Mufti Menk – He infected me with the Virus! A New Crisis

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum, my brothers and sisters something very sad. I'm receiving many messages saying that families are breaking because one is blaming another for infecting them with the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Some are blaming their siblings, their relatives and even others for having caused the death of a loved one by bringing in Coronavirus to the house. But my brothers and sisters, let's remember something, no one passes away except by the decree of Allah that we know. At the same time, we're taught to be very, very careful. We're taught to take precautions, we're taught to be responsible, and we should be I've been saying this from March 2020, that we should be responsible,

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take it seriously. taking it seriously does not negate your faith in Allah, you know, Hadith that is reported in certain unnecessary and various other books, where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked by a man or messenger peace be upon him, should I tie my camel and then trust Allah or my trust in Allah is so strong, can I just leave my camel and say, I trust in Allah or control Allah, he looked at the men and said, kill her, whatever can tie it, and then lay your trust in Allah. So laying your trust in Allah correctly, would be after tying that camel. This Hadith is an amazing Hadith because it goes into all aspects of our lives, including something that we're facing right

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now this virus, you take precautions, and then you rely on Allah, you can't just say I rely on Allah and then do as you please, that's foolish, that is ignorant. It's the height of ignorance. Even if bearded men are telling that to you, it is the height of ignorance to say, don't do anything about it. That's foolish. It doesn't require a rocket scientist to actually know that this is wrong. And this is the reason why we're facing what we're facing, because people have not been taking precautions, and then you get the blame game. So I'm here to tell you the prophets of Salaam says law adwa. Which means, and I know that there are people who have taken this to different meanings.

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You do not blame someone for having given the disease to someone else, it is actually in the hands of Allah. So don't say that I hold you responsible for my father having passed away, or I hold that person responsible for my mother having passed away, or my son or whoever it may have been, because law, you cannot use the name of a disease and blame a person for because it was Allah who had already planned that they were going to have it. But that doesn't mean don't be responsible. That does not mean don't be responsible. Some people interpret they're saying, a diseases are not contagious in Islam. That's wrong. That's not true. It's actually proven not to be true. So that's

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foolish, the same Hadith, the prophet SAW, Selim says, You should run from a leper that you know, as far as you can, and so on different wordings of the Hadith. So he's telling you that diseases are contagious. But if you get it, then don't blame people. Just say it was in our fate, we got it. And that's it, it happened. Now, I'm trying to marry the two here to tell you, while you ought to be absolutely responsible, when something has happened, please don't blame another person, keep on telling them to be responsible, we're in such a predicament because there are people out there who are just not responsible, they just don't care. Not at all. Now, we don't want to break families. We

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don't want to actually break relations. But unfortunately, you know what, people are coming up more and more saying, I hold you responsible for the fact that we're all sick. Don't do that. If you were taking precautions, and if you tried your best, and you still got six Al Hamdulillah. And I've told you chances are nine times out of 10 people will survive, you know, a small percentage won't. And we are seeing that although we say a small percentage in numbers and in figures, it's quite big, but Alhamdulillah we thank Allah we would come out of it, inshallah, we will do our best we won't panic, and we will try our best but my brothers and sisters, let's be responsible, don't play the blame

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game as well. When something happens it has happened because Allah willed it to happen.

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And like I say, we have to address a matter on one hand, in terms of being responsible and doing the right thing, precautions and so on. And the other hand, in terms of when a person has it, what to do and how to look at it.

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Don't blame others and don't panic and inshallah you will come out of it by the will of Allah May Allah protect us all. I was very saddened because more and more people are speaking about how they are never going to speak to their family members again, because they believe that such and such a person caused the death of their father or their mother. Whereas that wasn't the case. Both parties were meant to be responsible, not just one. All of us are supposed to take precautions, but just one. So as much as we want to blame someone we can't. We are equally guilty at times. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. It's not easy to to issue a blanket statement for the whole

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world because unique situations might require unique guidance. But sometimes we have to just say my brothers and sisters don't make matters worse, things have happened. Okay, deal with them. But still take precautions. Lay your trust in Allah May Allah grant Jenna to those who have passed away and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant cure to those who are sick and ill and May Allah help us all be responsible, and inshallah we come out of this very, very soon by the world and mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Jessa como la fere Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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