The Power Of One Ayah #17

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Has he been?

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roku? roku?

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Allah subhana wa tada is telling us in South line Kabuto number 29. And number two, the one that I was just reciting with you now has he been nurse will people be left if amended to claim that they are true believers will homelife Tarun and then they don't go through fitna and I'm going to explain the word fitments Allah.

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Allah said we have put the elected people before them into the fitna. Why it's a time where Allah subhanho wa Taala will divide people into two camps, true believers and claim and so believe those who say we believe but when they go through the test, they lose their a man and they start pushing Allah subhanho wa Taala the word fitness upon Allah comes from what? You know back in the days they used to call the jeweler for tan. And if you say for 10 out to somebody now you're gonna say those people who are slanders, those who go and like some kind of law talk about people behind their back no fitna means the jeweler used to bring Lux paler the gold and he would expose the gold to extreme

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heat. Why? To get the pure gold and then the residual waste to come on our side. And that's exactly what the last time means. When he's putting us through plagues like Coronavirus now, Allah subhana wa tada wants to divide people into two groups, the true believers who know that everything comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's a type of a test. And so basically when people reflect and know that a test is a sign of problem How many of you have that feel like like why me why last spring we throw this now I'm a good believer I pray seven times a day, hold on, you pray five times a day. Okay? So wishing here is the solemn promise of beautiful honey she said in the law.

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Before lots of planetary loves his slave he will keep putting him through tests. Mohawk but think about this. So attest to the side of the love of Allah. Yes, because we want to get the good out of you. And he wants to kill that which is evil inside you. And this is why the prophets of Salaam told us in the Hadith, I shall do nasty Bala and

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you know, the people who are like paralog, undergoing the severe of tests and, and the most difficult times of the

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profits, and just to go and study their car, it's a time for you now when you're sitting at home, say the seat of the profits. Because when you say why me like why the profits then? Because this dunya is worth nothing in the sight of Allah, Allah. Allah wants to prepare you for this dunya is Dharma more it's a passage for the Atma which is part of the Parliament, which is going to be the real life are you going to be living forever in sha Allah? So the Prophet himself you've turned 18 The stronger the faith, the harder the test. So reflect on that while you're sitting at home. Now, say that Allah loves me. This is why Allah tests if he then again

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and this is why Allah

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us