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Should I opt out of the new organ donation orders coming around and a lot of the Western countries.

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So one of the things that we've seen, historically, there's always been a system where if someone dies and they're carrying a donor card, then that's indicating that you want to donate your organs when you're dying, or because some, some organs have to be donated while you're still kind of alive or technically alive. And then others post death. And that's, of course, a huge knowledge and I'm not covering organ donations In this

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video, I believe a number of them to be permissible.

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And a person has to have passed away even according to the fatwa that's allowing it post death. And it's a huge difference of opinion. And I do have my doubts about it. And of course, we're not talking about donating. Those are replaceable and easy and simple, such as blood when you're alive, and such as a kidney theoretically, and a lung when you're alive. But those things which are not related one causes a major detrimental harm, then we are not allowed to donate donate those anyway. And especially not whilst you're alive. Okay, some of their dilemma and the council's are entertaining, the idea that we should support organ donation post death. And there is an issue

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there, there's a sanctity issue there and whatever. But now in countries, instead of now having a donor opt in option, now is going to be an opt out ie the default is is that if you die in the UK, for example, then in Wales, and I think that helped during consultation to introduce into England and it will spread. If you die, then you have already automatically as a citizen opted in to donate your organs during that pre death and post death moment.

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And of course, the sentiment is a good one, we all need it the Muslim community also there need their own and whatever when I say their own, I mean that we need to encourage public good for all people, all races, all ethnicities, all religions. But I myself personally advise us to just hold back from this and to opt out, you have to opt out actually, by filling in a form and and actively doing so not passively just assuming it because I don't believe the system is ready and developed. The regulations are not to what I think to that level, I think there are mistakes are going to be done the issues of storage and the issues of procedure, and exactly how this is going to work. I do

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want to leave it open. I think that once we've seen it come into action and how it's going to work properly, then we can reassess it. I mean already as I said it's a controversial area post death for Muslims because the sanctity of the body is a very, very big and significant one. But as it stands now, I believe that the Muslim should just hold back for a little while and then we'll reassess it after a little while once the opt out and opt in argument and regulations have been clarified.

In some of the countries, there is a new law that has been passed in which every of it citizens are opt in into becoming an organ donor. As a Muslims, must we opt out of this?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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