Mufti Menk – Serious Warning!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The message of Islam is to avoid harming the environment and avoid harming people. It is important to be aware of the consequences of actions and not to be too proud or arrogant. The "monkey Supernatural" theory is discussed, with advice on humility and calm and avoiding steal or harm. The importance of peace and forgiveness is emphasized, and the need to be mindful of one's words and actions is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding giving up drugs and seeking forgiveness.
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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this Mullah, he will hamdulillah. He was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy here to mine.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, Allah Almighty sent from the very beginning messengers. And they were known as those who both good news and those who are Warner's.

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The term machine and Nabeel,

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those are names given to the prophets of Allah, all of them.

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But she wrong Oh,

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Allah says, We sent them in order to give glad tidings and in order to give warnings. We hear very often about the glad tidings today, we need to speak about the warnings. What were these warnings, they were the severest warnings, and Allah knows it's not an empty threat. It's not a warning that is not going to be fulfilled. When Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Be warned of something he means it. And for him to send a countless number of messengers to tell us, be careful, be warned. It's not a joke. It's something serious. Look at the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Allah says in Surah mu. And the same applies to many prophets. I'm just giving an example. In our mousseline Anu, Isla comi,

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we sent knew that Noah, may peace be upon him to his people, and

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we'll come back, telling him to warn his people. So Allah says primarily, it was a warning. What's the warning? Oh, man, worship your maker alone and realize there is a day you are going to go back to that maker? That's the warning. Basically, what is the warning? Allah says, Don't feel too haughty on Earth, too proud, too big. Don't think you are above the law. Don't think you can get away with murder. Don't think you can get away with that which is bad because Allah says, You came from us, and you are going to come back to us. We send you on to this earth for a short span of time. And when you come back to us, we will definitely take you to task.

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That's the primary warning. Let's listen to what mohalla is. salatu wa sallam told his people call Elia tone told me in

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moving, he said, Oh my people, I'm a clear warning to you. That was the first thing he said. He didn't say, oh my people. I'm giving you good news. There was good news. There is good news. And the good news is probably more dominant. But the warning is more serious. That's what you need to know. So the serious news has to come to you before the one that is good. Remember this. Allah Almighty tells us very clearly what no Halla is salatu salam told his people and what all the other messengers told their people because he wants us to take heed, oh, man, you're not going to get away with all the evil that you've done. Not at all. If you did something wrong against us, you seek

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forgiveness, we will forgive you. But if you have done something wrong against a fellow human being, make peace with him or her before it is too late. Don't be too shy. Don't be too arrogant to proud to say Listen, I'm sorry, forgive me because a day will come when that warning that Allah gave you is going to come to pass. It's going to happen. Allah is going to execute that. What type of things would happen?

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Under Bowden law? What taco?

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The first instruction is always worship Allah alone, and be conscious of Him and follow Him. That's the first warning. Yes, it's an instruction. Why is it called a warning because of the damaging effect of not doing that? When Allah says, worship Me alone? Why does he say that? He says, I made you Where were you before you were born? You are with me? Where are you going to be after you die, you're going to be with me. So say, Oh, you who made me, I worship you are you whom I'm going to return to I worship you and you alone. Subhana Allah, be good on Earth. Allah tells you worship Me alone, and be kind to mankind. Be good, we've kept you here. Be good to everything around you, not

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only everyone, your environment should be at peace with you. You don't just harm animals, you don't just harm or destroy the environment. It's from Allah. If you need to, perhaps take down a tree or something Bismillah you need it. You may do it, but you don't just go around destroying the ecosystem, and not being concerned about the environment. Today, people are speaking about going green. In Islam, the color that a lot of people use is actually green to depict the religion, although there is no official color of the religion, but it's just a point of observation. May Allah grant us ease for Allah grant us goodness, remember, we have been taught

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To preserve to protect, if I'm taught to look after the plants, what about my fellow human being? Subhanallah? If I'm taught that there's a reward in animals and the care of animals, what about humankind that Allah says, look at the

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sun Effie sanita going, we have created mankind in the best of postures. The prophets are seldom refers to us as I should have Alma Hello cat, which means the most noble of all the creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So take care. Take care of your duties unto Allah, take care of your duties unto the rest of creation. Listen to what Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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seek the forgiveness of Allah. So he may forgive you so that on the Day of Judgment, you have a better record, you have a better record, I am a human being I may falter, we sometimes can fall into the trap of the devil shaitaan comes to us to make us feel that it's easier to sing. So let's sing. And it's more difficult to do the right thing. So let's not do it, that shaytan if you did fall, quickly, come back. Because today might be your last day. We've heard not too long ago of someone who passed away in the midst of a sin. And we've heard of many who have passed away in the midst of prayer, which one do you want to be?

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May Allah grant us death such that he takes us away in the best possible condition, Armenia bellami. So my brothers, my sisters, these are the warnings from Allah. He says when you are unjust towards another, the time Allah subhanho wa Taala gets you is not always immediate. He gives you despite he gives you a bit of time, why does he give you time? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while you are hidden love on NASA below me him if Allah had to punish the people, because of their oppression, because of the wrongdoings that they have engaged in, there would be nothing left on earth, it would be destroyed totally. That's a warning. If Allah says you know what, I know what you are up to as

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humankind. If I were to punish you, for the oppression that you have committed, there would be nothing left on earth, that's how destroyed it would have been. But Allah says,

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while lacking the room, but Allah delays them, ala agenne him

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up to a specified time, your time My time is fixed. The specified time is not only referring to death, it's referring to the moment that the punishments going to come and you will not be able to do anything about it. A person does wrong. Allah says come back, you will hear some lecture on Juma you will hear someone talking you will hear a reminder, don't do this. Don't do this. You heard it once twice. Allah says he has a fixed amount of times you are going to be reminded after that, he says it's over Close the door. This person we're going to punish them How? When you declare war with Allah, there is no chance that you can survive. It's impossible. You will go mad, you will have

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sufferings from left, right and center from the front and the back. There's no way that you will be able to have a single moment of breathing without severe pain. May Allah grant us ease.

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And sometimes people are sick and Ill but that's not a punishment of Allah. How do I know the difference? Very clear. When things happen to you that are very, very negative. If you are calm and you are praising Allah and you are collected and you are thankful to Allah and you are content, that is the mercy of Allah.

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That's the mercy of Allah. Destruction happened in your health, in your business, in your family, in your wealth, in your whatever it may be, but you are thankful to Allah you praise Allah you are close to Allah you feel content, you are not complaining and swearing and shouting and screaming then that is actually the blessing of Allah he's elevating your status he tested everyone like that including the prophets of Allah May peace be upon them. But when something happens to you even a pinprick that happens on your baby finger if it makes you angry, you start sweating you get angry, you start shouting and you start you cannot tolerate it and you curse Allah and you curse those

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around you that is a punishment that is adopt from Allah that's what it is. Come down say a star Villa sit down drink water are all the Billahi min. Ash shaytani r rajim. And you know what, don't vent your frustrations on the weak around you. Sometimes people they feel that they have gone through something negative so they come home and they start beating up their children. They start shouting at their spouses, they start screaming and yelling at their parents or siblings or whoever else it may be. Allah says you know what we are watching you. We know. This is wrong. The best from amongst you. Hands down. is the best to his wife. Topic closed. Did you hear that? The best from

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amongst you. Why does the professor say

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To say that because she is weak, she is a person perhaps who is not that powerful you are there you're um you're, you know, physically fit Subhan Allah

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and you venting on your own spouse, Allah says we are watching. That's why when a woman came complaining to the prophets of Salaam and he told her, he was still about to tell her what exactly to do, what not to do, et cetera, et cetera. Some narration says he began to say something and so on. And you know what Allah says, the point of it is Allah says, We heard what she said. We heard the complaint and we will deal with it now. But the Samia Allahu Allah lateen to giardino kaffee caffyns emoji ha watashi taking a long, long, long yes smell. coma, amazing vs. Allah says, Allah has heard this woman coming to you complaining about her, her husband, Allah has heard it. He's

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heard your discussion, the one who came to you complaining

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you know the term Majid Allah might mean an argument but it's actually just putting forward what has happened in a strong way. So remember, when people do wrong things to anyone?

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Allah gives you a chance and the time to make it right. Make it right in this world before you get onto the plains of arafat there on the day of tiama. And what's going to happen there? Unless it's too late, Yo, man, I

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thought oh, man, oh, man, oh,

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man at a lot having fun being Saleem on that day. When your wealth and your children will not help you imagine the combination of the two. Some people have a lot of wealth. Some people have a lot of children, the children defend them in this world. You see people doing wrong, and you find a big son Mashallah bodybuilder, it comes a watch out, that's my father. In fact, as soon as you see him, you already quiet running away the other side like a mouse Subhanallah because you see, that's your son. You they say one word that happens, right? And sometimes people have a lot of wealth. So you see a man doing wrong day and night. No one says anything. Why? Because money. Money doesn't speak. You

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know, they say money speaks money shouts it screams. That's what it does. You see, they say that man is getting away with murder because he has money. Allah says, in this world You did it. But in the hereafter No chance. So to mete out Humble yourself, calm down. Worship Allah be humble, you are one you are a number. That's what you are, you are a number, the others around you are better than you and I,

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someone who might be downtrodden, who doesn't have anything in this world could be a person closer to Allah than all of us put together. So hum, humble yourself, calm down, make peace. go out of your way. Sometimes, you know, that is a beautiful example of the prophets of Salaam,

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semi Nigella better hussmann, B, bb jurati. He for courage. He heard people arguing outside his door, so he came out. And he told them, You know what, I'm a human being, I'm going to judge based on the evidence that is put in front of me, if any one of you is given the right of another, and you are stealing or eating, what does not belong to you, you have eaten a portion of the fire of jahannam, the fire of *. So either take it or leave it. That was the small speech he made to them. He's warning them, right?

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You go to the courts anywhere in the world, mostly, they may judge based on evidence, evidence could be tempered with number one. Number two, in many places, there's a lot of bribery. They could change dockets and documents like whatever Allah is watching, you might get away with it in the world, it's never going to leave you it's going to haunt you in this world and the next. So what happened to those two men in the presence of the processor? The thing they were arguing about, they left it this man says you take it that man says no, you take it, they left it, they were both worried about the ark era. They were both worried about paradise.

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Imagine so sometimes it's worth leaving it Okay, it's mine, no problem. But let's have a big heart. Take it It's okay. Or I leave it It's fine. Or I'll do this or whatever it may be. Be the bigger person it will help you in the auction and guess what? In the dunya Allah will give you higher and higher certainty by means your life will be by him. It will be pure. He doesn't say you will be a wealthy person. He will be a happy person. content every time you see someone Salam Alaikum Mashallah. They are happy. They will greet you back. They are smiling. Today for small things, we are depressed. We are sad, we are upset, we become sick. May Allah protect us. I mean we are human

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beings at the end of the day, work on it.

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If you want to solve a problem, the owner of the solution of the problem is none but Allah.

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No one can solve your problem for you, Allah will. So be honest, be upright, don't steal and you save from people don't hurt them, abuse them, don't harm them because it will come to catch you when, when the day of yours is set.

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You see, mohalla is Salam. Another beautiful lesson we learned.

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He complained to Allah that Oh Allah I call these people day and night I tried for hundreds of years. Look at them, they are becoming worse and worse. Allah says,

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lying Minami comica illa

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cada Amen. That was one point Allah says all know, from now, nobody is going to accept this message except those who are already within those who have accepted it already. That's enough. Now, nobody else is going to accept so don't waste your time talking to them. Don't waste your time with them. You can start building an ark and then I will tell you what's going to happen. Subhan Allah, what do we learn from that we learned that a time comes when the warnings stop, the warnings stop and you think that your life is beautiful, Allah is not upset with you because everything is small.

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Allah never ever said that when things are smooth, he is happy with you. Allah says when you have a close relation with me, when you watch how you talk to people, then I am pleased with you.

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This world is full of injustice. Wherever you go across the globe, there will be injustice. Do you think that Allah will allow that to continue forever? Maybe physically in your life and mind? There have been cases of hundreds of years of oppression, but the day comes when Allah turns the tables in a jalama he, Elijah.

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When the fixed prescribed time of Allah comes, it's not going to be delayed. But the question I have is me myself here here.

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Have I done wrong? If the answer is yes, make peace quickly. seek forgiveness very fast. Say I'm sorry, going. Don't be too proud to apologize because you might feel a bit uncomfortable to go apologize in this world or to sort the mess out in the world because of the pride that a human being has. But if you lower yourself for the sake of Allah, Allah will raise your status in this world and the next, make peace with Allah. If you are not praying for example, if you are not doing things properly, Allah releases you for a while Allah says you know what? agile musalman it's just a prescribed time fixed it's fixed we know when it's going to be my brothers and sisters I don't know

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when it's going to be you don't know when it's going to be so make peace from now seek the forgiveness of Allah change your ways and habits become more regular with your prayer.

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become more regular with your relationship with Allah, improve on your dress code, improve on whatever else it may be if you have outstanding Zakat, pay it because Allah claims it from you, whether you pay it or not, in one way or another. When you give charity, it purifies the rest of your money. That's what we are taught. If you don't give it the money is not pure. So all wrong things happen and you will have to extract that money anyway to pay for the losses of other items that happened in your life. I brought the give it nicely.

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You know if you didn't take out that $5 for a charity, it's going to come out for a bribe which one was better somehow Allah? Do you understand what I mean? Which one was better? I rather take it out five give a charity, Allah will save you from other things. But you didn't give anything Allah says we will take it from you somehow it came out this way. It's not going to be yours anyway, what's yours was yours. That's it. May Allah grant a strength, a person not fasting in Ramadan. A person who is not interested in trying to go for Hajj? We know it's difficult, but you have to try and you have to if Allah has given you the wealth, make an intention now Oh Allah, I'm going to fulfill a

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pillar of the deen by trying my best to go for this Hajj. Allah will open your doors, but a lot of people are lazy. They say no, it's very hard. It's difficult. Those are excuses Did you try Allah will open your doors go for Hajj, it's a pillar of Islam. Write your name down try.

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Even if they reject you once, twice, thrice inshallah one day and if you die in the process, Allah knows you tried, right?

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So my brothers and sisters, let's try and be good Muslims. Understand the warnings are severe. Allah speaks about warnings were the execution of the punishment will happen in this world first. And Allah speaks of other warnings where the execution of the punishment will happen in the hereafter which is worse.

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And I want to tell you one thing that I'm going to end by if you ever want to avert the punishment from you,

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Stop it. There is a way of doing things. What is it?

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Say the punishment is coming

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and you want it to go

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Way, the first thing you do,

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seek the forgiveness of Allah. Wa McCann Allah whom was the Bahama whom Mr.

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Allah says Allah would not punish them while they are seeking forgiveness. What does that mean? When something negative happens to you the first thing you should do is ask yourself did I wronged someone did I harm someone? Did I steal from someone did I do wrong? Did I not fulfill my duty unto Allah? You know when you come to someone religious and you tell them look I suffered this I suffered that I suffered whatever whatever they are going to tell you at that moment, good things to say you know what? It's okay. Make make supper. It's okay. Read a bit of Quran do this. Do that. Don't worry, it's okay. It's not necessarily a punny, they are making you happy. But in actual fact, they

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should tell you.

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Maybe that's not the right moment, but they should tell you have you heard someone? Have you harmed someone? Have you wronged someone? How is your connection with Salah? How is your dress code? How is everything else? You are disconnected totally from Allah and you've been harming the people for the last 20 years. Allah knows what you deserve. There we go. That's a true answer.

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So what should I do? seek the forgiveness of Allah make peace? Eunice alayhi salatu was salam, his people when the punishment was coming? They started seeking forgiveness. Those dark clouds were coming. Allah says follow Allah cannot call me attune.

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Amen. in coma Jonas Lama Manu. kashia lumada is even higher to dunya woman whom

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Allah speaks about the people of us. They are the ones whom when the punishment was coming, they accepted Eman. They actually turned to Allah repented to Allah. Allah says we diverted that punishment as it was coming it benefited them. What benefited them they are turning to Allah helped them it diverted the punishment from them. Surely that's a lesson for me. Allah doesn't say this in the Quran for nothing. So May Allah grant me the ability to turn to him the ability to make peace with people I'm not saying for go justice I'm not saying that I'm saying if you have wronged someone go and seek that forgiveness. Apologize it's better for you say you know I did this this this I'm

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sorry. If it's a matter of a few dollars give it Nevermind. If you suffer a bit of a loss in the world, you have one in both in this world and the hereafter in the eyes of Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all goodness and alleviate the suffering of all those who are suffering grant us contentment and happiness. May Allah never punish us. May we take heed regarding these warnings for Indeed Allah has favored us by sending us the warnings we know about them.

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akuto Cali ha sallallahu wasallam albaraka

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