Tom Facchine – al-Raghib al-Isfahani #56 – Laziness To Achieve Goodness

Tom Facchine
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If we don't do the work, if we let it go, if we neglect ourselves or we live unintentionally, we don't make a change that we're going to start backsliding. And we're going to go down this staircase the other way to the basement. And there's four levels to that the first level and also he talks about is laziness. Laziness to achieve goodness, right? So your alarm comes and you turn it off for fetcher, right? You don't try this in the prayers. You don't pray with her. You buy whatever meat you find in the supermarket, you're not concerned with a halal income, you're not concerned with halal food, you're not you don't really care as to what Allah thinks about how you dress or how you

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interact with other people. You're just kind of on cruise control. And so you can't get up the motivation to do anything great, because you've already been lazy about the little things. What's the cure for this because a lot of us for honey doesn't want to just introduce this in a negative sort of mopey way He wants us to get he wants to give us an out. And the cure for this, if you find that this kind of describes you the cure that the author says is to focus on your death to focus on the shortness of this life, the inevitability of your death, the return to Allah subhanaw taala. And this is what the Companions used to do. When the companions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when

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they started to lose their edge, they started to feel like they weren't started to feel like they were getting lazy with doing the good things, they would actually dig a grave sometimes in their own homes and lay down and shut out all the lights and imagine that they had died and they were in the grid. When they came out of the grave. They were ready to go like, Okay, let's go, what are we going to do now? What are we going to do, I gave them that edge, it gave them that urgency, because they felt that laziness overcoming them. For us, there's all sorts of other things that we can do, you know, that are well known these days, you know, proper sleep, and a good schedule is really

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important getting up early, right, the blessing is in the morning. And another thing is good companionship, because a lot of people can't do it alone, whether it's you're in a community, let's say you're not married, and so you don't have a spouse to help you with this stuff. So maybe you're able to do some sort of like phone tag, you know, or some sort of accountability. You know, we have we have WhatsApp groups for like push ups and stuff like that, like, can we have WhatsApp groups for fedrick, right, who's who's making fetcher on time, or who's making pleasure in the messaging, and sometimes that little accountability is enough to get people back on the right track. And if you're

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able to then the best solution for that as a righteous spouse, somebody who's going to be able to help you wake up for federal make your prayers and remind you of the good and do it in a beautiful way, which is why I lost power that Allah wants us in a marriage, you know, because we're supposed to have that sort of complementary relationship with somebody. So this is the first level and this is the level that we ask a lot to protect us from the level of lazy laziness to achieve good things.

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