Tim Humble – The Muslim Family #37 – Children and Their Worldly Education

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the responsibility of Islam and the benefits of pursuing worldly life, including worldly learning and education. They emphasize the importance of learning from the experience and not giving up, and stress the need for evidence to support one's beliefs. The speakers also address the potential benefits of protecting families and avoiding false expectations and confusion, and provide advice on homeschooling children and limiting access to the Internet. They encourage parents to be mindful of their children and limit their activities to ensure their children are safe.
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leeuw and hamdulillah lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was solely Nabina Muhammad while earlier he was so happy he made as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. As always, we begin with the praise of Allah azza wa jal, and by asking Allah to exalt dimension and add peace, to our messenger, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions, we've been speaking about the tarbiyah of our children. And remember, all of this is in the context of the Rights of the Child over the parent, and the responsibilities and obligations of the parent towards the child. And we came to the right, the responsibility of tarbiyah, of nurturing,

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preparing, and educating our children. And having spoken about some of the principles behind tarbiyah examples of tarbiyah, we now came to talk about educating our children in terms of Islam, and Alhamdulillah, we finished whatever Allah made easy for us to finish in that regard. And now we come on to the topic of the worldly world, the education,

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a lot of people might be tempted, and even I sometimes find myself tempted to use the expression, secular education. But actually don't think this is a very good expression to use, because it indicates the word secular indicates that this education has nothing to do with the religion, and isn't governed by the religion. And that's not true. The religion of Islam is one that calls you to the best of this world and the next, and it calls for your children to have the best of this world and the next, and therefore the religion of Islam governs the matters of our worldly lives. it governs what we're allowed to do and not allowed to do. And it also directs us in worldly benefits,

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just as it directs us in our acts of worship, and coming near to Allah subhanaw taala. So I don't really want to call it secular education, I'm instead going to call it worldly matters. And Allah subhanaw taala he criticized and he rebuked the one whose knowledge is no more than the worldly matters, worldly education. allies, which has said in sort of room Yeah, Ala Moana vorherigen mineral hierarchy dunya wa hemani Earth erotic oncofetal they know what is apparent from this worldly life. But as for the Hereafter, they are unaware of it. Look at how Eliza rebukes the disbelievers. And I believe this is an idea that is very applicable to the disbelievers today. So

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many people. Yeah, I know more navall here on meaner hieratic dunya they know what is apparent from this worldly life. And that includes things like science, science deals with observation, primarily, things that can be observed and tested and repeated. And ultimately, that is the hero that is vorherigen Minar, hierarchy dounia. That is what is apparent from the worldly life. As for the matters of the Hereafter, they are unaware. So whatever you teach your children from the matters of this worldly life, it should never ever be at the exclusion. Or it should never be to the exclusion of the religion of Islam so that they become people who know so much about the hierarchy dounia but

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they don't know anything about the euro.

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And that's all sad to see some Muslims falling into this and we know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us Let it be unnecessary no man can accomplish. You're going to follow the ways of the people who came before you. We see so many Muslims suppiler excelling in the sciences, in mathematics, in languages, in their careers, becoming spal, at the forefront of of their field, pass upon a lot becoming more and more ignorant about Islam, and more and more ignorant about the archaea. And that's not what we want to see. If we want for some of our children to excel in different fields, different sciences in the worldly life, then we want them to do so as practicing

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Muslims. And that's ultimately what we want.

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For our kids, in the sense that, you know, we talked about the kids becoming scholars, and we said they're not every child will be able to do that. We want every child to have the minimum knowledge that every Muslim needs in terms of their Islamic knowledge and every child is going to be able to become a scholar, not every child is going to is going to choose to study the voluntary aspects of tolerable and the voluntary seeking of knowledge, no matter how virtuous it is. So if our children do go into matters of the worldly life, if they become business people, if they become scientists, if they become experts in whatever field they are in engineering and medicine, whatever field it

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might be, they become experts in that field. We want them to do so as practicing Muslims, as Muslims who fear Allah azza wa jal, we have to understand as well, that the world the sciences, should be a servant to the religion. And it's not the case that the religion should be in a state of servitude to our worldly life. What do I mean by that? these worldly sciences? Why do we pursue them? Why, what is our intention? What's our near behind it? Is it just this higher to dunya? If that's the case, then we'll lie, we have wasted our time. There is nothing beneficial from that. But if it's the case, that we do this worldly sciences, and we study them and learn them, and there is there are

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benefits for that in our religious obligations and our religious life, then this is where the benefit, this is where the benefit comes in. So for example, a person learns a particular science and uses that science to benefit Islam and the Muslims, or even on a much simpler level, a person learns a particular worldly science, and then they achieve a job through that. And through that, by the permission of Allah, they're able to give sadaqa to feed their family to take care of your responsibilities to avoid debt, to avoid Haram, income, and so on. So all of this is beneficial. When your worldly life is something which is a

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Its job is to serve you in your religious obligations and your religious life. And that's how it should be and if you keep that near, you can even be rewarded for your studies that you do in the worldly life, you can even be rewarded for those, if you're near is, and you're at a sub your expectation of reward is that Oh Allah, I am doing this action for a more lofty purpose, more important reason than just for the sake of the needs of this life, something more than that, maybe it is so that I can fulfill obligations that you have commanded me to fulfill Allah. So if a person keeps their intention, sincerely for Allah Subhana Allah, that I'm learning these things and I'm in

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this worldly life, doing these worldly sciences, for something that will initialize an obligation that is put upon me to relieve a burden or to support me in my religious obligations and and and to support the Muslims in general. And this can be something which can be of benefit in short, Allahu Allah. And we have an evidence for that, from the evidences for that is the hadith of ebihara or the Allahu and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and what mineral kawi higher on what I have put it alarming meaning life where he could inhale his alarm. I am Phalke was there in below well attaches we're in a solid back cache on Fela tekun. Low any file to can occur work

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Heather, what I can pull harder law he will measure a file for in low TIFF, Darryl amercia, ty

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abohar, ala narrated from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said a strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, and both of them have good in them.

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And now we come to the part the showerhead that we want from the statement it had a silo may be keen for what will benefit you. Be keen for what will benefit you always be looking for what will benefit you. This here and never here is not restricted to the matters of the religion. Rather, it encompasses the matters of the religion, and the matters of the dunya. But when those matters of the dunya are nerf er, they're beneficial. And that's what we want to bring as a delille here for the fact that the worldly matters when they are of benefit in your religion, or towards your religious obligations. They can be praiseworthy to a certain extent if you have that near and actually sad

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evidence in Harris, Alabama invoke the Prophet sighs him here he didn't specify the benefit be keen have helps Biharis for a benefit up keen for what will benefit

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the Prophet solo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he didn't limit this benefit to the matters of the dean. He didn't say for example, it had his itma and federal COVID Dean became for what will benefit you in the religion, rather he kept it open. Anything that will benefit you from this is an evidence of the permissibility of teaching our children, worldly matters. If those matters are mid May and fat, while liable from the matters that benefit and they don't harm their beneficial. So from the beneficial matters, it is permissible based on this Heidi's it is permissible for us to teach our children beneficial worldly matters. It helps LMA and folk be keen for what will benefit you

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weststein Billa and seek the help of Allah and suppiler Look how the religion is integrated into everything.

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The religion is integrated into everything that we do. Even if you are seeking a benefit for the worldly life in the worldly life, you still you still seek the help of a lysogenic Western Billa seek the help of Allah because Allah azza wa jal is the one that controls the matters of the dunya. And everything is in the hands of Allah, and you can't achieve anything without Allah's help. We talked about that in the hadith of Ibn the ambassador of the Allahu anhu, Amanda tarbiyah, the prophet SAW some give to him while attaches. Don't ever feel that you can't achieve it. Don't ever feel you've been defeated. Don't ever give up, stop working and say that

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it is I can't do it. I can't do it can't be done, have big lofty goals. But make sure that you're not getting diluted also, in the dunya. Make sure that you know sometimes we have such lofty goals in the dunya and such high aspirations but we don't have those aspirations in the deen. And we trick and lie to ourselves. We tell ourselves lies we tell ourselves that it'll, you know, I'm doing this to benefit the Muslims. I'm working 14 hour days to benefit the Muslims and in reality is taking you away from more important things like knowledge and so on. Well attach is don't ever feel that you can't do it. Well in a solid back cache on and if something happens to you don't say if only I did

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this, it would be like this and this, or see if this happened, it would have been like that, if only like this, it could have been like that. But say it was the decree of a lion he does whatever he wills, Cardinal law, he was fine. Because seeing if only opens the door to the actions of the shapefile. So I believe this Heidi is a fundamental principle as it relates to the issue of teaching your children everything that benefits them, including matters of the worldly life, as long as those matters of the worldly life are beneficial. And those matters of the worldly life are matters that inshallah don't harm them and don't bring them away from Islam, but they are matters that are from

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the things that everybody has to deal with. We know in the Mid South humbler sad Robbie Allahu and he may mentioned, he said that when we are with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knew that Corona binetti Well, Jenna, he reminds us of the fire and he reminds us of Paradise, as though the two of those things are in front of our eyes. And when we leave from the Messenger of Allah, he said to the prophets, I said, for either halogen ended when we leave from where you are, our personnel as well as your will, will lead what by Earth,

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fantasy neck athira he said that we become busy with our wives and our children, and our worldly life, business and so on. We forget much of what the prophet SAW Selim said.

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And the prophets I said to him, he altered all morning Allah Mehta corn on our end, what physical loss offer had come on mela acre. He said that if you were to remain in that state that you are like, when you are with me, the angels would shake your hands on the roads and in your beds. He said, Well, I can Yeah, humbler? Sir. It was a little humbler. There is a time for this. And there is a time for that. And he said it three times. So a lot what it was, I'm sorry, sir. I don't want Sorry, sorry. Sorry. There's a time for this. And a time for the time for this and a time for that time for this time for that. So that's from the evidence that there is an allowance. Well, I tend to

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see becoming a dunia. Don't forget your portion of the dunya. There is an allowance for the worldly life. And educating your children as a relates to the worldly life is not a bad thing, as long as that is at the right place at the right time, and in the right way. So it's the right place, the right time and the right amount. It's not

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Excluding the religion, so they become like those people that Allah said about them. Yeah, I don't want to avoid I'm in Ohio to do a home and accurately home off the road. They know the apparent nature of this world but they're unaware when it comes to the hereafter. And it's the right amount and the right time and it's from those things which benefit them is LMA and Phalke look and be keen for what will benefit you. And we have another evidence in the statement of Mr. Bob robiola one. He said I lemo I will add a Seba Rami Well, foreseer. He said, teach your children swimming,

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and our rummy which is archery or shooting,

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and l furusiyya. Horse riding. And all three of these things are from the worldly life. They are matters of worldly knowledge, but they are matters of worldly knowledge that have the potential to benefit in terms of Islam. All of those have the potential to benefit the Muslim either to benefit them in their personal life, like swimming, which could be an essential skill, like an essential life skill. So from this, we could take the importance of teaching our children worldly skills that will benefit them in their life. Life Skills could be things like leadership, or things that might help them in terms of keep them safe, like swimming, for example. Or it could be anything that is,

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you know, beneficial. That is a beneficial skill that a child can learn from the matters of the worldly life. So to teach them a syba ha teach him swimming. And as for a Rami, Anil furusiyya visa, both related to war, because the Muslims in that time, that's what they used to fight upon. They used to fight upon horses, and they used to fight with art with archery, firing bows and arrows. So ultimately, an army is a general word for anything that is anything that shot, whether it's an arrow or anything else. So ultimately, these are things that are in the worldly life, but they're things which relate to the religion. So you're teaching your children something which will benefit them in

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their life, or will benefit Islam and the Muslims one way or the other. These are the kind of worldly, beneficial things that we should be looking to teach our children. And so I would say from the most important of the worldly knowledge that you can teach your children is one of two things. Number one, the things that will benefit them personally in their life could be a life lesson could be a life skill, like leadership, or working as part of a team.

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Or it could be a skill of like presenting your ideas, or something like that. It could be something like swimming, and likewise, anything which will benefit Islam and the Muslims from it. Because if you look at the statement of armor here, it's either something which will benefit them personally in their life provided proved to be a great benefit to them in their life or something which will benefit them Muslims, like the examples that Omar gave here of a Ramy and Al foreseer and also even the issue of things like exercise and keeping fit and healthy are still things which are beneficial for you in your deen because if you can keep your children healthy, and they are fit and they

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exercise well then you should allow to Allah This is more likely that they will be able to worship Allah azza wa jal for longer they will be inshallah to Allah more healthy into an able to do their a badass in a better way with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala so these are the kind of worldly things that we should be giving the most concern to things that will benefit them in of themselves and things that will benefit Islam and the Muslims.

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So now I want to come in the last part of this episode to talk about our children and school and in the next episode, inshallah Allah I'm going to talk specifically about homeschooling and we had some questions on that from some of the students who are following the course. They were asking about homeschooling, and what is your advice about homeschooling? So inshallah Allah I'm going to give a naseeha he shall lie in the next episode, as comprehensively as I can, as to how to start homeschooling children and some of the benefits of homeschooling inshallah, but right now I want to address in this episode, the majority of of our children go to school.

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And I want to start with an idea in terms of my advice to the parents whose children go to school. I want to start with an ayah Eliza which I said yeah, you highlight Hina M and qu and for second what alikum Nara or you believe Save yourselves

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Your family from a fire walk hold your hand as well hey john, whose fuel is men and stones Aya Subhana Allah Allah azza wa jal commanded us to protect our families to the maximum extent possible. And Eliza gel told us for Tekel, la her Mr. Barton, have Taqwa of Allah as much as you can.

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And I believe these are two essential elements of how a parent can nurture their child in the worldly sciences when the child is in school.

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The first one is saving your family from the fire. The second one is having as much taqwa as you can. So when it comes to saving your family from the fire, we're talking about protecting your children from the things which could cause them to be from the people of the fire. And ultimately, there are two things which cause a person to be from the people of the fire, if we categorize all of the sins into two categories. And they are sherawat and chahat. They are the desires that come from the neffs. And the shape Han stalks them up in an F cellar a model to be sought. The soul is constantly inclined towards evil, the desires for things that are wrong, and things that are evil

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and things that are blameworthy. And then there are schawbel hat and the shadow heart are confusion, misconceptions, things that are they have Sheva hahnville Huck, they resemble the truth but they're not true.

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Sort of, you can call them false notions, misconceptions misguidance. And these really are the two that are alluded to, in the statement of Allah azza wa jal in the Arab Emirates are SMRT one of the big bad that they know how shocking I mean, how hemella * insane. In the whole Kerner vaalu, manga Hall at the end of Salta has up that we offered the responsibility to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, they declined it. They were fearful of it and mankind took it on Indeed, he was incredibly oppressive and incredibly ignorant. The oppressiveness is when you know something that you know it's wrong, you understand that it's wrong, but your desires you crave it. And as for

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the ignorance is when you become confused by doubts and misconceptions and misguidance. And this is also alluded to in sort of 230 layering boulby la him What are bioline not the path of those whom your anger has, that your anger has come upon Allah, and those who are less anger has come upon those who know the truth, and they continue in the false hood

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and the DI lien, they are those people who don't know the difference between what is true and what is false. So, ultimately, there are two things that misguide men mankind in general, the first is sherawat desires and craving for things that are wrong. And the second are Chabot hat, which are misconceptions. misguidance. And we need to do our very, very best to protect our children from that. And there is something that I sometimes hear people say, and it is from the worst and from the the greatest examples of ignorance. And the worst examples of foolishness that we hear people say is they say expose your children to some of the haraam saw that you know like they won't they won't go

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out of control and they won't go into the heroin after that you know give them a little bit of heroin so give them something don't restrict them from the Haram completely and is enough to refuted a statement of Eliza gel yeah you have Latina M and o CO and fossa como la Who are you who believe save your family your Save yourselves and your family from a fire whose fuel is men and stones. How does this how do you reconcile between this and between allowing your children just to do you know allow them 20% of the haraam to save them from the 80% which of the Sahaba did this which of the tablet you know the seller was silent? They told you that this is the manager of tarbiyah

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admin No, none of them not even what this is just nothing but the the confusion and the deception of the shaitaan

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rather Your job is Allah as as allies which I said for telco law, Mr. Potter, have as much taqwa as you can. You don't know the sin that is gonna put you or your children into the fire. It could be something very small. The Prophet sighs I'm so glad to hear I mean and marital officiate I don't belittle any good deed, have actually commented on this Rahim Allah to Allah and he said, a person doesn't know the good deed that will

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That could be the one that brings them to gender or the sin that could be the one, even the small sin. That could be the one that puts them into fire. So it's not for a person to belittle the good deeds or to belittle the sins or to see the sins as being too small. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us, er, comm one more hub Porat a zoo Nope. He said, Keep away from the sins that people consider to be very, very small, very insignificant. So ultimately, we have to do everything we can to protect our children in every way that we can from the shadow art, and from the sugar hat. But ultimately, when we're talking about the setting of schools, and education

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institutions, it's often not possible to get things the way that we would like them to be perfectly. And that's why my advice genuinely is to all parents. Now see how sincere advice for me is that if you're able to homeschool your children do it. Because I don't know anything which corrupts children more than the current state of schooling and education in the world today, in every country. It is from the biggest of the supporters of the shape on and the biggest of the things that take our children astray. And I think anyone who opens even one eye to this will see it anyone who is even remotely honest, we'll see that the education system in the world today is destroying our children.

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But at the end of the day, for tech law homeschool, apart from fear Allah as much as you can, not everybody can homeschool their kids, we understand that. And that's why we don't say that it is obligatory because the simple situation is that we don't we know that most people or many people would not be able to do that. But if you're putting your kids in school, for tullahoma, still have as much taqwa as you can. So first of all, you choose the best school that you have option, an option or an availability to take, you know, Subhan Allah, some parents, they look at the school for what it does in the dunya. To be honest, I wouldn't even give any concern for what the school does

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in the dunya. Only look, is this school going to be a reason to put my child into Jana? Or is the school going to be a reason for me to go to Johanna, because there might be me that gets blamed in the sense that I'm the one that chose it for them. They didn't choose it for themselves. Or look at a school because it has good grades or because it has good teachers or a good report from the education, watchdog or observer. Don't give any consent to that your only concern? Yeah, you Halina Amman are cool and forsaken. Welcome now to save yourselves and your family from a fire.

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Choose the best school that you can, and then know that whatever school you have chosen, it is still going to be a great fit enough for your child, even if you have chosen the best school that is available in your country. And you've chosen the most friendly to Islam and supportive of Islam. Still, there are so many trials and tribulations that happened there. Because even if the school is at a very high standard in terms of Islam, ultimately, the children who go there are still going to be children who not every parent is going to have the same high standards that you do. So your children still mixing with kids from the school that are even though the school might have an

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Islamic ethos, or it might teach Islamic subjects or may even be a quote Islamic school. But ultimately, the other children who are there may not all share the same values that you want for your children. And they may not have the same habits that you want for your children. And that's why when I say this will lie, this is the advice of someone who has seen this, and advice of someone will or who wants good for you and for your kids. The I've been in the situation I've seen the situation. I've worked a long, long time with young kids from different schools. I've seen kids from Islamic schools, from non Islamic schools. And ultimately all of them have been exposed to severe

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trials and tribulations fitting and tests and trials from the education that they received in those institutions, even the best of them. Because if it's not the education, then the danger is the people around them. We know the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a model Adda Dini highly valuable I have to commend you highly. A person is upon the religion of their close friend. So let everyone look at who they take as a close friend, the people your children mix with so Paula, sometimes the education system might take your children away for seven hours in a day, or more or less than that suppiler all that time they're mixing with people. Those people are having a

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huge influence upon them as it relates to shout out

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As it relates to shout out also the mixing of the boys and the girls that co Ed schools where the boys and the girls mix.

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This is no doubt opening the shout out for the kids, opening the desires and might see all my children are young. But ultimately it's setting a standard and a habit that will carry on for them when they are older. And that's why when we have the kids, even when they're young, we prevent them from what is hot, cool emphasis. Now save your families, yourselves and your families from a fire. So that is one thing from the Charlotte. And then the second thing that we worry about as it relates to all of the schools, whether they have an Islamic ethos or not, are the shubo hat.

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And the shubo hat are those misconceptions and confusion, doubt that creeps into our children will let anyone who is involved working with kids has seen the increase in atheism, in agnosticism in rejection of Islam in reduced apostasy among young boys and girls in schools today. And this is a calamity while like it is more Seba. It is a great calamity that we are suffering today in schools with young boys and girls, leaving Islam, committing apostasy, expressing doubts about Islam, and understand that this situation is an extreme example of Shahada. tentu bohat. That's what it is. It's an example of Shahada and chahat. And this is happening even in Islamic countries. It's an

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example of desires and doubts.

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And I used to believe in the beginning that the issue of doubt was stronger, the Geneva Chabot heart was stronger than China of the Shahada, the desires, that actually when I came to speak to these kids, and to understand why they felt like they had to leave Islam, I came to realize that the journey of the shadow what can be stronger for many of them, that their desires, they so much want to, you know, to, to where they see their friends doing and to be able to do it, that they even reach the level where they are fearful, or they they they feel that Islam doesn't have what they need for for that. And then they when they feel that when the shape and gets them from dough

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sherawat What does what how does the shape on cement it within them? How does the shape on make them stick to it through what through chahat So the example of this is, the child wants to part he wants to drink wants to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend wants to do some kind of harm. And then next craves it and the shape pint tells them and their friends tell them and and it builds them up like that.

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The first time, second time, third time, but eventually it reaches a level where they craving they wish they could live that life like the non Muslims are living. And then along come show bohat misconceptions. Tell them actually not. You know, you think that Islam is true, and you think it's You're so sure about it. But did you know, dot dot dot, and then they justify their Shahada through the shadow heart. They use the shadow heart to justify their desires. So they say art yet so you meet them and they say I don't want to be a Muslim anymore. So why this? I don't want to be honest, because I don't agree with the way that Islam treats women, for example. See, really that's your

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reason, when you go into it, and you delve into it. That's the justification that allows their desires to run free, as what the shaytan has told them to allow their desires to run free. So how do we protect our children from the chahat if the protection from the Shahada is whatever we can give them. We do our best for top alarmists apart from the best schools, we try to keep them among the best of friends, any negative influences that happen, we try to counter them with positive influences at home and through the masjid, the Islamic centers and so on. We do our very best to to, to help them and to give them permissible alternatives for their desires. And the desires don't have

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to always be matters of the heart, you know, matters of, of the opposite gender, whatever they can be, you know, desires can be matters of just desiring to do anything. That's how long we look for alternatives. We try to keep them busy. We try to give them permissible things that will benefit them in the worldly life. But ultimately what comes and of course, we teach them tests get naps, we teach them to purify themselves and the Toba and is too far and turning back to Allah. But what happens? How do we deal with the Chabot hat? How do we deal with misconceptions, confusion misguidance

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Especially when it can be so powerful in these days the way it can be presented, the tools to present misguidance have, in some ways never been more powerful. In that sense, even if the plot of the shape line is weak indicator shape hiney cannot waver the plot of the shape line is ever weak, but the the availability to tools that reach into our homes, videos and so on, that are able to spread misguidance I will give a few points that I would recommend to the parents from the point of view of naziha as to how they can filter this and controlling. First of all, I would advise you to take your responsibility as parents seriously. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

00:35:43 --> 00:35:52

Allah, Allah Kumar and or kolloquium, meserole Anambra Yeti, all of your shepherds, and all of you will be asked about your flock. So make sure that you are

00:35:53 --> 00:36:36

observant of what is happening, you're aware of the information that your children are taking in. And you take it as your responsibility to try to keep them away from the things that will harm them as much as possible. And when you see that a harm has touched them, you try to remedy it, and you try to correct it through the means that Islam has given you. The from the major things that a parent needs to do, in terms of protecting their children from the Chabot heart is to talk to your children, to talk to them, and to know them and their personality. And there are amazing examples of this, to be honest, that you find when you speak to people, of parents who know their children, and

00:36:36 --> 00:37:21

also Hello, when the child starts doing something wrong, that parents straightaway sees there's a change in my child, I can observe something isn't right. And then they address it. And this leads me to my third piece of advice, deal with issues quickly and decisively. Don't delay, don't be from the people who delay the issue and say, I will deal with it tomorrow and tomorrow. Because these are issues that get bigger and bigger and bigger, the black dots become on the heart until the heart is sealed, or the desires becomes so much that it leads the person to shrivel heart and confusion, deal with the issues as they come. And number four, as we mentioned, about being pre emptive. And ahead

00:37:21 --> 00:37:54

of the curve. So try to anticipate the matters that are happening. Be aware of what's happening to kids, other kids who are a little bit older, and some of the issues they're going through, be aware of it inshallah, it'll help out your friends who have kids who are a little bit older, and be aware of what's going on. So you can anticipate the kind of things that might happen to your children, and be observant. Because ultimately, if you're responsible, that means you have a you have the responsibility of observing what is happening, of observing what the children are watching.

00:37:55 --> 00:38:43

And one of the things I would advise sincerely is to control your children's access to the Internet, and to gadgets, iPhones, and iPads and tablets, and whatever else people have. keep it under control. Ultimately, we're not going to say that you should prevent your children from this completely, because ultimately, there is a place for everything, and the world is moving in that direction. And Alhamdulillah but a person, a parent, you've got to be your your muscle you're responsible. So you have to keep a degree of control over that. Keep an eye on things, learn the technology, so you can learn how to keep an eye. And it's not about you know, you being intrusive.

00:38:44 --> 00:39:24

It's not about you, you know, sort of being over the shoulder view of your children, because we spoke about teaching your children the markaba of Eliza, which a lot of teaching them to fear a lot teaching them that Allah is watching them. But to be aware not to be laughing, not to be unaware of what's going on. Be aware, keep an eye on things. Keep a look at things and and keep it friendly with your children like to let your children know that that's going to happen. And to let them know and make them feel you know that it's part of your responsibility. And silicate I wouldn't be a good parent, if I didn't keep an eye on you and look after you. So I'm not going to restrict you to the

00:39:24 --> 00:39:25

extent that you

00:39:26 --> 00:40:00

you know, I'm restricting you from what's halal or anything like that. But what I'm going to try to do is just be aware of what you're doing. Keep a little eye on what you're doing and give you advice and be like a companion to someone who is alongside you. Like allies, which I mentioned was wahiba who malefic Dunia marowak accompany then your parents accompany them in the studio in a good way. So there is a kind of a swiper that is a kind of you know being around them and accompany Have a look at especially as they get older and looking after them and giving them sincere advice and when you see

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

They slipped up as everyone does, we slipped up. So panela when we were younger, and indeed when we were older, and at the same time saw your children, but you teach your children the tools that they need. And that's why in this series we mentioned the Islamic education before I mentioned the worldly education. Before we came to these matters, if you've taught your children the maraca of Allah, you've taught your children to be aware that loves watching them, and you've taught your children, the how to make Toba and instead for how to turn back to Allah, and how to repent, and you've taught your children the danger of doing sins in private, and you've taught your children the

00:40:38 --> 00:41:18

danger of boasting of sins in public, and so on, then these are things that will help them as they approach these dangers. And you kept to control you fear Allah as much as you can, you try to keep them away from the harm as much as possible. And I would say to any of the kids who are watching, or the young adults and the teenagers who are watching this video, and they might feel sad, sometimes that their parents are restricting them, or they might feel upset, they might feel like, I don't see why I'm not allowed to have such and such when my other friends have it will lie you don't know the good that your parents are doing for you. You don't know a lot a good day and suppiler perhaps yomo

00:41:18 --> 00:41:56

piano you it will take you will realize, Paula on the Day of Judgment, what your parents are doing for you by protecting you from those things. And ultimately, if it means you have some restrictions, but those restrictions are the reason for you to enter gender than what they are excellent restrictions. And it's um, it's full of restrictions, Islam has sort of huddled limits, things you have to stay within. So a Muslim shouldn't feel upset, to have some restrictions placed upon them. And even in this wallet, I advise adults to restrict themselves, not just children and door feel, you know, for the teenagers, they might feel like oh, Mohammed, Tim, you, you know, we tell our

00:41:56 --> 00:42:41

parents to control our internet access, and be careful about the gadgets Subhanallah I would say the same for the adults. And the last point I will make on this is be careful about using the gadgets in the TV as a way to get rid of your children just to you know, get a break from your children like oh, you know, like, I can't just kids are just all around me all the time, just put something on the TV. Because upon light, you don't know what that's putting into the mind of your kids. And if you see the cartoons, movies, the songs that our kids are exposed to. And I don't recommend you watch them or listen to them. But if you just go to for example, Wikipedia, and you just look at the plot,

00:42:41 --> 00:42:53

or the lyrics for them will lie you would see every kind of Kabira from the Cabal, every major sin from shirk. polytheism Xena

00:42:54 --> 00:43:40

evil words and speech the most evil alpha Ishmael vihara mean, how am I walking, every kind of immorality, what is apparent and what is hidden, you would see all of it in this music, and these movies, in their plots in their scripts, in the words that they use. And even in the cartoons for young children receive from shark and see her magic and disbelief. What only Allah Subhana Allah knows how bad it is. So Pamela, so my advice is, don't feel that just to get away from your kids and get a break, you put them in front of the TV or the iPad or the YouTube unlimited without any control over what they're watching and what video comes next. So Hannah, this is this is really a

00:43:40 --> 00:44:23

really big, big issue. So this is just some advice. As it relates to a matter of children who are in school. Of course, it does also apply to children who are not in school as well. It's not only limited to that, but I I started this from the point of view of the child who is in school, because they have a greater exposure to the Shahada and the super heart to desires and to misguidance because they mix with a larger group of people in a very uncontrolled way. In the next episode, inshallah, to Allah, we're going to talk about homeschooling. And many parents have asked advice about that how to begin some of the pitfalls and problems people fall into. So from the point of

00:44:23 --> 00:44:52

view of the statement of the Prophet sallallahu, we'll send them a dino we'll see how this religion is about giving good advice. I'm going to try to give whatever advice that Allah makes easy for me to give on the topic of homeschooling, and that's in the next episode in sha Allah, and Allah is originales best wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad while early he was happy, he may as salaam alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and he likes to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to am [email protected]

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