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So, what is Sam obligatory? Sam is obligatory and it is the highest and most ultimate station of perfection and excellence and beauty. You know, also I forgot to tell you that Sam combines in addition to the perfection and excellence, beauty, because when we say what one has done, it means a beautiful face, right? what one has a beautiful face?

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And why does it Why does it also combine beauty, because beauty is the ultimate perfection

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right because you would not be concerned about beauty before you will not be concerned about the ornamentation of your building before you have them fix from the bottom up and the foundation, the structure and everything and venue, beautification is the final stage right to beautify your actions, that is the final stage. So it suits the meaning of Excel, which is ultimate perfection and excellence

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in beauty is a concept that is sanctioned that is now keep in mind this this philosophical triangle of hardcore hydrology, which is what choose goodness, and nearly that triangle itself is all things and that Islam is is is is a triangle of Hirshman. It's not as well, but the details how to get there because what is the roadmap for how to get there, HVAC systems do not give a complete

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and flawless roadmap of how to get to a hardware failure,

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you know, truth righteousness or truth, goodness and beauty.

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So, accent has this meaning of beauty as well.

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many people will find this to be very difficult to you know, very difficult, very hard on us, like how could excellence be obligatory on us? That means, if we fooled a little bit short of this excellent this perfection this beauty, action, you know, then we will be in error in grave error and sin. So, this color is said

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that it is not like this, a lot of us in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used the word Kappa bap min of negatory to emphasize the importance of perfection and excellence, emphasize the importance of the perfection of excellence. But it would not be it would not be completely untrue. The prophets would not use a term that is completely untrue in the context. It has a lot of truth to it. Because how do you protect yourself or

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how do you protect yourself? You have the pillars of our cameras.

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You have the the back of salon the mandatory actions of salah and that's according to the medical situation because according to the gym more you have the pillars and then you have the emphasizes the honey bunnies have a three pronged three tiered classification, like the jumbo would have a three tiered classification and had the Hungary's have a three tiered classification and so on, we have the pillars are can without which your Salah is void they have the big back mandatory actions without which your Salah is deficient and then they have the summon the prefer the actions without which your Salah is imperfect not perfect.

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So, basically to do all the pillars, that is part of Sam because Sam is a is a structure

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the structure has a foundation you will not reach the top of the structure until you have you you lay down the foundation and you built the first and second floor and so on. So, when you perfect your pillars, that is obligatory right. And then when you perfect your obligatory actions that will say according to the formulas that I have in had, there is this three tiered classification of pillars

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and preferable accidents. So according to all of them if I haven't had you, you have to perfect your pillars and you should perfect your body back for obligatory accidents of hands, otherwise your hands will be deficient. here Where have you been efficient? basically have no having no Taylor's having nucleators means having no heart having missed some of the big benefits.

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habit is like a person that is blind here How does blind your heart just deaf, you have to does not have legs for arms. So severe deficiency in the integrity of your heart. So it is welded to perfect to the way the back of the hat to do that by the back of the hat. And then the final stage, which is the salon, this part is not wet. So, the profits are a lot louder, Adios, I didn't use the word Catholic, which means sent obligatory versus recommend for advice or some lighter word to highlight the importance of a center of excellence, perfection, gracious graciousness, and beauty in his lab to highlight the importance of this, but it is not without true basis, there are two basis to this,

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because in every action to reach the level of exam, for ultimate perfection, you need to work from the from the bottom up, therefore, Part A big part of SM is obligatory,

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a big part of accent is obligatory, you could never reach Sam, unless you have done a lot of things that are obligatory Are you so sorry, to your parents sent your parents obligatory or not?

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Not all of it.

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Not all of it, because if it because then then we will not be able to have different rankings in this ibid

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different rankings in this regard. So there is obligatory accent to your parents, towards your parents, there is obligatory exam towards your parents. And then there is another layer, where we complete the obligatory Sam we have to all live up to this piano level of accent to the parents. And then there is an additional layer, wider layer, vast

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room for, you know, people of greatest resolve room for people of the highest aspirations, that the greatest piety

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and so on to compete in this vast room vast area, but at least the basis of exam to your parents is obligatory. So Excel is obligatory or not,

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is so the professor Sonam was not using it completely metaphorically here, you know, without respect to the word that you know, Epson is obligatory, a great portion of that is obligatory, so using the word obligatory with a sound in general, is warranted, because we're exempt you're sent to your guest is obligatory or not.

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Some of it, some of it is some of it is some of it is not because I sent you a guest starts with that which is obligatory on you.

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According to Silicon Valley's it is obligatory, you know, to host your guests for a certain number of days, is obligatory according to international according to the majority coffee cafe America, it is very emphasized, very emphasized. So

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let's say according to the home values near the center, the guest is part of the authority can park extra

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So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, So, whoever hosts him for more fine gets up, count for him as charity after the three days. So at CERN here

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to the guest is part obligatory and part now obligatory, this is the room for the people who want to draw closer to Allah, you have fast room, you know, all those seekers of his pleasure, I have made this vast room for you to compete after this, you know, strike of obligation down at the bottom, this is really a stripe of obligation down at the bottom. Above this there is vast room for the seekers of his pleasure to compete in accept imperfection towards everything, towards everything.

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So, we go back full circle, and then we go back to the meaning of meaning obligatory essay

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Parts of accent are obligatory, but except as a concept as an attitude is obligatory or as Muslims. So in general, as an abstract idea as a concept as an attitude as an approach to things is obligatory

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in its totality. Now we will come down to the details, but the Prophet meant to use the word caca, mean obligatory, meant to use it, to infer that meaning that SM as a concept is obligatory on us

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towards everything, concerning everything. And it, it takes basically, a little bit of heedfulness a little bit of wakefulness, so that we were if you have a business, try to figure out tomorrow, how you can improve your business, improve the work ethics, that's your business, improve the way you treat your employees, improve the way you conduct your business, you treat your clients, those parts of excellence, right.

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So, work ethics is part of excellence, driving is part of excellence, parking, T, you know,

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even dressing and grooming that is part of excellent does not mean that you stand in front of the mirror for two hours, but the number of minutes so was always was always clean. You know why cleaning him you know, so he would cheer you up to look at him

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because of the simplicity, the cleanliness and

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his thought,

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despite his despite his grades or whatever, what I'm trying to say is that

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the word could we say here is very, very powerful, very meaningful. So perfection, excellence, beauty, I said perfection, excellence, beauty. All of this perfection, excellence, graciousness, beauty, perfection, excellence, graciousness, beauty, all of this, I'll actually say concerning everything, towards everything. And then you break it down, break down everything, everything that you do, from the time you wake up in the morning and print the formula to that, how do you do it with perfection, with excellence, with graciousness, and with beauty?

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How would you deal with your spouse with, you know, graciousness? How do you

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you know, beautify your setup?

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How do you unify your sub

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there is sub region here under sub

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sub array that is beautiful, suffers aborigine beautiful patients, in the risk patients this might be so Southern intermediate is when you Be patient without

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And internally patient as well as externally patient for the internal patients. That was the other one is one, your heart becomes at ease with choices,

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accepts them accepts a lot of choices, and then you know, becomes an easy choice of a loss profile and say to yourself, loss planning for me is better than my clinic for myself. And I don't accept and then I'll move on, I'll try to make the best out of the situation that I may, even if it is hard, even if it is unfortunate, but I'll try to make the best out of it. And I'll accept the funding for those beautiful patients. So patients concerning everything and the word everything is very, very weighty. Think of everything very weighty. Every practice, every conviction, every thought, every action, every statement, every silence, every inaction, every abstention everything

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and that is really the test. And the test. You know, the most important part of the test is that each and every one of us could go home and wake up tomorrow and someone is going to college and they do the same thing that they've been doing. But you know, it is amazing. You know the speaker the audience, have we have the Sahaba heard that this honey is going to the

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next day there would have been so much going on you know like a lot of changes and above things happening.

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But for us, you know we go back to the same routine. Can someone remember they need to remember for a day or two when they remember they remember to say one or two things, but it's such a witty hobbies

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This is why the problem is what I'm used to just the Harmon installments. He does not want them to learn for leisure. He wanted them to learn fraction. Think you can use it, laptop, house any laptop, don't get angry, outstanding laptop, don't get angry housing. Don't be angry. Think you can use it. You want more. Take that first. Use it first act upon first then come back from