Tim Humble – Names of Allāh 02 – Summary of the Name ‘Allah’

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The history and characteristics of the name Islam have been discussed, including its significance in various cultural and political circles and its use in everyday life. The importance of the name Islam is emphasized, along with its use in court cases and its use in everyday life. The speaker provides examples of how the name has been used in various ways, including in court cases. The use of the name in actions and names is also emphasized, along with its significance for laws and values. The importance of the name Islam is emphasized, along with its use in court cases and its use in everyday life.
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aloha aina hora

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Allah Holla Holla polldaddy Mousavi Malik Malik Razzaq Al Hamdulillah hijo

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de la

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the summary of allows perfect names.

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wa Salatu was salam, Ana Abdullah he was solina Bina Mohammed why Allah and he was so happy he married.

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In this very first

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lesson, we're going to cover the summary

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of the name a lot. And as we said in the introduction in sha Allah, we're going to be covering the,

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the detail

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in our all sort of, we're going to cover the detail later on afterwards. Once we've just finished this lesson on the summary, because the summary will allow people who may be just want to, you know, to get the core of it and also will help people with regard to their revision as well.

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So the very first name to the chef Shahab rasa called whether, halfway the hula hota Allah mentions in his book,

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and he also mentions it in his summary is the name Allah.

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The name Allah is a great name from the perfect and Beautiful Names of Allah.

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It's the name which occurs the most frequently in the noble Koran. And this name appears in the Quran and more than 2200 times, there is no other name for which this occurred. Allah, majestic and exalted began 33 Ayat of the Quran with his name.

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And it's also a name that a group of people among the people of knowledge mentioned as being a law's greatest name, the name which if he is called on by it, he answers, and if he is asked by it, he gives. And this name has unique qualities and distinguishing features which are totally unique to it.

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Among the unique qualities of this name is that it is the foundation of all of our laws, perfect names. All of the other names are attributed to it and described in terms of it. And what that means is that when you see for example, you don't say that, alright, man, is a name of Al Malik,

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or al Malik is a name of Ar Rahman. You say Ar Rahman is the name of Allah. And and Malik is a name of Allah. So it all goes back to the name of Allah. And Allah azza wa jal, he said in the Quran, the translation of which is to Allah belong the most perfect and Beautiful Names, so call upon him by them. When he learned a smell, nurse, not federal rule will be.

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Another unique quality of this name is that it's a requisite for all of the meanings of laws perfect and Beautiful Names

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and indicates their meanings in a general way. The other perfect and Beautiful Names elaborate and make evident the attributes of divinity which are the attributes of majesty and perfection and greatness. Therefore, it's the name to which all of the other perfect and Beautiful Names go back to and all of their meanings revolve around. And the most comprehensive and the best of what's been said about the meaning of the name of Allah is what was reported from the normal companion in the Ibis may Allah be pleased with him and his father that he said, Allah is the one with the attribute of divinity,

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the attribute of divinity, although here

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of being divine of being God,

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and being worshipped in servitude, or Buddha, and being worshipped by all of his creation.

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So it mentions that Allah is the one with the attribute of oluwo here and obaldia

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oluwo here that Allah is divine, his god, he's the one that that is deserving of worship, and Odia, that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who is worshipped in servitude by all of his creation.

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Even Jerry narrated this from me Ibis in his very famous book of Tafseer. And it means that Allah is the one who has the attributes of majesty, perfection and greatness, because of which he deserves to be made God to be God. He deserves to be God. He deserves to be deified to be God, because of his attributes of majesty, perfection and greatness. And he deserves to be the only one that a person lowers themselves.

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Before, the only one that a person submits themselves to, and the only one that a person subdues themselves before. So that is a summary of the name alights very, very brief. It's just

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touching upon the meanings of the name.

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Something that I would like to add to that, because that is very close to what the sheriff himself wrote

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is how we implement this name in our lives, and it's just a couple of bullet points before we go into the details. When we take the name and full from the book.

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I think it's it's pretty important

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that we look at just, you know, just to summarize, how do we implement this name in our lives? I think the first thing and it's the thing we say with all of the names of allies that we implement the name by using it in our day,

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by asking upon Allah with it, and the fact that it's considered to be one of our laws, if not Allah's Greatest Name,

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then for sure, it needs to be the name that is constantly repeated in our advocate on our door.

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The second thing that's really important is because the name means the one with the attributes of divinity, and the one who is worshipped, we need to make sure that we give a light is right in terms of his attributes of divinity, that we, we believe in all of our lives, names and attributes and actions, and we believe in them properly as we are supposed to.

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And the third thing is that we make sure that we dedicate all of our worship to Allah subhanaw taala alone, and we don't divert even the tiniest green, or even the tiniest atom of the worship of Allah, to anyone and anything else, not to a prophet, not to an angel. And if not to a prophet and an angel, then definitely not to anyone or anything else. So I think these are the these are from among the most important things when it comes to implementing our laws name. And the shift in mentioned this, but I'm just adding this as a point of benefit. Oh, he mentioned in the summary anyway.

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Number one, that we use it in our door. Number two, that we affirm for Allah what he affirmed for himself and what his prophet SAW Allah while he was selling my firm for him, and we negate for Allah what Allah negated about himself and what His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam negated about him. And then finally, that we make sure that we dedicate all of our worship to Allah subhanaw taala alone. And these are three of the most important things that we take from the name of Allah in terms of our implementation and our action. So that's just a summary. And the full explanation is much much, much longer than that. But that's just a little summary just to get you thinking and inshallah

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to Allah we're now going to do a summary of our second name, which is the name l ILA. And inshallah, after that, we will go into the full explanation of both of those names the name of Allah in the name and Ella from the full book itself inshallah. So that is what Allah made easy and Eliza journals best was Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine

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