Tom Facchine – 4 Roots To 4 Fruits

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses four routes to achieving wisdom and bravery: watering, retaining patience, retaining forbearance, and retaining bravery. These routes lead to four different fruits, including forbearance, bravery, and clarity. The speaker emphasizes that these routes are necessary for achieving wisdom and bravery.
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Allah subhana, Allah gives us certain things, and He expects us to develop them into something better. Right?

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So one of the scholars said, there's four routes, and if you water them, and take care of them, they end up giving you four fruits. So, knowledge, if a law gives you knowledge, and you cultivate the application of that knowledge, it leads to wisdom. And we all know, from our experience in daily life, that not everybody who has knowledge has wisdom, right? Just because you know, something, doesn't mean you should say it. Right? It takes a whole lot of experience and something else to develop that wisdom to know how to apply that knowledge in a skillful manner.

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Another route that we have is restraint, not just taking what you want, it's not just reaching for what you want all the time, having the discipline, having that restraint. And restraint leads to generosity, right? Imagine you have a guest into your home. And you have like your favorite, sweet, whether it's baklava, or whether it's chocolate chip cookies, or whatever it is, and you put it down on the table. If you can't restrain yourself, you're not going to be generous. So you're gonna be secretly hoping that your guests doesn't really take that much so that you can crush it later. By yourself. But if you have restraint enables you to be generous, you can honestly and sincerely be

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like, hey, you know I want, I don't not only want you to have it here, I'm going to pack it up and send it with you to go, right. That's something that takes restraint.

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Patience is another route and the fruit that it bears is forbearance, forbearance and bravery and those forbearance is different from patience. Patience is being able to control your outside, when maybe on the inside, you're really upset, or you're angry, or something's happening to you. Right. So if someone cuts you off on the highway, or on the road, like you might be seething on the inside, but your kids are in the back, you don't want them to repeat anything that you're gonna say. So you stay quiet. That's patience. Forbearance is when it works on the inside, is that you're at the level where you used to be like, well, you know, it's not, it's something that I've done to somebody else,

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at some point, maybe the person's in an emergency, or the person had a hard day, and you don't even feel on the inside, very stirred up. Patience also leads to bravery. Because you have to be patient to be brave, to be able to stand up to somebody who's an oppressor, or somebody who's violating other people's rights to say, Hey, stop that cut it out. That's wrong. You, you might be putting yourself in some danger, right? physical danger or danger of your reputation or something like that. And that takes patience to be able to endure that sort of opposition. So if you nurture patience, it can lead to both forbearance and bravery. And the last route and the last fruit is justice. Okay, so

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people have an innate sense of justice, especially kids. You see kids, man, oh, if you are a parent, and you don't follow the rules that you set, you just really made it hard for yourself, your kids will demand their right to do it. They demand that you live by the same rules that they do. I'm going to bed at eight o'clock. Why don't you go to bed at eight o'clock? Right? I'll have to eat my vegetables. Why are you eating french fries? Right, all these sorts of things. And that's good. It's good that Allah subhanaw taala gave us that justice. And if you nurture that justice, then it leads to set up get us the fruit because Assad isn't just looking out for you. It's looking out for

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everybody is trying to take care of Allah's creation. You're a Khalifa, you're a steward. You're a custodian. You are someone who is doing a lot of work in the world. You're building the world that allies would gel is happy with. Right? And that's a whole other level. So four routes lead to four fruits.

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