Khalid Yasin – Fighting The Enemy Within 003

Khalid Yasin
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has seen extreme behavior, including misunderstandings of the Koran, rumors of criminal and immoral behavior, and extreme actions such as praying and calling on the wrong number. Many Muslims are not allowed to come to church or pray, and their actions are considered extreme. The importance of forgiveness and graduation from high school events is also discussed, along with the confusion surrounding the idea of Islam being a "fit for everybody." educating owning groups is encouraged, and graduation events are encouraged for those who want to educate their own groups.
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then there was a fulcrum based upon a misunderstanding of an AI a misapplication of the Sunnah. And then they began to say, those who do not understand it this way, they themselves are Kaffirs. Once they said that the blood became lawful for them.

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And the blood began to flow.

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So it is lack of knowledge first, that separates Muslims,

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that creates this behavior, because Muslims do not take the time to study the religion, the sources of the religion, the Koran, what is it? Where did it come? How did it come? To whom did it come? What's the basis of it? What's the message of it? What's the theme of it? How do we digest it in which way we didn't take the time to do that. We just bought some books, or they were given to us, we carry them around, we read them like birds. And we think that we know the code.

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We don't study the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. We want to make Vica

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we want to call them along prove to Allah how much we love him. Although Allah subhanaw taala told the prophet to last them in his time regarding those people who kept saying and want to impress upon law, how much they love him, how much worship they do a loss of Panama data set in quantum to have gone a lot faster, the only if you indeed you love the Lord and follow me.

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So loving Allah is not conditioned upon how loud you shout, how much Quran you recite how much prayers that you make, and who it is you follow, but based upon the following of the prophets, a lot of Islam and accepting his decisions without any resistance.

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lack of knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah is the first enemy among the Muslims,

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ignorant Muslim,

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who is not attached to the sources of Islam, but is using their own However, their own desires or the desires of others whom they think are illustrious personalities. This is the first enemy.

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The next enemy is the criminal and immoral behavior that you see among Muslims. I don't have to tell you.

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I don't have to tell you. It's blatant. It's all around everywhere. You have more Muslim criminals in this country then you have praying Muslims

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and unfortunately, many of the criminal Muslims, they pray as much as the others pray. And in Ramadan, you will see that the criminal Muslims who are selling her arm

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doing her arm

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wearing acting swearing

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during the most hideous criminal criminal acts, they will be in the masjid for taraweeh and they will be crying louder than others

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only for Ramadan.

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And at the end of Ramadan, they will be dressed in their most beautiful clothes at the aid

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terminals. And when Hajj comes those same criminals, they will get on a plane and put on the arm and they will be saying love bake Allahumma bake, thinking that if they made Hajj, if they fasted during Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala would accept their wine money, their swine money.

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Therefore, why his money, their money, their river money, Allah will accept that from them, as long as they make Hajj as long as they

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fast and as long as they have a child or daughter or son who is memorizing the Quran, they're going to have a tag or a yamo kiama

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is what they believe. But they are criminals.

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Their criminal behavior is more blatant to the non Muslims than what we do inside the message. I guarantee you that ask any non Muslim sincerely asked him what is his or her opinion about the Muslim shops that they pass by every day?

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Doing things selling things which they clearly know as against Islam, what is the impression about that?

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Number three is the extreme behavior and views of many Muslims on this campus and other campuses and all around different message you go to you got extreme behaviors. So much so that a new Muslim like myself

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would hardly know where to go to pray

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or go to one place. I'm not even welcome there.

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because it's strictly for an ethnic group from a particular place. If you're not from that ethnicity,

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then it's like you What are you doing here?

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So it's extreme behaviors. Another group of Muslims

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when you go inside their Masjid first thing they're going to ask you is what is your aqeedah?

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What is your Akita come to the masjid to pray

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group of Muslims, you go into Masjid and come outside and they're asking you what do you think about the Hillel for

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every lecture I give there's a group who asked me, brother, it was very good what you say but what do you think about the Islamic State?

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Not that all of these issues are not important al Qaeda is important. Islamic State is important. Key laughter is important to Southworth is important

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calling upon Allah subhanaw taala morning and evening is important. Making jolin aware of Allah subhanho wa Taala 40 days 40 years whatever is important.

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But all of this is extreme behavior.

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And Allah subhanaw taala called us to motto was sorta

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the middle path.

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The Messenger of a loss of last name was never extreme in any way. When he saw the people wanting to do what he did, fasting without breaking his fast, praying and standard all night, he told him not to do that. Allah has given me a special power and a special resource to do what I do. But a lot does not get tired, but you do. And no one takes upon himself too much of the religion but his religion will break them because the wisdom of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But we Muslims are adapting a following behind illustrious personalities and fixation upon shakes and the mams.

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We have adopted extreme behaviors. And because of our extreme behavior, we have made a slam something which is detestable.

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When people see you with this extreme behavior, they see you at the top of the road, they go another direction.

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Because they know if they encounter you exactly what you're going to say you got the hatchet waiting for

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them, we have the ethnic grouping and prejudices.

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And I don't see it any more than when I come to the UK. It's just happened to be more prominent in the UK than it is in America because America is like 6 million square miles. The UK is a little smaller than that.

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So you get this concentration of Muslims in the UK having all of these

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ethnic groups.

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So you go to a small town

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and you got the Somali mosque, and I've been to a small town and it's just amazing.

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It's one of those breakdowns like if you drive through, you pass through the whole town in the blink.

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But in this town, you got a Somali Masjid.

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A Yemeni Masjid

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a Sudan a Masjid a Nigerian Masjid a Bosnian Masjid

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you go to a Masjid of breakaway Masjid, a Gujarati Masjid or chop bleakie Masjid. I mean, you got 11 messages, or 11 different ethnic groups, and none of them cooperate with each other at all.

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Isn't it crazy?

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And all of them have no program.

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Is that a sign of something?

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That's why he's the president.

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And all of these messages, strangely enough, none of them have a program. forgiving dour to non Muslims

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and non Muslims who happen somehow to stumble upon Islam. None of them have a program to invite them or to teach them

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Now that's not ethnic grouping, you tell me what it is.

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If that's not an enemy within, then you tell me what it is.

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Then you have ideological polarization.

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The different groups, whether it's methyl group, or the far right or the far left, those who want to liberate those who think we should educate those who think we should migrate all the different ideological groups.

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And you have those who are intolerant and interpret and their dispositions. They don't tolerate anybody. They don't like anybody. They got an attitude with everybody.

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Bad planning and disrespect of time.

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Why is it that students pay their money to come to classes and those classes go on time like clockwork, but when it comes to Islamic issues and affairs, everything seems to be an hour late.

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Yet the prophet SAW Sam was asked by someone or messenger of Allaah, salaam, Sam which action is best as a verb, he said, a select

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what why prayer and is proper time because if we pray on time, we should do what everything else on time, but the Muslims always late.

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Lack of order and lack of cleanliness. Go to the Muslim gatherings Anyway, you want to the gms conference, this one at this hotel, that convention center, go to whichever you want to go to the toilets at the time of the salon.

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What do they look like? What did the toilets look like after four or 5000 people use them

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in a in a convention center after the Muslims. I went to convention centers with non Muslims gathered in the toilets don't look like that.

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So non Muslims ask. And I know they ask and I know what they say. What in the world is wrong with these people?

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Take them and use the toilets in the water everywhere toilet paper wringing everywhere.

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The sinks are full of water, they put their feet in the sinks, everything, everything is water tracked all the way out. Why is that?

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It doesn't have to be that way. You mean the people who run these conventions they cannot afford to have people there with mops

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and rags. To keep the places very nice and clean and smelling very well. Keeping in mind that these are not our places and that we are giving wrong messages to the non Muslims when we leave.

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Go to the masjid. Visit the Masters that you attend. Look at them real well go to the places where the sisters pray.

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And I'm not blaming the sisters. I'm saying First of all, adequate space.

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