Tim Humble – Small Good Deeds

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of finding small good deeds and finding small deeds with caution. It also touches on the success of small deeds and the need for people to have a good deed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding small deeds and not letting them overwhelm one's time, and offers examples of small deeds that can be done. They also stress the importance of taking small actions with confidence and caution.
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In Alhamdulillah

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Nam medu and Esther I know 101 r ob la he means shorty and fusina woman say e tr Molina Mija de la hufa Medina woman yodelling Farah ha Deanna. What ash had to and

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in Allah, wa hula Shetty Cara y shadow and more hamedan Abdullah he was solo sallallahu alayhi wa Li he was B he was an amateur Sleeman kathira era Johan Medina. Manu tabula haka, Ducati one turbo tuna in one and two Muslim on yeah a yohanna su tiempo la comunidad de Hala Kaku mynap Seema Haider wahala caminhada jaha was the salmon humare Jalan Kathy around one Isa what taco La La detest

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our hand in Allah How can it come Rocky? Yeah, yo holla Dena mano tabula Hawa Paulo Colin studied usila hella Kumar mala Kumar Villa comes back home, when are you? Havasu? Allahu Akbar defies our foes and our Lima and mother Agatha in our stock, Alhaji Tiki tabula were accidental. Hoda. houda Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Warszawa ohmori Maha workqueue wakulla.

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Work will not be the itin bodalla wakulla Bala cynefin. Now

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we begin with the praise of Allah.

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We praise Him, we ask his help, we seek His forgiveness.

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Whoever Allah guides, there is no one that can misguide him.

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And whoever Allah misguides there is no one that can guide

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And I bear witness that there is no god that deserves to be worshipped, except Allah alone and with no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the slave of Allah and His messenger. We ask Allah to exalt his mansion and grant him peace, and to his family and his companions, and all those who follow them until the last day. Oh you who believe have Taqwa of Allah as he deserves for you to have Taqwa of Him and do not die except as Muslims. All Mankind have Taqwa of your Lord who created you from a single soul and created from it, its mate, and from them both he sent forth many men and women and have Taqwa of Allah, the One whose name you asked by and fear

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Allah with regard to your relatives. Allah is always watching over you. All you who believe have Taqwa of Allah and speak a word that is true, he will correct your deeds and forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed achieved a great success. To continue. The best speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is the guidance of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the worst of things in this religion. Our newly invented beliefs and practices and all newly invented beliefs and practices are innovation and all innovation is misguidance and all misguidance is in the Hellfire as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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My dear brothers in Islam,

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in a hadith narrated by the man who will slim in his Sahih

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from the hadith of Abby, the

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well the Allah one.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Love, Kieran, Amina alma roofie Shea

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Whoa, tell ka cabbie. Watch him Paul.

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don't pee Toby Leto. Any good deed.

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Lotta Kieran Amina, oafish. I don't look down on any good deed.

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Even if it is meeting your brother with a smiling face, my brothers in Islam, this haddie has many, many benefits that we can implement in our lives. The first and the greatest of them is that every single good deed that you do is important. You don't know which good deed is going to be the one that will tip the scales in your balance. You don't know which good deed can be the one that will take you out of the fire and out of Allah's punishment with His permission. You don't know which good deed will bring you the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala you don't know which good deed could be the one that is the cause for Allah's forgiveness.

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From the things that we take from this hadith is that we don't look down on any good deed. No good deed is too small, even if it is the smallest thing, even if it is the smallest good deed that you can do. That might be very huge and great in the sight of Allah azza wa jal

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from the benefits that we take from this hadith is that a person should never despair, and never feel like there is no hope for them or no chance for them. Many people they say I can't do this. This person tells me about doing these big good deeds, I can't do this. Some people we see them giving huge amounts in charity, I can't do this. Some people we see them praying the whole night I can't do this. Some people they recite the Quran and every week they finish the Quran from beginning to end, but I can't do this. Some people, they sacrifice themselves and what they have for the sake of Allah, but I can't do this. It may be true that you can't do those things. Or it may be true that

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you can't do them at this moment in time. But there is always a small good deed that you can do.

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Let me give you some examples of the small good deeds.

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The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it talking Roboto Be sure kitamura protect yourself from the fire. Even if it is only half of a date. A person might say I don't have the money to give a large amount in charity, but in sha Allah who to Allah, everyone in this Masjid has the ability to

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Give half a date. Miss Wu Tambora, shaky camera half a date in charity. Maybe that half a date is the one that will save you from the fire. And don't be surprised and don't think that half a date is too small. To you not here the statement of Allah azza wa jal in which Allah subhana wa Taala told us, for me I met a myth called as what in hyla era? When a MLM is called as a rotten, Shara Yara. Whoever does even the atoms wait the mustard seed of good they will see it

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can be hard he turned to me Miss Carly's era, how many dots how many seeds can you fit inside of that half of a date.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said eat turkey now you can be saved from the fire because of a half of a date you gave in charity

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because of half of the date. Somebody might say I don't even find for myself half of a date. Then we go to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in which he said Kelly my attorney, coffee for tiny island meezan Saki Litani filmyzilla have a coffee for tiny island Lisa and tequila tiny filmi. Zan Habib, Attorney Illa rough man Subhan Allah will be Hamdi Subhana. Allah hit Avi. Two words. These two words are easy on the tongue. Every one of you can see it.

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And they're heavy on the scales. And Allah loves these two words very much. Subhan Allah will be Hamdi Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, the Exalted is Allah in His perfection.

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And with praise

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and Exalted is Allah the Most Great.

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Two simple things we can say. And this is just an example of the earth card that a person can say a small thing maybe he says, it doesn't count anything. I finished my prayer I say I stopped for Allah. I started ferula astell ferula Allah Houma. antas Salah, moming, Hassan tabarka Well, generally what Ekrem maybe he doesn't think anything of it. And maybe it is worth more than the dunya and whatever is in it. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about four things, every one of us can remember them.

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The person says, Subhan Allah and Alhamdulillah Allah ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, and it is more beloved to Allah than the world and everything that is in it. Small things that you can do. Very, very small, very easy to do. Even if you are struggling with other things in your religion, even if you are struggling to do the big deeds, the small deeds everybody can do them. Look at the example the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave one hour and telecom a hardcopy watching. Even if you meet your brother with a smile.

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Every one of us can do this. Somebody comes into the masjid or somebody goes from the masjid or you pass somebody in the street and you smile. You smile at them. And for this smile, Allah azza wa jal gives you a good deed

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will know who you are I fully Masha and Allah multiplies the good deeds for whoever he wants. So what do you think if you give that brother Salaam? What kind of good deeds will Allah give you? If Allah gives you the good deed for smiling at somebody?

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If you smile at somebody, Allah subhanaw taala gives you a good deed. So how about if you give that person salam, my brothers in Islam, Islam is an easy religion to follow. You read Allah who become a loser. Well, are you ready to become a Rasul? Allah wants things to be easy for you, he doesn't want things to be difficult for you. This religion is an easy religion to follow. There are many, many opportunities to get good deeds, but you have to look for them. And you have to strive for them. And you have to fill your time with these small good deeds. And this is another benefit that we can take from this hadith that this is what we should fill our time with. Yes, for sure. We try to be in the

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masjid five times a day we try to pray with the Jamaat. We try to do these big things in the sight of Allah. But even when we are at work, even when we're in the car, even when we are sitting at home relaxing. Still we can find these small good deeds a lot clearer. Nominal, Murphy Shay. Don't look down on any good deed.

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Maybe that's more good deeds you didn't think anything of it. Maybe that smile that you smile that your brother might be the reason that you are saved from the fire Yokoyama. So fill your scrolls and fill your records with the small good deeds as well as as much as you can have. The other things that Islam commanded you to do and the big things that Islam commanded you to do. And I give this message especially because some of our brothers, they only come for the Juma prayer. We only see them in the Juma prayer. And sometimes we know people find it difficult the rest of the week, they're struggling until they come for the Juma prayer again, so don't struggle use this time fill

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it with the small good deeds, perhaps Allah Subhana Allah will guide you through the small good deeds to the big things which please Allah azza wa jal and which make you firm within your religion or color matters my own was thought through law, how are we money? What? What decided in muslimeen? I mean coolies and infest our federal welfare law come in who Allah for Rahim

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Al Hamdulillah here abila Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam. Al maga Ruthie Raj maternelle al amin Nabina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi h Marin. We begin with the praise of Allah, the Lord of the worlds and we ask Allah to exalt dimension and grand peace to the one that he sent as a mercy to all of mankind. Our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to his family and his companions. My brothers in Islam, we're talking about a very important Hadeeth and a very practical Hadith. The statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lata Kiran nominal Maru fish a while until ca can be watching Paul alchemical

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Don't look down on any good deed. Don't think any good deed is too small.

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Don't think any good deed doesn't count? Have good thoughts of Allah perhaps Allah subhanaw taala will forgive everything bad you did, because of one small good deed.

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And that's not hard for allies.

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But my brothers in Islam we need to remember on the opposite side, an important Hadith and the Hadees is narrated by Abdullah and Mr. Ravi Allahu, and, and others from the companions who narrated similar wordings from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he said he come one will have karate

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for in ha ha ha Mirena Allah Raja de la Cana.

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He said, Be careful of Be wary of the sins that people don't think are big. The sins people think they are very small, since

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people think they are too small to count.

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Because these sins, they pile up for a person until they destroy him. So just like we have small good deeds, there are also small things. And just like the small good deeds might be the reason for you to go to Jana. The small things might be the reason for you to go to the fire.

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These small things the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave a beautiful example to explain how dangerous the small sins are.

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He said they gather upon a person until they destroy him. And then he gave an example. He gave the example of a man

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Kara Julian be of the fella for Hamas, Saudi Aramco

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He said that, the example of a man who is in the desert and the people they come and they bring their food

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and this one soldier either had a G ob route, what has he over the road? This one brings one stick, and the next man brings one steak, and the next man brings one stick. Hi, gentlemen. Delica sawada. For at Jeju now for unbudgeable mafia, Oh come on, Paula sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then from this one small stick

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The next man brings another small stick, and the next man brings another small stick. And from this stick, they build a big pile of firewood and a big fire, and they burn what is in it.

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Look at the example, every single person just brings one twig.

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And because of this one twig, a huge fire is lit. This is the example of the small things that people don't think are important. They said it's only small, it's not important. But if you keep on doing these small things again, and again, they gather against you like twigs, and from twigs, you can build a very, very big fire. So a person needs to be careful about the small things, just like they are keen to do the small good deeds.

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The small good deeds could be the difference for a person to enter Paradise. And the small sins could be the reason that a person enters the fire. So a person should not take these two things lightly. If they take it seriously, they will strive to do as many small good deeds as they can. And if they take the sin seriously, they will strive to keep away from as many of the small sins as they can. And I will finish with just one point about the small since that is that the worst of the small sins is the one that you do again and again and again. Because when you do something again and again, it becomes like a major sin in the sight of Allah, this small sin, it becomes a cabbie Allah

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in the sight of Allah when you do it again and again it becomes a major sin. So the worst of the small since the worst of the small sense, or the small sins, which people do again and again and they don't think anything of it. So the message from this hookah is very simple. Take the small things seriously. The small good deeds, do as many of them as you can even if you are struggling with some of the big ones and the small sins, make sure that you keep us away from them as much as possible, especially the ones that you do again and again because they are serious in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala for masala Sal de Morocco Allah, Allah Mohammed Abdullah Kamara combi Delica

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boom, de Paula Colin Karima. In Allah wa Amala equateur who you saw lunarlon nabee yeah you Halina and will swallow it. He was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed can also later Allah Ebola Hema, either the Ebola him in nakka hamidou Majeed wa barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed cannot Baraka IRA Ibrahim Ibrahim in NACA hamidou Majeed Allahumma fildena Zubin, Aquila, Deepika Ha, ha ha, ha ha, Sarah, ha, ha ha, Allah, Allah Nana padam Na Ma Karna wanna warmer, warmer and warmer and I will be HeMan until muka demo and tell more of the ruler Illa Illa and Aloma attina for Sonata guava was a key higher and higher Roman zeca ha and when you have Allah Allah Hamas, Liliana

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Deen and a lady who as much as a marina was left Lana dunya Angela TV Hama oshana was Latina, Latina latifi Hama alguna was your Highland hyah tiziana teknaf equally high, while motala hatherleigh namic Alicia Pura Matic AR hammer huahine robina artina dounia hacer una Warfield. filati has Anna joaquina either now or para la to co kulu it had a 10 hour harbor Lana Mila Dong Kawashima in candle wa hub a bad Allah in the law higher moral bill ideally will assign you what eternity they'll quarterback weigh in her and in fact he will carry well Bobby yeah he will come now I look into that Colin Firth Goliath called come wash school who Island I mean he will Allah He is it come What are

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the Kula he will La Jolla mo moto snare on what

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