Ayah Series #07 – I Love This Verse of The Quran – Brother Uthman

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My favorite sort of sort of religious

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reason why that is is ALLAH is talking about our kind of years where he says what will offer what dude do lashes Majid for elderly my read and that's just saying that Allah is the most loving and the most kind

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people might say they love you or they might say they're kind but when it comes to what dude is different like it doesn't it doesn't get rusty doesn't end and that's why I really love that surah

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and recite it almost all the time and when I recite it gives me hope that's what keeps me going. And because

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most loving and that is always watching and one day you have to answer time and that's what keeps me aware of of slides love, you know, you know how you have that one friend that's always checking on you to make sure that you're not doing it in bed. When you don't. When you don't have that friend role. You know, you might get into whatever they stops you from but I shouldn't Majid finally my unit is always there is always watching