99 Names of Allah #43 Al-Wadud

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes Allah's love for the people who listen to him and his desire to create a world where everyone is doing exactly what he wants. He gives these lessons to the people who want to know what to do, and they are instructed to do what they want. The title of the story is "by the way of Islam" and the concept of Easter is "by the way of Islam".
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Allah dude. Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah dude, Allah dualism beautiful name, it means that Allah subhanaw taala is the most loving. Allah loves you, and He loves me he loves all of His creation.

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Some of Allah's love is for everybody. He wouldn't have created us. If he didn't love us, he wouldn't have created the mountains and the forests and the rivers and the lakes, and everything if he didn't love us.

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There's another higher level of Allah's love that He has specifically for the people who listen to what he says. And do what He asks of them, the people who pray five times a day, the people who try to understand the Koran and live by the Koran, and even memorize some of the Quran, the people who are interested in the lives of the prophets, what they did, and how we can learn from their stories. Allah has an extra level of love for these people because they're doing exactly what Allah wants them to do.

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Why does Allah want them to do this thing? Why does Why does Allah want us to learn these lessons to do these acts of worship? Because Allah wants the absolute best thing for us. And that is paradise.

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See, Allah created the world,

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cause and effect, right, if if I take a ball and I let it go, it's going to drop and it's going to hit the floor.

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Gravity is one of the laws that a law created.

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That helps keep everything in order. Well, Allah also created laws for our hearts and our spirits.

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If we believe if we worship if we try our best, our spirits are going to stay pure the way that Allah created them.

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And we're going to make it into a loss paradise. If we don't do anything.

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If we're lazy, if we decide that you know what this stuff is not worth it, I'd rather do whatever I wanted, rather than what I need. We stopped believing

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then our soul is going to get filthier and filthy or dirtier and dirtier.

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Until the point where it's not even going to be possible for us to enter into a loss paradise.

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Now if Allah created everything like that,

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Allah wants us to be where which one does Allah want us to be? And he wants us to be in paradise.

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And so he's given us all of these reminders and he's given us the poor and he's given us the last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam

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because he wants that good ending for us. He wants us all to be in paradise together. As because a lot as I do. He loves you and He loves me. And he's the most loving out of all. That's all for tonight. I said on what April got off to La