Tom Facchine – Avoid Feeding The Ego – Debating is Problematic

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of debating religion and how it can lead to negative comments on one's position. They suggest that debating should be based on one's beliefs and not on personal opinions, and that finding the truth is important to the shaping of one's position. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of working on one's values and finding one's own connection to the religion.
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debating is something that many scholars have cautioned against.

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Because the majority of debating does not lead to any good. And there are several reasons for that.

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The biggest one is that our religion is all about sincerity. And the baiting was somebody makes it extremely hard to be sincere.

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Even if you're just in a one on one, conversation, or interaction with somebody,

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it's extremely difficult to not believe deep down. That being right, or being wrong, says something about you.

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And so, we want to be right. And we don't want to be wrong.

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And so that is extremely tempting, or puts us in a situation where it's very tempting to justify whatever our position was,

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just for the sake of being right.

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Add to the to that situation. Now what if it happens in front of other people? What if it happens in the comment section, and social media or on YouTube? Or it happens?

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Even worse in person with a bunch of people in the room?

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Imagine how much harder is going to be to admit that you're wrong, or even acknowledge or see that you're wrong?

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What's it doing for your soul?

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There's other issues that that come into it too, when it comes to especially

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in the Muslim sphere, a lot of a lot of the debate is about things that, honestly, they're not priorities. Right? We have to understand that the truth is dispersed among us as our Shake, shake up? Well, it's up to us to tell us, there's going to be

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some people who are right about 80% and wrong about 20%. And right about 70%, right about the wrong about 30%. And it's not necessarily always prudent and wise

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to fix or try to fix or try to point out or try to argue every single thing that you find is not correct. You have to be wise, you have to weigh the situations, and you have to set your up, you set yourself up for a situation where if you're going to say something to somebody, then try your best to create a situation where it's likely that you're doing it out of sincerity and trying to find the truth. Right, approaching people in private.

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asking for clarification, making sure that you've understood correctly, what you thought you understood them to be saying.

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Asking for more background information, you know, these sorts of things. And this is just not how it happens. You know, to be very honest, when it comes to Muslims getting involved in debates. Usually, it's combing through somebody's YouTube channel to find this clip or this statement, and to take it out of context and to squeeze out of it, all these sorts of assumptions and to interpret it as being part of this bigger trend of us, you know, losing our faith or watering down the favor.

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Most people

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have to question themselves, I think if if we're going to engage in these sorts of things, am I really being sincere? Am I not being deceived by the devil? Thinking that I am defending is that when in reality, it's tied up with my ego, or it's tied up with this issue or that issue, perhaps jealousy? Right? It's a really, really, it's it's a minefield, trying to debate somebody else's a minefield. And that's not to say that there is no place for that's not to say that there's no place for it, there is a place for debate in the religion. But if you're the average, basic Muslim,

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my personal opinion is that it's not your place. You should leave it alone. And you should work on spreading good vibes between the believers and making the believers feel good bringing a smile to your brother's face or your sister's face and trying to

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mend the connective tissue that connects all of us, instead of trying to argue and debate and potentially severing those connections

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