Islamic empire etc. In his works in the in the shade of the Quran.

00:44:07--> 00:44:25

And obviously people may pick up on that say, oh, there we go again. Sade, kotoba Sufi to criticize him about he wasn't the only one who had that view even before him I'm called to be took the view who came many centuries before him and he took the view or seminar and who mess me I mean and facade will portal for the knowmia Judo will not judge.

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

Oh my god Oh, Makati motorhome. So to see Rocco to be He also took the view in a certain group of people existed there. He took the view that these people are your Judo, Judo or they are the beginning of the coming of the journey of jujitsu view of Imam Al Gore to be any as well. And you find it's not possible for them to come and the answer why it's not possible for them to come at that time. Or they didn't exist before it's because you find that you need they will only appear after descent of a submarine. So with three submarine will come then you will find the coming of your duty

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

Man dude. So we have a people existed before who shared the same characteristics of being small eyed, shiny faces sharp noses wearing woolen clothing etc, behaving in this immoral manner etc barbaric manner in those are just nations that may have gone past because the correct understanding is that they will come after Yanni the coming of Isa does you find in the Hadith that Oh Allah Larissa and Nicole, burden de la ciudad de him, barely will be an auditor Risa will be given to him that I bought at certain individuals. No individually able you need to slay these individuals were hertz Ribera de la porte bring my service to a mountain of board. Warrior Bertha loja Judo Judo home

00:45:43--> 00:46:26

in Cali had the minion salute. And then last hand Allah will send out your Juju module. So here the Hadees talked about when Lisa has been returned back Yeah, Juju McGeorge will come out or before that there will be inside the land and then it'll be the task in a reasonably medium to appear there at the same time as the judge. Just like the verse that you find head to either footie head yeah Judo minute. Wyoming Cooley had the minion saloon just when the doors are open for your Judo merge. And you'll find that they'll be coming from every single had had his cool demo day, a holiday motor fare is every in high, harsh and he location and he had her own little motif here it will come from

00:46:26--> 00:46:51

every single high location and it will smooth down. Once again, you find the high location as mentioned previously, we talked about the great wall as you find your knee. Once again, lemme go to the opinion. You need Dagestan. That area, Douglaston will finally find the high mountains and summer cons that you find this concept of the gate of summer con this famous gate Some people believe that is a location a huge amount of Jews will swarm through

00:46:52--> 00:47:04

likewise, you find any emember Timothy, when he was from the land any of that area was summer condo land tidmouth as well. And some people talk about it being the land of ice.

00:47:05--> 00:47:06

The only any

00:47:08--> 00:47:48

could be beneficial knowledge to look into these into these areas. But you find that these individuals are always causing mischief. And that's you find that they will seal the money behind that barrier so they're causing mischief previously, and then they'll see it behind that barrier. Korea they'll connect in a judo Judo move Ceduna feel adverse number 9495 add a huge amount huge been creating mischief in the land for HANA Dr. Lula carjon so we pay us a tribute as you mentioned previously, Allah and Albanian obey nomsa to place between us and then a barrier. Column amercan nifi heroes behind whatever my Lord has given me is far greater. Faerie nguni Baku was in Albania

00:47:48--> 00:48:13

como Bainimarama gave me the physical manpower to create this barrier between us and them. So don't tempt or bribe or yet he tried to favor me once against jelly man and he said I'm the king. Same words like Dale Carnegie. He bill keys he's trying to offer him something and he says atomic Dulaney be Mellon attorney a local hydro magma Atacama you tried to bribe me some wealth. Are you trying to offer me some gifts

00:48:14--> 00:48:59

to distract me? What my lord Allah has given me is far greater than what you're trying to offer. To me are the words of Solomon and Islam. And now here once again, repeat about the local nine that don't try to offer a tribute or some money or some wealth to me. Now we find that previously, we looked at the chariot and it did not explain the finer meaning of add to needs Zuber al Hadid bring me in Zubur al Hadid Zuber, even a bass and Mujahideen kata they say his pieces or chunks of iron brings bricks or blocks is another view and as you find any Hadid why iron Why is the word iron used here in this whole chapter no quote unquote Surah Al Hadid the 57 chapter Quran which means I need

00:48:59--> 00:49:42

the iron ones and alhadeff v belts when shadid woman I feel really nervous number 25 or the 57th chapter in we have sat down and headed the iron fi Batson chedid in it is a mighty power. See the words of the Quran are fought for all time. Then words that listen to other uses. And feel. You need the width and height of that gap column for who had the Elijah Allah who Naira and then they burnt or they liquefy and melted and heated the iron to solidify it. So they were trapped in this area and then they see them over with this lead and then this lead was once again was heated and then they covered it with copper. That the meaning of it or as you mentioned as we did not mention it when

00:49:42--> 00:49:59

amber says on a toonie offering a caterer Bring me the paper that we may place it or pour it upon them. They said that the caterer is copper. So the sealed with iron the gate is sealed with iron and on top of it solidified with copper to make sure these individuals remain in that location.

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

There is no way out for these individuals from a store. And yet, there is no way for them to scale or Mr. Lahu nakaba. And there's no way for these individuals to dig through it. However, I must turn to Allah has given them the ability or the opportunity to any day. Somehow, as we mentioned, the Hadith that we mentioned about Guinea, and Zeno bin dash, and the Prophet Muhammad I mentioned that were hella kabhi us, because he and him have Malati Talia. And in the Hadith, you find that he made a sign like this, that they have made a hole of this size inside the wall. So they began to dig me and then we find the rest of the Heidi who mentioned that are we going to be destroyed, it is going

00:50:42--> 00:51:13

to be Hubbard, that we will be destroyed, discovered. We didn't mention previous but Hubbard said alpha has illicit behavior, all sorts of illicit sexual behavior that becomes common in the land, then you will find that any all the people will be destroyed. So don't think this is just a concept was shelved that would destroy people. Any alpha hash is also a reason for the destruction of a loss coming upon a people in another location how do we find that they dig and they get close and

00:51:14--> 00:51:15

and they say that we will continue

00:51:17--> 00:51:54

but when they return back the whole is the holy seal once again to begin digging afresh once again, without saying inshallah, but one day they do say inshallah and when they do return the whole remains where it was. And remember we said the theme the whole theme of the surah is mentioning insha Allah. So yeah, Judah, Judah gets close to coming out, they get tired, they retreat, and they say we'll come back tomorrow they don't say inshallah and the whole is sealed by the submission of those 100 once again, however on one occasion, they'll say that inshallah we'll come back and illustrate our lives in the efforts that they've done is enough for them to you need to be let out

00:51:54--> 00:52:36

the next day. And that is a time you need decreed by Allah Subhana Allah Kala Rama to murabbi as a Jew as codename sorry mentioned yourself this is the mercy of my Lord. Father jiahua Robbie if the promise of my Lord comes Jana Boudicca malo the last one I will make it you need to fall down to the ground in it that is like a female camel, whose back is flat, which has no no hump. So meaning that this great wall has been created will just fall down totally as the does not exist or kana, were adorable. Haqqani promise, my lord is a true full unit promise. Likewise, you find in the Quran Fela meta gender a Boolean Jubilee Jalla who care when Allah subhanaw taala exposed himself to the

00:52:36--> 00:53:18

mountain, the mountain and the mountain became into crumbs and he fell down shattered to the ground is what will happen to this unit great any barrier which is built between the people in George and George, then they will come out in verse number 99. We're talking about Adam Yama in your movie, but we'll let them come out and they will swarm one atop one top of the other one of the surface so that we blow into the trumpet for Jimmy Jam and then we'll bring them all together. Just like the verse that we previously mentioned. So to MBA had the either foot Judo Judo homing Cooley had the minion saloon, and then when the doors are open, you find your duty man usually coming swarming down from

00:53:18--> 00:53:57

every single high location coming down upon the people. So an MBR, the 21st chapter, verse number 96. And this time as I had this state, Harris, any Liberty law, that my people will go to the mountain of tour, and you find that they will drink the water the Lake of Berea they will kill people will I be saying he loves to do they will not be anything except for the cause corruption upon the land. And when they've killed whatever is in front of them, they will say now let us kill what is in the heavens. And so when it comes to trying to kill whatever is in the heavens, you find they will throw a fire the arrows into the sky, and the arrows would come back stained with blood.

00:53:57--> 00:54:10

So they will get proud and say kohana we dominated the people of the Nan waka Lubna Memphis sama, coverton, we're alone and we even kill whatever exists in the heavens or in the skies. And we are dominant in a powerful force.

00:54:12--> 00:54:21

And the way that left handed would destroy these individuals you find that they'll be wiped out and eat you'll find another Pharaoh copy him that I do with a worm yakun fee any

00:54:22--> 00:54:59

which goes into a new field label 100 which goes into the noses of the the of the the camels and bees will enter into them which will destroy them as a certain like wild worm that you find just destroys the cameras etc. will go into unique go into the next etc and destroy them and they will all die together their bodies in a foul smell and stench will be there and you find a list of handles send any player in Ghana will send any birds which have any next like a like a like a long camel and pick them up and take them away. Hey too shallow ever lost friends

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

On the ones who take them away is in the Hadeeth is collected by a Muslim industry. And then you find that the rule any the rule of Sunni Islam in return Risa, and they will peace and unique dominance at that land there. And some of the Hadees, which talks about the the miners are the major Sunday judgment. For example, look at the signs before the day judgment of Kathy, if you've read that book, that book, there are some Hadith which are not authentic, but I think the new version has been revised once again. And this has more checking there. Likewise, you find any I think chef, Dr. Solomon Asch core and he says his beliefs is the last day that he does a lot of these affairs as

00:55:44--> 00:56:13

well. Likewise a book any a shout out to a shout out to Sarah or Dr. Use of a web in a Sarah to science any of them have the last day of chef use of a web village in Arabic source there are many, many contemporary speakers do use that book as a source, talk about the Hereafter, etc, even in them and what are lucky uses that book main is a prime source in his series talking about the hereafter etc, is a famous book in the Arabic language and a very beneficial book.

00:56:15--> 00:56:37

But coming back to the to the sutra, that we find the in conclusion that you can find any, any certain benefits that now we can begin to appreciate and understand. After learning the importance and benefits of this sort of any obviously the benefit of Yama, Zuma the light that one can gain if person pond does and reflects over the surah how the young people need to be steadfast

00:56:38--> 00:57:20

to persevere, and continue upon the long journey of Islam. And if you have mentioned about, about the rule and the law, etc, my intent is not to cause upheaval, or to criticize individually, etc. That's not my intent. inshallah, just to highlight any certain scenarios that we live in, obviously, we need to persevere and continue the long journey of Islam. And in it, then we find to seek knowledge from the wise and wise individuals and the early mernda scholars and to develop your knee this into humbleness, and as many of us the word or humbleness that we learn from the story of moose and feather. And then we find to revitalize the concept of teskey and Zoo hood. Because we find that

00:57:20--> 00:57:35

many, many people that's what they criticize Allison about That's why many more people go towards that or the Sofia of the mystical individual. They say that you're very dry individuals, there's no spirituality in you. And that's partially our fault because that's the perception that we give.

00:57:36--> 00:58:14

Islam as we mentioned, is a religion full of tusky observing abstinence and spirituality, according to the Quran and Sunnah. As we find many people, they don't find that any amongst us, they tend to look at other means of finding individuals who are abstaining from the dunya we need to revitalize once again, the correct stance of the Sunnah, and show the Atlason other people to Ischia. And then we find any, we began with a lesson of tawheed and all the way to the end, that is a message of the Muslim. So don't let any Muslim say that, you know, this individual You know, he has a personal any political agenda, whatever know the agenda of every single Muslim is the message of tawheed right

00:58:14--> 00:58:51

from the beginning to the end. And for every place, there's a time to talk about certain other issues. But the most important goal for every single individual is to Neato hate to live according to tawheed and to die upon to lead on ones returned back to the last panel upon that oneness, and we will inshallah, we are alive, never ever deleted that message. That is a prime message the person who sent my admin job to German, you are going to people who commit shortly the first one he called him to beat or heat that that is what we should be living in this land. The first thing that we should be talking about is the concept of tawheed. to these people, and anything else that I

00:58:51--> 00:59:28

mentioned can just be rejected and you need trash in the bin, etc. But a final verse you need that we find a certain kind of the 18th chapter, verse 110. It does conclude with all of that, from uncanny I'd really call it a big failure I'm an ominous Allah, Allah you should be aware that you're a be a Haida and wherever any hopes to meet his Lord Allah Subhana Allah Yeah, amen. Amen and saleha their individual carrier righteous actions, what are you *ting me about it Robbie, I had not that individual associate any partners with Allah Subhana Allah in that worship leaders committed towards Allah Subhana Allah. So with that, we bring this discussion to a close, and you know, hope to

00:59:28--> 00:59:59

inshallah, that these words, can you throughout our study of tawheed and the Sudan have inspired all of us to go back and to have a deeper understanding of the words of Allah Subhana Allah and build a closer and a finer relationship with Allah Subhana Allah and to take what we learn of the good and to benefit other people with anything good outside it to be nothing but a blessing of Allah Subhana Allah anything incorrect against the methodology the court on a Sunday has been for my own self in the western shape on the Prophet Mohammed Salaam is free from that and we only hope to aspire to me

01:00:00--> 01:00:13

To me that day is the day that we follow a path of the sun and this world and likewise to be with him in Africa amongst the people of the sun, which is a Baraka Luffy comes from the chalet llantas Africa or to Bali.