Why Palestine is the Holy Land?

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Pamela I know that she has to have spoke about Missouri Arkansas last night and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to liberate it and to allow us to pray in its while it is liberated Allah him I mean, but I wanted to actually draw your attention to this concept of a holy land. This concept of of Elmo cat does because it's very unique when it comes to philosophy. How many of you have been to Al Madina? Munawwara.

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When you go to Medina and call the IRS Rahim, Allah said of the blessing of Medina that there is not a single spot in El Medina no tree except that Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received revelation under it, or prayed under it, or remembered Allah subhanaw taala and prostrated under it, how blessed it is that it's the city of the Sahaba you're walking in the footsteps of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the most blessed generation in the history of the world. So Medina every handspun also hobby has set foot and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has set his foot there. Even above all the Allahu Anhu Omar says about coats Jerusalem. He says that there is not a

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single hand span, except that a prophet of Allah or an angel has stood there and prostrated or prayed before Allah subhanho wa Taala you cannot step in a place in Jerusalem, except the unabIe of Allah, a prophet of Allah was once there. You cannot set your foot in a single place and in the Medina, except that a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once there. Now I want you to think about this blessed land for a moment in sha Allah to Allah through the chapters that we have just read.

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We read obviously SortedList uncertain Israa Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us the ascension of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the heavens from an ox alati salah the bow rakhna Hola, Al Masjid Al Aqsa which we have blessed everything around it the sense of the profit slice alum from that place to the highest place. Then we get to certain calf, I want you to see how central Philistine is to everything that you just read. When did Musa alayhis salam meet Al Harare, his Salam, Al harder or a little more commonly actually pronounced that other Hadith? When did he meet him? When did this incident take place which we started with tonight, where he went out to and how

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that it has set up and had this lesson of the coven of Allah subhanaw taala out of this incredible lesson about how God decrees does anyone know when that happened at what point in his life.

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It happened after musante his Salam and his people were unable to enter into Jerusalem when they were in the wilderness. And that is actually one of the beautiful blessings of this is that I think if you are in the place of musante salaam, I am forbidden because of these people. I've been forbidden because of these people and the content of Allah subhanaw taala and understanding and coming to terms with the decree of Allah, the last years of Musa alayhis salam would be spent at the borders of Philistine Subhanallah the borders of the holy land because of the sins of His people. And Allah azza wa jal takes him on this journey, to where he learns another layer of the content of

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Allah the decree of Allah subhanaw taala will call us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah Musa Rob and you'd near whom in a lot of the more capacity from your turn be hedger. It's one of the most painful I had the fact that when you read it, that most recent upsets and Sahih Muslim when Musa was dying, he said Yeah, Allah, I know I can't get in there because this is Dybdahl there is a new generation that will be able to go in there. But let me be as close as a stone's throw from it and the Prophet slice and I'm setting if I could show you his grave tactic cathedral armor under the red Doom, where they now mark and Allah knows best mountain EBO, where Musa alayhis salam passes away

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outside of the Holy Land. So the end of circle calf, is Philistine is musante. His salaam, being given this lesson of the decree of Allah subhanaw taala, unable to enter into the Holy Land, and then comes Seurat. Miriam. Where does suit at Madame start? It starts with Zachary. It has Salam inside Masjid Al Aqsa calling upon Allah subhanaw taala asking Allah subhanaw taala to grant him a righteous generation what in the lift to the Murali Oh Huffington Murray, both Quran that I don't see inheritors of this mission for heavily Minella dunya Walia. So grant me a successor that will continue this mission. So you have Zachary Ali Salam now inside of Mazel oxide calling upon Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah blesses him with Yeah, here it has Salaam in the

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Holy lens, and then Maria Marie has salaams pregnancy starts. And Maria Marie has Salam comes with her baby her Eastside he has Salam were right in the courtyard of an axon. As to be Rahim Allah says she walked holding for attire to be here coma her attack me too. She went to her people holding reciting his setup in the courtyard of an axon.

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And that scene where they circled around her and they started to point fingers at her and say all those nasty things about her that's happening they're in an aqua color in near Abdullah Tawny al Kitab Hola, Jana Nina BIA and that discourse where Eastside Islam speaks for the first time in the Abdullah attorney al Kitab, Allah Jalla Nina BIA, do you know your brothers and sisters on the Dome of the Rock? And yes, because some people like to get very smart and they say that's not most of Luxa the Dome of the Rock is part of an aqua Cooper to Sephora is part of the area of an oxide by the way, it is all an axon, on that dome of the rock, the calligraphy that is there is some sort of

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Mario, can you imagine where Sid someone spoke those words? And those words are plastered now on the Dome of the Rock and a Saudi is Salam will one day return to this earth and go to that very same spot where he first spoke those words

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and then yeah, here it is Salam is martyred.

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And a Saudi is Salam receives the news that he has been upgraded from a Nabi to a rasool from a prophet to a messenger as well at the age of 30 years old while sitting in Masjid Al Aqsa, because he now inherits the next phase of his Dawa. It's there in the lochsa as well. And then comes the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And guess what when Ibrahim Ali Salam was expelled, where did he go? When not J now who was ruled on either out of the Lottie Bell Rock Nafi Khalid al Amin, we granted refuge to Ibrahim alayhis salam and to little tardy his salam from there people from their tyrants, and from in the case of Lutheran Islam, from his destroyed people, to what land where they granted

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refuge, it's there. Once again, it's back at that same place. Where did you go buddy has salaam cry his eyes out waiting for us to find A salaam to return from that place, where as Ibrahim Ali Salam buried that place, it's all in that place that is truly a holy land. And so much of the Quran is situated in that place. And the reason why I bring this up is because if you're reading this part of the Quran, and you're seeing the attacks on an axon, and it is not moving something inside of you, there is a problem with all of the things that are happening right now and the geopolitics, and this pathetic attempt at Abraham accords and whatever they use the name of Ibrahim or Islam for all of

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these actors in the region that are disenfranchising those people as a Muslim, you don't accept that. This is Quran to you. This is Quran to you. You can't be reading the Quran and ignoring the place where all of the scenes of the Quran are happening and pretending it doesn't exist. So I'm saying it's an issue of eemaan it's an issue of faith for you to be connected to this place. And it's the one place that Allah azza wa jal will refer to in this particular way, and the people are blessed, not because they're Palestinian. No, because they're Morabito and because they're holding it down even when the OMA abandons them. Even when these state actors turn their backs on them, and

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the prophets lie Selim Says law headin on and how they stay on the truth guardian and the idea we him. They are a thorn in the sides of their enemies. Lie Allah Roman hatherleigh home, they are not deterred by those who betray them. Who are they? The people of includes the people of Jerusalem will acknowledge the baits and muchness and the people surrounding them. Now I want to end with this because you might say as much Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, we got to be connected now, right? Here's the problem with that. And I'm gonna say this because I want to interrogate ourselves a little bit. And I know mashallah, we have a lot of people that care about the Palestinian cause, Philistine will

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not be liberated on the hands of wicked people, nor will it come through the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala it's not going to come through festivals are types of acts that are displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala or on the hands of people that do not actually honor their covenant with Allah subhanho wa Taala Musa in Islam as people were prevented from it. For that reason, Salahuddin and his people entered into it when they honored Allah subhanaw taala as covenants interrogate yourself, let's interrogate ourselves. Yes, while we do everything we can even boycotting the dates of the occupier. Where's our righteousness?

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Where's our connection to Allah subhanaw taala and I end with those words of Allah download the Allahu Taala and who when he called Sandman and fantasy, you know the Allahu Anhu and he said, Hello Matt, you know, other than Maka DESA come on and retire with Me in Jerusalem, Mashallah. They've spread Islam throughout the world with the DAT writes a letter to Sandman from Jerusalem and says, come on over and retire with me in this land. And Sal Manuel the Allahu Anhu says, in an elder law to cut DISA hada No, no, it's holy land. But the land doesn't make you holy. NAMA you cut diesel insaan

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what makes you holy? Are your deeds, what makes me holy? Are my deeds, not the land, the land is holy. You're not holy by virtue of being in that lands, your holy by virtue of your deeds, and it is only people that are holy by virtue of their deeds that will enter into the Holy Land. Beighton Allah Hi Tara, may Allah make us amongst those people. And may Allah subhanaw taala liberate and OXA in our lifetime, and be with our brothers and sisters that are standing firm in the face of one of the most disgusting tyrants that we have ever seen in our lifetime. May Allah azza wa jal allow us to see their liberation soon. Allama I mean, there's often a lot of hate or sin, I want to go on

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