Jinn and Black Magic – Part 11 – A Warning to the Ruqaah

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The Ustadh talks about the dark realities of magic and how to ward off such curses!.

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am hungry lol Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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inshallah, I want to take a few moments and just talk about what you've seen. And some of the things that Brother Mohammed on purpose has edited out and not showing you his power. While law he may Allah and we had this conversation in the morning, and he's an asset to Brother Mohammed, your unique to show them what they need to see regarding some of the videos and some of the content that they need to see. And even in the explanation when he was giving you on certain things yesterday, he missed out a large chunk of it out of the fear that honestly seeing someone throw up, or seeing someone Act in, you know, affecting them mentally. As Paula, I want to tell you, rocket is not a

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beautiful thing. You're not there, when you come out of it, you don't come out with a shining armor, your sword is not clean, you're almost not isn't it, you don't expect your armor to be unscratched you are there fighting the shade on. As you would fight your enemy, you will get a bloody nose. As you would fight your enemy, you will get a black eye. As you fight your enemy, you will get a broken hand or a broken leg or a chopped off limb, you're there to fight the shade. You can see your enemy and you can swing your sword at him. You can point your gun and you can shoot at him. But with the shaytan you have nothing to shoot with, and nothing to fight with except the speech of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and authentic to us of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So remember this, it's not a pretty game, you're not there to see nice things. While la has some of the things that you see from people, you would wish that you never ever saw this brother or their sister in that state. Because it's not beautiful. It's it's there in the state where they are and where they're suffering span, Allah will law one of the saddest things I have seen recently is seeing a full grown man, brothers Mashallah powerful of a strong, healthy, to cry and break down. Like this is the last moment of his life, to see him break down into tears. While loving, some of you may not appreciate

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the seriousness of it until you see it. As Pamela to see a full grown man of strength of you know, of firmness of wanting to break down and to cry. And to literally to fall into your arms will lie This is you don't you do not wish that for anybody to experience or to see or to hear about

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what you saw of this brother? Well, this is a very, very This is a small segment of what you see in your daily life, as Araki and so on. Now, regarding making the decision and bringing the bullet to it here we didn't like I said to you, you're not here to be entertained. And rockier, you're not there to seek out. People are suffering, you don't want to see this brother in law brother in that system, that system in a state that where they're in a state of oppression, where they've been oppressed, and they're screaming, and they're shouting, and they're being tortured in front of your eyes, the only thing you can do is reset the width of our last panel that you're not there to see

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that you are there to help them.

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And along the way, you will see and you and you will hear things that you don't want to see and you don't want to hear. However, regarding the brother, I wanted to bring him in. And I made a split decision is Paula. And you know, like Mr. Malik said that only one line that was Mr. Malik. So we can't compare ourselves to mmamoloko. You know, sometimes I'm right, and sometimes I'm wrong. In response, I didn't make that disclaimer and I have to repeat myself again twice won in the masjid by the brother Yes, that he said it on the speaker in front of the whole machine. And once for me before I let Mohammed Say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, I went through to say to the excellency to fear

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a law. And if you know, you're not here to be entertained, and if you fear and you and you're afraid that you will, you know, you're going to react, leave the room. And I made that very clear, cut out a lot when I share some of our brothers and some of our sisters walked in late. And it's Pamela so we apologize them, you know, the sort of things and they hurt things that they didn't want to hear. However, this is not a marriage course or any man booster. This is not the sealer where you talk about the victories of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or the achievement of the Sahaba or the steadfastness of your man, Malik or Imam Ahmed Imam, Shafi oil in Abu hanifa You're here to see

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some of the most disgusting things that you will see and hear about in the religion in the religion of Islam, that people and our team do against it will lie. This is one of the worst evil things it's the most evil thing that people do against Islam in terms of oppressing people, and they can't physically fight against it except for the speech of Allah subhana wa Tada. So I apologize for that I brought you in, to educate you and not to entertain you will not entertainers and I strongly dislike doing something in front of everybody and I dislike my position I dislike the brothers who make a video of someone say this is the son of a police or the grandson of a police

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He's 10,000 years old and I'm reciting the Quran on him. And he's a very powerful man I hate that. Well, I don't want to see this father's face. I don't want to see this, this this face who's being read upon and we're not there to be entertained. I'm not here to compete for Baba Mohammed, Tim. inshallah, you know, next time he does a session to get, instead of his 60 pounds an hour to get 80 pounds an hour, we're not here for that. No spa, what we're here for is very, very different. Now, regarding some of the things that Brother Mohammed said that he wishes me to speak about. One things I want to speak about are some of our are in London and some of our brothers upon this and that

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we're not talking about the magician in the masjid, who picks up the Quran and reads the Quran backwards, or there's magic in the magic, I'm talking about our brothers who are may senior in age and wisdom and knowledge the precede me in every one of them mentioned above, however, is part of what we see some of our brothers falling into something that will lie, it pushes the people away from the people of the sooner and it doesn't install the love of Allah, and is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam know of this setup, they don't install lots panela what they've literally made the rockier into a business rotation where I go to Ahmed and Mohammed Abdullah, and I'm there with me

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for two sessions. And I'm there with him for two and I'm there for two. And then they carry on passing me around without improving one little bit. They don't give me advice upon it. They don't forbid the evil upon me, they don't enjoying the good, the and then I'm being recited upon I'm being blown upon and made the door and Bismillah your hours over your 60 pound Cissokho long hair on off, you go to three times and that search power, and people don't improve all they are giving them advice that really, really is either one way or another, ruining their lives. When I recited upon your brother, and we you looked at your wife, your wife, I think you have a problem with your wife,

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even there, even if there was no problem between you and your wife. This this this word that I say to someone has an effect between husband and wife. And don't don't take that me giving you an example. as as as something that doesn't exist, it has existed. It exists in London, where I go, and they say to me, whenever we say to you looked at your wife funny, now we have the magics between you and your wife,

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Pamela, even if the magic is not the will an ill feeling will develop between you and your wife. So my advice is to them is fear a lot. And don't be quick to jump to diagnose your patient, whatever. If it's a if it's black magic, if it's 10 possession, you're still going to be reciting the same thing. You're still going to be reciting from the same book that our last panel without revealed to us Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're going to be reciting the Quran, you're going to be blowing on him or her, you're going to be advising them to get copped. And that's it, you're not going to be doing something different in a significant sense, you might read and you may put an

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emphasis on a certain part of the Quran, or a certain surah. But you wouldn't be paying an entity, the overall result and the overall method will not be changing.

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To avoid this panel, Araki what to avoid,

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avoid the rocking. That is for me, I would avoid the rocky that when he speaks he doesn't speak he doesn't open with his speech with Allah has said his prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said the companions understood it this way. The righteous scholars of Islam said this. If he says, I think my chef said he saw it in a dream and at that I can fake the jet in this way in this way. Because I saw it in a dream. And the dream was with sauce certain such chefs panel we don't we don't make the halal and haram based on upon your dream. Even if you're the most righteous person that our last one with Allah has put on the surface this moment in time. But your your dream is still not valid in

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this area for us to make the hell out of the Haram. That's the first thing I would avoid. The second thing I would avoid is some of our brothers that are quick to jump to things that that by looking at you when you came into the room, I saw you and I think you have a brother me looking at you I think you have this panel. Even if you have I mean even when I look at a brother with a stain happen, you know i mean Mohammed have looked at a brother and we can see on his face he has a problem. We don't say to him, brother, me looking at your face and your and judging your face you have a problem? No, are we diagnose the problem by by what we received by how we see you is it and you know as part of

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this, there's another thing, this third thing and this is for the patient? This is for all of our brothers and sisters. Don't be quick to get a diagnosis from therapy. Don't put them under pressure saying brother Do you think it's a brother? Do you think it's this do you think is my auntie that do you think my uncle that it doesn't matter? You're still going to be reciting the Quran and don't put him in the corner. Some of I feel like some of our brothers and sisters have pushed them to make them to say to you, that you you have this specific problem and and we've we heard from Allah. We heard from a case in here that they went to two or three of our brothers upon the Senate. We're not

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speaking about the magician. We speaking about our brothers upon this and and each one of them gave a different diagnosis. The third one, the third one said to him

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He's just a, he's just as its mental issues. One of them said, I once said black magic and all the ones that you have. This is psychological issues. It's nothing to do with a gym. So you can see what sometimes the people push the push through. And my final point is to avoid allottee. And, and I'm going to be very, very, very, very open about this, who does not care about his patients, and only cares about his intake? I'm not sure it will lie by a lot. And I do not see this. And I hate to be amongst the people who criticize an individual behind their back. And I don't get an if when I get that opportunity to advise my brother, that I don't get that I don't say it his face. I say to him,

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yeah, he fear Allah. I spent two weeks back in February in London. And all I heard was people that people complain about the amount of money they pay when they go for opia. To the extent I heard a family say we went to a certain such property, we went for three sessions, we were charged 180 pounds, just for the Rokia to put such a financial burden upon them, that it made difficulties to pay for the necessary things. And now household sapan Allah, whatever happened to if you're able to help your brother do so.

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We're not saying to make everything he said he will and expect a pot of gold to come down from Alaska, which is no spoiler, you know,

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this is not, this is not the center of life, the center of life is that you work and you're in, and a lot provides for you and operates better than you. But when you're earning something, you're you're working five hours a day or six hours a day and you're earning for each hour, 60 pound an hour. while lying, it's difficult to keep this in check and balance. It's sticky. It's difficult to keep this sincere, the show time sneaks in the shape and tells you you do one more session that's another 60 pounds. You do that five times a day. That's six times five to work you know you do the maths that's 300 pounds extra week you can do this you can have a better house you can have a better

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car you can have this you can go into this many holidays you know it's power. That's my advice is avoid Araki who just cares about you coming in for that many sessions. And we've had people to go to our market and say to you, you know, this session this is going to happen without them reciting properly and saying when you come in next session expect this this and this and this happening panela I expect this all the time not not over Muslim that you start saying to people this and this and this will happen next session. Maybe you can see from best of my practice that when people with your problem that come in this and this happens but not you tell me to the extent my brother or my

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sister you commit expect to be stuck to the ceiling next day or expect no reaction or expect you know your hands to fidget nos Pinilla You know, this is my advice to you guys avoid these people, you know, the person who doesn't see who doesn't speak with Allah and His Prophet SAW Selim has said and I always complain is understood it and you guys should avoid putting pressure on Naropa to get a diagnosis to say this is this and this is the and the third one avoid the people who who really have made their rockier into a business. Now, I'm not going to say every brother who charges you 60 pounds is insincere will lie It's not me saying that. But what I'm saying to these brothers and our

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sisters is panel Are you charging 60 pounds an hour? How do you keep your heart in check and balance? What do you do that for 3040 hours a week and you're earning so much? How do you do it? Well, like it's difficult will lie It's difficult for us at hamdulillah you know we don't we don't i don't sit here and say this to you. Because I want you to look at me and Baba Mohammed and say Mashallah they don't charge so they haven't got the guys charged with simply saying units pallet charge the people that do it and make it easy for the Muslims. Make it easy for the Muslims, that takes nothing away from you, that puts more Baraka into your list from Allah subhanho wa Taala, than

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anything else will lie earning something small, earning something small. And if it has been a call from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's far far, far better than earning something that has no Baraka. And this is from our own experiences this I speak this from my experience, what I have done something small from a job that I've worked, but at hamdulillah it's been 100. And it's been something that's, you know, that that I've worked for, and I've ended and this means so much better. And while working on somewhere else, and we're not doing half the amount of work and I'm charging twice as much or I'm getting paid twice as much and there's no barakah in it. That really is no

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bonica put the Baraka back into your risk. And your rockier. Your bucket in your rock is not you getting out your bucket in your pocket, it's getting the people up on either get the people onto the heap, you get the people on tawheed this brother or the sister, you know lives the rest of their lives and dies upon with this * will likely they've gained everything. This brother gets rid of the gin and he has no doubt. He goes back to his old always is to achieve nothing. You had an opportunity to save us Naval War from the Hellfire and you missed that opportunity will lie you will hit yourself competitive judgment. So don't be me.

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Monster people that hits their solvency I let go of that opportunity. I missed out on that opportunity. I had an opportunity to double and triple my deed by guiding this brother and the sister to the son to upon lerida a llama because that's what that's that's what the prophet SAW same careful to call the people back to La ilaha illAllah and like even Tamia Ramallah said he said that the job of fighting against the shouting is the jobs of the Prophet and the fought against them so you're there to call the people today a lot

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start your session with brother Are you praying sister you praying okay. When you make when you're praying who you're praying to who you put your trust to? If he or she says AbdulQadir Gilani Rahim Allah, then you correct them. This is part of Allah, Allah created you to worship Him. Allah created you to do this and to do that Shahada, God didn't create you, he didn't do this to you. And he has no right over you. The greatest rate that one has over you is Allah subhana wa Taala.

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Remind them of that. And for me, if I see someone coming in, and they leave with nothing, and they follow, and they don't follow any advice that they give a gift to them, I don't care if the if the only followed one advice is that they are upon ilaha illa Allah for me, I have one against the shaytaan Alhamdulillah at least that's one more person on hamdullah that's removed from should on to tauheed removed from what Allah hates to what Allah created him for, to what pleases the shaytan to what pleases Allah subhanaw taala This is what I want from my patients if they get better. Alhamdulillah This is another number from our last panel a dialer. And the greatest number that

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Allah Spano tala has put upon us is that he has chosen us Muslims, or he has guided us to Islam and upon the Sunnah, goodness Parma sword guide to people like this. And if you believe this is the best thing, then call the people to it. If I don't think I have the best product, I will call you to it. If I don't believe this, this product of mine is the best thing. I wouldn't advertise it and I would not be doing working with it or working on it. I believe that it was the best thing. So I called the people do it. Like Muhammad said, You are the best or you are the best. Because you enjoin good and forbid evil and say that in a lot. So call the people today a lot more.

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Shall I leave you guys with that? Even a toddler? I hope I haven't bore you guys too much. And again, I apologize to the people who did who found it. Some found it we didn't find it comfortable again will lie I apologize. My intention was that to educate you and not to entertain you. We're not entertainers that are not entertainers. voice will take their Rokia and they don't take it seriously take it as an entertainment. They shouldn't be doing waqia you're not there to entertain the people. I'm not there to put a video of this bother. And I said to you at the beginning do not record him. See a landowner recording I do not want this to be recorded. I don't want his face to be on YouTube

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tomorrow and everybody's seeing him spawn Look what he's going through. You want to do something good for me to offer