A Deeper Look – Surah An-Nazi’at – The Reality of Judgement Day

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at the villa him in a straight line of regime yaku Luna in do do nothing half you either can be barman Akira, or dutil ke Karastan hos euro for in nema. He has a Java to Wahida for either who is Hera. Rubbish actually sorry we are silly Emery. Why don't rock the Tamil assignee of coli and hamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was here Jemaine my bad once again, everybody is Salam, Aleykum rahmatullahi wa barakato. Now we are wrapping up the second passage of the surah. The first of them was the oaths. The second of them was a description of judgment day and how rapidly it comes. And it's building on the image that was already painted by the oaths that were

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about the Raiders that are coming in. Now, of the statements, we read your coluna in LA Maradona, Phil Haftarah, your coluna is in the present tense can also be understood in the future tense, which is why the interpretation exists, that this statement is going to be made on Judgement Day alongside the fact that it could be something that people are seeing as skeptics, even now, the word rod in Arabic model Dune is in the meaning of original Well, I will do what they did Roger Fitzpatrick and let eg I mean, who are actually means to go back where you came from, to go to go back to the starting point. And that also has the meaning of rejection, meaning that we are when you say, in

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Allah Murdo, do not fill half era, human beings are actually accepting the fact that they're originally dirt, and they're going back into dirt, you know, and so they're skeptical claim is when we're going to be thrown into the half euro, which is to me the more even more interesting word, why Allah use the word half that I hear and what it means how far in Arabic is to throw dirt up? Or to dig dirt? Like one man, half a rock of rotten McCarthy had the students know the expression right? Whoever digs a ditch, you know, he's the one who's gonna fall in it. You know? So the idea that Quran even says liar, he called macro c'est la vie. That's the way that the Arabs have that saying,

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Man HA, HA HA frightened McAfee Ha, but in any way in the Arabic language. Soumya half year old. First, we have reefy ad we they say in Arabic, the the horse, its hoof is also called a half feet or a half era. Because it digs into the ground. You know, and it leaves a footprint and imprint into the ground was some will cover heavier than they used to one of the words for the Arab for the for the grave in Arabic is heavier from the same origin when the the afferent KUBU. afar and the one who digs the graves, he's called a half far from the same origin. As a matter of fact, it's really interesting that from it came in expression in Arabic and noccalula, endl half era, so old saying,

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which means the most expensive thing that they used to sell back in the day is a high branded horse, which is still a pretty big deal. Nowadays, horses sell for five $6 million. Like some of them, it's crazy, right? So they the most Arabian horses are known around the world, right? So they used to sell very, very expensive horses, but they never sold them on credit. In other words, you can take my horse now and pay me in a month nah. So they would say I'm not gonna do endl half Euro meaning which literally would mean something else. But basically what it means is, until I see the cache, that horse has not taken a dash is what what that means but what that means in the expression is

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Haftarah is it standing in the stable, and it's standing there in one place, you know, pulling its foot and until I see cash in a moving from there, it's gonna keep on digging where it is. Okay, so I'm not going to handle half Euro. So from it, there's a meaning that got developed in the usage of the Arabic language. Sumida from a new Killa Astaire Malou Illa Cooley Hallett in hula then its usage became anything that it's in its original state is half Euro so it has two implications one of a whole WELL, WELL hola and you're stumped I love the Allah to Allah we are Allahu Frattin Barber, while harlot Lulu means two things, the ditch of a grave, like from Hatfield and the original state.

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And now understand the statement in law mirboo Do not fill half era, are we really going to be thrown back? After you know, Are we seriously going to be taken back into the ditch into the original state into the original state and half era? This is the question that the skeptics of the ACA are raising, or this is the terrible like realization like Kalasa Allah moon that they're arriving at when they when they see Judgment they have happened. Now Hera, I told you is decayed bones. I wanted to read some of the Arabic meanings of

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For you to a knuckle be manual Bella or belly lackey nasira Blockman NACA we say could not revive and Nikita when we've decayed into when we when we've turned into decayed bones actually means hollow on the inside the word now here so two young women che in Edgeworth Assa sound that comes out of a hollow item, so hollow the hollow then bones decayed bones. And that's why actually the nose is also called minha. One of the Arabic words for the nose has been called because the nose is hollow on the inside. Okay. Anyway, I wanted to highlight that because they're suggesting that we are going to be completely decayed and hollow on the inside. This is interesting because we aren't entirely

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hollow. We're not just made up of bones. There's a rule Allah put inside and they don't see that they just see the physical body, which is something I talked to you about yesterday. And so they're saying when that's gone, what is left of us, there is no reason to think that there's going to be an AKA Eva could not Obama nephila Kalu Tilka it and Carla tun hasura. They said, this is then going to be a very it's a losing return literal translation that is in that case that's going to be a losing return. The word Kalu has been to shelter correctly points out is an extra verb. You already have your coluna your coluna in order to do nothing how filthy either Qunar Varma Nakamura? Tilka isn't

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Koratala hasura Wakulla Houma coulomb Cao min min failure, Kowloon. So all of it goes back to they say that's already been mentioned. But in this ayah in the 12 ayah. Allah said again Carlo, they said till then Kerala, Taha Sera, and Carlo is in the past tense. And so it is as though on Judgement Day, they are saying we were decayed bones, we weren't going to come back. And Allah says remember when they used to say past tense, that when that come on, that's gonna happen? Yeah, it'd be pretty bad if that happened. Like Allah is taking, let me just, again, be silly with you. You know, in movies, sometimes they take you into a scene from back in the day like trip down memory

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lane, and the screen becomes wavy, and then it becomes black and white, because that was in the past. Right? This is a transition in film to take you back in time. Right? And that's actually something that in the in the depiction and the narration of the Quran happens regularly. Like you're talking about something in the future, and all of a sudden you're going back, and the same people that are crying before Allah and judgment day, how did our broken bones and decayed bones come back together, are now being taken back and shown a scene where they were standing there saying, seriously, we're going to be raised again. Oh, that's gonna be really bad. I'm, I'm terrified.

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They'll cut it and Carla on Ha, Sarah man, that's gonna be a really, really last film return. They were making this statement sarcastically and Allah is making them in a sense, eat those words. Now. That's what's happening in this powerful speech. So you, you see, therefore, there's even sarcasm in the Quran. There is even Allah letting people know, this is how they will feel this is how they will regret the same words that they say, words have weighed before them. And it's not just words have weight, by the way, the statement till can even come out on hasura is true.

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If in fact there is resurrection, if in fact, there is judgment, if in fact there is held for those who disbelieved that is a very losing proposition that second time around, you're brought to life, which is what camera means a second time around, you know, a second chance. When you're raised again, you're it's a pretty bad losing chance, you're gonna be in serious trouble at that time. So the statement in and of itself is true. But a lot of times you say it's true statements sarcastically oh my god, that's so terrible.

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You know, sounds like Trump for a second, but

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it's terrible, terrible.

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For innama, he has Angela to Wahida. And then Allah says, No, Allah doesn't have to. It's, you know, you look at the IRA on its own, and we'll look at what it means. But I want you to dig a little deeper to with me, for innama he has gotten Macedon sajer. In Arabic is used for when animals are yelled at.

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So called for souci or for soup. When, when horses dogs animals misbehave, and the master says that.

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Not you know, that's what it does. That's called xinja. That scolding of an animal is called xojo. And from it you get when you humiliate people, and you scold them, and you talk to them like animals, and you put them in their place. That's a person who is most danger. And that's actually when the messengers of Allah, people would say about them will call blue mage noon was dodgy if you know this. This person is insane. He deserves to be yelled at you

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Like an animal is hushed away. How like an animal is silenced, you know? And so Allah uses that word in, in nama he has that gelatin, it is only going to be one single scolding. Allah does not have to, you know, argue with these people and their obnoxious claims. Allah doesn't have to respond to every criticism they make every joke they make. No Allah just needs one scolding. And that's enough no tiles for little mirror right so the tile exaggerated the tile that you hear is for a one time thing something that happens once like for example, in Arabic when you say Akhil it means eating. But Aquila tone is a single meal. One single meal, right? Mara or maroon is to pass by Ma Raton is a

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single passing by. Right so when you add a Tamil buta, this is called Buster Mara something that happens only one time. Okay? Same, same similar like Tamara tone or other words when you add them or Buddha becomes one thing, right? He says exaggerate one. And so it's already one. But he says that your tone Wahida tone if he says it's already

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it's already one. But he added in nama here exaggerate on Wahida, as if to say this is the kind of single scolding that shall never have to be repeated again. What he's referring to is the raising of them is and if you have a sore enough cotton Wahida that that scolding through the horn, that scolding will be enough, everybody will be silenced. After that, there's not going to be any attitude left. There's not going to be any defiance left in humanity. And so he says, For in NAMA, he has gotten Wahida it'll just be one call of resurrection, one scolding that single scolding. And then for either then all of a sudden homeless Sahara, all of a sudden they find themselves in the

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Sahara. Sahara means a night in which they can't sleep. Li Latin Sahara is our home belaid belay Latin Sahel Latin the word Sahib is an adjective in the Arabic for the word lay like when Sahara Lian masa Sahara Layali, right bombala Valhalla Sahara lady or tabula rasa Layali whoever wants to reach great heights spends nights sleepless, Sahara means the night that doesn't let you sleep.

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Like would you call a sleepless night that Sahara? What in the world does that suggest? It means that judgment day and the resurrection is not bright, it's dark, that we're in the darkness. That's why we're gonna need light on judgment day. That's the first thing it means. Also night is associated with sleep. But this is a night in which there is no sleep whatsoever. Why isn't there any sleep? You know, there were so many interpretations of Sahaba Binta shots, I mentioned them, I won't give you the list. It's a long list of things that were said I would say that I could be in Jahannam Sahara is the field where they will stand silos, all these things she says go back to the

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language. It's not used like this anywhere else. It's used in the Quran in this particular way, go to the word that the Arabs used to think about when they heard the word Syrah, not what you think after Islam, what the people thought before Islam when they first heard it. And she argued Sahara is a night when you're terrified, and you can't sleep. By the way, the painting that was painted in the Surah. You'll notice each one of these soldiers is very picturesque, right? The painting was people were sleeping, and then they got rated, wasn't it? And when you get rated what can't happen anymore, you can't sleep. Oh, is there another wave? Is there another wave coming? Is there another Radhika

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on the way. And so they're going to be standing there, just like the people who've been rated in shock. And they're going to be in a sleepless night, they're gonna find themselves in the Sahara, it's actually playing off of the image that's already been painted of the people that were rated, because on Judgment Day, the criminal shall be rated. And they will be there'll be anticipating where's the attack coming from? I can't sleep tonight, you know, when they know that judgment is coming, or the enemies coming after them. And they know what's coming, but they don't know which direction it's coming from. And it's a nervous night of standing guard and you know, you're just in

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shock the entire time. This is for either home beside her. And from here, where we go is one of the most beautiful transitions in the Quran. Quran does not go from one subject to another without an agenda. without a purpose. I've tried to illustrate that to you multiple times. So far, it was about a shock of judgment a compared with the shock of being rated by a cat you know by looters. All of a sudden from there we end up in a place that you didn't expect at all part of the signature style of the Quran. What is it? Hala taka Hadith hadith of Musa did the news of Musa ever reach you is nada hora boohooman wa DeLuca dassie to win his master called him in the Sacred Valley DUA and to I'll

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explain a little later, is heavy enough that I will not know who Taha saying to him go to the Pharaoh he has rebelled for call halacha illa Anta Zakka and go say to him, would you consider for yourself maybe some road to redemption? Maybe you want to better yourself as a person. Maybe you want to grow out of the darkness you're in, you know, improve yourself.

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often become purified. What I do in Arabica for Daksha maybe on perhaps I can guide you to towards your master, maybe you'll become fearful of God to Allah when I attend Cobra there after after giving him that message. He showed him the ultimate sign an Ayat al Cobra, for Casanova. So he called it all a lie. Hey, baby, stop it is following me. Yeah, that one. Yeah, the cute one. Okay. Forget about what I saw. I mentioned the staff and somebody started.

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Let us not the other its other.

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So he called it all a lie and he disobeyed meaning he disobeyed Musa alayhis salam, Sama Baba. Then he turned his back and made all kinds of efforts for harsh Allah, Fernanda. Then he gathered meaning he gathered his entire society, legions of people in front of him, stood on the balcony of his castle and declared for Karla Anurag, bucola. Allah, Allah then he said, I am your most supreme master. I am your super most supreme God and our Abu Kamal Allah for Allah Hola, Hoonah Carla Herati will Allah then Allah made him into a warning into a lesson that people will take heed from for those who will come at the end of times, and even the earliest generations in Nephi. Valley color

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and burrata lemon Yaksha. No doubt about it in all of that. There's a powerful moving lesson for anybody who has fear. This passage was the story of Musa and Summer In summary, isn't it? What is it doing here? And the description of judgment, let me help you first understand this connection, then we'll go Ajdabiya. So like I told you my method, I gave you a brief translation to tell you what the passage is about. Now we try to understand how it's connected. And then we go into it, I have it. So that's the step by step process. So the thing here is that the day of judgment is when Allah will send his angels

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and the angels will stand his armies to deliver the punishment against the people, the Earth will rebel against the criminals, it will have Raji fire and there'll be another wave, all of that horrible stuff is going to happen. You can't avoid it. Except before Allah sends armies of angels to punish humanity and judge them. Allah sends them messengers lovingly, mercifully, kindly to give them that message softly, so they don't land themselves in trouble on Judgement Day.

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Let me just give you an appreciation of what's being said a lot. You guys don't watch movie. So I always have to refer to things that, you know, because you're religious people you live in Frisco. So So, so here's the thing, you've got this movie, I'm not going to tell you which one because I made it up. There's a movie and there's this army that is about to attack a village. And one guy from the village comes out, just unarmed, stands in front of this army and says, if you know what's good for you, you will turn around, repent. And from now on, you will give charity to those people you are about to raid and kill. And I'm giving I'm just here to warn you. It's not me. I'm just here

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to warn you. Just letting you know if you know what's good for you. Otherwise you will be destroyed and not one of you will survive.

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What is the response of that massive army standing in front of that one man?

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Oh, yeah, we'll be destroyed by who you are. And what army

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isn't it? You and what army?

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What is the messenger of Allah?

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He comes and tells a powerful people like Quraysh he comes and tells the great king maybe the greatest ever fit our own. You better change your behavior if you know what's good for you because you're about to be annihilated.

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And the right

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you're gonna warn me.

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Look at the language a king is obeyed. A King is obeyed. And a king does not you don't say about a king or king disobeyed.

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You don't say that? What does the law say about fit on our alpha? He called it a lie and he disobeyed. If you're calling if you're saying fit around disobeyed it's like you're saying he's not a king. There's a king above him who he disobeyed. That's the language that's been used. Messengers come without armies. Messengers come without force. They just come with a message. But their armies are legions upon legions upon legions of angels,

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who you better take heat from

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their armies or in the unseen, who you better take heat from. There used to be two levels of warnings. Now there's only one left two levels used to be in the messengers own lifetime, these people will be destroyed.

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Now that that destruction is gone, but the other one is still there, judgment is coming. And those legions of angels are still waiting for you. They're still gonna come and judge you. Take that warning seriously.

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Just because you don't see an army standing behind them, no force behind them to implement the authority doesn't mean that it doesn't command respect. You know, human beings understand authority. And if we didn't society wouldn't exist. I mean I, I really appreciated what authority means when I went to when I traveled to Singapore.

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Because Singapore, when you land on the plane, it says if you are caught with it, they say this in very nice language, you will find a tendency you can meet take your seatbelt off now and get your bags and you can start pushing each other etc. When she says that, she says, and if you're found with illicit drugs, you will be given the death penalty immediately. Enjoy your stay in Singapore.

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I took my mosquito spray and put it in my friend's bag

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you know, we're not friends anymore.