Tafseer Bites An Ayah that wiouod change your life, Surah Maidah,

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I still have no last 10 minutes, five minutes now.

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No now I started my 10 minutes. You're right.

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Inshallah Tada we'll try to be short and sweet wow what how short you know Abdullah said that the Allahu Allah, Allah number such as Wallah, he's also had co owner mesh idea and then in Canada

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by Allah if our hearts was to be pure, we will never be fooled by listening to the words of Allah this is the Quran is the words of Allah and Allah is only once a year you come here to enjoy the salah you come here to enjoy this thing to the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada I understand people have their dues and have the obligations and work and whatnot. But this is only once in a lifetime thing. So ask us what's panel Attallah to help us to understand and to value what we are here for and help us to practicing to convince all of you

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I'm gonna do this American audiences sitting next to

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remind me of things but you and I will do it and

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I haven't even started yet. Can I start now

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we are obviously hugging we kiss. It's okay

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to kiss each other, but the cheek to cheek. I know in Pakistan we don't do that but in Arabic.

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So Alma in

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the shed have completed Salatin, an ISA, and then they have started with Satya Nadella sort of made as number five in the program has 126 is in juice number six and seven. It is Madden. So it is also considered to be from the

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day one because it 126 It is 126 it is also called Sultana is good. You know it starts with Yeah, you have Latina O you who believe.

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start with any family in Arabic, we call that our food, the hygiene for those at the hygiene. So that might be the first idea you had Edina Am I not we call that a Nida. We call that the call. Every saw starts with

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introduction. So some of it starts with young lady and all you will believe that means you have two years and Mr. There's a message that sort of Alma EDA in terms of each Revelation, the sequence is number 90 after sort of the exam. This is the elimination of sort of enmity that in the Quran is positioned in chapter number five, but in terms of its revelation, it's number nine, zero, it talks a lot about an adult

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versus an ISA versus an Avalon versus a Bukhara

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sort of we talked about we talked about Milan and Lisa the who and when they were revealed so a lot Alma II that was revealed in post should they be a treated of Elijah via post today via when the Muslims were in a position of power. The Muslims were in a position of power Allah subhanho wa Taala now is prohibiting certain things in terms of dietary you know laws and legislations the chef says you know The first is talking about the herring what was prohibited you know, blood and later we're done. Mackenzie Suarez wine, you know, pork, things that were prohibited by Allah subhanho wa Taala also Allah subhanho wa Taala in the end here install a solid admit that prohibits

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alcohol was prohibited in this soda as well.

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Yes, you have

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enamel Hummel, well enamel Commonwealth Mr Ansari ensemble and symbolism and imagery pan fish the blue gambling, alcohol gambling and such has been prohibited in slots in Swat and Magna and then comes in this amazing area which was revealed and

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he says by Allah I know the I was reading when Allah subhanho wa Taala says that will

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allow men to land on the inner home from us. Well at mentor ally community. What are the two documents Islam Medina? You see when you have you have an iPhone right there. I have an iPhone, you may be having some song. Every time there's a phone there's an update and then they come up with a new release and a new release and another new release and you update ALLAH SubhanA wa autolysis a yo comes to the clinic. Today I have completed your religion. There is no updates. There is no new versions and your commits to the container. We're at level two at a community and I have perfected my blessings upon you all

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They told me that Comboni Stella Deena his time has been chosen for all of you have asked about the to be a hero back when Islam Medina or the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, maybe you know what I saw that I am pleased I'm content with Ravi to be like hell but Allah is my own. His son is my religion and Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is my prophet SAPA Larson, also in Soldotna Ada, Allah has the facts about the quarrel that happens that sacrifice that challenge that happened between King Praveen what have been the two brothers of Adam, Allah as you mentioned, that this story with regard of debt offering a sacrifice to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah who was to

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accept the sacrifice of heavy emphasis paddy versus state and then cane cane paddy who killed his brother, the Prophet Muhammad Ali's Sufism says,

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Any person who gets killed anyone who kills someone

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Katene will get also the St. Anthony in of turmoil because it was a deal, who introduced this kind of thing. This was mentioned also in solos. So that made the end is now an area that will change your life in a way that will change your life. Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse number eight and so let's move into verse number eight. Allah subhana wa says, you have a 200

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Kuno power mean and he shahada I will test whether you remember the question and comment Allah Allah do.

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Allah subhanaw taala ce o you who believe this is something that we all live in, especially when we live in this country.

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You already know who you believe be just in your judgments.

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Be just in your judgments. When hmm and appreciate that comment Allah Allah. Sometimes it happens amongst us. He says Allah do not miss Giada say you have a problem with someone. Right? And you dislike that person and that person has an argument with somebody else and that person was right.

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But he's your enemy. Even if he's your enemy when you judge just with Justice is my cousin he is my brother is from my plan is from my group. I have to side with him if he is wrong, you don't side with him. If he's right now on your side, you side with that which is right. You start with that we

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don't say golden path and even if he's your brother, even if he's your sister even is from your own clan from your own home from your lap, you side with unhealth These are massive Hannover Dallas's Unfortunately it happens and make this mistake is my cousin I have to protect him is my brother African protected, he's my partner in this in crime. I have to protect that Allah Subhana Allah, this is the UN. There were two ships fighting with one another. The head butted each other and then there were two ships head butting each other.

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And then the Prophet Muhammad also have a dinner where they're hitting each other for you know, two goals. They were either fighting one another, the prophet as the sahaba. You know why they're fighting for this? habazin Allah Allah and we don't know, the details were they fighting for? The Prophet says Allah knows. And he didn't Judgment. Allah subhana wa Taala within their rights the right of the one whose head button Allah would give it its right why because Allah is an admin. Allah is just to handle data live with justice, and shutter level data in cell B amongst those who have seen lots of Hindi in the last lesson of Hana help you may Allah bless you Milady word you is

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that converter for your patience. I asked Allah Spanner tentative this you all work Luffy comes up