Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #118 – The Double Standards On Qatar – World Cup 2022

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The World Cup is being held in Qatar, where there is Yoanae movement against the treatment of certain types of expression of individualism. The focus is on the double standard of the event, which is the presence of the Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republics in the area. There is room for room for room for criticized political arguments, but the focus is on the double standard of the event.
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With the World Cup being hosted in Qatar, you know, this is something many people have said, there's a lot of hypocrisy that goes around. People always imagine or try to say that sports can unite people and no politics, but there's always politics and everything, you know, the World Cup, the logic of it, it deals with the nation state. And that's politics already, you can't get away from it. And then whenever something is done in a, you know, a space outside of Western Europe, or the United States, we always hear criticism about this and criticism about that. Now, it's about Qatar. And it's sort of their own, you know, some of the Islamic values against sexuality against, you

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know, certain types of expressions of individualism, these sorts of things. And there's a double standard. And everybody knows this, because when the Olympics or the World Cup is being held in the United States, who's going to bring up the displacement and dispossession of the Native Americans, who's going to bring up the treatment of African Americans and the slave trade north north Atlantic strait slave trade, who's going to bring up Nagasaki and Hiroshima, who's going to bring up all this, and we could keep going, there's so many things. So it's like, you know, please, like, or let's go to the European nations, and they're colonialism, right? Like there was, you know, the, we

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can look at the map and the 1880s. And there's only a few colors on there. Because at one point, the European colonial nations or empires had dominated most of the world, if we want to open that bag, we can open that bag, we can go there, but it's not going to be pretty, because most of the nations that are putting on airs when they criticize other nations. And there's not to say that there's not room for critique. There's definitely room for critique, but who's being put on a pedestal where they're beyond critique, and who's under the radar, or who's under the microscope who's being held to account a lot of hypocrisy going on up we have a saying people who live in glass houses shouldn't

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throw stones. And that's not to say that, again, there aren't valid critiques of thoughts on certain things, especially the labor policies and all this sort of stuff. But when it comes from European nations, the United States that act as if they're the standard of morality, and standard of enlightenment and human rights, come on

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